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13 29/05/2008

Poor Customer Service, Incorrect Sales Information I have had nothing but problems from the word go with Supanames. I completely agree with the earlier poster, Supanames do "lose" tickets which they don't like or don't want to deal with. I took on support for a company just after Christmas 2007, and realised that the hosting packages available are pretty pants for the low level packages, decided to change hosting. I duly sent in a ticket (as there is no way of getting to speak to a "real" person) requesting the hosting package be cancelled. Several months later, Supanames took it upon themselves to hijack the nameservers and put up a "YOUR HOSTING PACKAGE HAS EXPIRED" notice ... much to the embarrasment of me and the client! I immediately put in yet another ticket, to be told the following by various support "technicians": 1. Your hosting has expired (well, it was cancelled a month previous!) 2. You need to renew your domain (not true, it's registered until 2009) 3. You can't edit the nameservers until you pay to park your domain or renew the hosting (rubbish, they just need to alter the nameservers on the domain, you don't have to park a domain to do this). Needless to say, once this was resolved by "Cameron" and the nameservers changed, we were very relieved. I was astounded to find exactly the same thing happen AGAIN this morning, this time Supanames decided to randomly change the nameservers with absolutely no warning, and no page explaining what the problem was. When I got in touch I had the same 1/2/3 ... 03/03/2008

A positive review of Misco I have to say I am amazed at the reviews for this company. I've been involved with companies who have used Misco as a primary supplier for IT Equipment for several years now, as well as putting through numerous personal orders for my own computer parts and periperhals. I have recently started my own business in the same sector and had no hesitation in contacting Misco to arrange a Premier Business Account. Although initially I made an error in completing the signup form, I was able to contact customer services and clear up this problem very quickly and easily, and they were able to comply with my request to communicate only via email as I couldn't take calls in the day. I was assigned a Premier Business Manager within a matter of hours, who contacted me directly to introduce himself, providing me with email, telephone and fax as a method of contacting him at any time during working hours. After replying with a list of items required for a network upgrade rollout (SBS + 5CAL, XP OEM Packs, RAID Controller, Hard Drive, Ram, etc etc etc) I received a quote back within less than 30 minutes, and he also managed to source one item for me which was being discontinued and hold it until the following monday to ensure it was available should I require it, but also sourced several alternatives of similar specifications without me asking him to do this for me. Finally I decided I needed some extra items to add to the order for my own business (external hard drive, new ...

Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan - trackball 03/03/2008

Absolutely brilliant mouse, wouldn't be without it

Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan - trackball I have used this mouse pretty much since they came out - having been a physiotherapist myself I am all too aware of the risk of RSI, and I use computers an awful lot (I now work in IT, so 9 hours a day at work and at least 3-6+ hours at home) and have this mouse both at work and at home. The mouse itself does not move, it sits on your desk (therefore no need for wearing a hole in the desk or using a mousemat) and "talks" to your computer via a rounded triangle shaped receiver. This does NOT have to be in line of sight, I have mine sitting behind my keyboard and on top of my montior at work and home respectively and never have any problems with signal strength. Be aware that it will take you a week or so to get used to using this mouse, particularly if you've never used a trackball before. Major advantage is other people won't be as likely to use your machine unless they too like/use trackballs!!!!! I certainly would never go back to using a traditional mouse and have never had any kind of problems whatsoever with my mouse. I purchased this via Misco for £36.41 inc. VAT and to be honest given the excellent build quality and the features above, I am more than happy to pay this twice over, as I have one at home and at work now. Don't be put off by the fact that it uses batteries, with heavy use I probably have to change mine every 2-3 months at most, and I use rechargeable batteries which cuts down on cost and is slightly more environmentally friendly - down side ... 03/03/2008

Excellent service, great range and free chocs! I found this site via iPoints when I was looking to send some flowers to my stepmum for her birthday at the last minute. The flowers are absolutely stunning and they have free chocolates as well, which were apparently lovely but didn't last as long as the flowers! The ordering was easy and simple to follow, and they arrived the day I was expecting. The choice that was available was not as much as some of the larger flower delivery sites, however there were some things on this site I had not seen elsewhere. The teddy bears are absolutely adorable and I would have no hesitation in using this company again should I need to send flowers for any occasion. Very impressed, will be using them again! Edit: I am still using and find their site the easiest to navigate and find exactly what I am looking for. I certainly think the fact that most of their flowers come with free chocolates is a lovely thought. I have sent several bouquets via Bunches over the last few years and have never once been disappointed - unlike some places if they say they'll deliver on a particular day, that's when the flowers get delivered, not early or late which can be a cause of embarrasment. Bunches have also now introduced "Posy Points" whereby you get money off your next order by collecting the points - this is a nice incentive although I don't think I use it often enough to accrue a huge amount. ...

Sony Ericsson P990i 18/12/2007

Lots of hype, for not such a great phone

Sony Ericsson P990i I eagerly awaited the release of this phone on Orange (my existing network with the P910i) from the time it was first announced, and suprise suprise the release date was pushed back, and back, and back! I eventually got my hands on the phone about 9 months after they said it would be released to Orange, disappointingly some 4 months after Vodafone and O2 released it on their networks. Overall, I have had to replace the phone three times (yay for orange care, definitely recommend taking out an insurance plan for these phones) - once because the speaker completely stopped working - microphone worked so people could hear what i was saying, but I couldn\'t hear anything or hear it ring. The second time I had it replaced it randomly started doing strange things, I never got an alert that i had voicemail, messaging wouldn\'t work, everything crashed and hung, and it generally really got on my nerves. The third time, it got lost/stolen at hockey training so partly my fault! Have to say though, I can\'t fault Orange for their service. Every time I have had a new phone within 24 hrs no questions asked, for £15. My biggest annoyances for this are the fact that it is DEATHLY slow at mass deleting of messages, photos, just about anything. Delete more than 2 or 3 items and you might as well leave it to go overnight. The software is clunky, not well thought out, and certainly not particularly intuitive. There are, however, a whole load of very useful applications you ...

Creative ZEN Sleek 20 GB 18/12/2007

Great alternative to the iPod!

Creative ZEN Sleek 20 GB Well, having a birthday close to christmas always means people tend to get me one present rather than two, and I have to say I was a little miffed when my boyfriend informed me that this was what he was going to do. He planned to get me an iPod Nano 4gb, however despite being on order for 4 weeks with a retailer which stated 1 week avaiable delivery, by Christmas it had not arrived. It ended up that I was allowed to shop around and decide what other MP3 player I wanted to get, and after much debating and comparing, mainly between iPod, iriver and creative, I settled on the Zen Sleek 20Gb. I really didnt want an iPod, because of all the bad reports...and quite frankly they are just too damn common nowadays! The irivers were very expensive for what they did, and I really wanted an mp3 player with FM Radio - which is what sold the Zen Sleek really. I ordered from on the 29th December, and it arrived the next day (at about 8am!) along with my free gift (a BloBot radio controlled inflatable robot .. at least the boyfriend was kept amused for a while!). I have to say, I was pleasantly suprised by the size of the zen, and its weight. My boyfriend has a 2G iPod, and my zen is just about the same size, perhaps a little heavier. The metal finish makes it look stylish and .. well .. sleek. I guess one thing I don't particularly like is the white "rob me now" iPod headphone style, however it's only a few pounds to get some better headphones which I will ...

Logitech Digital Precision PC Gaming Headset Headset 15/08/2006

Fantastic headset, comfortable and easy to use

Logitech Digital Precision PC Gaming Headset Headset I had been looking at this headset for ages before I finally decided to take the plunge after my cheap and nasty headset died, and I already have a logitech trackman optical mouse which has done me proud for many, many years so I was keen to purcahse from the same manufacturer. I've read the reviews here and at other sites, and I have to say that all the negative comments that I have seen were not the case when I received my headset and started playing with it. Setting the microphone up couldn't have been simpler - plug in the appropriate holes, fire up whatever programme you want to use (for example, skype, google chat, etc) and go! At first glance the headset looks a bit odd, I have to admit, but once I put it on it felt very comfortable and it looks fine - in fact it's really quite stylish! The ear cushions are a nice soft black leather which is quite nice against the skin, and they do not feel particularly heavy on the ears. If you wear specs I have found it is more comfortable to have them slightly above the headset, as if you are wearing it for a long time - say 4-5 hours of gaming - it can be a little uncomfortable where the headset is resting on the ear. The headset is designed to have the mic on the right hand side (inconvenient if your computer is to the left!) and although it might be possible to have it on the left I don't think it'd be particularly comfortable. In terms of performance, I was completely impressed. Transatlantic phone calls over ...

Canon CanoScan N650U 14/05/2006

Lovely scanner, great results

Canon CanoScan N650U I've pinched this from my other half as it's sat dormant on his desk for the best part of two years now gathering dust. I have used this scanner soooo much in the last year or so! I've scanned all my photographs from my gap year, numerous articles and pages from textbooks, as well as the usual documents which need sending off and a copy has to be made. I don't have any problems whatsoever with this scanner, aside from the minor issue that it's not particularly easy to remove the lid if you're scanning from a large book or some such. That's really a minor problem and I expect it is do-able but I didn't want to unwittingly rip off the top of his scanner! The picture quality is great, although the plate does scratch very easily and I am forever removing bits of dust and whatnot which seem to be drawn to it! I love the fact that, unlike my previous bulky scanner this is thin and streamlined, and only has one plug - the USB cable - rather than a separate power lead. Makes for a much tidier desk! I also like having the button at the front of the scanner which brings up the scan dialogue - a very quick way of scanning if you are in a hurry, which allows you to scan to print/fax/save/copy/email if you have the canon driver and software which is easily obtainable from their website. All in all, I'm very impressed by this neat little piece of kit, long may it continue to serve me well! ...

Nikon Coolpix 995 14/05/2006

Decent camera, lovely shots with little effort

Nikon Coolpix 995 I've managed to inherit this camera as my other half upgraded to a digital SLR *jealous*. I have to say I've been very slow moving into the digital photography era, and am still attached at the hip to my 35mm SLR. I decided to give this camera a go as it was getting a bit pricey paying for and developing photos, and was much easier than having to scan them in for other people to see! I will confess to being one of those people who doesnt bother with reading the manual and just gets stuck in, and as such it took me a little while to get my head around where all the functions were in the memory and how to use the camera properly, as opposed to point and shoot style. If you're looking for a point and shoot camera, I expect this is a little out of your price bracket even nowadays, however it is a good reliable camera and has a huge viewing screen. However if you prefer to use the viewfinder (really can't kick that habit!) you'll find it to be pretty small and not in the place you'd really expect it to be. I have played around a bit with the manual settings but to be honest I do tend to use it on automatic a lot of the time. I have got some fantastic shots at air shows using the automatic facility especially, and likewise some stunning night shots over the sea with the manual mode, so I guess its what you are hoping to achieve really dictating which mode you use. Manual does take a bit of poking through the menus and having a bit of savvy about fstops and exposure ...

Samsung ML 1510 13/05/2006

Fab for lots of text printing!

Samsung ML 1510 During the first year of my masters course I found that I was having to print out about 100-150 pages a week in handouts for our "problem based learning" classes which, as you can imagine, became rather costly on my other printer - an HP Photosmart 7150 - so I decided that the time had come to consider a laser printer. I had a quick google around to see what kind of things were sensible prices and with decent reviews, and then wandered over to ebay. I was lucky enough to find a Samsung ML-1510 for around £40 on ebay, which I snaffled up quickly! It came with a toner cartridge but NO USB CABLE (which is stated on the box and was also stated in the auction) so you'll need to get one of them! Although it is not "plug and play" compatible, installing the drivers is a piece of cake, just pop the disk in and it's done! It is automatically installed on most distributions of Linux in my experience (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu all picked it up easily). With regards printing quality I have no problems whatsoever. On the first cartridge I had it on toner saving mode the whole time, and it was fine for usual run-of-the-mill printing. If I needed slightly blacker blacks for CV's and whatnot then you just put the toner save off (and it prints at 600 dpi rather than 300 dpi) The previous comments regarding the toner cartridges is very true, they are extortionately priced! However, unlike refilling inkjets which is always a dodgy business, refilling these toner cartridges is ...

Sony Ericsson P910i 23/04/2006

Very few negative points really!

Sony Ericsson P910i The first thing that people generally moan about when they discuss the p*** series phones are the size. How many times have i heard "it's a brick" or "you cant put it in your pocket". And how many times have I then seen the same person juggling around a mobile phone, a pda, and a diary, and laughed. For me, the p910i has excellent functionality, and is a bit more robust than my previous p800. The camera isn't fantastic, but to be honest if I want to take photographs and get good results, I take a camera. It's ok for filming things, and in terms of using for accessing the internet, no complaints here! Synchronising with the PC is easy, however it DOES rely on you using microsoft office - in particular Outlook. As I don't use Microsoft Office this is a little irritating. I much prefer the keypad arrangement on the 910i to the 800, and from what I have heard, the 990i is going to be an improvement still, so that should be something to look out for. The size of this phone does mean it's a bit of an arse to carry around in a pocket although it fits fine in my back jeans pocket, I tend to use a nice leather case which I either shove in my bag or clip onto my belt. I'm on contract with Orange so I only paid £50 to upgrade to this phone when it first came out. If you take it out on contract I would STRONGLY recommend taking out Orange Care as well, these handsets are very costly to replace or repair and Orange Care at £5 a month will get you a new one within 24 hours. ...

Panasonic SD253 23/04/2006


Panasonic SD253 I am absolutely 100% in love with my SD253. I was a little sceptical as to whether I would continue to use it if I am totally honest, however I got a bit of money for my birthday so I decided to take the plunge and get a breadmaker. Like most people, I looked around at the different makes and models, and this was the only one I found which had glowing reviews everywhere I looked! It was also one of the most expensive though! Took some deciding, but in the end I thought I'd rather spend out a bit more and get a good quality machine than go for a cheaper one, and I'm glad I did! The machine cost me about £70 - shop around as the first place you find won't always be the cheapest! It comes with a teaspoon/tablespoon measure, and a small floz/mls/cup measuring jug, as well a very easy to understand, clearly written instruction manual/recipie book. There is also a helpful recipie advice line although I haven't actually used it yet as I haven't needed to! It also had a years parts and labour warranty. Be wary of buying these on ebay - I've seen many "used" auctions go way above the price you would pay for a brand spanking new one! You can make white, bread, wholewheat, gluten free, pizza, french, and a whole load of other speciality breads (such as naan bread and pizza base much to the delight of my man!) and dough for things like doughnuts, croissants, etc. You can also make cakes in the breadmaker although I have to say I've tended to stick to the bread thus ...

Nissan Primera 1.6 22/04/2006

I'm Converted!

Nissan Primera 1.6 Bought my Nissan Primera 1.6 16v GX in Feb 06 as my first car (Peugeot 106) finally gave up the ghost. It is a green (official colour code is Peridot I am told) P registration which now has around 48,000 miles on the clock. I was looking for a reliable car, but also wanting to get one with a few more safety features (my peugeot didnt have an airbag or anything!) and a more comfortable drive. I hadn't actually considered a car as big as the Primera, however a friend had mentioned that they are very very reliable and often go on until 150k + if looked after. Most were around the 100,000 miles+ however this one came up within my price range, at 48,000 so I thought it would be worth a look! It appeared on Autotrader just as I got home from work, so I called up and arranged a test drive the next day. Good job I did as he had around 30 calls that evening - these are popular cars!!! Although I was a little apprehensive about driving such a big car (plus I'd only passed my test about a year ago), the car drove very well, and I certainly felt quite safe driving it both on local roads and on an A road, even in the lashing rain! Handling was very different, obviously, with power steering and the longer body, it did take a while to get used to it, but only a matter of minutes! Parking isn't too bad however it did take a bit of practice! The factory fitted radio works well, however it was the first thing to change (I needed my CD Player!!!). This was quite easy to do, ...
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