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Some really lovely members here. Thanks for the messages and for all the E rates and thanks Ciao for the CI win. Loving your work people x

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Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara 10/08/2013

Wibbly wobbly results

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara I was desperate for a new mascara so was extremely pleased when I received a full sized Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes mascara in my May Glossybox. As well as saving me a bit of cash I also love being introduced to different brands, the Jelly Pong Pong style looks funky, colourful and slightly Benefit stylee, so I was really looking forward to trying (and showing off) my new product. The blurb on my Glossybox newsletter describes this mascara as: 'This is not for the faint-hearted. Our first ever mascara is formulated to make eye lashes flutter & flap. Water-resistant, Fairy Lashes makes eyelashes thicker & curvier while allowing them to be spectacularly soft & light. A truly fabulous effect for the woman who wants to emphasize one deep, intense, seductive look. Apply liberally & sweep the heavy wand upwards for thick, luscious lashes.' The shade I received is called Flutter, described as an intense black. My first impressions were slightly dampened when I removed the product from the box as the tube is made of fairly cheap looking purple plastic, complete with cheap heat sealing seam across the bottom of the tube. However, this was a 'free' product (I pay a monthly subscription which includes five samples in my Glossybox' ) so although it looks identical in the photos, I am unsure if the packaging is different if you were to pay full price for the product in store. The lid does screw on tightly, so I would be happy to tote it around in my handbag without worrying about ...

Tiny Tower (iPhone) 20/06/2013

Teeny, Tiny, TALL Tower

Tiny Tower (iPhone) I'm addicted to downloading game apps for my iphone, well, the free ones anyway! I always kid myself that I'm getting them for my nine year old son, but he usually finds the games I choose boring. As a mum of three with two part time jobs I don't get much time to myself, so these types of games are great for me as I can pick up and play for a few minutes & it doesn't matter if I don't get around to it again for a day or two. Tiny Tower was free in the iphone apps store and graphically looked very basic but quite cute. It was on the recommended list and being free I thought I'd give it a go. It is also available free on Android. How To Play The premise is simple, build a tower, floor by floor and fill it with residents and customers. You start with a provided lobby area and an elevator and a quick tutorial runs through the basics. For each floor you build you have a number of choices of what to do with it, either turn it into residential apartments (which take 5 tenants - or bitizens as they are called) or a business which can be food, service, recreation, retail or creative. The cost rises each time you build a new floor, the price needed for the next one is shown at the top of your tower, as does the time it takes to turn it into the business you choose. If you let the game randomly choose what your new floor is going to be (you get to determine what type, i.e. retail, service etc) then there is no cost, but you can also decide for yourself, there is quite a ...

Your top 5 home appliances you cannot live without! 15/06/2013

I NEED them!

Your top 5 home appliances you cannot live without! I've really enjoyed reading other reviews on this current issue and naturally it got me thinking about the appliances I couldn't live without. This then lead to many conversations with family, friends and workmates, we all have such different views! Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about it and changed my mind a few times but here is my final decision: 1: My gas hob. My first thought was for my kettle which provides me with the very important first cup of coffee I've become addicted to in the mornings. But, if I have to narrow these appliances down, then obviously, I can also boil water on the hob. This would take longer which would mean I would have to get up earlier and then I would probably need to make my coffee stronger, but hey, I could manage and as I've said, my hob is gas thankfully, much quicker than my mums electric hob. Also, most of the meals I cook are done on the hob, pasta & rice, potatoes and veg etc, so I would definitely choose the hob over the oven. 2: Fridge. We get through loads of dairy foods, salad items and meats like ham, chicken and bacon. We also sometimes have leftover rice & pasta (not often, we are rather piggish) so a fridge is a definite necessity. I'm a bit OCD about keeping things fresh and not poisoning the family. Lumpy, sour milk - bleurgh, no thanks! 3: Hoover. What is the alternative? A sweeping brush, dust pan and feather duster? No thanks. I hate housework but I hate a dirty house even more (muddles I'm ok with!), so ... 13/06/2013

Glossy I've been a Glossybox member since February 2012, so I think by now I should be more than qualified to write a review about this company! Glossybox are a company that you need to subscribe to, at least on a monthly basis. The site claims that in return it will send you five luxury cosmetic samples for a cost of £10. In reality, this is £12.95 which includes the delivery charge. The website will give you any information you need - - personally I think the website is extremely easy to navigate and very simplistic in its design, but it doesn't give much away with regards to the boxes and the products, which is where I come in! I receive my box usually around the 10th of the month, give or take a day or two, after the payment has been taken out of my account on around the 5th. This has improved over the last 3-4 months as it never used to arrive before mid month, sometimes later. I always receive an email beforehand, so I can make sure there is money in the account, change my payment method or even cancel the subscription if I want. It is always delivered by my personal courier from Hermes ( which also happens to be the lady who delivers any Next, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins or Debenhams parcels. (In other words - the whole parcel delivery system is contracted out so it depends on your delivery person.) The parcel contains a thick cardboard box covered in the Glossybox logo which when opened reveals another box! A baby pink one, of which the lid can be lifted ...

Chamilia Solid Silver Bangle 07/06/2013

Charmed by Chamilia

Chamilia Solid Silver Bangle Charm bracelets and the type you add your own beads to, such as Pandora and Lovelinks have been extremely popular for quite a few years now and as a result there are many copycats out there at a variety of prices and usually of a quality to match. Chamilia are probably known as one of the newer companies although they were founded in America in 2002. Price and quality wise they seem on par with Pandora, but with the added bonus that their wares are more widely available. I haven't seen a Chamilia store, but Ernest Jones and H Samuels stock the products as do many online jewellers. Because of this, Chamilia can often be found discounted or on special offer. My collection had a lovely huge growth spurt in the January sales courtesy of H Samuels. I will confess that Pandora is my first love (when it comes to charm bracelets of course). I was very lucky to receive a bracelet with one bead as a gift a few years ago and since then I have been able to add a few more beads to it. I even bought myself a clip, to stop the beads from sliding around the bracelet, but the weight of the beads means that it always hangs under my wrist and only the plain bracelet can be seen, the only remedy is to fill it completely. When you have spent a lot of money on beads you really want to show them off and my collection is growing far too slowly for my liking! On a night out I noticed my fellow Pandora obsessed friend was showing off some very nice beads on a bangle and no matter how much she ...

Mega Bloks First Builders Play n Go Wagon 31/05/2013

Falling off the Wagon

Mega Bloks First Builders Play n Go Wagon My youngest son Logan received this Mega Bloks Wagon last May for his third birthday from a family friend. My eldest son had quite a few bits and pieces from Mega Bloks and most of it had been handed down to Logan, so as a result he was quite pleased when he had removed this from the wrapping. It contained 24 blocks of various sizes, but there was still room for him to add about 10 -15 from his own stash, although they were all heaped on top of each other! The wagon, or trolley as Logan likes to call it, was in lovely bright primary colours, red, blue & yellow and very unisex, my daughter also loved it but she either had to wait until Logan decided he wanted to transport something (or someone) different to blocks or sneak a play when he was at playgroup. There is a pink/ lilac version available. Everything is made of the same or very similar plastic as the usual blocks and all edges are clean but not sharp. The wheels run well, but definitely better on carpet than laminate and tile. The handle is quite chunky, but light, none of my children have any problems gripping it, but there is no texture to it so would be slippy if damp. The handle also folds into the bucket which saves space for storage. Of course, Logan enjoyed tipping the basket up and dumping the blocks (or any other toys) all over the floor. I will admit, that my children used it to sit in the basket and pull each other along too. The basket does seem quite an adequate size for a toddler, but looking on the ...

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Laughing Purse 28/05/2013

What's in YOUR bag?

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Laughing Purse My daughter received this for Christmas when she was 16 months old. Having two older brothers most of her gifts were very pink and girly which was a nice change! The main item in the set is the handbag. The main body is made of quite thick, pale pink material which is soft to the touch and has a happy embroidered face on the front. It is surface washable. There is also a little loop of strong material which is to attach the keyring to and a large plastic zipper across the lower part which is yellow with blue zip and clicks when moved. The handle of the bag is made of hard purple plastic, it has numbers 1-10 around the grip and an oval in the middle with the Fisher Price logo on, the magnetic clasp is hidden on the inside which keeps the bag closed quite securely. On the top right of this handle is a pink switch with the off switch and three play modes: Learning time Music time Let's play I was going to list what happens for each mode, but generally, there are some phrases such as 'open', 'close', 'zip', 'hello', 'let's get ready' and some songs which I believe have been specifically made for this item. One of the songs is about colours and one quickly runs through the numbers, but I doubt any baby or toddler could pick up anything useful unfortunately. The only song in music mode is about using some of the items in the purse i.e. 'Ready to go out I'll bring my purse along, get my keys and bracelet, sing a little song, look into the mirror, put some lipstick on, wave ...

Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum Spray 17/05/2013

Mine for Eternity

Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum Spray Part of my wedding preparations, way back in 2001, was to find a new perfume. I had to be perfect for our big day, dress, hair, make-up & even my smell! I hadn't realised that choosing a fragrance for the most important day of my life would be so difficult, I had loads of bottles of perfume that I liked, but most (such as Lou Lou, Amarige and the ever faithful Soft Musk by the Body Shop) were the same as what my friends all wore and although nice, just not special enough. I will admit that I'm not really great with fragrances, I don't have a strong nose and can hardly ever pick out the individual notes of a perfume. I just hoped I would find something that stood out from the crowd and that I would love. I did and that perfume is Eternity by Calvin Klein. It wasn't a new scent, it was created in 1988, although it does smell quite contemporary in my opinion. I found it a nice change from the other perfumes I had been testing and quite unique. And hopefully the romantic name was a good sign for my upcoming nuptials! 'Eternity, inspired by the ideal of lasting love and intimacy, is a romantic, floral, fragrance' I can't say it was the bottle that attracted me. Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml, It's almost a little masculine, very straight edged in a tall, rectangular bottle. It is made of clear glass and you can see the pale yellow liquid inside. The top is silver coloured plastic, in a 'T' shape which covers the silver coloured spray nozzle. In larger sizes the 'T' shape ...

Early Learning Centre Retro Kitchen 03/05/2013

You're NOT supposed to blow the b***** doors off!

Early Learning Centre Retro Kitchen For Christmas 2011, we decided to give our two youngest children (aged 2 years 7 months and 16 months at the time) a play kitchen. My eldest (aged 8) had one when he was a toddler but it was a cheap plastic version which easily came apart and was very flimsy. After some searching we finally bought this red retro style, wooden kitchen. I wanted a wooden one as all the kitchens I have seen at playgroups have been made of wood and considering the amount of use they have they always seem to withstand it and stay looking good. It arrived flat packed and was very heavy. My Mum & Dad kindly offered to have it at their house so we could hide it and my lovely Dad built it, with a little help from yours truly. This was a blessing, we didn't have to spend Christmas day building it and there were many, many parts! It took my experienced Dad (he fits normal sized kitchens for a living) about three hours to complete. All parts have little numbered stickers on them which correspond perfectly to the instructions. There was also a shrink wrapped fixings pack included containing all screws, hinges and the all important allen key. A screwdriver is also needed for the hinges. The main body is wooden, with all wooden pieces finished in a bright, glossy red except for the oven shelf which is in silver. The feet, handles, phone, sink and cooker knobs are silver plastic and the tap and end bar are chrome. There are no stickers, the details look like they have been transferred on. When built, it ...

Clairol Nice 'n Easy ColourSeal Gloss 14/03/2013


Clairol Nice 'n Easy ColourSeal Gloss Sadly, I've been colouring my hair for quite a while now. I'm not completely grey, just have that extremely unflattering splatter of silver threads which seem to collect mainly around my side parting and more recently a few around my temples. My hair is very dark brown and grey hairs are very noticeable, so I usually dye it every 4- 5 weeks. I find Clairol Nice 'n easy have a great range of very natural looking colours, but more importantly they always leave my hair feeling in great condition instead of dry & brittle and I've always believed this is due to the ColourSeal Gloss included in the box. Aswell as helping to seal new colour in, it also makes my hair super soft & really shiny. The only downside is that the tube contains six applications, it's meant to be used once a week so should last until your next colour is due, but for me, the results are so much better than any other conditioner I have used that once a week just isn't enough! Thankfully, Clairol have cottoned on to this and it is now also available to purchase on it's own. There are three types, Radiant Red, Beautiful Brunette and Brilliant Blond and the 30ml tubes look exactly like the 57ml one in the Colourant box, which is my only confusing point, as both are supposed to contain six applications. Each type is a different colour (i.e. red for Radiant Red) so it's easy to determine which one is for you and when stocked together it also makes the display quite noticeable on the shelf. The tube is designed ...

Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength By Scott Cornwall Hair Expert 04/09/2011

Back to Basics

Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength By Scott Cornwall Hair Expert So two years of continual hair dying every 6-8 weeks and last month I had my first problem. I tried a different brand and made a mistake choosing the colour. The shade was far too dark for my pasty skin tone, I hoped it would fade a little and soften up, but it was very stubborn. It also looked quite patchy after a few washes, in places it looked a little lighter near the roots, but was dark and quite dull mid length down. I was disappointed, but as it was a dark shade thought it best to wait it out until my next colour, when hopefully it would have faded more and I could disguise it with my old trusted brand. Five weeks on and the telltale silver threads were glistening at my roots, but the rest of my hair still looked nearly black. Having already read some reviews here about Scott Cornwall Colour B4, I knew this was exactly the product I needed. So I grabbed a box in Boots, priced at £12.31, aswell as a hair dye in a much softer (and much desired) medium golden brown. The Box The packaging looks very similar to normal hair dyes and it took me a while to distinguish it from all the boxes on the shelves. Once I had, there were two choices, light to medium coloured hair or the one I chose, Extra strength for darker shades. The box is exactly like the photo Ciao have provided and I remember thinking that the hair on model in the photo looked a little straw like. I quickly scanned the back and side of the pack, I won't bore you too much with the details as you can ...

Brabantia Waste Storage Touch Bin 20/08/2011

Designer bin

Brabantia Waste Storage Touch Bin After a succession of cheap pedal bins and plastic, fantastic swing bins, five years ago we finally decided to part with a shocking amount of money for a Brabantia model. I had always thought it madness to pay such a high price for a product that holds your waste, but was persuaded when my Mum in law purchased one and kept singing its praises. We bought ours from B&Q for £70. (Although, this was five years ago). We wanted a touch close one, this was a fairly new idea at the time, I definitely didn't want a pedal bin as we seemed to break those within a year. They had a large range on sale, as well as a cheaper brand, but we decided upon the Brabantia because of the ten year guarantee, the large 50 litre size and the colour which is a matt black, I thought it would be easier to keep clean and look good with our slate effect tiles and black worktops. When we removed our bin from the box, my first impressions was of how big it is, being 70.5cm tall and 40cm wide. We had opted for the largest size so I don't know why I was so surprised! The base is black plastic, but not cheap or flimsy, it's quite heavy which helps keep it stable. The cylinder is metal with a black matt coat of paint which has been washed probably hundreds of times, but still is in perfect condition. There is a seam running up the back, which means you have to make sure you have the lid on the right way around. The top has two handles placed opposite each other. The lid is quite a large and cumbersome, ...

Thomas the Tank Engine and Toby Wooden Train Set 15/08/2011

Thomas and Toby come to play

Thomas the Tank Engine and Toby Wooden Train Set This set is Logans favourite toy out of his extensive Thomas the Tank Engine collection. He is now two, but received it at Christmas, aged nineteen months. The set is made by Learning Curve and is part of the 'Wooden railway' collection and yes, you've guessed it, all items in this set are made of wood! North American hard maple wood to be exact. The recommended age is two plus on the Learning Curve website although they don't actually sell it there and other retail websites state three plus. There are twenty track pieces, which connect together like a jigsaw to make a figure of eight shape. Although this is the advertised design it is possible to place the track however you please. Each piece is finished nicely, clean but smooth edges with a track pattern printed on both sides, except from the larger straight and the crossroad pieces which have a road pattern on their reverse for some reason. The groove for the train wheels is about twice the width of the wheel, making it easy for younger children to place the trains. Measuring 75cm x 40cm when made up it's not too big, Thomas himself only measures 8cm long, so it is a nice miniature size and perfect for little hands. Unfortunately, I do have a problem with this track. There are two small, straight pieces and when these are used they make the track an uneven figure eight. This is fine, but I do find that they are a bit difficult to fit and as a result, distort the track slightly. The adjoining edges don't sit flush, ...

Holiday Inn, Guildford 02/08/2011

Holidaying in the Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn, Guildford What is the best thing you can do for a seven year old boy, who is completely obsessed with Lego? Take them to Legoland Windsor of course! Well, after recommendations from friends and family, this is what we decided to do for our eldest, Oakley. Credit card at the ready, we were not expecting the trip to be cheap, but the official Legoland website had a treat in store, if we booked before the end of June, we could book a second day to the park free with an extra bonus of Oakley gaining park entry free for both days! Our two younger ones are under the age of two, so free anyway. This seemed like an amazing deal, the lowest price for a day trip would have cost £74.40 (10% off and a free ticket for Oakley) so we quickly booked - we had to, it was 31st June and the offer ran out at midnight! After looking through the information about the available hotels on the website we finally decided upon the Holiday Inn Guildford, mainly for the following reasons: The cost - £140 (2 adults, 1 child and 2 infants) Kids eat free offer - one child eats free for each paying adult Breakfast included - for all of us, not just the kids! Childrens play area Free parking Swimming pool - they also have a salon which sadly I couldn't take advantage of. 19 miles from Legoland - not close, but much better value than closer hotels. It also helped that it had a four AA star rating and a four brick fun rating. If I'm completely honest, the photo put me off a little, there ...

Obaby XI Tandem 09/07/2011

Double trouble

Obaby XI Tandem When we found out we were expecting our third child, we quickly 'did the math' and realised Logan would only be 15 months old. This meant that our beloved Mamas & Papas Luna pushchair would need replacing with a double buggy. Now, as most parents of small children will tell you, choosing the right pushchair is an amazingly difficult task. Well, choosing a double is an absolute nightmare! From what I could see (after much internet research) there are three types of double. (I made up the titles myself.) The side by side - This type means that the seats move independently, so one seat can lie flat while the other is up straight. The downsides are that they are wider than most buggies making them difficult to get through doorways and shop aisles. We have a very narrow hallway and although we found one which could just fit through our front door, we wouldn't be able to manouver it in the hall. The long base tandem - both seats are on the same level, but the chassis is quite long. Again, the seats can usually work independently, but due to the fram length the buggy is bulky and difficult to manouver. The adaptable tandem - a single style pushchair adapted to add an extra seat unit to the front and/or back (and in some more expensive models, a car seat) . These were fairly new and restricted to only a few brands, namely Phil and Teds which are expensive, or Icandy - amazingly expensive! The extra seat is fairly basic and when fitted to the back, means that the main one ...
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