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Hi everyone, not been around much recently as work has been really busy but back to normal now. Thanks, Sarah :)

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Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer 19/10/2014

Dr Hauschka Help

Fisher-Price Waybuloo Nara Playset - Yo Jo Jo 14/10/2014

Yo Jo Jo

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter 13/10/2014

Mmm Chocolate

Disney Frozen Anna Sparkle Doll 10/10/2014

We Love Anna

Disney Frozen Anna Sparkle Doll Ever since my daughter watched Frozen just before Christmas last year, she has been huge fan. She received Elsa for her birthday and then as a treat for doing well in school, she received Anna in the summer. Price and availability There are lots of different versions available, the one we have is from the Disney store and cost £15. When you compare this to the cost of similar sized dolls, it is a little on the expensive side and I would say you are definitely paying for the name and brand. Other versions are available and priced at £15 - £20 from places such as Toys R Us, Argos etc. I prefer the Disney version as I find the quality better and also, I think that the doll resembles the character more. The doll Anna measures just about 30cm tall and she comes dressed in her blue gown, knee high black boots, pink cape and boots, all of which can be removed which Lauren loves as she likes changing the clothes on all her dolls. The clothes feel well made and durable as they haven’t shown any signs of deterioration. The attention to detail on the doll is amazing and there is no doubt which character and film this is from. Her facial features are identical to the character, with her little button nose, striking green eyes and makeup. Her eyes really do bring her to life; they are decorated with lovely long lashes and matching green eye shadow. Our opinion As with Elsa, this was an immediate hit with Lauren and has barely put the doll down since she received it. She loves to ...

Soap & Glory Shower Puff 08/10/2014

Shower Puff

The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Butter 06/10/2014

Cherry Butter

The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Butter Just after Christmas, I spotted that the Body Shop has reduced the cherry body butter to less than £4 for a 200ml tub, although I had never purchased the cherry fragrance before, I am a big fan of the strawberry and thought that this wouldn't be too dissimilar so I decided to buy a few. The butter The butter comes in a bright red pot with a screw top lid; the fragrance is easily identifiable by the image of mouth watering cherries covering the lid. When it comes to any type of fragrances, for me, the fruitier, the better and this one doesn't disappoint, as soon as I unscrew the lid, the aroma of those juicy cherries starts to emerge from the pot. The fragrance is quite strong, so much so that you don't really need to put the pot to your nose to know what fragrance it is. Unlike a lot of creams, the fragrance of the butter is really realistic; it doesn't smell synthetic at all like some cheaper brands I have used in the past. Just like the name says, this is just like butter except it is a pale pink colour, applying is easy and the butter glides over my skin and absorbs really easily and quickly. The only downside of the butter coming in a tub I find is to apply, I have to dip my fingers into the tub, and this means that I get the butter under my nails! The results are that my skin feels nice and smooth however unlike the rest of the butters I have used, this one doesn't seem to hydrate as much as the others; the skin on my lower legs tends to get a little dry from shaving ...

BSkyB Infrared Remote control for Sattelite receiver, TV 04/10/2014

My Sky Remote

BSkyB Infrared Remote control for Sattelite receiver, TV One company I have been loyal to since I moved into my first house is Sky, and for a long time, we have had Sky+ as part of our package. The remote The remote has a slight hourglass shape to it which I feel makes it easy to hold, the newer versions are silver against a black background (however we have an older version which is all navy blue in colour). I must admit, I prefer this colour choice as it looks quite modern and sleek in my living room. The back plate has a rubber texture to it making it non slip which is ideal when I put on my TV stand or shelf. The buttons The buttons are made from soft rubber and I don’t have to apply much pressure when operating. The buttons are mainly black however there are a few coloured ones on the remote – these are normally buttons which operate a key activity (such as record, box office, play etc). What I like about this remote is that the first button at the top of the remote is for the TV, this allows me to operate the remote on my TV, not just my sky box, I mainly use this for turning my TV on and off meaning that I haven’t got to have two remotes. To the side of the TV button is the Sky option and then the on/off button. Below these are four pale blue buttons; TV Guide, Box Office, Services and Interactive, each one offers a menu behind it which is really easy to follow by using the up/down/left/right buttons which are situated in the middle of the remote. I mainly use the TV guide option, but occasionally we have used Box ...

Soap & Glory Soap and Glory The Righteous Body Butter 04/10/2014

The Right Butter for me

Wilko Play Baby Feedtime Bottle 21/09/2014

Magic Bottle

Boots No.7 High Light Illuminating Lotion 20/09/2014

Gives me a glow

Cookworks MM 717 AOF 20/09/2014

Cooking at work

Sylvanian Families - Pig Triplet Babies 17/09/2014

Triplet Piglets

Asda Kids Cutlery Set 16/09/2014

Colourful Cutlery

Tesco Cotton Wool Round Pads 11/09/2014

Not the perfect pad

Tesco Cotton Wool Round Pads Although I sometimes use facial wipes, my main choice of product for removing makeup is good old fashioned cleanser and toner and I prefer to use cotton wool pads rather than balls. I wouldn’t say I am loyal to any brand in particular; I just tend to pick up whatever is on offer or at a reasonable price at the time I am running low. Price & availability These are Tescos own brand so as you can imagine, only available in Tesco’s and are priced at only £1 for a pack of 100 pads which I think it quite a good price and slightly cheaper than the high street chemists own brands. As well as being available in store, they can be purchased online as part of your home delivery. The pads The packaging is basic and to be honest, a little on the boring side, yet not dissimilar to that of other brands' the pads come in a long tube like clear plastic packet, to the top is there is drawstring so once opened, the bag can be sealed so as not to spill any. I like this feature, although I only tend to fasten the bag when I am away as I find that they don’t spill out when just in my bedside drawer. The product For your money, you get 100 standard sized, double faced pads (which means one side it smooth and the other is slightly textured). I use the slightly textured side for my cleanser and the smooth for my toner. The downside of the pads is that they are quite thin and I find that if I need to give my face a good clean, I end up using a couple of pads as the liquid seems to seep straight ...

TY Beanie Boos: Bugsy The Ladybug 03/09/2014

Beanie Bug

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