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Hi everyone, not been around much recently as work has been really busy but back to normal now. Thanks, Sarah :)

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since 31/03/2012


Lego Brick Box 4625 19/12/2014

Building TIme

Schleich Chimpanzee Male 17/12/2014


Tigi Pro Large Paddle Brush 16/12/2014

Fab paddle brush

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque 15/12/2014

For a deep treatment

VO5 Hair Shampoo Give Me Moisture 15/12/2014

It gave me moisture

VO5 Hair Shampoo Give Me Moisture Since Lauren was born, I always said I would like to take her to Blackpool to see the illuminations so last year, we book to go for the weekend. Whilst driving there, I had this niggling sensation at the back of mind that I had forgotten something, it wasn't until we were on the M6 that I finally realised I had forgot to pack the shampoo and conditioner! So once we had arrived and sorted ourselves out, we called in Boots to pick come up. Because we were only away for a couple of nights, I wasn't concerned about the brand I picked, but I spotted this which was on offer at half price so I picked a bottle of shampoo and conditioner up. The Shampoo The shampoo comes in a bright pink bottle, which has the brand and range detailed on the front in black and white writing and topped off with a flip top lid. I find that it is quite widely available as I have spotted in most places I have shopped such as Boots, Superdrug, Wilko's and the Supermarkets. There are two different sizes available, a 250ml which retails at around £2 and a 500ml bottle which retails at around £4, although this is a fairly new brand, it does seem to be on offer quite frequently, whether that be half price or 3 for 2. The shampoo is quite thick and a pearly cream colour, I applied about a 50p sized amount to my shoulder length hair and found that the shampoo lathered up really easily. The shampoo felt quite luxurious when applying and had a lovely fresh and sweet smell. Upon rinsing, I could immediately feel ...

Disney Frozen Anna Soft Doll 14/12/2014

Frozen Anna

Procos S.A. Disney Frozen Paper Plates 14/12/2014

Frozen Party Time

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo 13/12/2014

Makes my hair beehave

L'Oreal L'Oréal Elvive Nutri Gloss Intensive Conditioner 08/12/2014

I am worth it :)

Sylvanian Families Badger Family 06/12/2014

Celebration Badgers

Boots Essentials Sectioning Clips Large 06/12/2014

Essential clips

Batiste Dry Shampoo Seductive & Elegant Lace 05/12/2014

Not got time to wash?

Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Oil 04/12/2014

Great until the humidity hits

Ikea Mula Stacking Cups 03/12/2014

Lots of fun

Ikea Mula Stacking Cups When my daughter Lauren was younger, she always seemed to like playing with stacking cups where were at playgroup so when I spotted these in Ikea, I just had to buy them. The cups The RRP of the cups is only £1.50 for seven stacking cups which I think is excellent value for money, especially when I had been looking at these previously and the cheapest ones I could find were £5. Ikea have a stocking checking facility which I really like, although you cannot reserve stock online, you can get a clear indication of how many are available so you don't have a wasted journey. The set consists of seven cups, all of which are brightly coloured and have a slight pattern to them. All the cups have a little lip on the bottom which I found made them easier to stack, especially for little ones, it also gave Lauren more confidence and she didn't become frustrated easily like she had with more complex toys. I feel that Lauren practising to stack the cups has helped with her hand eye co-ordination and memory, and also her problem solving skills; understanding which order the cups needed to be stacked in to create the perfect tower. A bit like Russian dolls, when not in use the cups stack neatly inside each other so I find that they take up little room in the toy box. As the patterns are raised, I feel this helps with the sensory element, some of the lips on the cups are also different (some have jagged or scalloped edges) again, helping to keep Lauren interested. The cups are made from ...

Boots Essentials Brown Hair Grips 02/12/2014

Great for a different look

Boots Essentials Brown Hair Grips Just before I went on holiday last year, I decided to have something different done to my hair so after much deliberating, I decided to have a fringe put in. I absolutely loved it but what I hadn't thought about was what was going to happen to that fringe when we went to the beach and my hair got wet. This may not sound like a drama to most people but having naturally curly hair meant that as soon as it dot went, there was a little birds nest appear on my forehead. That night, we popped into the local Boots to buy some hair grips so that I could at least pin it to the side. The grips The grips were priced at £1.49 for a pack of 30 which I thought was quite reasonable, I choose the brown ones but they are also available in black or blonde. Each grip measures around 5cm, the underside of the grip is straight whilst the top is slightly waved. At the end of each grip there is a small ball so that when you are putting into your hair, they don't scratch your scalp (I have brought cheaper version in the past and this has happened). I find that the grips are really sturdy, I have never been able to snap one of them, bend them out of shape and despite using several times that still hold my hair is place. The packaging is pretty basic; the grips come on a purple piece of card which displays the Boots logo and product description on. Using the grips is really easy, simple open the grip up slightly and slide into the desired place. Not only have I used these grips for move my fringe ...
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