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Hi everyone, I'm loving it on here at the minute, I just wish I was able to give more E's. Thanks, Sarah

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Schleich Dalmatian Puppy 23/04/2014


Blue Nose Me To You - Chilly Figurine 22/04/2014

Chilly the penguin

Bejeweled Blitz (iPad) 21/04/2014


Chilly Mini Bean Bag 20/04/2014


Paper Toss HD (iPad Game) 20/04/2014

Paper throwing

Girls Frosted Flowers Bracelets 19/04/2014

Perfect Party Bag Filler

Girls Frosted Flowers Bracelets For Laurens birthday party last year, I decided to make my own party bags so months leading up to Christmas (her birthday falls just after), I was always on the lookout for items to pop in them. I spotted these whilst doing some shopping on Amazon and thought they looked perfect. The bracelets Each bracelet is has 36 beads which are all nice pastel colours and as the title implies, have a slightly frosted look and feel to them. The beads are arranged into a pattern, every 4th cylindrical bead, there is a cute little flower bead. The beads are really tiny, about a few mm each which I think adds to the cuteness of the product. The bracelets come attached to a small piece of white cardboard which has “Girlie Things” written in nice pink writing. I would say each bracelet measures around 20cm however they are made from quite stretchy elastic so there is a bit of ‘give’ in these. The age range we purchased them for where from 5 to 8 years and they all seemed really happy with these and all the children immediately put them on. Due to the small pieces, the bracelets are suitable for children three year plus. Durability Lauren still wear her bracelet every now and again and it is still going strong, none of the colours have fades or started to chip (despite her taking is in the bath a few times) and none of the beads have broken or fallen off. When we first purchased these, I noticed that the elastic looked a little thing and was a little worried that these would snap easily ...

FallDown! HD (iPad) 18/04/2014


FallDown! HD (iPad) When it comes to games, I don’t really like strategy, I much prefer basic or arcade style and this is reflected in the choice on my IPad. This was one of the first games that I ever downloaded and amazingly, it has stood the test of time as several years later and it is still on there. I remember that it was free to download which I like as I don’t really like paying for games. It installed really quickly too and it is quite small so doesn’t take up much memory. How to play When you start, a little red ball falls down from the top of the screen which is covered in a series of green horizontal lines which have holes in (they are like platforms and reminds me a bit of Donkey Kong). The aim of the game is to get the ball down to the bottom of the, through these holes by screen by tilting your phone left or right. All the time you are doing this, the screen is moving upwards too which means if you are not quick enough, your ball will get squashed and its game over. Points are awarded every time you drop onto the next line. To make things a little more interesting, as you move down the screen, there are sometimes purple coloured question marks and if you run in to one of them, you get a reward. The rewards vary from and extra 5 points, freezing the screen, or making your ball go faster. Sometimes these rewards are placed in positions you cannot reach (for example if you are one side of the hole in the platform and the reward is the other), you also only have a split second ...

Lacura Facial Wash Gel 17/04/2014

Love Lacura

Sylvanian Families Polar Bear Family 17/04/2014

The Beaufort Polar Bears #EasterEgg

No 7 Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream 16/04/2014

#EasterEgg Perfect Skin

Snake (iPhone) 15/04/2014


Snake (iPhone) I remember when I got my first mobile phone, it didn’t have any games on it so as soon as I got a Nokia that had this on, I was amazed (and ashamed to say, immediately addicted). Apart from a version on my laptop, I thought the game was long gone but when I spotted this on the app store on my IPad, I knew I had to have it. Even better, the game was free. The aim of the game is to get the snake to move around a square box, running into little dots which appear around the screen, once the snake ‘eats’ one dot, the dot will disappear and then re-appear somewhere else. The snake gradually gets bigger making it slightly more difficult as the game ends if the snake runs into the wall of the box or into itself. As soon as I started playing, my additional was reignited and for the first few days, I spend every opportunity playing it. My 6 year old has also developed a bit of a fascination with the game, its simplicity means that it appeals to a wide age range. The game play is the same as it used to be except instead of pressing the button on your keypad to move the snake around, you simply touch the numbers on the phone keypad (2 for up, 6 for right, 8 for down and 4 for left). I must admit, I definitely preferred the old style phone when it comes to playing this game, but I find this with a lot of games on the touch screen, I much prefer handling something like a control pad or joystick as I feel like I have more control. When you die, to start a new game, just hit any of the ...

Hugo Boss Boss Orange - Body Lotion 15/04/2014

Beautiful Boss

Hama Beads 3,000 Beads in a Tub Neon Mix 13/04/2014

Neon Beads

Simple Cleanser & Toner 13/04/2014

Just kind

Sylvanian Families Sheep Family 12/04/2014

The Dale Sheep Family

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