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I'm a bit behind on catching up on my ratings but I will get there :) just noticed I am finally silver - Thanks everyone x

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Mattel Barbie Princess & Popstar Tori 26/11/2015

Barbie the Popstar

Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor SPF 25 25/11/2015

Makes me feel good

Tesco Value Facial Wipes 24/11/2015

Good Price but Poor Performance

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub 22/11/2015

Lush Lips

Party Delights 101 Dalmatians Plate 21/11/2015

Paper Party Plates

Party Delights 101 Dalmatians Plate Whenever we have a family party at our house, I always tend to use paper plates to help save on the washing up and I normally let Lauren choose the pattern and on the last New Year’s Eve she chose these. Price & availability There are lots of different versions available, the ones we picked up were from eBay and they were priced at £2 with free delivery. For a pack of 8 which I think is quite reasonable for themed paper plates. I have recently seen this in one of the Pound shops near me so if you are thinking of them, I would recommend having a look in the discount stores first. Also in the range there are bowls, napkins, cups and also table cloths which are all priced between £2 to £4. The plates I can definitely tell these are good quality in comparison to others I have used in the past as they are really quite thick. I used them for a pie and peas party at home, they didn’t fold in the palm of my hands nor did any of the water seep through. The top of the plate has a kind of film on the top leaving which gives them a nice shine and I think this also helps to prevent any grease or liquids leaking through. Each plate measures around 23cm in diameter, they are fairly flat with a raised fluted edge around it. The edge is also quite sturdy and I like it is raised quite high too as it helps to keep all the food on my plate. The plates are definitely very eye catching, the fluted edge is white with big black spots on, the inner part of the plate has an image of Patch (one ...

Garnier UltraLift Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 04/11/2015

For a smooth finish

Garnier UltraLift Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream I first discovered this brand a couple of years back and soon became a big fan and whenever I am running low on face-creams, this is the first brand I reach for. Price and availability The cream is normally priced at just under £10 for a 50ml tub which is a little more than other brands on the market but I do find that the range does quite frequently have offers running such as a third off or my favourite Boots one is when the offer any two of the product range for £12 which is what is running at the minute and when I tend to stock up. As well as the high street chemists, this is also available from most supermarkets too. The cream The cream comes in a small red pot which is topped with a screw lid, the cream inside is white in colour, it feels quite thick in comparison to the day cream but I often find this is the case with night creams. I would say that the cream has a nice fragrance to it which I can still smell on my face the following day, I would describe it as being slightly fruity and Garnier actually say it has ginger notes with elements of cherries (I must say, I can’t detect the ginger though). Upon application, the cream absorbs into my skin easily and doesn’t sit heavy on my face which I really like, it leaves my face looking slightly shiny, but not greasy. I found that applying required very little effort, the cream spread across my face and neck easily. The results For me, this does seem to be one range of creams that definitely works, I don’t have ...

Learning Resources Mini Dino Counters 01/11/2015


Asda Skin System Cosmetic Cotton Wool Pads 29/10/2015

Simple and effective pads

Asda Skin System Cosmetic Cotton Wool Pads As soon as I get home from work at the end of the day, I like to take my makeup off (if I am not going out) and my preferred way of doing this is normally using a cleanser and toner. When it comes to cotton wool, I don’t really prefer any brand and just buy from whichever shop I am in when I am running low. This is a brand which I have used in the past. Price & availability The pads are from the Skin System range which is unique to Asda, they currently retail for just £1 for a pack of 100 pads which I think is quite reasonable, quite often though Asda do have promotions running for example today they have 4 pack for £3 which makes these even better value for money. The pads The packaging of the pads is very simple and basically the same as any other pack of pads, they come stacked on top of each other so they are in a tube shape. The plastic packaging it comes in is a slightly see through aqua colour which I really like and I can easily see how many is left in the pack. To the top of the packet is a little drawstring which can be fastened really easily and I like as it keeps all my pads in the bag neatly, I have used cheaper versions in the past which don’t have this and I have ended up with the pads all fallen into my dressing table drawer. It is worth noting though that these are also available in a double back which contains 200 pads, the only difference is that packaging is white yet these also retail for £1, I will definitely be picking these up next time rather ...

Dyson DC17 27/10/2015

Dyson Definitely Delivers

Easy Washing Up Liquid (Aloe vera) 26/10/2015

Washing made easy with Easy

Easy Washing Up Liquid (Aloe vera) I don't tend to do a lot of washing up as I have a dishwasher but being someone that cant cook, I always need to ensure I have some in because every time I do attempt to cook, I end up burning something to the bottom of a pan so need to leave something in soak. Price & availability I normally do my home shop at Asda but not long ago, I wanted to stock up on some Slimming World meals so I did it at Iceland, I was running low on liquid to added it to my basket. I have never noticed this brand in other stores until this date but looking online I can see that it only seems to be available at discount stores. I paid £1 for two 550ml bottles. The liquid The product comes in a pretty standard looking clear washing up bottle, it is topped with a red flip top lid, to the front of the bottle is the product name along with an image of a Aloe Vera plant. The liquid is bright green, it has quite a thick consistency to it which I like, when using, I do have to give the bottle a little squeeze to dispense the product, some other ones I have used in the past are too runny which means I end up using too much however with this, I can control how much I am using and I find the bottle lasts me a bit longer. With this being a cheap brand, I was a little concerned that it wouldn't be very good, I normally judge how good a washing up liquid is based on the amount of bubbles produced and I must say, I was pretty impressed with this. When it came to washing the pots, the liquid performed well in ...

Asda George Light Wash Denim Shorts 25/10/2015

Versatile shorts

Asda George Light Wash Denim Shorts Since Lauren started to get to the age where she could ask for things, I have tried to avoid doing my weekly shop in-store and now have it delivered to home for the simple fact that if I go when she is with me, I always end up spending a small fortune as I end up buying new clothes for her. The other week though I just popped in for few bits and bobs and ended up buying these too. Price & availability These shorts are available in sizes 4-5years through to the largest size being 13-14years, Lauren is coming up to 8years old but she is quite tall for her age and normally in at least one size bigger than she is so I purchased these in size 9-10years old. They are part of the George range from Asda so available in store and online however I can see that there aren't many sizes left online at the minute. They currently retail for £7 which I think makes these quite good value for money, all Laurens friends (her words, not mine) currently wear shorts with tights underneath so I have been looking for a pair for a while but most retail for £10 plus, although these normally do have a pair of tights with them but I can pick tights up quite cheaply from Matalan or Primark. The shorts Whenever I buy skirts, shorts or trousers for Lauren, I always try and get them with an adjustable waistband, she is tall which means I have to buy a larger size to accommodate her length but she is a very slim which means we have 'falling down' issues, luckily, these have an adjustable waistband. The ...

LEGO Friends 41031: Andrea's Mountain Hut 25/10/2015

Laurens new Lego

Fellowes CD/DVD envelope 24/10/2015

Simple Storage

Loreal Age Perfect Reinforcing Rehydrating Day Cream 23/10/2015

Time to Perfect?

Dell - mouse 22/10/2015

Dell Mouse

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