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No 7 Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream 16/04/2014

#EasterEgg Perfect Skin

Snake (iPhone) 15/04/2014


Snake (iPhone) I remember when I got my first mobile phone, it didn’t have any games on it so as soon as I got a Nokia that had this on, I was amazed (and ashamed to say, immediately addicted). Apart from a version on my laptop, I thought the game was long gone but when I spotted this on the app store on my IPad, I knew I had to have it. Even better, the game was free. The aim of the game is to get the snake to move around a square box, running into little dots which appear around the screen, once the snake ‘eats’ one dot, the dot will disappear and then re-appear somewhere else. The snake gradually gets bigger making it slightly more difficult as the game ends if the snake runs into the wall of the box or into itself. As soon as I started playing, my additional was reignited and for the first few days, I spend every opportunity playing it. My 6 year old has also developed a bit of a fascination with the game, its simplicity means that it appeals to a wide age range. The game play is the same as it used to be except instead of pressing the button on your keypad to move the snake around, you simply touch the numbers on the phone keypad (2 for up, 6 for right, 8 for down and 4 for left). I must admit, I definitely preferred the old style phone when it comes to playing this game, but I find this with a lot of games on the touch screen, I much prefer handling something like a control pad or joystick as I feel like I have more control. When you die, to start a new game, just hit any of the ...

Hugo Boss Boss Orange - Body Lotion 15/04/2014

Beautiful Boss

Hama Beads 3,000 Beads in a Tub Neon Mix 13/04/2014

Neon Beads

Simple Cleanser & Toner 13/04/2014

Just kind

Sylvanian Families Sheep Family 12/04/2014

The Dale Sheep Family

Schleich Hyacinth Macaw 11/04/2014

Parrot Playtime with the Schleich Macaw

Ravensburger Disney Frozen 10/04/2014

Fun with Frozen

Ravensburger Disney Frozen At Christmas, my daughter fell in love with the new Disney film Frozen, ever since, all she ever wants to do is either play with her Elsa doll, or watch the film. She has also started to point things out to me when we go shopping telling me what she wants for Christmas etc (although she is 6, she doesn’t really understand that these are quite a long way off yet) Price & availability She received this from one of her friends for her birthday and it has proven to be a big hit. Having looked online, I can see that this retails for around £6 and is widely available from Amazon, Toys R us, The Disney Store etc. The price doesn’t seem to vary too much either which is good. The set The set consists of three jigsaw puzzles which when complete measure around 18cm by 18cm so quite a good manageable size, and Lauren can easily assemble on her little table and chairs rather than at the dining room table. Each jigsaw when made shows a picture from the film Frozen, the first, a picture of Elsa, which is stood against a icy blue background, the next, Anna, and the final one Olaf. The characters are pictured perfectly and vivid. Each jigsaw contains 49 pieces, so although they are quite small, they are really easy for Lauren to manipulate and hold. The quality is really excellent do, each individual piece is quite thick and the print is really clear too. Despite lots of use, the set isn’t showing any signs of wear and tear and the images are still fully intact (we have had jigsaws in ...

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Play Ball 09/04/2014

Zhu Zhu Zoom

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Play Ball My daughter loves her Zhu Zhu Hamsters, and although we didn’t really want to go the whole hog with the accessories, this is one item she does have. Price & availability The actually RRP of the ball is around £10, however I was lucky enough to pick this up from Home Bargains a couple of years ago for less than £4. Having a quick look online, the price seems to be around £6 - £8 and it is available from places such as Amazon, EBay, Tesco’s and a few toy shops. The ball The box is bright yellow and blue in colour with the product image to the front, inside, ball is bright blue but see-through so you can see the hamster inside. The ball comes in two halves, and to assemble, just line up the lips around each half and twist together, I must admit, there is a bit of a knack to this and it can prove a little tricky, especially for Lauren. You also have to be quite quick because as soon as I have pressed the hamsters back, it tries to escape from one half of the ball. To get the product to work, simply place the hamster inside, press the button on its back to make it go and then put the lid on. The ball will then roll around the room which we love to watch, Lauren finds it hilarious, even more so when the cat or the dog are around as they cant quite make their mind up about it and our puppy loves to chase it. I find that the ball works better when on a hard floor, so we quite often play with this in the conservatory however it works well on carpet too, just not as fast – either ...

Disney Princess Book Bag 08/04/2014

Princess Book Bag

Disney Princess Book Bag I always like to give my daughter an incentive to progress onto the next level books at school and this was the recent item she was working towards getting. Price & availability This book bag was from George at Asda, it wasn’t available in my local store (however this is quite small) so I ordered online along with some other items and had it delivered to store for free. The bag currently retails for £5 which I think is quite reasonable, especially considering it is themed. There are similar versions available online from places such as Amazon and EBay for a similar price. The bag The bag measures approximately 37cm x 32cm which is a good size and big enough to fit all her books and paperwork inside. It expands a good few inches too so she could easily pop her jumper or cardigan in (like she does). To the bottom left hand corner is a clear plastic window for her to put some paper in with her name, I liked that this was visible without having to open up the book bag, it meant I was confident that it wouldn’t get mixed up with other children’s in her class. On the from the other bag, there are pictures of Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel and Tiana, on the top flap are the words “You are invited to a ball” in white fancy writing. The whole bag is a nice lilac colour and to the top there is a small slightly darker purple handle which is big enough for both children and adults to carry. The bag is made from 100% polyester and does feel like it would be ...

Soap and Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths 07/04/2014

Another Winner From Soap & Glory

Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Night Cream 06/04/2014

Intense Treatment

Cepia Zhu Zhu Pets Princess Hamsters Snowcup 05/04/2014

A Princess for my Princess

Cepia Zhu Zhu Pets Princess Hamsters Snowcup Whilst sorting through Laurens toys recently, we came across Zhu Zhu Hamster Jilly, the rest of the day was spent laughing and giggling as Jilly 'ran' around the living room floor, crashing into things, getting stuck under the settee and annoying the cat. The following day whilst we were shopping in Home Bargains, I spotted there was a selection of other hamsters for £1.99 only so I had to buy one! Snowcup There were several different ones available, but Lauren immediately picked Snowcup. Snowcup is covered in pink and white fur, with a little pink nose which when pressed makes Snowcup make her noises! As with all the Zhu Zhu Hamster range, the packaging of the product is yellow and black and Snowcups nose sticks out the end of the box so you can listen to the noises she makes before you buy. I think the reason Lauren was attracted to SNowcup was due to her colour and the fact that she looks very similar to her other Zhu Zhu hamster Jilly – She pretends that they are sisters playing and chasing each other. Operating the hamsters is really easy; on her back she has a little button, which has three setting; sleep mode, which means she doesn't do anything, talk mode, which means Snowcup just makes squeaking noises, and finally, the most mode of all, explore mode - just place your hamster on the floor and off they go. Explore mode is what provides the most fun, Lauren can literally sit for hours just chasing the hamster around the living room, making little obstacle courses ...

Mookie Catcherball Game 04/04/2014


Sistema Twister Bottle 330ml 03/04/2014

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