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Hi everyone, I'm loving it on here at the minute, I just wish I was able to give more E's. Thanks, Sarah

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Lec CXR5011W 31/07/2014

Little Lec

Lec CXR5011W When we purchased our static van a several years back, this was included in the fixtures and fittings. I have just had a quick look online and this seems to retail for around £130 and is available from electrical stores such as Currys and also online. The fridge The fridge is quite compact, it measures 50cm (w) x 84cm (h) x 54cm (d) giving it a capacity of around 86litres, so it is perfect for a caravan or a smaller family as it doesn’t take up much room. Inside the fridge are two glass shelves which can be adjusted to different heights and are completely removable making it easy to clean. The exterior of the fridge is white, I don’t think this model is available in any different colours, it has a door which can be hung either way which is ideal, especially for caravans where space is a premium. On the inside of the door are three small trays, the bottom one being big enough to hold a couple of 4pint bottles of milk (fitted sideways) and the others ideal for holding small jars or eggs (you don’t get a separate egg tray included with this fridge). To the base of the fridge is a decent sized salad box which is topped with a heavy duty plastic lid which can be completely removed (and also acts as another shelf as I will quite often stack things on top of there too). As with most fridges, this does have an interior light which comes on as you open the door and does quite a good job at lighting up the interior which is good. It does have a small freezer compartment which ...

Stoves 61GDOT BK 30/07/2014

Our Caravan Cooker

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Toilette 29/07/2014

Just like an Angel

Snazaroo Bright Face Painting Kit 28/07/2014

Painting kit

Cookwork Solo Manual Microwave 28/07/2014

Basic Microwave

Cookwork Solo Manual Microwave When we go to out static caravan, I don’t really cook much but when my little one was born, I decided to buy a microwave to help when warming food up for her. I knew is wouldn’t get much use so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so decided on this one. Price & availability The microwave is part of the Cookworks range which is available at Argos, both in store and online and retails for less than £40 which I think was quite a good deal. What I like about with Argos is there check and reserve facility which allows you to check stock at your local store and reserve it until close of play the following day so I don’t end up having a wasted journey. The microwave The microwave measures 26cm (h) x 43cm (w) x 33cm (d) which I think it is slightly smaller than the one of have at home which is ideal as there isn’t much worktop space in our caravan and the interior capacity is 17litres. The interior and exterior are both white however this is also available in silver for a slightly higher price. The interior glass plate which measures just under 25cm can be removed and is dishwasher safe, although we don’t have a dishwasher in our caravan so just hot soapy water works fine when it comes to cleaning. I would say this is quite simple looking, it doesn’t have any LED displays but for what we need, its perfect and works really well. In use I would say this is one of the easiest to use microwaves I have ever come across, to the front, there are two dials, the top one which ...

Hotpoint RZA36 27/07/2014

Hotpoint freezer

Hotpoint RLAV 21 22/07/2014

Hotpoint was Hot

Hotpoint RLAV 21 When I first moved out of home, as a housewarming gift, my mother and father in law bought us a fridge and a freezer, based on the layout of our kitchen, we had to have separate ones rather than a fridge freezer combo, and this is what they gave us. Price & availability As this was a gift, I am not sure of the exact price but I think it retailed for just over £100 and I know she picked this up from a department store near us. It is available from most electrical superstores. This is only available in white, back in 2001, silver or black fridges weren’t really the in thing and it looks like the changed the model number when Hotpoint made this available in different colours. The fridge I actually found the fridge quite a decent size, its capacity is 127litres which when I compare with the fridge I have now, is actually bigger. The dimensions are 84cm x 55cm x 58cm and fitted nicely under my counter in the space of a standard base unit. Inside the fridge are three glass shelves which can be adjusted to different heights by removing and sliding back into the grooves on the side of the fridge, on the base of the fridge is a large salad tray. On the inside of the door is a large tray, which runs the length of the door, above this are two trays which I find are ideal for holding jars or tubs of margarine. The fridge comes with an interior light which comes on when the door is opened and underneath the light is the dial which controls the temperature. At must say, even though ...

Sylvanian Families Pig Family 21/07/2014

Oink Oink

Kenzo Flower Eau de Parfum Spray 20/07/2014

Perfect Poppy

Ralph Lauren Pony Collection No. 4 Eau de Toilette 15/07/2014

Loving Ralph Lauren

Ignis AKS 637 IX 14/07/2014

Ignis Ignites my hob

Ignis AKS 637 IX When it came to replacing our kitchen, I wasn’t to concerned about ensuring that the brands of our appliances matched, just that they were all silver and that the price was good. I spotted this one in what was then Focus for less than £70 and decided it looked good. The hood The fits perfectly over our gas hob and between our two wall units which leads me to believe it is just under 600mm wide. When it came to fitting, my hubby was able to do this himself quite quickly, although it is recommended that you get an electrician to fit. What I like about the hood is that the height of it can be adjusted to accommodate even the highest of ceilings as there is an extension part to it. Living in a fairly new house, we didn’t have to extend the hood too much and it was really easy to do (or so my hubby is now telling me) and the hood came with all the brackets, screws etc which allows you to fix it to your wall. I must say, the chimney part of the hood does feel a little loose to touch (however it hasn’t fallen down), but I am not sure if this is more of a fitting issue on my partners behalf rather than a manufacturing issue. On the underside of the hood are two switches, ones that operates the light, I find that these are quite bright and even in the darkest conditions, do an excellent job at lighting up my hob. The other switch operates the actual fan itself, there are three speed settings, the only time really that I use the highest speed setting is when I am cooking a Sunday ...

Baumatic BHG625SS 13/07/2014

Cooking on gas

Baumatic BHG625SS When we first moved into the house we live in now, one of the first things we wanted to change was the kitchen as it was the original one from when the house was built back in 1990. When it came to the choice of cookers, my hubby and I couldn’t agree as I wanted a gas cooker as that was what my mum used and the hubby wanted electric as that was what he was used to using. As a compromise, we decided to have an electric oven and a gas hob. Price & availability I remember spending ages in the DIY stores looking at hobs, there seemed to be so many variations but price played a big factor as we were on a limited budget and because of that, this one stuck out. Baumatic is a brand I have never heard of before, but it seemed to look ok (back then, the internet wasn’t as big and we didn’t have it so I had no way of researching). We picked this up from Wickes (although it might have been a Focus store back then) and I remember it cost me less than £100 which I thought was a decent price. I have just had a quick look online and the brand doesn’t look as widely available as it was back then, you can buy direct from Baumatic or places such as Amazon, EBay and appliance warehouses. Installation This shows how naïve I was, back then, I didn’t realise that my hubby couldn’t just install this, as it is gas, it needs to be installed by a gas registered tradesman, luckily, my dad knew someone and recommended. I do remember that as this was a standard size, it literally only took him ...

Disney Princess Briefs 12/07/2014

Princess Pants

Disney Princess Briefs My daughter loves Disney Princess so when I spotted these when shopping in Asda a few weeks back, I knew she would love them. Price & availability There are lots of different versions available, mine were from George at Asda and cost me £4 for 5 pairs of pants which I thought was quite a good deal, especially for themes pants. They are available online and in store but are subject to a delivery charge if you buy online. I know there are cheaper, non motif pairs of pants on the market, but I always try to buy Lauren ones with a motif on as I find it helps her when she is getting dressed as she knows which way round to put her pants on. The pants The pants are available in sizes 1.5years, up to the age of 6years, I picked up ages 5-6years and found that they are nice fit for my 6year old, although for normal clothes, she is normally in a size bigger than her age range, I find pants always tend to be a on the big side so I have to get her the smaller size. I also find that George are normally quite generous with there sizing too. I find that they fit really nicely, coving up everything they need to and they don’t leave any marks on her legs or tummy from the elastic. The pants are really brightly coloured, on the front of each pair there is one of the Disney Princesses (Sleeping Beauty, Tiana, Ariel, Snow White and Rapunzel), the colour of the pants is based on the colouring of the Disney film, for example the pair of pants that has the Rapunzel image are purple, the Tiana ...

Indesit CAA55K Fridge Freezer 11/07/2014

Indesit Fridge Freezer

Avon Perceive 09/07/2014

Nice fragrance from Avon

Avon Perceive When it gets towards the end of the year, I find that I start running low on perfume but I don’t want to go out and buy some as I know Santa will always bring me some. As we always have an Avon catalogue floating around at work, I always have a peek inside to see if there are any offers on, I liked the look of this bottle so decided to give it a go. Price & availability This is from Avon so is available from your local representative or online, if you don’t have a local rep, if you go online they can put you in touch with one. The fragrance is available in a 50ml bottle and retails for around £11 but if you catch this right, it can often be a lot cheaper. The bottle The bottle is quite an unusual shape which is what first attracted me to this, it is made from clear glass which has quite an angled shape to it (it reminds me of something from a supernatural film), when on my dressing table, the light catches the different angles and it looks lovely. I would say that it does have quite an expensive look to it. The packing it came in was quite simple, just a plain white box but to be honest, I normally throw the boxes away anyway. The fragrance I always make a point of reading how the manufacturer describes a fragrance before I buy it although I am not sure why as 9 times out of 10, they are made up of notes I have never heard of and am non the wiser of how it will smell. This however was a little different, Avon describe it as "Essences of gardenia, plum, vanilla orchid ...
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