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Hi everyone, a short time off ended up lasting a but longer but I'm back now :)

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Andrew Barton Strictly No Knots Detangling Comb 31/07/2015

No more knots

Superdrug Hair Grips 30/07/2015

Good grip

Superdrug Hair Grips I have fallen into the bad habit of washing my hair on a daily basis which means that now, I ‘have’ to wash my hair on a daily basis otherwise it starts to look greasy by halfway through the following day. I don’t help myself though as when I wear my hair down, I am always fiddling and playing with it so recently, to try a prolong the life, I have started to tie it back. My hair though has quite a few layers and I have a fringe so I decided to invest in some grips to help to keep my hair in place. Price & availability I picked these up from a bargain bucket at my local Superdrug where they were reduced with lots of other hair accessories to 50p. They are normally priced at £1.79 for a pack of 30 and are available from both in store and online. You also earn Beauty Card point for every pack you purchase at the full price. The grips The packaging of the grips is quite basic, they come on a hot pink piece of card which has the Superdrug logo to the bottom. Although this is basic, I quite like as it keeps the grips secure and in one place (we lose so many of these in our house). The grips are what I would describe as standard size, measuring just under 5cm in length and they are available in three different colours and available in matt or a gloss finish. I chose the brown as this is closest to my hair colour and also the matt as I didn’t want them to stand out too much. To the end of each grip is a little ball to help prevent you from scratching your head when putting them ...

Logik L20GS14 30/07/2015

Cooking at work

Lego Friends 3931: Emma's Splash Pool 29/07/2015

Splashing Lego

Superdrug Mousse 29/07/2015

Frizz free curls

Superdrug Mousse My hair is naturally curly (which I hate) and I do tend to straighten it every day however occasionally, I just don’t have time so I do leave it to dry naturally. However, as well as being curly, my hair is also quite frizzy so I do find I have to add a product otherwise I end up looking like a ball of fuzz. Price & availability The mousse retails for £1.29 for a 300ml canister, there are two choices available, firm and extra firm; I chose the extra firm option. It is part of Superdrug’s own brand therefore only available in Superdrug and it is available in store and online. I often find that Superdrug have promotions running on their own brands such as ½ price, extra points etc., I know I picked this up when it was half price. The mousse The mousse comes in a tall silver canister which has a purple design to the front, I think it looks really nice and simple yet not like a value brand on the shelf. It is topped with quite a wide nozzle which makes it easy to dispense the product. Before dispensing the mousse, I always give the bottle a really good shake otherwise I find that initially, the mousse comes out quite watery. The product comes out quite quickly (and it does expand which has caught me out a couple of times) and it has a really nice soft and light texture to it. I normally apply to my hair whilst wet (after I have combed it), then brush through with a wide tooth comb to ensure it is even distributed, I then give my hair a couple of scrunches and leave it to ...

Toni & Guy Rapid Response Leave-in Conditioner 28/07/2015

Toni was ok

Silverline Slotted Hammer-Thru Screwdriver 28/07/2015

Slotted Screwdriver

Silverline Slotted Hammer-Thru Screwdriver We recently had a clear out of our garage and I was amazed at the amount of tools that we have accumulated over the years, so much that I think we could set up our own DIY store. This is one screwdriver that I found hidden away in a tool box. Price & availability If I am honest, I am not sure where we purchased this one from however I have just had a look online and it seems to be available from most DIY and hardware stores and is priced from around £2 up to £4.50 depending on the size. The screwdriver This is a slotted screwdriver (I only learnt the different between a slotted and a Philips head last week) and has an 8mm head and looks very much like a normal screwdriver and is made from Chrome Vanadium which has a shiny finish and it is topped with slightly rubbery handle. The handle is black and red in colour and is shaped hexagonally yet the edges are smoothed which means that the screwdriver sits comfortably in my hand and it is really easy to grip. To the top of the handle is a little hole so that the screwdriver can be hung up when not in use (I must say though, we have never used this feature as our tools get left everywhere). The screwdriver has quite a solid look and feel to it; the metal shaft sits securely in the handle and doesn’t move around when in use. I like the fact that the handle is insulated as it gives that extra piece of mind when using for electrical work such as changing a light fitting of socket. The tips of the screwdriver as really sturdy, ...

Hotpoint RLFM171G 27/07/2015

Keeping things cool

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Intensive Jar 27/07/2015

Bee Soft and Strong

Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Lightweight Serum 26/07/2015

Soft Serum

Boots Botanics Cushion Brush 25/07/2015

Botanics brush

Instant Power Hair & Grease Drain Opener 12/07/2015

Best for unblocking

Wilko Decorator Once and For All Filler 12/07/2015

Fab filler

Argos ColourMatch PVC Venetian Blind 09/07/2015

Purple Fizz Blinds

L'Oreal Paris Elvive ExtraOrdinary Oil UV Filter for Coloured Hair 07/07/2015

Lovely oil

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