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Happy Easter everyone, still catching up on my rates :)

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Lego Elves 41076 Farran & The Crystal Hollow 30/03/2016

The new Lego addition

Lego Elves 41076 Farran & The Crystal Hollow For Easter, Lauren tends to get quite a lot of chocolate so we always buy her a new toy of some sort and this is what we got her last year. Price & availability The set retails for around £13 and is available from most toys shops such as Argos, Amazon Toys R Us etc. At the time I picked this up, I had just purchased some blinds from Argos and spent over £50 so they had given me a £5 off voucher which I used towards the purchase of this, I think at the time it was slightly reduced to around £10 too. I feel the price of the set is inline with sets of Lego which are a similar size and it s compatible with other sets of Lego which I really like and it allows Lauren to mix and match her sets. The range I must admit, it wasn't until we were waiting in the Argos store for our other items that I first became aware of the Lego Elves range, I hadn't seen any advertising on the television of promotions in other toy stores. The range is centered on a young girl called Emily Jones who is transported to a magical land where she meets four friends Aira, Farran, Naida and Azari, who all have magical powers and they help her to find the four missing keys to a portal that enables her to get home. There seems to be about 10 different Elves sets available which is quite a small range but I would say pretty similar to the Friends range when it first started. The prices range from £10 up to the most expensive being around £70. I think it has been around for a couple of years now. Age ...

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser 29/03/2016

L'Oreal luminates

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser One range of hair products I like is the L'Oreal Elvive range from which I normally buy the smooth/sleek variety but I do tend to find this isn't as widely available as some of the other so when I last needed to get some shampoo and conditioner, I decided to give the Nutrigloss range a go. Price & availability The RRP is around £4.99 for a 400ml bottle which is a little more than what I normally spend on conditioner but I quite often have found the whole range to be on either 3 for 2 or a half price promotional offer in supermarkets and high street chemists such as Boots and Superdrug. There is a smaller bottle of 200ml available which is priced at around £2.50 but to be honest, I prefer the larger sizes as the small ones don't seem to last two minutes, The conditioner Unlike the image, the bottle is more of a pale pink colour which has the L'Oreal logo to the front. The bottle has a flip top flat lid to the bottom (by this I mean the bottle stands on its lid), I prefer the bottles that stand this was as it means I don't end up having a fight in the shower to get the last dribs out the end of the bottle. The conditioner is quite thick and white (with a hint of pink) in colour and feels quite silky when I apply. To use, apply from roots to tip and like most modern conditioners, there is no need to leave in, just rinse straight away. One of my favourite aspects of the Elvive range is the fragrance, they smell quite fruity but no synthetic or too sickly, I find that my ...

Disney Tinkerbell Animator Doll 28/03/2016

Terrific Tinkerbell

Disney Tinkerbell Animator Doll A couple of years back Lauren received her first Animator Doll and every Christmas since she always received a new one to add to her collection, this was what she got last year. Price & availability Tinkerbell is available from the Disney Store and retails for £19.99 she is available online and in store but I have noticed that she doesn’t seem to be in stock all year round online, whether this is because she just comes out at Christmas or because she sells out quickly, I am not sure. I have noticed Tinkerbell can also be purchased online from places such as Amazon and eBay but at a much higher cost. I managed to pick this up on the run up to Christmas when Disney normally have a lot of promotions running, at the time Tinkerbell was reduced to £15 which I think is quite good value for money considering her size and that’s its from Disney. One thing I do dislike about the Disney Store is that you only qualify for free delivery if you spend over £50 otherwise you have to pay a charge of £4.95 which I do think is a little excessive. The range For those that don’t know, the Animator range is exclusive to the Disney Store and they are created by a range of designers who try to capture how the characters would look when they are younger. There are lots of different dolls available, it mainly just used to be the princesses however we already have Hans from Frozen and at Christmas I noticed the man from Aladdin (whose name I cannot remember). The box Tinkerbell comes in a ...

Winning Moves Top Trumps - Horses & Ponies 27/03/2016

Top Trumps

Winning Moves Top Trumps - Horses & Ponies A few Christmases ago, Lauren received a pack of Top Trumps and ever since then, she has always been drawn to them in the shops, she has a real love for horses so when I decided to treat her recently these are the ones I decided to purchase for her. Price & availability I pick mine up from Amazon and paid just under £3 for them, from looking online, they don't seem to be as widely available as some of the other sets but you can also get these from eBay for around the same price I paid. The game I must admit, it wasn't until Lauren got her first set of these a couple of years ago that I found out how to play, whereas my hubby said he always remembers playing with them when he was younger when he want on his caravan holidays with his parents. To play the game you need at least two people, start by dealing out all the cards between the players, then taking it in turns, each player would read out a stat and score detailed on the card, the remaining players compare this score theirs and the person with the highest score wins the other persons card, both cards are then placed to the back of your pile and the winner reads out another stat and score. The winner is the person who wins all the cards. The cards The pack contains 30 different cards for the game (although we only have 29 so we must have lost one somewhere along the way), a cover card, an instructions card and finally a card with details on how to claim a free pack when you have 5. The cards measure just under 9cm ...

Poundland Pom Pom Kit 26/03/2016

Pretty Pompoms

Poundland Pom Pom Kit As a bit of a team building exercise at work we recently held an Easter Bonnet Parade so off I went to Poundland to stock up on supplies and this is one of the things we purchased. Price & availability= These are specific to Poundland and cost just as you imagine, £1 for a bag which contains around 40 different sized pompoms and they are available online and in store too. You can also buy a case of these which contains 36 pack for £36 so you don't save anything in doing so. The Product The Pompoms come in a clear plastic cellophane bag which had a piece of card to the top. Each pack contains around 40 pompoms (although I didn't count to make sure), there is a variety of different colours in the pack such as yellow, red, green, purple, white and two different shades of blue. They are in two different diameters 2cm and 1cm, which I feel gives the pack a bit of variety and there is also a mixture of sparkly one in (they have a thread of glitter running through them). The idea went down really well with the team, we had lots of fun creating the best we could in 10 minutes we allocated. The pompoms were utilised and were present in the 10 different bonnets made. Afterwards, we had a few kits spare so I took one home for Lauren to make a hat with which she really enjoyed. Using PVA glue, the pompoms stuck easily to the hat, she also then proceeded to make an Easter card for her grandparents too. I have chosen this variety from Poundland before and always been impressed with ...

Little Live Pets Turtle Tank 11/02/2016

Little Live Turtle

Little Live Pets Turtle Tank We started to see adverts for this on morning TV in around September and Lauren immediately started to tell me that she wanted this for Christmas and when it came to writing her list for Santa, this was at the top of it. Price & availability The turtle is available to purchase alone at a cost of around £12.99 or with a tank which is priced at around £19.99. It is available from most toy shops and supermarket, I picked this up with a tank from Argos when they had a three for two promotion running in November and at the time it was reduced to £14.99 too so I managed to save a little bit of money. The turtle comes in different colours, Blue, Green, Pink and white, the downside of ordering from Argos is that you don't get to pick your colour which meant we ended up with a blue one although Lauren didn't seem to mind about that. The turtle Each turtle has its own name, this one is called Wave the surfing turtle, and he is bright blue in colour with a darker blue shell which is a star pattern on it. It measures just under 8cm in length and a few cm in height; he has moveable legs and head which move as he swims. The turtle will also walk on a smooth surface too which I really like, just recently Lauren recreated a scene from Jurassic Park by making her turtle invade her Sylvanian Land she had built. The turtle requires 1 x AAA battery which isn't included, we used a Duracell one and it's still going strong now from Boxing Day which I think is quite good going considering the ...

Colgate Max Whitening Toothpaste 10/02/2016

For a dazzling smile

Colgate Max Whitening Toothpaste When it comes to toothpaste, I tend to purchase whatever is on offer at the time but I do try to pick up ones which are aim at whitening teeth (being an ex-smoker and someone who drinks a lot of coffee has taken its toll over time). Price & availability The toothpaste retails at around £2.50 for a 100ml tube, I recently purchased a couple of tubes of this from Superdrug as it was half price. It is widely available in most supermarkets, chemists and also available online. The toothpaste The packaging is very similar to other tubes of Colgate, it comes in a thin cardboard box which is mainly white and silver but still has the big red Colgate stripe. The toothpaste comes in a standard 100ml squeezy tube which is decorated in the same way. As with all Colgate toothpaste products, this tube was packaged inside a standard cardboard box with the red and white Colgate logo, however it differed from other toothpastes by displaying a sparkly silver picture to illustrate the 'max white' results. The box is illustrated with a lot of test which promotes the special crystals and the effect that they will have on your teeth. This comes as a clear gel which has a pale blue hint to it and mixed in the gel are little white specs (measuring a couple of millimeters long & wide) which Colgate call White Micro-Crystals. According to Colgate, these specs are meant to whiten your teeth. As soon as I put this onto my toothbrush, the minty smell is evident, even more so when brushing. I must ...

Soap & Glory Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth 09/02/2016

Not one of my favourites

Soap & Glory Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth After discovering Soap and Glory a couple of years ago, I have become a little obsessed with their products and I like to try news ones out when I can, the last one I tried was this. Price & availability The lotion retails for £10 which is for a 500ml pump actioned bottle, it is available from Soap & Glory direct and also from Boots which is where I tend to buy mine from. The range is frequently on offer, whether that be 3 for 2 or a free gift, I tend to pick up the gift sets in the Christmas sales (which normally start on Christmas Eve) and then stash them away throughout the year. This is where I believe I got this one from. =The lotion The lotion is currently available in a pump action bottle however the one I had was in a cream tube which is topped with a pink flip top lid. The tube is cream in colour with a pink theme pattern and decoration, much like the rest of the Soap & Glory range. Upon opening the cap, the fragrance is quite floral and not as sweet as I would have liked however this does settle down shortly after applying and some fruit notes start to come through. According to Soap & Glory, this product has a similar scent to Clean Girls body wash & Mist you Madly body spritz, I like that it tell you this as should I have really liked the fragrance, I would have been able to layer it up. I took this on holiday with us when we went to Lanzarote earlier in the year, I have always been impressed with the moisturising properties of Soap & Glory so I thought this ...

Asda George Heart Detail Eyelash Jumper 08/02/2016

Eyecatching Eyelash Jumper

Asda George Heart Detail Eyelash Jumper When it comes to clothes for my daughter, I always like George at Asda as I find that they are good quality and a decent price. On the run up to Christmas, I saw this online and thought it looked quite pretty so purchased it for her. The jumper The jumper is a pastel pink colour and described as an eyelash jumper which means it is quite fluffy, it is long sleeved with a scoop neck and actually looks quite basic yet pretty in design. What finishes the jumper is that to the front, there is a large heart silhouette made from chunky silver faceted gems. Normally Lauren doesn't like to wear jumpers on their own as they feel funny against her skin so she always wears a t-shirt underneath but with this, she was fine as it is super soft so it didn't irritate her in any way. Price & availability The jumper is from the George range at Asda and retails for £10, at the time I purchased, it Asda were offering 20% off all Childrens clothes which meant I only paid £8 and is available online and in store. It is available from size 6-7 up to 13-14years, Lauren is quite tall so I went for the 10-11 age which fits her perfectly in the length but is a bit baggy on her (I am sure after a couple of times in the washer it will shrink). Cleaning To be honest, I'm not very good at checking washing instructions on new clothes, I tend to just throw in the machine and wash everything at 40 degrees, from doing this, I find that the jumper washes quite well, it hasn't lost its shape nor has it ...

Febreze Air Effects 03/02/2016

My First Febreze Experience

Febreze Air Effects Just after last Christmas, I had popped to our local Tesco Express to pick some bread up and whilst I was in the queue I noticed that they had some air fresheners reduced, this being one of them so I decided to buy. Price & availability This normally retails for around £2.50 and is widely available from most supermarkets, hardware and discount stores. At the time I picked up, this was reduced to 87p as the one I purchased was the Apple & Spice fragrance which was aimed as being a Christmas product. For this you get a 300ml canister of the air freshener. The product I must admit, I have a bit of a paranoia of smells, especially when the other half has been cooking so as soon as I walk in from work in the evening, I light several candles to try and disguise any nasty smells that may be around so I have never really used this kind of product before however whilst candles are great, it does take them a while to get going. The product comes in a tall red canister which have little pale yellow images of mince pies, applies and cinnamon sticks, and it is topped with a trigger operated spray, I must say, it has quite a festive look to it. When it use, the trigger is easy to use and aim the spray in the direction I want to. In use I would say that the scent is really quite strong and as soon as I spray, it instantly fills the room. Its fragrance definitely reminds me of Christmas too, the main notes are sweet apples which are mixed with a lovely spicy, slightly cinnamon hint to ...

Yankee Candle Celebrate Large Jar Candle 04/01/2016

Lemon Drizzle in my living room

Yankee Candle Celebrate Large Jar Candle After discovering Ciao and reading lots of reviews about Yankee Candles, I decided to give them a go and ever since, I have been a huge fan and Santa always brings me a few new ones at Christmas. This year, I received this large jar from my sister. Price & availability The large candles normally retail at around £20 - £21.99 and is available from Yankee themselves, but also other shops sell these such as Clintons, B&Q, independent garden centres and online from placed such as Amazon and eBay. I do know that my sister purchased this from Boots where it was priced at the full RRP but was included in the 3 for 2 Christmas promotion which Boots offer every year. I do remember before I started to buy Yankee, I always used to think that there were a bit expensive but the large jars have a burn time of 110-150 hours and because the fragrances are so good, I think they work out quite good value for money. The jar The jar is made from really thick glass which I feel gives it quite a luxury look and feel to it, it is topped with a chunky glass lid which is easily removed (too easily sometimes so you should never pick this jar up by the lid). The lid has the Yankee Candle logo embossed on it, it can also be used to extinguish the wick however I have never done this as I tend to throw the lids away as soon as I start to use the candle. To the front of the jar is a glossy sticker which has an image of a slice of birthday cake to the front. The jars stand just under 7 inches in ...

Boots No7 Lash Adapt Mascara 04/01/2016

Clumpy lashes

Boots No7 Lash Adapt Mascara Every year I am always lucky enough to receive a couple of No 7 gift sets, this was included in last years ultimate collection and I am currently using it. Price & availability The mascara retails for just under £13 which I do think is quite expensive for a mascara and a lot more than I would normally like to spend. As it is part of the No 7 range, it is only available at Boots, both online and in store however the range does frequently have promotions such as 3 for 2 running, also, Boots often give out £5 off vouchers when you spend in store. The mascara is available in two different colours, brown and black, I always choose black mascara as my features are quite dark. The mascara The mascara comes in a silvery coloured tube which has the product name and description in black lettering, I think the bottle looks quite classy and quite expensive. The wand is classic is design, I love the fact that when removing from the tube, it seems to pull just the right amount of mascara out with it. The bristles to the wand are really soft and they don't tug on my lashes when applying. What I really like about the mascara is that I can layer it up for a more dramatic effect and it doesn't clump at all. For the day, I normally wear one, quickly applied coat yet if I am going out, I can wear a few and it really does give the effect of false lashes. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I can definitely tell the difference in my lashes when I compare to my cheaper ...

Doidy Cup 02/12/2015

Doidy didnt do it for me

Doidy Cup When Lauren was around the age of 5 months, I attended a weaning session at my local Sure Start Centre where they talked us through what to feed and drink, how often to etc. One product which the health visitor recommended was a Doidy cup so as soon as I got home, I purchased one from Amazon. The Cup Unlike most cups, the Doidy cup is slanted so that your little one can see the fluid coming towards them as you or they tip the cup towards their mouth. It comes with two handle which are quite thin and ideal for little hands to hold. Bickiepegs state that the cup can be used from birth (with help) apparently the mouth action needed is the same as used when breastfeeding but it is also recommended using from 6 months when you start the weaning process, the health visitor recommend this cup rather than cups with spouts as it is mean to deter problems associated by using these (tooth decay, speech problems etc) I found that using the cup was a bit of a nightmare, regardless of the fact that Lauren could see the fluid in the cup; she always tended to tip too much and ended up with water all down her top and sometimes even too much in her mouth so she ended up coughing. Being so young, it was hard for her to understand what it was for and tended to just shake the cup. I also dislike the fact that the cup doesn't come with any type of lid so it could only really be used in the house. The cup is both dishwasher and microwave safe, I never used in the microwave but did run through ...

Mattel Barbie Princess & Popstar Tori 26/11/2015

Barbie the Popstar

Mattel Barbie Princess & Popstar Tori Despite already having lots of Barbie dolls, there is always one on Laurens Christmas list every year and a couple of years back, Santa gave her this one. Price & availability Laurens aunty actually gave her this one so I am not sure of the price she paid but I have just looked online and I can see that this currently retails for around £25 (although Amazon currently have it available for just over £15). It doesn't seem to be as widely available as some other Barbie's on the market, currently; I can only see this is available on eBay and on Amazon. The doll This Barbie is Tori who is from the Barbie film the Princess Pop star, we have never seen the film but this didn't bother Lauren at all. At first glance, she looks just like any other Barbie with her slim physic, long blonde soft hair and a really gorgeous face. Her dress is mainly pink in colour with a glittery bodice, satin floor length skirt which has a white patterned overlay. In her hair are a pretty little tiara and a heart shapes necklace. She comes holding a little silver microphone too. The difference with this Barbie is that she transforms into a pop star within a couple of seconds, by twisting the top of her head, her hair rotates around and now has bright pink highlights and her pink tiara is now replaced with a blue one. To the back of her dress is a little drawstring which when pulled, pulls her dress back to reveal a short bright blue miniskirt, plastic cut out boots and a blue and purple coloured ...

Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor SPF 25 25/11/2015

Makes me feel good

Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor SPF 25 I really like Soap & Glory products and every year in the Christmas sales, I like to treat myself to a new product. Price & availability This retails for around £12 and is available from Boots and Harvey Nichols. I always get mine from Boots and they tend to have lots of promotions running such as 3 for 2 or currently they all have 1/3 off. I picked mine up in one of their gift sets which also contained a packet of wipes and some eye cream in the sales and it was reduced to £12.50 which made it quite a bargain. The Boots sale normally starts on Christmas Eve and most gift sets I have ever purchased always contain either a money off a next purchase or an extra points coupon which gives me another reason to treat myself too. The packaging Whilst the gift set that this came in is quite funky, it is bright red and has a black and white image of a ladies face to the front, I really like this design; it's quite young and fresh. The actually product itself though is quite boring though, it comes in a white tube which has pink lettering on, although this does make it look more expensive, I much prefer the older style. The tube is topped with a little screw top lid and on the first time of using, you have to move a little silver foiled cover too. The product I am always looking for the perfect product for my face, I have quite a funny combination of skin on my face, dry some days, oily t-zones the next, my skin without makeup is quite dull looking and I have to brighten ...
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