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Hi everyone, not been around much recently as work has been really busy but back to normal now. Thanks, Sarah :)

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Pantene Pro V Smooth & Sleek Shampoo 25/01/2015

Not great for the frizz

Pantene Pro V Smooth & Sleek Shampoo I long to have sleek and smooth hair so whenever I see I product on the market which is meant to give you this, I like to give it a try. I have seen this available in two different sizes, 250ml (priced at around £2.49) and 500ml priced at around £4.49. The 500ml bottles tend to be on offer of either 2 for £4 or more recently, 2 for £5 so I tend to stock up on these when the offers are on. It is available from most supermarkets and places such as Boots and Superdrug. The 500ml bottle stands around 8 inches tall and is white with a black flip to lid. One feature which I really like about the bottle is that you can stand it on the lid so when I am coming to the end of the bottle, it is still easy to dispense and I don't have to stand there shaking and squeezing the bottle. The consistency of the shampoo is really nice and thick and is white in colour. The shampoo lathers up really nicely and I don't have to use too much to give my hair a nice clean. The fragrance is quite fresh and a little fruity which I can smell as soon as I start to massage into my hair. What I love is that a few hours after I have had a shower, the fragrance is still present when I walk into the bathroom. The shampoo does a great job at cleaning my hair, I always use the conditioner from the same brand and after using, my hair feels lovely and soft and does have a little shine to it too however with regards to the smoothing properties, I find that my hair is no different, I would still couldn't let it ...

Matrix Sleek.Look Iron Smoother 19/01/2015

For sleek hair

JML Toasta Bags 17/01/2015

The new way to make toasted sandwiches

Bubble Magic Bubble Tubs 17/01/2015

Bubble tubes

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Conditioner Red Raspberry & Silk 15/01/2015

My ends weren't so beautiful

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Conditioner Red Raspberry & Silk When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I am not very loyal to any brand and tend to try what ever is on offer when I go shopping, having curly hair, which I like to straighten means I always tend to either by products designed for sleek hair or for damage repair as using my GHD’s every day does take its toll. The conditioner= I really liked the Bee Strong product range so recently I decided to give this ones a try, as I said, using my straighteners most days means that the end of my hair becomes really dry with quite a lot of split ends so I thought this would be good. As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, I always use the shampoo and conditioner from the same brand/range as they boast this gives the best results. The conditioner comes in a bright red bottle but unlike the shampoo, this isn’t see-through so I had to guess how much product was left in the bottle by the weight. To the front of the bottle, there is the Herbal Essences logo. The lid is green and to open the bottle, you depress at one side. Unlike the shampoo, the bottle sits upside down as such, by this, I mean that the lid is to the bottom, what I like about this is that the conditioner falls to the bottom so when the bottle is coming to the end, I haven’t got to stand shaking the bottle to get the conditioner to come out. The conditioner is a nice deep pink colour, having hair which comes just below my shoulders, I find that I need quite a lot to apply all over my hair (around 2 x 50p piece sizes), ...

Schwarzkopf Professional Paddle Brush 14/01/2015

My paddle

Schwarzkopf Professional Paddle Brush We have a static caravan and I try and keep as beauty products down there as possible so that when the weekend arrives, we can just pack some clothes and go without having to think about "have I remembered...." as nine times out of ten, I would always forget something. The brush When I first removed the brush from the packaging, I must say I was quite impressed with the quality of this, unlike other paddle brushes I have, this was made from wood and had a glossy finish to the handle. The brush is black and has extra long bristles which are topped with plastic balls, the longer bristles are designed to massage the scalp when brushing and the balls prevent my from scratching my head. I like the protective balls as quite often, I will use my hairbrush to comb my daughters and I don't want to make that any more stressful than it already is. I think I have tried every different type of hair brush out there but a paddle brush is definitely my favourite, the close together bristles seem to do a great job at detangling my hair, without tugging too hard. I also find it a lot easier when straightening, being quite big, it can pick up quite a lot of hair and being flat means my straighteners can glide behind the brush. The brush is only available in black, with a long wooden handle with the product brand on it in white writing. being made from wood, I thought this would be quite heavy but I was actually surprised at how light it is, it does take a while to style my hair and normally ...

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Conditioner 14/01/2015

I like my hair to Bee at its best

Poundland Mega Bubbles 14/01/2015

Big bubbles

Mattel Barbie Shimmering Fairy Teresa 13/01/2015

Shimmering Barbie

Asda Golf Caddy 13/01/2015

Time for a spot of golf

Asda Golf Caddy My other half quite often disappears at the weekend for a round of golf and Lauren always takes an interest in his clubs etc so when I spotted this a few years ago in Asda, I decided to pick one up. The caddy is nicely coloured and I would say that it is quite unisex as there are a mixture of blue, red, orange and yellow parts. The clubs are a nice size for a toddler to use and the whole product is quite portable and easy to use. I also like the fact that the clubs are quite lightweight meaning that Lauren can easily try and manipulate the balls into the hole, but I also like I because she cant do 'any damage' should she miss hit or get a bit swing happy! I really like that the caddy stores all the bits and bobs together, the three clubs you get all fit neatly inside. Down the side of the caddy are two putting holes which you can place and try and put the ball, to be honest, we hardly use this element, Lauren much more prefers to just hit the ball around the garden, or try and get into a bucket or even better, just disturb the cat as he is having a sleep! Also down the side of the caddy are three holes for the balls to sit in, Lauren finds it really easy to put the balls into these. One of the downside of the product I that the balls can easily be knocked out of these holes in and as a result of this, we have 'lost' a couple of these. I did think that the plastic looked a little flimsy however I do actually find it to be quite sturdy and well made. The whole set has been ...

Tesco Play Sand 12/01/2015

Our own little beach

Tesco Play Sand When it comes to buying sand for my daughters sand tray, I normally buy from work but I spotted this reduced in Tesco's last year so decided to buy a couple of bags. The sand comes in 10kg bags and is available to buy online from Tesco Direct or in store and retails for £2.50 a bag. I brought mine towards the end of the season for around 75p a bag so if you can hang on or prepare for next year, I would always recommend visiting towards the end of the summer holidays and most of the outdoor toys and products get heavily discounted. The sand comes in quite a large (and heavy) white bag; on the front is picture of sand with some writing and moulds on it. The packaging is nothing fancy to look at which didn't bother me too much, The plastic bag was quite thick and I had no concerns that it would split while handling it, although I did notice when I brought it that there had been a spillage., it is worth noting that the bag does have a handle to help you carry it, although I didn't use it, my other half did! The sand is nice and soft meaning it was easy for Lauren to scoop up and fill her buckets I found the sand quite moist so it was easy to build castles or for Lauren to use her molds, as time when on, the sand dry out slightly, I can add a cup of water and this restores it back to a usable condition The only downside for me is with beach sand, you can wipe this easily off you hands and feet but because of how fine this is, the only way to completely remove from my hands was ...

Cepia Zhu Zhu Prince Hamster 11/01/2015

Our little prince

Cepia Zhu Zhu Prince Hamster Zhu Zhu hamsters were the must have toy for Christmas a few years back and were very difficult to get hold of, since then, popularity has died down a bit. Lauren already had some of these but I spotted them reduced recently and decided to get her a couple as stocking fillers. Prince Dashington The prince comes in a little blue and yellow box which has three clear panels on which makes it really easy to see the product. His little pink button nose protrudes out of the end of the box so even before taking his out of the box, Lauren was able to press this to hear him speak. Lauren already had a princess hamster so I as immediately drawn to purchasing the prince, that along with the fact that he is a nice lilac colour. His fur also has a few white patches on his sides, nose and ears which contrasts really nice. The main function of the hamster is that is runs around the floor all on its own; along his back are two buttons (which you cannot see due to his fur but you can feel them), the button closed to his head is talk mode, so when pressed, he will just chat along to himself, the other button is located right at the bottom of his back, this operates explore mode. This is the one that definitely provides the most fun, by pressing this when the prince is on the floor, he starts to run around the floor. Unlike a lot of toys, the button in his nose also acts as a sensor so if the Prince reaches an obstacle or dead end, he will simply reverse and run off in a different direction. ...

Snazaroo Face Paints 18 ml Metallic Gold Face Paint 10/01/2015

What shall we paint today?

Breville ITP138 10/01/2015

Our lifesaver

Breville ITP138 Since my daughter started school, I have to change my shift at work to accommodate the morning drop off which means I now don't get in from work until 5.30 so I am using my slow cooker more and more. Unfortunately, my current model broke last year so I invested in this one. Price & availability I picked mine up from Argos, at the time there was a promotion running and I paid just under £30. The actual RRP is £38 and it is widely available from most electrical stores and larger supermarkets. There is a slightly smaller version available priced at £20 but this has a larger capacity and more suitable for a family of 3. The size The slow cooker has a stainless steel finish which looks really nice on my worktop where I tend to leave it out as I use this several times a week (the other reason for this is that it is actually quite bulky and heavy, weighing around 4kg). It has a really good capacity too of just under 6litres, this is plenty to feed myself, husband and daughter and then some spare which I tend to take to work for lunch the following day. The size also means that sometimes I can easily cook a large joint of meat in there. Cooking The slow cooker has three different heat settings of low, high and auto-cook and has a power outage of 290watts. I was intrigued by the auto-cook function as I had no idea what this meant but it simply means that it starts off on high for around three hours and then reduces the setting to low for another three hours. The low setting aims ...

Mookie All Surface Swingball 09/01/2015


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