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Hi everyone, not been around much recently as work has been really busy but back to normal now. Thanks, Sarah :)

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Worlds Apart Hello Kitty Go Glow Pal 24/03/2015

Glow Kitty Glow

Boots No7 Ultimate Nail Care Set 24/03/2015

Nice nails

Oral B PRO 600 Crossaction 23/03/2015

Clean teeth

Hello Kitty 2857HKU/HKCU/HKBU 23/03/2015

Cute Crimpers

Everbuild Stick 2 All Purpose Superglue 22/03/2015

Super Superglue

Doc McStuffins 23cm Play Ball 21/03/2015

The Doc is in

Doc McStuffins 23cm Play Ball Every morning my daughter likes to have one of the childrens channels on the television whilst I have a shower and get ready for work, one of her favourite channels is Disney Junior so she is a big Doc McStuffins fan. Price & availability The ball retails for around £3 - £4 and is available from most toy shops, there are cheaper ones available from discount stores and seaside shops. I picked mine up from one of these shops whilst we were on holiday last year. The ball The ball measures around 23cm which I find is quite a nice size, its big enough to play with but also small enough for Lauren to pick up easily when she wants too. It comes ready inflated and is really quite bouncy, even on the grass which I was quite surprised about. What first attracted Lauren to the ball was the design, it is bright pink and has two hue pictures of Doc McStuffins on , the first image is of her, in her trademark outfit sat on her knees giving Lambie a big hug. The other is of her in the kitchen, again on her knees but this time she is giving Stuffy a check-up using her stethoscope. Both images are really brightly coloured and very like the program itself. What attracted me to the ball was how light it was, Lauren and her dad wanted to play football outside the caravan and I was concerned about giving them a real football as accidents do happen (I think I was more concerned about the hubby damaging something more than her). Its lightness means Lauren finds it easy to carry around when not ...

Avon Cherish Eau de Parfum 21/03/2015


Ronseal Quick Drying Radiator Spray Paint 18/03/2015

Glossing made easy

Me to You Me To You - Coco Figurine 17/03/2015

Coco the Monkey

Silverline Adhesive Comb 16/03/2015

Even tiling

Silverline Adhesive Comb When it comes to DIY, I am quite lucky in the fact that my hubby will try and do most jobs rather than pay someone to do it so over the years; I have learnt quite a lot about tiling, plumbing etc. We purchased one of these a few years back when we replaced the flooring in out kitchen. Price & availability I cant quite remember where we picked this up from, I think it was probably Homebase or Wickes as these were the only stores local to us at the time and I think it only cost a couple of pounds. I have just had a look online and it is also available from Amazon and is priced at £1.99. The comb I remember when we purchasing this asking why we needed one as we had recently re-tiled the bathroom so surely we could use the same one but apparently not. The reason we needed this is because it is a lot bigger to covers a larger area, thus making the tile quicker and easier. The comb is quite large, it measures around 25cm at its longest point (which is the metal part) and it is 13cm wide (from the handle to the end of the teeth. There are two different sizes available, 4mm and 6mm, the size relates to the teeth. The comb has a chunky wooden handle which makes it really easy to hold and it doesn't slip out of your hand when using, the handle also has a nice smooth finish to it too. In the middle of the handle is a little hole which is ideal if you want to hang your tools up when not in use (although if you are anything like us, they just get thrown in the garage). When it comes ...

Hello Kitty Drinking Cup with Straw 16/03/2015

Kitty Cup

Crown Matt Emulsion 12/03/2015

Brilliant White, Brilliant paint

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum Spray 12/03/2015

Smell like an angel

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum Spray This is a fragrance that I really like at the minute and since I received it at Christmas, I cannot get enough off. The product What I love about this fragrance is because it's well established (I think it was first launched in the early nineties), it comes in a variety of different sizes and there are quite a few complimentary products such as: Shower gels (£30 for 200ml bottle) Body lotions (£33 for 200ml bottle) Body cream (£48 for a 200ml tub) Body oils (£32 for 200ml bottle) Hand creams (£18 for 100ml tube) Exfoliant cream (£28 for 200ml tube) Deodorant (£22 for 100ml spray or £20 for a 50ml roll on) Hair Mist (£20 for a 25ml spray) Refillable bottles (range from £51 - £110 depending upon size) It is also available as an EDP and an EDT, I always have the EDP now as they seem to last me longer. Currently at Debenhams, a 25ml bottle costs £46 and a 50ml bottle costs £62, for me, I do think this is little on the expensive side but like most fragrances, the gift sets tend to on offer throughout the year so when I am ready to re-buy, I will be keeping an eye out for the offers! What first attracted me to the bottle was the design, there is nothing else similar to this on the market and it really does stand out nicely on the shelf. The bottle is quite chunky, pale blue glass and shaped like a star which is topped with a silver lid. The spray is quite even and gives a fine mist (I hate it when I end up with what looks like dribbles down me!). The packaging of the fragrance ...

Schleich King Penguin Chicks 11/03/2015

Baby Penguins

Stanley 016262 FatMax Thru Tang Chisel 10/03/2015

Chisel Time

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