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Hi everyone, not been around much recently as work has been really busy but back to normal now. Thanks, Sarah :)

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since 31/03/2012


Disney Store Frozen Kristoff Animator Doll 03/03/2015

Cute Kristoff

Flair Slinky Dog 03/03/2015


The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Eau de Toilette 02/03/2015

Didn't last long enough

Diall 9" Roller & Tray 01/03/2015

My new roller set

The Body Shop Strawberry Eau de Toilette 27/02/2015

Fruity Fragrance

Harris Hardwood Stripping Knife 24/02/2015

Wallpaper free

Everbuild Pinkgrip D4 Wood Glue 24/02/2015


Mini Roller Sleeves Gloss 23/02/2015

The easy way to gloss

Wahl ZX305 22/02/2015

I've got nice curls now

Wahl ZX305 My hair is naturally curly however its quite a tight curl and its also quite frizzy looking, I tend to straighten it most days but that then takes it from one extreme to another. A couple of years back, our works party had a 70's theme and I wanted to add some 'flicks' and big curls to my hair so decided to invest in these. Price & availability The curling tongs retail for £10 and are widely available online and in supermarkets, department store. Because I wasn't sure how good these were or how I would get on with them, I wasn't to concerned about the price. The tongs The curling tongs have a pretty basic look to them, they actually remind me of the ones my mum used to use back in the 80's when I was young. They have a black handle and a long silver coloured ceramic barrel. The cable is really long, measuring just under 2m which is a bonus if you are using these when staying away from home as often, the mirrors are situated near the plugs however at home, I have a full wall of mirrored wardrobes so I actually find it a bit of a nuisance as it just gets in the way. Along the handle of the curling tongs is a sliding switch, sliding up once turns the curling tongs on to their lowest heat setting and then moving along again puts them to their hottest setting. As you turn the tongs on, a little red light illuminates on the handle, when they have warmed up enough, this light starts to flash to alert you to the fact they are ready to use. The maximum temperature these reach is ...

Vivid Imaginations Toy Story Collection Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl 22/02/2015


Hello Kitty Turbo Power 21/02/2015

Clean teeth

Silverline Tile Spacer 20/02/2015


Yankee Candle Soft Cotton Wax Tart 19/02/2015

Takes me back

Yankee Candle Soft Cotton Wax Tart Now that my local Tesco’s sells Yankee Candles, my mum ends up treating me to a new tart whenever she goes, this was one that she picked up recently. Price & availability Since my obsession with Yankee started a few years back, I have noticed more and more retailers stock these. They are available from supermarkets, garden centres, card ship and gift shops, I even noticed a Yankee Candle shop in our city centre when I last went shopping. Prices are normally around the £1.20 - £1.50 mark but sometimes there are bargains to be had, I picked a few fruity flavours up online in the sales where they were priced at 50p a tart. All Yankee tarts are the same size however the fragrance is available in a range of different sized candle, you can pick up little votive candles for around £1.80 and the largest candle they do which comes in a glass jar is priced around £19.99. I actually prefer the tarts as I find the aroma is a lot more intense. How to use Before I developed a love of Yankee Tarts, I remember I used to look at them in the shops and wonder what you did with them ‘how could these burn as they don’t have a wick?’ so for anyone who is like I was, I will explain how these work. Firstly you will need an oil burner or you can actually buy Yankee tart burners online, you then place the tart in the top (where you would normally put the oil and water) and light the tea-light in the bottom. The heat from the tea-light will then melt the tart and with it, the aroma starts to fill ...

Ikea Tindra Scented Tea Lights 18/02/2015

Fruity Tealights

Disney Periwinkle Flutter Doll 18/02/2015

Flutter wings

Disney Periwinkle Flutter Doll I think like a lot of little girls, my daughter Lauren loves Disney Princess, one of her favourite films is Tinkerbell so when we watched The Secret of the Wings and we were introduced to Periwinkle, she instantly fell in love with her. Price & availability The Flutter doll we have was from the Disney Store and retails for £12.50; it is part of a larger range of flutter dolls and is available in store and online. The downside I find with the Disney Store is that there stores are only in larger city centres so I would normally order online but their delivery charge is £4.95 unless you spend over £50. There are slightly different versions available from places such as Amazon and Argos and the price of these retails from around £10 - £20. Periwinkle For anyone who doesn't know, Periwinkle is Tinkerbells sister, they were born from the same babies giggle (which is how fairies or born if you didn't know), they realise they are sisters when the meet for the first time and realise the pattern on their wings is identical and that their wings both glow when they are together. Periwinkle stands around 30cm tall so is about the size of a standard Barbie doll, she comes dressed in a icy blue coloured velvet dress which has bots of white feathers, glittery lace and a slight frill to the bottom. The dress is lovely and soft and looks really pretty, it can actually be removed if you want but for some reason, Lauren hasn't done her normal trick of taking her clothes off. She has see ...
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