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Johnson's Holiday Skin Daily Facial Moisturiser 10/10/2006


Johnson's Holiday Skin Daily Facial Moisturiser Well not only do you get a nice tan after a few hours but you get the wonderful silkiness of the johnson's moisturiser leaving you feeling fresh and smelling really nice,unlike some tanners ,leaves some awfull stenches,but not with johnsons,in fact ive been asked what purfume i got on when i havent got any on. This tanner only gradualy builds a tan,it comes in two tones, light / fair and med / dark . Ive started using the darker one now even thou i am fair skinned because you can apply it 3 times a day but it will only set the colour to which you skin pigment allows it. So i noticed with the light / fair one,i could only slap it on twice and after that its a waste. So if you want a slighly darker tan then use the darker one but only apply it once. Hint: make sure to exfoliate before using johnsons even if it is only light as it will still streak. Wash your hands after use. Because of the moisturiser, i noticed that i stuck to my bedsheets too lol. Do not do your face in this tanner as it will streak around the hairline, johnsons has now brought out a face and neck tanner so we are all safe . With this gorgeous cream you will notice that it goes an awfull long way! You literally only need a pea size for smaller areas or else you will end up with alot of extra waste. The texture is silky and because its a moisturiser aswell, then you don't need to add extra moisture as with alot of self tanners i have needed to do so. When you have done your neck with ...

Russell Hobbs 10799 10/10/2006


Russell Hobbs 10799 with the right coffee this machine is great. To keep the coffee warm if its going to be left standing for a while,because its not left on a heater, is before putting your cold water into the system,pour boiling hot kettle water inside the pot & leave to stand for about 3 - 5 mins. This creates a thermal for your coffee. It will state this in the instruction leaflet. I dont know how much this cost as it was a gift. This coffee machine holds up to a maximum of 10 cups of coffee. There is a pull out filter which is washed & put back inside,saving you money. Cold water is poured into a cylinder on the side of the filter. With a sexy look of silver with matt finish, its ideal to have on show. Before starting the process of making your coffee,the red switch on the side must be turned off,coffee put inside the filter,then cold water poured in its compartment. Then you switch the switch on and sit back & relax till its done. The lid of the pot has a spring action top so when took out to pour will pop up,to put back onto the plate it will pop back down again. I love this coffee machine because its sleek , its sexy , its fun and its looks absolutly amazing in my kitchen as you can put it anywhere, in fact , dont leave it in a corner, get it out on view for everybody to see!!!!!!!!! My friends get excited when they come around as i like to tease them with the ''will you or won't you get special coffee''. My coffee machine impresses everybody, it looks really ...

RuneScape (PC) 10/10/2006


RuneScape (PC) Well, i tried this game and i even got two accounts and i am selling both accounts and this is whats funny, i got to level 103 without actually playing the game.When i tried playing the game without my friends being online i only got to level 12 and it totally confused me after that. I needed my friends online for abit of help. The object of this game is to fill up your boxes to the right of your screen with items such as Runes, orbs, boots, clothing, magic items. Also , you must complete all quests on every single level that you achieve and there are many quests on each level,this game could go on for years! You must aslo learn to do things to earn money, try learning to cut down trees, making weapons out of iron, bronze and silver i think it is. There is so much to do on this game that your mind is constantly on the go. Meet new people online and make friends with them,some can be quite ignorant but some can aslo be very helpful. I had a guy from Scotland helping me and he even gave me special clothes to wear. Learning all the time is a must for survival in this interactive online game. You must learn the ropes on making a fire with twigs and a lightbox , after that , the best thing to learn would be cooking a chicken,which once you get the hang of it , is easy. Once youve mastered the key to cutting down the trees like i said earlier, you get to cut down the trees that are worth more money, like elms as such. Wilst going around and learning you will ...

Extreme - Sharon Osbourne 10/10/2006


Extreme - Sharon Osbourne Ive loved sharon osbourne for a long time now,shes absolutely wicked & so down to earth, even tho she sometimes looks down on people, she also has a side to her that is so deep. In this book you begin to understand what this poor woman has been through,what her children has been through,and also what she still has to put up with today even lol. The childhood she had,she may aswell of been brought up in the HOOD,the way her father carried on, he never grew out of this gangstas paradise he lived in & poor sharon wasnt brought up,but dragged up. In this book,i dont think she should have used her swearwords like she does so all the time on the television. Shaz is the daughter of Don Arden & for those who doesn't know who he is, he was a notorious rock manager for rock groups such as Black Sabbath, he also managered The Kaye Sisters. When Sharon was a youngster, she toured with the likes of Charlie Ray and Jayne Mansfield. The bailiffs were always on the Arden family's tail thou. Sharon's childhood was chaotic, a mix of violence & a mix of the glamour too. When Sharon was in her twenties, she decided she wanted to break free from her family & faced up to her father & his betrayals but it all caused her havoc and heartache, mentally, emotionally & financially. Ozzy was her soul mate and still is to this day , she took over from her father as his manager and turned them into the legends they are today, turning manager & rock promoter. Ozzy spent years on ...

Marmaris (Turkey) 10/10/2006

SEXY MARMARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marmaris (Turkey) We are hoping to move there at some point,this place is fantastic,when your on the coach enroute from Dalaman airport, make sure to take in what you can,i usually fall asleep but this time i didnt and i saw some beautiful gravestones & was shocked where there were!!!!!! MARMARIS MARMARIS MARMARIS- WELL WHAT CAN I SAY,everything is cheap,everything is gorgeous to look at, men,women,nightlife,food,the sea the sun!!!!!!The entertainment is great. If you do want an experience, you got to go bar street and visit CRAZY DAISY, just follow the lazer in the sky,join in with one of the bizarrest foam parties in europe. WARNING= ANYTHING GOES IN HERE OK. MY favorite food place was on british corner where you have a choice of everthing rather than just turkish food. Take the bus to EZMELER for a more relaxing sunbathing session without harrassment.Go on the banana boat for a laugh but shop around as they compete with price.Join the laughs on the boat trips, the all-inclusive 1 is good.Hire a jeep and you'll be supplied with a water pistol aswell lol. To go on these trips,dont book through your rep,they just want commision & will say anything to make you buy from them, instead, visit JAMES,hes opposite the GIMA about half way along Marmaris.I know alot of people & know alot of english who now live there so make friends with locals for when you go back again the year after as you wont be visiting anywhere else for a while lol!!!!!!! Their currency is very easy to understand, ...

Being Jordan - Katie Price 09/10/2006


Being Jordan - Katie Price A brilliant read i thought myself BUT i got the impression that when she brought this book out,she wanted people to realise that shes growing out of being JORDAN & thinking of becoming a writer,which since this book she has indeedy become a writer. But its taken peter Andre to sort her out,not writing a book. I loved her attitude towards life,its great that she doesnt care what people think of her, she has the same kind of attitude as me, i realate to her in a big way & thats why i love the girl but I think she went abit overboard about her boyfriends and blamed them for everything!!! She doesnt take any bit of blame at all lol!!! What i loved about her was her ''take no crap attitude,only it got her into trouble in the end. She tells you about her rocky relationship with Dane Bowers and her constant jealousy & paranoia.The love she had for Dane was so overpowerering at first . When they did finally split up because Dane was fed up with Jordan getting implants done & her paranoia , Jordan was in turmoil. But when she got him again , she took her revenge by constantly going out & flirting in front of Dane. Jordan tells of her love of horses , i think she had 2 horses wilst reading this book and she was getting more, she loves taking Harvey out on her horses and has even made love in front of them. When Jordan had been seperated from Dane a while , her obsession with him still remained because she spotted Gareth Gates on the telly in a new singing show just starting out on ...

L'Oreal Self-Tan Spray 08/10/2006


L'Oreal Self-Tan Spray This tanner made me look like a teabag!!!! It was sticky to apply, it had a very strong smell to it. i exfoliated as usuall & did all the things i normailly do to get the perfect looking tan but this one was having none of it , i stuck to the bed and when i woke up my bed sheets were stained like a brownish clour, and my skin!!! well i couldnt go out cos i looked like part teabag and part streaky bacon. I rushed to the bath to wash it off and it wouldnt come off so thats 1 good thing if it had gone on nicely but it took me nearly a week to look all even again.

Samsung SGH D500 08/10/2006


Samsung SGH D500 This fone is fantastic, not only has it got your usuall stuff like on the other mobiles, phonebook,messages,call register,applications,calender & your settings but its got a media section and also a camera & video camera section along with internet access.Its also got a section incase you want tri-band.With this fone you've got a voice recorder too for work etc,or maybe you wanna play a trick on someone lol.Theres a converter,a timer,a stop watch,calculator & your alarm which plays some chilled out tones rather than that horrid beeping sound.In your media section,theres images,videos,music,sounds and your music can be stored on your built in mp3 player.Theres an awful lot of memory to be used up on this fone,and you've got 1.3megapixal camera which can be used wether its day or night as theres a flash.Your pics can be then turned into something special because theres a choice of photo frames,pics can be sketched,in black&white, embossed its great!You can send out name cards with this phone also, recieve and send emails.Everything you could possibly want is on the samsung D500 & its really easy to use.

Very Bad Things (DVD) 08/10/2006

things can only get better, CANT IT?

Very Bad Things (DVD) This is a cracking film about a load of guys on a stag trip.Celebrating the grooms marriage to the lovely cameron who is desperate for perfection on her wedding day.The stag nite starts off with the guys renting a hotel room out so they can snort thier class A drugs,and drink what the hell they like.When christian slaters charactor hires a stip - o - gram,things start hotting up!!She teases and pleases till eventually 1 of them gives in , yes theres always one!!He takes her to the bathroom & begins making out with her,bouncing off the walls untill one wall,with a hook,impales her.After much mayhem and alot of noise,the hotelier turns up saying there are alot of complaints.After killing him aswell,the lads end up in dispair and need to cover their tracks.After amputating them both and digging thier graves,will the lads keep this a big secret?Noooo,they start on eachother.Wait till you see the wedding!!!

Stir Of Echoes (DVD) 08/10/2006


Stir Of Echoes (DVD) Tom (kevin bacon) is a family man who is disturbed by an encounter with the spirit world.He gets visited by a girl who has been murdered. Before this, he didnt believe in anything like this until he got hypnotised at a party,for some reason hes now opened his mind to everything.He sees things that cant be explained & goes deeper than his wife wants hiom too.He believes that there is a crime unsolved - a stir of an echo.When Tom starts having nightmares about his neighbours, and they start to come true,Tom realises that hes had enough.He goes back to be unhypnotised,only to be obsessed to dig deeper into the mystery,its taking over his life and its ruining his marriage.But at last he gets to the truth,a horrible crime committed,a vengeful spirit.Will Tom be able to find peace for this horribly traumatised spirit? ...

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (DVD) 08/10/2006


The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (DVD) A poor mother with severe asthma needs a nanny to help her with the bringing up etc of her child wilst her bubby works very long hours. Rebecca Da Mornay couldnt have played a better part as Peyton who loses her baby and is in desperate need to take away the pain of losing her baby p;lus her husband.Shes a psyhco on the loose and she turns up unexpected at this house,she has her interview then hears the sound of a baby crying.She settles in quite nicely in this household and is a god send to the poor mother. Thats until this poor baby doesnt take feeds anymore because Peyton still has milk in her own breasts and has been quietly feeding the baby early hours of the morning.When the husband and wife find out excactly whats going on,and tell her to leave,is it the end? I dont think so, she takes severe revenge on her employers.This film is a must see.

The Office - Series 1 (DVD) 08/10/2006


The Office - Series 1 (DVD) Id give anything to work under Ricky Gervais in this hit comedy,when i first watched this on tv,i thought it was a documentary!!!Ricky plays David Brent in an office called Wernham Hogg in slough, he plays the boss of this lazy paper publishing field. His role,as a boss , in Davids eyes is to be an entertainer and believes that his colleges Gareth,Tim,Keith and Dawn really love him. David makes an absolute twit of himself on all the episodes. His inability to empress his workmates is hilarious. In the meantime you've got the love story thing going on between Tim & Dawn, Dawn has a boyfiend called Lee who works downstairs in the warehouse where him and his workmates sit and watch porn.Will David get to keep the firm going? Will he get sacked? Does he still work at the office at all in the second series?watch both and find out. WORD OF WARNINNNG ---- the American's version of The Office is crap!!! I watched 1 episode & its rubbish!!!

Kramer vs Kramer (DVD) 08/10/2006

evil v's evil

Kramer vs Kramer (DVD) At the end of the day we all know that its the child who suffers in these conditions. This is an amazing story about mr and mrs Kramer going through the motions of seperation,divorce and of course lets not forget the custody battle of the poor child involved here. I was very distraught by this film as ive been through the same & i will advise anybody going through it at the time of picking this film,just wait till your own experience is over before you sit down to watch this film. Its the originall sinario , the arguements , the hurt and pain , the deceit. Its a fantastic film and im surprised nobodys wrote reviews yet and is played by fantastic actors and actress. This film is inspired by true events it must be to get it so accurate as they did. Please watch it just to say you have, then make your own mind up.

Forrest Gump (DVD) 08/10/2006


Forrest Gump (DVD) Oh my god this has got to be one of my favorite films of all time!! Forrest has a disability which means he has to wear braces on his legs,when his mum rents out a room in her house to Elvis Presley,Forrest is over the moon,he dances to Elvis playing his guitar which is really funny but realises when Elivis is on tv that hes copied Forrests moves! Poor Forrest gets bullied big time because of his legs and nobody wants him to sit with them on the school bus apart from the angel voiced girl called Jenny. Forrest & Jenny become peas & carrots & also he finds out about her fathers love by touching Jenny & her sister. Jenny moves to her nans caravan to live but keeps popping up at Forrests bedroom window to cuddle up with him.He falls in ,love with Jenny from a very young age. Whilst walking home from school with Jenny one day,hes gets the taunts & he gets chased for fun,''RUN FORREST,RUUUUNshouts Jenny,he does as hes told and runs,all of a sudden,as hes running,his braces snap off.At high school Jenny kinda leads him on,she disapears.He joins the army & writes to her,she appears,then shes gone again,after making out ome day she falls pregnant. Forrest junior is born.WARNING-a very sad ending to this film!!!

Firewall (DVD) 08/10/2006


Firewall (DVD) Ive only just seen this film recentley from hire,and i must say was a good choice.Harrison Ford manages to get himself into a spot of bother by arrangeing a deal with a dud dealer basically. The bad guy sets up a monstrosity at poor Harrison Fords home wilst hes making his big deal.After making his big deal at a plush resturant,he gets in his car quite happily to go home to his family who are under hostage & awaiting patiently for his return. Only this dealer gets in the back of his car and puts a gun to his back and tells him like it is.He wants access to all the banks safes, at least 10,000 customers account numbers copyed onto a disc & sent to his account . Harrison starts off brilliantly by lying & saying he doesnt own a gun & not having 1 in his house.But they find it. Harrison has to save his family and get this baddy what he wants without his workforce latching on.Its great action and its a good ending altho its very predictable come half way through but all in all its a good film. ...
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