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And Out Come The Wolves - Rancid 29/04/2001

Wolf Protection

And Out Come The Wolves - Rancid This is the bands 3rd album and was released back in 1995, it would always be hard for rancid to follow there second album "lets go" which included the classic punk rock song "salvation" but they have produced one of the best punk albums of the 90s in "and out come the wolves". Throughout there careers Rancid have been plauged with there reputation of being completely un-original and sounding far to similar to there idols "The Clash" this album shows that they have evolved and are capable of writing all forms of music including Ska, reggae and blues which are apparent throughout the album. There are numerous songs on this almost classic album that stand out as a cut above the rest, the first of these is track 2 "The 11th Hour" where the band have written a very good punk song. Time bomb, track number 4 is a two tone ska punk song that includes a powerfull base line and good vocals. Ruby soho is as close as rancid come to making a love song and its suprisingly good, the band have also included a tribute to the old punk club in the east bay which developed the talents of operation ivy, greenday and the offspring not to mention themselves. In conclusion this is an extremely good album that any rancid fan will enjoy but is also more accessable to people who like lighter music. The wolves will be forced to leave rancid alone after this stunning album. ...

Operation Phoenix - Good Riddance 28/04/2001

harder, faster and better................

Operation Phoenix - Good Riddance This new album from Good Riddance is faster, harder and just better than any of there other albums. agresive lyrics and extremely good guitar work make this album a muust for any punk rock fan. I was literaly blown away by this album, it dispelled all my earlier notions that Good riddance were just another dumb calafornian punk band and replaced them with admiration at the quality of there songs and musical talent. There are a few poor songs on the album but the majority are good, the best song is clearly track number 5 "heresy, heresay and revenge" which if good riddance ever get recognized as one of the best punk bands of modern times will become a classic. If you like greenday and offspring and youve already bought all there albums this is for you but if you hate greenday and offspring and you think all modern punk rock sucks then this will change your opinion on modern punk forever. ...
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