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La Senza (Shop) 06/05/2011

Lingerie Heaven

La Senza (Shop) Up until around the end of my school days, my bra shopping consisted of shopping around Primark, buying their cheap £5 bras, which ultimately used to break fairly quickly but were cheap and did the job for a small schoolgirl. Then overnight I suddenly sprouted up out of nowhere (for a better way of putting it!) and decided to trot over to La Senza and get fitted. And the rest they say is history.... My experience with the shop --------------- --------------- -------- Having never been for a bra fitting before I was a little nervous about standing half naked in front of a total stranger but when I walked in the branch at Cardiff Queens Arcade, I was put at ease and greeted by a lovely sales assistant. To my gladness I only had to take my top off and the assistant was able to tell there and then just by looking at me that I was wearing the wrong size and in a matter of minutes had picked me a selection of bras, got me to try them on and buy them! I did look at the £18 price tag on each one and think it was a bit much but i really liked the fit and design so decided to buy them (in the end costing me about £100!), much to the distaste of my student bank balance! Since then I've been back once or twice more to be re-fitted, and on my last visit learned I was a 34DD. I was disheartened to realise that I could no longer buy my cheap bras anymore as many shops only stock up to a C cup, but had to now buy La Senza's or another specialist shops at £20 a go. Well, since then I ...

Philips SA 3124 2GB 09/04/2008

My little travel buddy

Philips SA 3124 2GB My Philips has become my little travel buddy, accompanying me on many of my home to university jaunts from Cardiff to Swansea and vice versa. Its so small and light and is always slipped into my bag for all my journeys, whether to block out screaming kids on the bus or to fill the quietness! (which isn't very often!) My parents bought me this little mp3 as I needed a replacement for my broken Japanese imported one, and as an iPod was out of my price range and my dad already had the 1GB version of this one, and the 2GB was on offer in Argos for £60 this was the one we went for, although with any item that's on special offer I am always a little wary of the quality. But there was no need to be wary, this thing is a little gem! So its features: Music ------- Well being the main object of an mp3 player, I'd expect this to be on here! The 2GB memory enables the mp3 to hold over about 600 songs! The music menu gives you the option of playing all songs, or choosing from artists, albums, genres or one of your own playlists, which are very easily made by pressing playlist when the song is playing to add it to your list, simple! I normally choose play all songs and then shuffle them so I get a nice cross section of songs playing out of the 362 I have on there at the moment. If you do decide to search for an artist it does tend to take a long time to scroll down to the name, especially if you have 400 songs and you want an artist in the middle of the alphabet. Sound quality ... 29/09/2007

Tru-print up your life I'm a 'little' snap happy when it comes to taking photos with my digital camera (I once took 100 pictures on just a night out into town) and although they are all stored nicely in folders on my laptop, I love being able to physically have a flick through a photo album rather than watching a slide-show on my computer. This is where Truprint came to the rescue. Having used them to print up my films from my APS camera for many years, I had already heard of them and knew they were a respected, good company, but it wasn't until my sister recommended the online site to me that I decided to give it a go. --------------- --------------- --- Ok so: First we'll start off with the basis of the whole site - being able to order prints of your photos. This is extremely easy to do. First you'll have to register and set up an account if you don't already have one. Then its just a case of uploading your photos using their clever photo-uploading tool (which does require you to download some small piece of software) or email if you find it easier. Photos are uploaded in a matter of seconds and stored in a designated folder you can name. In addition to getting prints you can also share this folder online with friends - which just requires their email address, making it much less hassle for you to share your photos with large groups of friends and family. Ok so now you've uploaded its just a matter of picking the prints you want to get printed, choosing a finish ...

Sony Ericsson K550i Cyber-shot 13/09/2007

My lil Buddy K550i

Sony Ericsson K550i Cyber-shot Another year, another phone. This time, fed up of buying I decided to go on contract, and after looking through the selection on the Virgin website decided on this little beauty which was free on my 12 month contract. Look & Feel --------------- - The first thing that attracted me to this phone was its cute little looks. Black casing with a large screen and tiny little silver buttons. The blue backlight caught my eye too. Its small compact size was also a bonus as you don't want an unsightly bulge when carrying it about in your pocket and it also means I can hide it well in work! There are shortcut buttons around most of the phone, and by a press you can be listening to your favourite songs or being a budding photographer. The sliding lens cover at the back is a great idea to protect the camera and also doubles as a short cut to launch the camera. Range of features --------------- ----------- Camera Being called a 'cybershot' phone I assumed that the phone would have a high quality camera and I was proven right. The 2 megapixel camera, hidden away behind the sliding lens is a little hidden gem; just slide it back to launch it. Just as good as my digital camera in the day time and has a very very bright flash for those night shots. The digital zoom is great for shots further away and gives a nice clear picture in good light. The large screen is great for viewing the pictures in great detail and a zoom option is also available here. There are an array of extra ...

LG Chocolate KG800 24/03/2007

Tastes as good as it sounds!

LG Chocolate KG800 Ever since the Chocolate LG was released and I saw the first adverts I knew I wanted this phone. At a price tag of over £200 though I decided that I'd wait a while and buy one when they got a bit cheaper. But the situation arose last week where my friend was selling hers as she didn't like it and I jumped at the opportunity and bought it off her for £80 - she bought it for £180! So here is my review of this delicious phone… The Look ----------- The Chocolate LG is all about looks. Its slim (small enough to fit into your pocket without causing an unsightly bulge), sleek and pleasing to the eye. The amount of positive comments I've had already is astounding! The phone is one of the most modern looking around, that I have seen, and to me feels and looks slightly futuristic. It giveas off a kind of minimalist vibe too - the only button you can see when the phone is closed is the OK button and even when you open it the buttons don't overwhelm you. The red heat sensitive (note not touch sensitive) buttons/pad are a stark contrast against the pure white of the phone and the buttons inside are a chequered white and silver with a gorgeous white backlight behind them. In addition to these buttons there are 4 side buttons, 2 of them being up/down volume. The other two are the end of call or off/on button (which I found a bit odd to be positioned on the side) and the mp3/ camera button, which takes you straight to the music. Also on the phone are a earphone/usb port and a ...

Bust-A-Move DS (Nintendo DS) 19/12/2006

Ready...... GO!

Bust-A-Move DS (Nintendo DS) Bust a move has been a favourite of mine since I first started playing it on the Playstation One many, many years ago. The game kept me addicted for hours and would keep me up until the early hours of the morning trying to complete each stage. So when I was browsing games on Amazon and this popped up for the amazing price of £12, I knew I had to have it. As always, I'll give you a bit of background information on the Bust-a-Move series. Bust-a-Move, or Puzzle Bobble as its known in Japan, was first released by Taito in 1994. Back then the game was only available in arcades but due to its popularity over the years, has been developed for practically every console available including, to name a few: PS1, PS2, PSP, Mobile phone, PC, SNES, Xbox, and the Nintendo DS... on which this review is based. --------------- --- The object of the bust-a-move series is simple. Playng as a cute brightly coloured dragon (Bub or Bob), coloured balls will appear on screen which need to be 'popped' by you firing the same coloured balls at them. Other bust-a-move games will require you to use the joypad or controller to guide the 'cannon' that shoots the balls using the d-pad, but the ingenious little DS, with its dual screen utilises its ability to use its touch screen and uses a completely different approach. Using the stylus, you shoot the balls using a catapult! So now onto the game itself… Turning the game on we get bright coloured screens featuring rainbows, dragons and ...

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Nintendo DS) 01/08/2006

You're a wizard 'arry!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Nintendo DS) Having just bought my DS and being fed up with the one game they supplied me with, I took a trip to town to buy a new one. I popped into HMV as they had a sale on at the time and saw this game for the low price of £20. The cover immediately caught my attention as I love Harry Potter and will normally snap up anything remotely related to it! Having enjoyed playing Goblet of Fire on the PS2 I took the chance and snapped the game up, hoping it would live up to its predecessor. --------------- Ok so as any Potter fan would know, the Goblet of Fire film sees Harry mysteriously entered into the 'Triwizard Tournament', comprising of 3 extremely dangerous tasks. The game follows closely the events of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film released last year. You will be able to visit the Quidditch World Cup, take part in the Triwizard Tournament, go to the Yule Ball and battle 'He-who-must-not-be-named' as well as much more. Learn spells to help you along the way and collect Bertie Botts Beans for Fred and George. The whole of the wizarding world at your fingertips! In SINGLE PLAYER mode you get to take on the role of one the main characters of the Goblet of Fire film. Choose Harry, Ron or Hermione to take around a variety of tasks and working alone and together as a team to complete them. There are a variety of options to choose from on the Single Player menu, the most important being - ADVENTURE Like the film, the action starts off mostly with the action at the ...

Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? (Nintendo DS) 31/07/2006

Train that brain!

Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? (Nintendo DS) After seeing countless TV adverts in the past few weeks showing me games that could actually improve and exercise my brain, namely Big Brain Academy and Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training, I decided to take the plunge and buy one to see what the fuss was all about. In the end I opted for Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training as after reading reviews it sounded like a better choice for the older gamer. Never mind that I didn't actually own a Nintendo DS at the time! I ordered it off for the fabulous price of £17.99 and in 2 days it arrived on my doorstep, giving me time to buy the console to play it on. Who is Dr. Kawashima I hear you ask? Well a quick search on google tells me that he is a Japanese neuroscientist whose research involves mapping the regions of the brain to certain human faculties and then applying this information to aid children to develop, aging people to retain, and patients to recover their learning facilities. After his book on this subject released in 1994 became a huge success it was only a matter of time before technology adapted his work and made it into something easier and more fun that picking up a book. Ok so onto the game itself: Well the first strange thing I noticed when I loaded the game is that the game loaded sideways! The game is nearly all stylus based and for this reason the user holds the DS like a book rather than a joypad. In addition to the main control of the stylus used on the touch screen, voice recognition, via the ...

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist 22/06/2006

What a girl wants...

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist A month ago, after visiting a new hairdressers (see my review on Andrew Price) and having a totally new hairstyle which needed care and attention (unlike my last hairstyle - which I liked to call 'a mop'), I realised that I had no idea what products were available on the market to keep my hair chic and shiny and to maintain my hair Lucky I had my sister to turn to (whose hair is always sleek and gorgeous!) and she passed me the pretty pink bottle that would save my life (well my hair at least) ------- APPEARANCE When I was given the bottle, I gasped in delight. A shocking hot pink bottle!! This would have made me buy it in a flash if I'd seen it in a shop. It sticks out a mile (which guarantees I'll never misplace or lose it) and it goes with my décor! Its so girly and …. Pink! Ok so enough about the pink… Looking past its colour (pink!), I saw that it was made by Lee Stafford. The name didn't ring a bell but looking on his website, which he so kindly provides the address to on the bottle, Lee Stafford says he's 'just an Essex boy who likes to do a bit of hair ' who has 'three beautiful salons and my own range of products where I can put all my experience into creating fantastic solutions for your haircare and styling needs.' Seems good enough to me! Ok so in addition to the bottle stating Lee's name it also tells us that it contains a 'Green Tea' extract which apparently acts as a heat protective agent, protecting your hair from environmental and heat damage. ...

Andrew Price Salon 14/04/2006

Perfect Price

Andrew Price Salon Back home for the Easter Break from University, I decided that I was fed up of my old look and opted to go for a whole new image - well not really a whole overhaul - just a new haircut would do (I'm not that rich you know - I'm a student!) With this in mind I set my sister the task of finding us both a hairdresser as our old salon has closed down. Within minutes on the internet she had found the perfect place - Andrew Price. A quick phone call got us BOTH an appointment that same day - we rang at 9am and got the appointment for 12 - I thought this showed how very well they meet the customers wants and needs. Before I get onto the actual experience itself, as always I'll give you a bit of background information on the place and company. ANDREW PRICE = Andrew Price, born and raised in Staffordshire, started hairdressing as a Saturday job in 1983 and soon through his talent and skills became Manager of the salon he worked at. A regular visitor to Tenby (Wales) he noticed it lacked smart, modern salons - an idea was born and Tenby became the birthplace of his first 'Andrew Price' salon. Soon to be followed by salons in Carmarthen, Haverfordwest, Llanelli, and finally in Swansea in 2000. Craving excellence from all his staff he created the Training Academy in 2001 in order to educate his staff fully - this is also based in the Swansea Salon, where Andrew also still offers his services part-time for those who want the best cut money can buy. The company are the proud ...

The Prince of Wales, Cardiff 07/04/2006

Treated like royalty

The Prince of Wales, Cardiff If you come to Cardiff by bus or train it is most likely that the first pub/bar you will notice when you leave the station is the Prince of Wales. On my every visit to Cardiff I used to walk past the big, impressive looking building on my way into the city centre and now that I've become a resident of Cardiff (and since I've become able to legally drink alcohol!) I decided to give it a try. The Prince of Wales is located conveniently in the centre of town, a neighbour to many other clubs, pubs and bars that reside on Wood Street and St Mary Street. The pub is part of the J.D.Wetherspoons chain, renowned for buying old derelict buildings and converting them into some of the grandest public houses ever seen. Some of the buildings they have converted include theatres, banks, cinemas, post offices and even a funeral parlour! A bit of interesting History of the building = The Prince of Wales building originally opened as the New Theatre Royal in 1877. In 1914, a finance failure led to the closure of the theatre, another disaster followed later on in the year in the way of a fire. It reopened in 1920 as The Playhouse, but again failed as a business. The building re-opened and changed its name to the Prince of Wales in 1936 and thrived. After 20 years it closed again and reopened as a cinema showing sex films. In 1999, it was taken over by J.D.Wetherspoons and became the present day business, a public house - The Prince of Wales. LOCATION ------------ As ...

Cineworld, Ugc Cinema, Cardiff 02/03/2006

A world of comfort

Cineworld, Ugc Cinema, Cardiff Being a typical student, I'm running short of cash what with all the fees, food and rent (and too much partying). So when I was bored and at a loss of what to do that wouldn't cost me much cash one night, my friend suggested going to the cinema to see Walk the Line(really good by the way). Although I've now been living in Cardiff for a few months, I hadn't a clue where which cinema to go to so my friend suggested the UGC cinema or Cineworld as it's now known, as it was closest being in the city centre. Background The first Cineworld Cinema appeared in 1996 and since then has grown to a massive 72 cinema outlets in the UK. The company is owned by Cine-UK Ltd who have also taken over the UGC company and merged the two together to form 'Cineworld Cinemas'. --------------- --------------- --------- The Cineworld that this review is based on is located in Mary Ann Street, Cardiff - next to Dewi's Bar, if you fancy a drink before your film showing (although the Cinema has its own bar - we'll come to that later) and across the road from Cardiff International Arena . There are a large number of buses that will take you into Cardiff City Centre, leaving you with a short walk of around 5 minutes to get to the Cinema itself. For those who want to drive to the Cinema ,you will only need to pay £1.50 for parking so long as you park at the NCP on Tredegar Street (next to the cinema) after 6pm. On Sunday, parking is free. --------------- --------------- ...

Cuticura Anti-Bacterial Hand Hygiene Gel 05/12/2005

Soap and water? Not for me!

Cuticura Anti-Bacterial Hand Hygiene Gel After a recommendation of this product from my sister a few months ago, I decided to invest in a bottle of my own. The product is: CUTICURA ANTI-BACTERIAL HAND HYGIENE GEL. Before using this product, I'd never encountered Cuticura and so I was a bit wary of buying it as I'd never even heard the name of the company before. So I decided to do a bit of detective work and as in any of my typical reviews I have included a bit of background information on the company behind the product. CUTICURA? I was quite surprised to find out that Cuticura date all the way back to 1865 - a whopping 140 years old! They are an American company that were among the first to sell medicated soaps in America. They now have a wide range of other products in the Cuticura range available in the UK which include facial scrubs, miracle moisturiser, Moisture Crème, Dry Skin Lotion, Sensitive Beauty Fluid, Hand wash, and Anti-Bacterial Soap. But back to the review and product in hand. APPEARANCE The bottle I have before me is small, only 100ml, although there is a larger 250ml bottle available and a citrus edition, but the smaller bottle is more useful as it is meant to be portable and easy to carry around with you at any time. The bottle itself is clear (as is the gel inside) with a blue flip top lid that stops any spillages occurring. The labeling is clear, concise and straight to the point, telling the consumer only the information they need to know. APPLICATION The appearance of the ...

Febreeze 23/10/2005


Febreeze Living in a box room, in a flat full of Sporty boys at University has its downsides. The smells for instance - the toilets stink and they leave their dirty, muddy washing everywhere (apparently they have no idea how to work a washing machine!) So in this situation my saviour comes in the form of a small blue spray bottle. WHAT IS FEBREZE? Procter and Gamble, the makers of Febreze, date back to 1837. The men behind the name - William Procter and James Gamble, started off back in 1837 making soap and candles and have come a long way since, making a big name for themselves with well known brands such as Pampers, Ariel, Always and Pringles. P&G describe Febreze (brought out in 1999) as a 'fabric refresher', for use when you want that little bit more freshness in your home. It can be used on rugs, clothing, bedding, curtains, sofa's, chairs and in the car to give the fabric a new lease of life and a fresh scent. HOW DOES IT WORK? Well, in Procter and Gambles' words 'Febreze penetrates deep into the fibres and dissolves the odour as the fabric dries'. So it's not just a cover up perfume - it actually does rid the fabric of the smell instead of just masking it. Clever. One the ingredients that used to be used in Febreze was Zinc - which according to rumours was a cause of death in some birds, cats and dogs but since the formula has been improved. It now consists of water and modified starch derived from corn (used to tackle a wide range of odours) so whatever you ... 02/10/2005

Film Lovers heaven If you live in Swansea, there isn't really much choice in which cinema you choose to go to - unless you want to venture out of the town centre. Since the only other cinema in the city centre, the Odeon, closed down many years ago, the UCI has become the cinema of my choice, whether I like it or not. I love visiting the cinema, so on the days I can't get there or have a limited amount or no money, I visit the website: SO WHO ARE UCI? Their first cinema was opened in 1985 as the 'AMC Milton Keynes', and in 1989 was taken over by Paramount and Universal Studios and renamed 'United Cinemas International' - shortened to UCI. They've now become an international brand with multiplexes in Europe, the Far East and South America. OK, SO NOW I KNOW WHO THEY ARE… WHAT'S THIS ABOUT A WEBSITE? The UCI website is essential viewing for any film-lover. There is tons of information to fill your brain with! First off you need to choose your 'favourite' UCI - which translated means your local or nearest UCI - I think there are around 40 to choose from so you should be able to find yours. And when you've done it once it'll remember your cinema - clever huh? Once you've provided them with the information they need, they'll do the same for you and give you everything you need to know about your cinema, under the following sections: Now Showing - This is the default page which provides you with a)Current Films Showing and Film Information - At present there ...
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