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Keep track of visitors to your site For anyone with a website or weblog it's important to know where your visitors are coming from, how many you are getting and how they are viewing your site. Why is this information important? Because without this information how do you know you are reaching the people you want to reach, have designed your site for the right browsers and if your site is even being viewed at all. This is where statcounter comes in. What is Statcounter is a free invisible web tracker with detailed visitor information. Setup Setup is easy , just register for an account with their simple form and place the automatically generated code onto your web page or blog template. Once you have an account you can add more sites and track them independantly Reports Statcounter provides a large number of reports the most useful include: Summary - This displays in a graphical format the number of pageviews, unique visitors and returning visitors to your site over a period that you can specify. Recent Visitor Activity - This shows in descending order each visit to your site, with the following details, date and time, entry page, exit page, geographical location, referring url and browser information. Country/State/City/ISP - This gives a breakdown of where visitors are coming from and their ISPs. Browser - Pretty self explanatory, this is a breakdown of the browsers used to view your pages, this can be useful for making sure that the design of your pages is ...

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 Complete package 02/10/2006

Catalog your entrire photo collection

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 Complete package I'd recently bought a new digital camera and was taking lots of pictures so wanted an easy to use package that would catalog my files and also let me edit them, so I purchased Adobe Photshop Elements 4.0. Instruction / Help Elements did not come with any printed manuals only a cd, which contained installation instructions, e-books, websites and tools. The help system was very good, similar to Microsoft's MSDN, it's very thorough. Installation The installation was very easy, I just inserted the CD and followed the prompts. Installation took approx. 5 minutes. Performance The program itself takes a little while to start, but once it's started all operations seem reasonably quick on my Dell Laptop. In edit mode applying filters takes hardly any time. Interface The interface is very easy to use, there are 3 main windows, the catalog, quick edit mode and standard edit mode. When you first start Elements up it asks you where to look for photo files, once this has been set it searches that location and displays all the pictures found in the catalog window. The catalog window gives you lots of different ways for organizing the files on your computer, most of these leave the files where they are but allows you to tag them. You can tag pictures with people's name s who are in them, the place, or event. These tags then allow you to filter your photos by person or by event etc. There si a very useful feature for tagging people and that's the Face Finder, it will ...

Rodos Maris Hotel Resort, Rhodes 02/10/2006

Nice place shame about the entertainment.

Rodos Maris Hotel Resort, Rhodes I stayed at the Rodos Maris Hotel in Rhodes in June 2005 with my partner, it was a late deal and cost about £200 each all inclusive. Rooms The room was large and clean, with a balcony, 2 double beds, bathroom and mini bar. The balcony overlooked the sea so we had a nice view. The bathroom had a toilet, bidet and bath with shower. The mini bar contained bottles of water, cola, lemondade and lager and was refilled every 2 days. Cleanliness The whole hotel was always clean, we never saw any cockroaches like I've seen at other hotels and the room was cleaned daily. The cleanliness could not be faulted. Food & Drink We went all inclusive so all food and drink was free. The hotel had 3 restaurants, all 3 were buffet style. The main restaurant served 3 meals a day and was of reasonable quality and there was always plenty to have, although after 2 weeks it got a bit samey. For breakfast there was a choice of cereals, toast, fried breakfast and fruit. For lunch and there were hot meals, sandwiches bread rolls, cheeses and a large selection of desserts. The desserts were excellent. The food wasn't exactly 5 star but it kept our bellies full. The other 2 restaurants didn't really offer much different but were smaller, more intimate and quieter, for these you had to book a table the day before. Drinks were available all day and were mostly local, we usually tended to drink soft drinks during the day as it was so hot, but because they were we could keep getting drinks ...

Nokia 6021 02/10/2006

A Non Camera Phone

Nokia 6021 I got this phone in 2005 because where I work you're not allowed camera phones and this was the only one available at the time that didn't have a camera but had all the other features I was looking for. Ease of use This phone is extremely easy to use, the menu system is well laid out and all features are easy to find. Look & Feel The looks are good, but nothing exceptional, there is nothing fancy about this phone. Durability & Robustness I keep my phone in my back pocket, so it gets sat on quite a bit and it hasn't broken yet, although the ringer stopped working after about 2 months but that was fixed and haven't had the problem since. Other than that I've had no problems with it. Reception Quality I have my phone with T-Mobile and I've never really had a problem with recption it always seems to be good. Battery Time This is one of the things I really like about the phone, I don't use it a lot so I only have to recharge about once a week, which is better than any other phone I've had in the past. Value for Money I got this phone for free whith my T-Mobile contract so vfm is excellent. Range of Features Some of the features wanted in a phone were Bluetooth for connecting the phone to my PDA and for transferring pictures from other mobile phones, a colour screen and gsmr capability. Well this phone has all that and plenty more. The phone also has WAP, Java Games, a calculator, stopwatch, calendar and polyphonic ringtones. ...

beyerdynamic DT 531 02/10/2006

Beautiful headphones at a bargain price

beyerdynamic DT 531 I've had the Beyredynamic DT 531 headphones for over 2 years now I got them for the bargain price of £75 brand new, the RRP was £150. Sound Quality The sound quality of these headphones is amazing for the price, I've tried a number of headphones rangeing fom £100 to £350 and these beat them all. They have a warm crisp sound with amazing bass for an open backed headphone. To get the most out of these headphones you should use a good headphone amplifier such as the Rega Ear. Comfort The DT 531's are very comfortable, they have big velour covered foam earpads that surround the entire ear. Looks & Design These headphones are of the open back design, so are not suitable for private listening as quite a bit of sound escapes from the rear of the headphones. The headphones are well designed, the headband can be adjusted to fit any size head, the cable comes from both earpieces and is 3m long. The headphones come with an adapter so can fit 1/8" and 1/4" headphone sockets. Durability I've used these headphones regularly for the past 2 years and never had a problem with them. Value for Money The DT 531s have now unfortunately been discontinued, but if you can find a pair secondhand, get them they are better than other headphones I've tried at 4x the price. Conclusion If you can still find a pair you will not be dissapointed with these headphones, they are fantastic. ...

Samsung Digimax L85 22/09/2006

A great compact camera.

Samsung Digimax L85 I recently bought this camera bacause I wanted to upgrade from an old Kodak 3.2mp camera I had so that I could take better quality pictures of my new baby. It seemed to have all the features I was after and at 8mp I thought the picture quality would be great, and I haven't been disappointed. This camera is fantastic the pictures are so much clearer than on my old one, its easy to use just set it to Auto and it does all the work, but if you want a little more control and you know what you're doing it has all the manual controls you could ever want. The manual was easy to read so I had it up and running and I was taking pictures in no time. I got mine with the docking cradle so I could view my pictures on my HDMI Plasma TV, at full size on a 43" TV the pictures looked amazing. The only downside I can see with this camera is that its a little big and heavy for a compact camera, it doesn't really fit in the pocket, on the other hand it does feel very durable. Overall I think its a fantastic camera and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a camera in this price range. Key features: 8 Megapixels (Excellent picture quality even on large prints) 5x Optical Zoom (Most of the cameras I've seen in this price range only have 3x) 23Mb Internal Memory (Not enough to take even 1 picture at its highest setting and only 5 at the next setting, I bought a 1gb SD card which gave me approx 40 at its highest and 250 at the next highest.) 2.5" LCD Screen (This is big and clear, which ...
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