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PDSA 25/03/2005

In Memory of Fudge. Rest In Peace xxx 12/01/2005

So good, even Ciao browse!

Everything that starts with W ... 15/11/2004

Ciao: 4 Play with Wigggers

Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) 22/10/2004

My TV license is worth F*CK ALL! ~updated~

Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) On the 30th of March I went to the local post office to get a TV license. There, because I couldn’t find my renewal slip, I filled out a duplicate form (TVLAP1/01/03) obtained from the counter. I parted with £116 cash to get said form stamped, validated and one copy returned to me as my license for the year. There was no license number on the copy given back to me but presumed the one retained by the post office with some sort of serial number on the bottom would be forwarded to the licensing office and, after processing, generate/register my license number. Forward to the 8th April and there was a knock at the door. It was a TV licensing officer. She asked a) if I had a license, and b) if she could see it. I answered yes to both, went inside got the license (and cash receipt) and returned to the doorstep to produce. Said licensing officer then went on to fill out a licensing interview form, stating ‘no – see p/o counter’ in answer to if I had a license or not, and cautioned me about it being an offence. Seemingly the lack of license number was some sort of problem. I phoned up to complain about the matter, gave the details of how, when and from where my license had been purchased and was told the records would be amended accordingly and to ignore any letters I might receive in the next week or so. Forward to the end of April and I received a letter to the 'owner/occupier' stating that licensing officers would be visiting our area soon so and if we were found to be ...

Member Advice on Broadband 06/09/2004

BT – I ♥ YOU!

Moral Dilemmas 06/06/2004

Challengingly Moral or Morally Challenged?

Member Advice on Pulling 31/05/2004

You Couldn't Score in a Brothel

Member Advice on Pulling Looking for love? Wanna find the partner of your dreams? Or even just a passionate night to remember? Girls, and guys read on! Allow me, with a little help (and hindrance) from my op-writing partner in crime to give you a few ideas on that delicate art of pulling. Lets look at location first. Where you go to pull is going to play a part in the type of person you end up with. The gym, if you want a fitness freak more obsessed with their own body than yours. The library if you're looking for stimulation purely of the intellectual kind. A nightclub, if you're happy to be groped in public and known as darlin' for the night. Think about what you're after before you head off on the pull. Angus, what do you think? Well, Karen, what can I say? I have never professed to be the master of “Pulling”, but more a connoisseur of companionship! Locations tend to vary, and one needs to be more specific if one wants to select a compatible “Pullet” (this is the name I give to a girl who has been “pulled”). Like a pint of beer, woman come in all categories and can normally be associated with like-minded haunts. You need to remember, you wouldn’t look for a fish in the middle of the Sahara, so don’t expect to find a Julie Andrews at a Motorhead concert! Lets take a look at some places to hunt for your dream “pullet”.... Nightclubs, but don’t expect to find a girl who likes the slow life. Wine bars have a classier girl, but can be a bit pretentious. Sports clubs, ideal for a ...

American Psycho 2 (DVD) 09/05/2004

"Nice mop!"

My Ciao'ing 26/01/2004

Who? What? Why? When?

Challenge Idol 2003 15/12/2003

Is it okay to write to Santa when you're 32?

Member Advice on Pet Death 10/12/2003

Paw prints in the snow

Everything that starts with A ... 15/11/2003

Another year - My 3rd Ciao Birthday

Member Advice on Ciao Addiction 05/08/2003

Addicts Anonymous

All About Me 18/06/2003

All About Me - WIGGGLY

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