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My interests are motorbikes and photography. Specialising in nature and wildlife photography. Check out my ebay listings for magazines. Latest review is Nivea SOS hand cream.

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Nivea Hand SOS Intensive Balm 18/01/2016

Repaired my dermatitis damaged hand

Nivea Hand SOS Intensive Balm I needed a product to help my hand as i have been suffering from severe dermatitis and nothing so far has been of any help. I was in Sainsbury’s and saw this balm for sale at a reduced price of £2 instead of the usual £4. I noted from the ingredients that it contained both Calendula and Panthenol. Calendula is also known as Marigold and i knew it had medicinal benefits as an anti-inflammatory, i knew that would help my skin and it did. The itching and swelling reduced significantly. Panthenol is vitamin B5 and is known to have moisturising properties. The full ingredient list is as follows Aqua, Glycerin, Myristyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Cera Microcristallina, Isopropyl Palmitate, Sorbitan Stearate, Ceteareth-3, Paraffinum Liquidum Triceteareth-4 Phosphate, Glyceryl Laurate, Panthenol, Glyceryl Glucoside, Glycine Soja Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Sodium Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Parfum. The product is conveniently contained in a squeezable tube holding 50ml i have been using it several times a day over the past 2 weeks and it is lasting well as you don’t need to apply much. Its is only mildly scented but dont know how to describe it, hand cream type smell. It will be a good product for severely dry skin too. I thoroughly recommend this if you have a dry skin or dermatitis.

Dodge Caliber 1.8 29/05/2014

Great car be different to the euro boxes.

Dodge Caliber 1.8 I have recently purchased a 2007 S spec model in blue. A basis model but high spec. It is a great car and economical I regularly get 40-45 mpg. Being the S spec it has cloth seats, electric folding mirrors, electric windows all round. It also has a 6 speaker CD/radio stereo with a high quality sound. It is fitted with central locking and an alarm system. It has a very distinctive body styling which may not appeal to everyone but I love it. The engine is a 1.8 VVT (variable valve timing) fuel injected petrol and has a 148 bhp rating. This makes the car nippy. Other engine sizes available are 2.0 and 2.4. Other trim levels are SE and SXT. The top spec model has all wheel drive but i believe that model isn't available in the UK. It is a 5 speed manual gearbox but a constant variable transmission is also available on different specification models. It handles well as it rides on 17 inch tyres which gives a smooth ride and lifts it above the average hatchback. the wheels have wheel trims but the higher spec models have alloys. Tyre choice can make a difference to handling but i find it handles great. Due to the tyre size the recommended type are road biased off road tyres. Unfortunately Dodge aren't available new in the UK anymore but there are available on the second hand market. The only ones available are second hand now but the dealerships that supply Chevrolet and Jeep may still have some low mileage examples. The Dodge Caliber replaced the Chrysler Neon and the Caliber has ...

Spark In the Dark (The Best of Alice Cooper) - Alice Cooper 16/04/2014

The king of shock rock

Spark In the Dark (The Best of Alice Cooper) - Alice Cooper This covers all of Alice's most famous hits with both studio recordings as well as live versions. Personally i do like live versions but they aren't always to everyone's tastes. The tracks such as Poison and Schools out are featured as well as feed my Frankenstein and also the classic billion dollar babies. The full track listings are:- Disc: 1 1. Poison 2. Bed Of Nails 3. Hey Stoopid 4. House Of Fire 5. Spark In The Dark 6. TRASH 7. Hell Is Living Without You 8. I'm Your Gun 9. Snakebite 10. Burning Our Bed 11. Dangerous Tonight 12. Might As Well Be On Mars 13. Hurricane Years 14. Bad Place Alone 15. You're My Temptation 16. Stolen Prayer Disc: 2 1. Love's A Loaded Gun 2. Feed My Frankenstein 3. Lost In America 4. Only My Heart Talkin' 5. It's Me 6. Little By Little 7. Die For You 8. Dirty Dreams 9. Wind-Up Toy 10. Nothing's Free 11. Sideshow 12. Unholy War 13. Cleansed By Fire 14. No More Mr. Nice Guy 15. Billion Dollar Babies 16. School's Out If you aren't familiar with the work of Alice Cooper and would like a good selection of his work this is the album for you. Shop around for the best price in the usual places such as eBay and amazon you should be able to secure a copy at well below the £10 which is a bargain for a double CD such as this. Even if you have a lot of his work this could be an ideal one for keeping in the car or playing on the Harley Davidson Electra glide Don't forget to check out other albums he has done if you like what you hear and also he is a ...

Harley Davidson Motor Clothes Store 16/04/2014

Harley Davidson Boutique.

Harley Davidson Motor Clothes Store This store has since closed down and the items it stocked can now be purchased from Warrs Harley Davidson as they owned and ran this venture. They have two branches, one at Mottingham Road south of the river Thames and the other branch at the far end of the Kings Road at their motorcycle dealership. This was a store in the heart of Chelsea's KIngs Road and was more a boutique than a motorbike clothing shop. It had both clothes, shoes/boots and accessories in stock. It fitted in with the clientele of Chelsea as they liked the Harley image without having to own the bike. I am a life member of HOG (Harley Owners Group) and I shopped there occasionally but prefered the atmosphere of the dealership further down the Kings Road. The prices in the boutique are slightly more inflated than the regular dealership prices would be. Its a shame it closed down but there are plenty of Harley bargains to be found in the dealerships and on both ebay and amazon. Its also worth looking at the dealership online sites too as they sometimes have offers on, Jersey Harley is especially good as the prices are VAT free. Sometimes its worth importing from the American stores but watch out for either high postage costs or customs duties to pay.

Hop (DVD) 03/04/2012

Great Easter Film.

Hop (DVD) I recently bought this DVD for £5 in ASDA. I got the version in the lenticular case (3d effect) which i believe is a limited edition. It is from the creators of Despicable Me and Alvin and the Chipmunks. If you liked those films you will love this one. This is the cheapest price I have seen for it. It is a film for all the family expecially at Easter. It is the story about the son of the Easter bunny who is called EB. It is based on Easter Island and EB is next in line to be the new easter bunny when his dad retires. The voice of EB is provided by Russell brand who also plays a cameo role in the film. The voice of the Easter Bunny is provided by Hugh Laurie. EB is a great drummer and leaves the island to try and pursue a career as a drummer in Hollywood,I wont go into too much detail as I dont want to spoil the story. The scenes in the chocolate factory are fantastic very much like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The film is a mixture of both live action and cartoon much like Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I recommend this film for any family with young children or not as the rating is U (universally suitable for all). The extras included are tiny documentarys about each of the major characters and one about the chocolate factory section of the film. This includes interviews with Russell Brand and also Hugh Laurie. If you want to buy it now at Easter time there are alot of deals to be had especially in the supermarkets.

TT - Closer To The Edge (DVD) 15/02/2012

You will be closer to the edge of your seat.

TT - Closer To The Edge (DVD) This review is of the double DVD TT Closer to the Edge.I paid £10.99 for it on amazon including postage. It has the main film on the first disc and the second disc contains an additional film called Charge about the electric TT and is narrated by Ewan McGregor. Charge alone i have seen for sale for more that the price of this double DVD so its a bargain. There are several more extras on the second disc including interviews with many of the racers such as Guy Martin. Getting back to the main disc the film is a documentary of the preperation and participating in the Isle of Man TT. It mainly focuses on Guy Martin who is also known for his participation in the Boat that Guy Built, the documnetary on the BBC about Guy Martin and his mate building a narrow boat. Another facinating program if you are a Guy Martin fan. Other featured racers are Ian Hutchinson, John McGuinness and Conor Cummins. TT Closer to the Edge was originally shown at the cinema in 3D but this 2D version is just as good and captures all the atmosphere of actually being at the TT. The film last 104 minutes and is rated 15 due to some strong language as passions get high. All the reviews by the top papers h\ve given it top marks of 4 stars and i quite agree The extras make it an even better buy. Motorcycle News gives it a 5 star rating though. This DVD is a must for anyone interested in motorcycle racing as you get to see behind the scenes of several race teams. It is a great film, unfortuantly I missed ...

Befriend and Betray - Alex Caine 25/10/2011

Inside biker gangs.

Befriend and Betray - Alex Caine I was recently lent this book as I have previously read a book about the Hells Angels and was recommended to read this next. The author Alex Caine is a Candian who somehow got a job as an infiltrator for the police. How it came about is rvealed in the book so I wont spoil it for you. The main infiltration he was involved in was that of the Bandidos, a similar but rival gang to the Hells Angels. He was accepted into the chapter and went through the ranks first as an outsider then a prospect untill he was eventually made a full patch member. This is a very rare occurance but it shows how good at the job he was. The higher he became in the chapter the more he got involved and the more evidence was obtained. Alot of what the Badidos are criminal activities such as drug running. Alex had to get deals set up to then use this evidence in the eventual crackdown that would be to follow. Many of these jobs took years to complete as he was often called back to give evidence at many of the trials. All paid work too. In later chapters he infilitrated the KKK (Klu Klux Klan). This only lasts a chapter and is quite vague. He does eventually infiltrate one of the chapters of the Hells Angels. At one point he works in Europe but this was for the secret service and is therefore highly confidential and not covered. Altogether it is a thoroughly good read and very absorbing especially if you have an interest in bike culture or gangs. Im unsure if he has written any more books but Im sur ...

Nestle KitKat 70% Dark Chocolate 06/04/2011

The dark side of kit kat

Nestle KitKat 70% Dark Chocolate I recently tried this when i saw it on offer at the local garage. It was a four finger variety. I had the original dark chocolate one which they brought out a few years ago. This new one has a stronger and more intense flavour. I seem to remember that the old dark chocolate version was a limited edition with gold foil. I think the new one is now part of the standard range and wont be limited. Fingers crossed this is the case as its a nice alternative to the standard bar. All the kitkat products are all now fairtraded and proudly display the fairtrade symbol on the outside of the pack. I love dark chocolate and hope they may one day expand the range to include a 70% cocoa version of the kitkat chunky. If you see it and like dark chocolate i recommend trying it. It is best refrigerated for a while before eating then you get the intense flavour of the cold chocolate and the crunch of the wafer as you bite through it. The price is the same as for the normal version but shop around as prices can vary.

Bic Biro 04/04/2011

The pen most have used.

Bic Biro When you think of a pen or writing instrument the item you most commonly refer to is the bic biro. This was created about 70 years ago and is still in common use today even in this computer age we all live in. It is a cheap and reliable writing instrument and normally will write till the last drop of ink has been used. Unfortuantly they are non refillable. They are available in many colours such as blue, black, red and green. But there have been other colours created for special occasions such as the pink ink ones for breast cancer awareness. The barrel colour is usually clear and these are known as crystal. The other common colour barrel is the yellow one, this isnt see thru so you arent aware of the amount of ink left unlike the crystal ones. It is a reliable and cheap writing instrument that i would recommend. The specific criteria doesnt seem to be correct for a pen as they dont have a soundtrack or are humourous.

Aero Caramel 07/02/2011

New variety of the aero family.

Aero Caramel Just saw Aero caramel for sale when i was at the garage buying petrol so thought i would give it a try. It is basically an aero with a layer of caramel. The bar is split into 5 cubes. The caramel makes up 28% of the bar. This doesnt sound alot but is plenty in my opinion. Per bar it contains 189 calories which is 9% of an adults recommended daily calorie intake. Im unsure of the weight of the bar as it isnt included on the bars wrapper for some reason. It tastes the same as a typica Nestle aero but with the added smoothness and sweetness of caramel. It is a smooth flowing caramel but if you prefer it to be firmer it could be stored in the fridge before consumption. As it is quite sweet one should be enough especially due to the fact is was almost 80p a bar. I paid 79p but this is at a garage forecourt price. Shop around and i may be found cheaper especially if sold as a multipack. It would be better value for money at a lower price. I dont mind sweet products as im a big fan of mars bars. All in all its a tasty product that i would buy again as a change to mars bars, rival products would be Wispa gold from Cadburys. Aero gold is a unique product with the bubbly chocolate but wispa comes close to the texture.

Nokia E5 13/01/2011

Similar to a Blackberry

Nokia E5 I recently upgraded my phone to this the NokiaE5. It is similar in looks to a Blackberrry but uses symbian as the operating system. It is easy to use s it has a qwerty keybord layout, i have big fingers and manage to use it. I have it set to predictive text so if i miss the button i was trying to press it stil types what i want it to. It is a tablet format with no touch screen as i dont think i could cope with a touch screen. The screen size is large and takes up about half the phone with the rest of te phone being made up of the keyboard. The features it has are as follows Camera 5 mega pixels with video facility too. The quality is good. Internet access through 3g and wlan. qwerty keyboard with predictive text downloadable apps cable t attach to a pc included headphones with speaker included charger included and can charge from the mains or through a usb port on a computer Problems i have had are few one being a lack of apps and also the free games on it were only trials and to have the full versions are about £5 per game through orange Symbian operating system a bit outdated now. Not had it long but would still recommend it and shall update this review once i have had longer to play with it to find out all the features.

Blood, Sweat and Tea - Tom Reynolds 15/11/2010

Inner city ambulance blog in a book

Blood, Sweat and Tea - Tom Reynolds This is the first book written by Tom Reynolds. It is basically his online blog compiled into a book. The author is Brian Kellet and Tom Reynolds is his pen name. It is written over 200 chapters but dont let this put you off as each chapter is either short or vey short. It is written like a day to day diary summarising the many calls he attends each day. Most of his shifts are night shifts in the Newham, East London area. As i live near this area i find it a facinating read as i know many of the places he records such as the Royal London Hospital and Newham hospital. Both places I have been too. One as a patient the other as a visitor The book is a real page turner as you ae facinated what may be wrong with the patient and the outcome. He has been employed as an ambulance man and has also manned the rapid response vehicle too, both these jobs are covered in this book and also the sequel, More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea. I have reviewed this book also on ciao. If you get a chance to read it i recommmend it. I purchased it as an ebook to read on my phone but the book format is also available. If after reading either one or both of his books you may like to follow his blog online. This is called Random Acts of Reality and is to be found at ...

More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea - Tom Reynolds 15/11/2010

Blog in a book

More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea - Tom Reynolds I purchased this book as an ebook to read on my phone but it is also available as a book. It was published in 2009. The author is Brian Kellett and his pen name is Tom Reynolds. It is basically the online blog of a paramedic compiled into a book. The writer is an east london ambulance man who records his daily work in the book. It has many chapters, 212 to be precise, but each one is short or very short. It is a facinating read for both those that live in the East London area especially in the region of Newham, East London. Also those that are in the medical profession or have an interest in medicine. This gives you an inside knowledge into the ambulance service. Stories covered include heart attacks, alcoholics, homelessness, drug addiction and stabbings. This book is the follow up to Blood, Sweat and a Cup of Tea. You dont necessarily need to read one to follow the other as they are quite self contained. I have read both and they are now both reviewed on ciao by me. I recomend this book if the subject interests you. The author has an online blog which is Random Acts of Reality . He has recently changed jobs but still works for the NHS. ...

Tassimo Carte Noir Cappuccino 12/08/2010

Fiddly cappuccino become a barrista.

Tassimo Carte Noir Cappuccino Recently I received a free sample of Carte Noire Capuccino instant. It comes as a 2 sachet pack. One pack contains the froth and milk while the other sachet contains the coffee powder. To make the drink you have to prepare each sachet seperately. Sachet one is the froth and this is prepared by adding 150ml of hot but not boiling water and this needs a thorough stirring to ensure it fully dissolves the powder. The secong sachet needs to be prepared in a seperate vessel and requires 30ml of water to be added to the sachet and stirred. This dissolves alot beter than the froth sachet. As it mixes you get an intense aroma of strong espreso coffee infusing the air. Once the 2 drinks are prepared combine the 2 by pouring the coffee onto the froth. This will combine and create the perfect layered cappuccino. I think this is as good as a you would get in a coffee house such as costa or starbucks. The weight of the sachets are 16.7g for the froth and 2.7g of coffee powder. The ingredients are as follows coffee stick contains only soluble coffee. Creamer from milk stick consists of skimmed mlk powder, sugar, hydrogenatd vegetable oil, maltodextrin, stabilizers (E1450and E339), anti caking agent (E551) and flavouring. For those allergic to milk it is unsuitabe as it contains milk. Im not sure if i would buy it as it is quite fiddly to make but may purchase to have some in for guests.

TELEVISION. Could you live without it and how would your time be spent in replace of it? 11/08/2010

Dont need TV with the internet available.

TELEVISION. Could you live without it and how would your time be spent in replace of it? I could quite eaily do without television as I listen to the radio and use the internet more than watching television. If i stopped watching tv completely the time would be filled with more online time, writing more reviews on ciao and reviewing others work. I would have planet rock playing on my digital radio while doing this. I do enjoy watcing Qi though. If i find i was missing the tv i could always tune into the BBC or ITV players enabling me to watch what i wanted to watch when i wanted. If i wasnt online then my time would be filled reading books or out with my cameras photographing wildlife. TV wouldnt be a thing i missed apart from programs such as QI and Top Gear but these can be viewed online. Watching tv through a computer or mobile phone still will require a tv licence though as it says this on my latest tv licence.
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