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since 02/12/2017


Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool 02/12/2017

hotel from hell

Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool “HOTEL FROM HELL” Your score 2.5 nothing was good about when we first arrived we arrived too a construction site again it was like this 2yr ago when we came they was doing it up but there doing it up whiles the have paying guest i was in room 136 ,1st floor near the reception and today we wasn't told there was building work going on in the room above use and one of the radiates busted and i was on my laptop and all a sudden there was this big gush of water coming through the floor boards,the restaurant is not perfect it more like a all you can eat than a hotel restaurant and food should be plated up by the chef not having people put there hands all over it ,there is no arcade there is no cinema because broke ,carpets have stanes on them the was have black marks all over it ,furniture is old,cheap and tackier and it need a good paint inside and outside ,it totally need updating and too be revamped ,the car part dosnt have disabled car park its just park were you can ,staff an very helpful and they charge £7.50 a day for wifi or for 5day £35 its not in the package and the cleaners ant doing there job i had too clean the bath and the mirror was dirty and had stanes on it the carpets are hurendas and dirty i wont come too this hotel again its a nightmare and then instead of fixing the room they just moved us too anther room and my dad is disabled and there was no consideration for him they just put us in any room ,this is more like a run down care how than family friendly hotel ...
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