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Kona Nunu 04/03/2006

Kona NuNu, the beast with luminous stickers

Kona Nunu Kona make a wide range of bikes so whatever level or type of biking you prefer then kona would be a great make for you to go for! i have had this bike for 4 years and it has continued to impress me throughout the duration i have ridden it. first off i just rode on the usual dry mud tracks, and have progressed onto forest riding and mud tracks. and now i have started to use my bike on jumps and fast downhill/uphill styles. before i had this bike, i had always had a specialized mountain bike, and these i found to be equally as good, they also make a wide range of bikes. so choosing a bike that was new to me was a big decision, especially one that came with a £600 price label at the time. when you go to buy a mountain bike at a shop, the assistant will normally ask you what you want to use your bike for, once you have answeredthat question he will ask you what kind of mountain bike you want, as there are many types of mountain bike i will enlighten you on a few of the types. a rigid is a bike with no suspension, these normally have a traditional diamond frame. then there is hard tail, these bikes have front suspension on the forks but no rear suspension, these also have a diamond frame and this is what type of bike the kona NuNu is. then there is a soft tail, these are bikes with rear suspension but no front suspension and can have a wide range of frames. then there is a full suspension frame, this has front and rear suspension, and is useful for really testing tracks. it ...

Camelbak Mule 23/02/2006

Evolve into a one humped camel

Camelbak Mule I was looking for someting to stop the disruptance of leaning down and reaching for a water bottle, when hurtling down a slippery hill, or finding the nearest cafe on the mountain to quench my thirst. i spotted a small blue tube making it way over a fellow boarders shoulder and went to investigate! it was a camelbak. The Lobo has a large blue resevoir in the heart of it, this has the capacity to hold 2.1L(70 oz), and a little blue tube running to somewhere near the mouth. however i found that in teh freezing conditions of a glacier or very cold snowy day, the tube has a tendency to freeze! this can easily be sorted with the use of a "camelbak thermal control kit"(£14.95), this kit includes a standard Bite Valve mouthpiece, Bite Valve cover, insulated tube cover and 46 inch delivery tube. and will stopte water freezing in thos icy conditions! brr! for storing extra things that you may have brought along, the camel back provides a small pouch, however in my discovery this can rarely hold much more than a couple of chocolate bars so nothing big. it also has a bungee cord, this allows you to take off an item of clothing and strap it securely to your back! the Lobo is designed for use with bikes, so i use mine with bikes too, i have two bottle holders on my bike and wondered the point of having a camelbak, i quickly found that if i used bottles that the mud thrown up by the wheels soon covered the nossle to the bottle and i found myself without water!! so using a camelbak ...

Jaws (DVD) 18/02/2006

Jaws Manages to capture is viewers!

Jaws (DVD) 'Jaws' is set in the charming, fictional holiday resort of Amity Island, a tourist haven and local fishing hotspot. This sunny paradise is suddenly plunged into the depths of the ocean of despair with a terrifying, man-eating beast that scares us so much that our knees knock together. Steven Spielberg's genius plot in 'Jaws' drags the audience into our most feared nightmare. It exhilarates us to the very pinnacle of our senses and makes us scream for more in a roller coaster ride of emotions; sadness, sympathy and fright. The film begins with an attack on a drunken teenager that shocks us right from the start, However, then there is a relaxing period when there is a calm beach scene, Spielberg has carefully thought out the plot of this film to keep us right on the edge by raising and lowering the tension. The main storyline follows the 'rogue' great white shark who is terrorising the resort in the most fragile and important season of this little town's year. Its tells us of the trials which Officer Brody endures to try and kill the shark and protect the community. We empathise with this character as he seems a likeable chap, always doing good deeds. He acquires the help of a shark expert because he believes that this will help his efforts in returning the normally peaceful holiday resort to its more jovial state, but how wrong he was. As always in this type of film there is a substantial reward that attracts another stereotypical character, in this case this ...

Marina, Brighton 15/02/2006

The Marina, Brighton just gets better

Marina, Brighton Brighton Marina has got 1500 berths. It also provides many activities to enjoy the water, from owning your own yacht to chartering a day trip, and everything in between! the brighton marina has a wide range of things to do ranging from shopping and having a romantic waterside dinner to a action packed day full of trampoline-ing and bowling. here are just a few of the atractions to the marina; cineworld(cinema), megaplex bowling and arcade, casino, many outlet shops, a wide range of restaurants from pizza to chinese water boat. there is also a huge range of shops from asda to many outlet stores and watersport stores. however the maria is a fair walk from the centre of brigthon, and a 10minute bus journey(number 7 bus)! the marina is a great place for a fun time!

Motorola C975 14/02/2006

A Shameful Excuse For a Phone

Motorola C975 this phone is absoloutly awful, yes it may have many features that are all good quality, it also has a stylish and easy use function, but when you reach inside your pocket for this brick of a phone you feel ashamed to take it out. i purchased this phone on contract in june, and i was dissapointed to find out that it had already broken within 2 months!! the microphone had broken so that the calls i made would not work. it also has a limited amount of texts you can store on this phone aswel. as the maximum i have stored at any period of time is 84!! for a phone this size i could think they would atleat be able to have alteast more than 2393kb!!! so i urge you not to buy this phone as it will weigh down your life!! and lighten your wallet!

Think Tank (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Blur 14/02/2006

Think Tank - what a album

Think Tank (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Blur More proof of Blur's infinite horizons is provided by Think Tank, their seventh album and their first recorded as a three-piece. While defying the rumors that it would be either 1) their "dance" album or 2) their "world music" album, it is their grooviest so far, with an eclectic variety of rhythms and textures underpinning melodies to melt the heart and wobble the lower lip. The spirits of Can, Joe Strummer, Eno and Orchestra Baobab hover, but the result - though unexpectedly languid and sunny - is pure Blur. It is their first - hopefully not their last - cabriolet record. In 2003, Blur are two-thirds teetotal, one-third a father, three-thirds gagging to test their brand new configuration - saxophonist, percussionist, vocal harmony, a surprise around every corner - on live audiences. But first there's Think Tank, a groundbreaking record from a groundbreaking band. Play it loud. It sounds better that way.
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