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My Resolutions 05/03/2007

Big Life Changes In The Pipeline

My Resolutions I very rarely make new years resoulutions, but this year I did I only made one but there are tons of little ones that are going to help me achieve the overall plan. My new years resolution is to CHANGE MY LIFE COMPLETLY Yeah I know it's a big one, but I have come to realise that at the moment my life is pretty much pointless, all I do is wake up in the morning work my ass off all week for very little enjoyment, all I'm doing is working to pay off all my debts. Towards the end of last year I decided that I was going to change my life for the better. At the moment I am single and very lonely my friends, are as not as good mates as I thought they were, and my relationship with my family is not good eithier. I have got a quite a good job though which pays quite well, I sell mortgages during the day and at the weekend I play even harder, I like my job because I'm good at it. The way I am going to change my whole life, is to put all these little things into action, and then hopefully I will feel a much better person and have a more fullfilled life. MOVE AWAY- I am planning to move away from the area that I'm living in and move to the city, this will mean I will leave a good set of friends but I will still have contact with them, but I will end up meeting new people. STOP SMOKING- I am struggling with this one big time, but if I did I would live a healthier life and I would save bucket loads of cash. GET A NEW JOB- I cannot work at the same place that I am ...

Max Spielman 05/03/2007

What a Joke!

Max Spielman I used to work for this company for over six months, and take this from someone who should know. Max Spielman is a joke, the service is appaling all your photos will normally be late. And whatever you do do not order anything from the Momentos range, because they rarely get anything right, and nine times out of ten they will be late on the delivery. I actually enjoyed working for Max Spielman, however if you realised how poor the company actually is, you would never get your prints developed from them. It might not be the same for every store, but I know quite a few stores do not properly maintain the processing equipment, which means all the colours in your photos are of a bad standard. One thing that I do think that Max Spielman has got right, is the prices they are very competitive and you can get some right bargains if you take in over 100 prints to be developed. But whatever you do dont buy one of their branded disposable camera's because they are useless, I have developed hundreds of these cameras in the past and you rarely get the full amount of prints and the quality is dreadful, especially if you take photos in the dark in a pub or a club. The staff at the company are generally very good at their jobs, but it is very frustrating for them because the way the higher management treat you is appaling, and also the pay is rubbish and the bonus scheme thats an even bigger joke. So I am always surprised how much all the staff look happy and are always very ...

Valentines day - things to do 02/03/2007

Should I? Or Shouldn't I?

Valentines day - things to do This Valentines Day, for once in my life there is someone that I want to do something for, but I don't think I should because I could lose one of my best friends for life and make an absolute idiot out of myself. I so want her to know the way I feel, but I just cant, I could lose so much. Even if I did decide to let her know, I mean I haven't got a clue what to say without making myself looking stupid. I am so confused at the moment I have never felt this way about someone in my life before, and to be honest I quite enjoying feeling this happy, and I know that if me and her were to be then we would both be so happy. It sounds really strange typing this, but I think I have fallen in love with her I have never felt this strong about someone before, it makes me feel 15 again because every time I see her I turn nervous. It is really strange because we are really close friends, we havent known each other that long but we are so close I can tell her everything well apart from how I feel about her that is. I met her threw a very good friend, who a couple of months ago was having a relationship with however things didn't work out between the two of them. And ever since they have split me and her have become great mates, she has now started a job at the same place as I work and we spend more a less all our time together. I think what I might do is send her a valentines card, and write her a short letter letting her know my feelings, and then if I have read the signals ...

Royal Bank of Scotland 02/03/2007

Stay Away

Royal Bank of Scotland I have banked with Royal for nearly five years, and oh my god what an absoulete dreadful bank they give anyone loans and credit cards, and then they charge you loads of interest and extorniate charges. They are useless to deal with, fair enough the staff are always friendly and helpful, but the bank as a whole is awful. I got myself into alot of debt with the bank, due to them giving me a loan, and circumstances out of my control meant that I couldn't keep up the re-payments on the account, and they started to threaten me with legal action straight from the start. They treated me very badly constantly phoning me at work, and at times the staff in the call centre where they were phoning me from, were extremely rude towards me. You could tell that the staff were earning extra money from products and services, that they were trying to sell me and all I wanted was to have an advisor to give me advice on how I could pay the debt off, and they were just going on about setting up a new loan to pay it off, with an extremely high interest rate. Towards the end of last year, I was forced to move banks because Royal were just not helping me at all, in my eyes from a person that works in the financial industry they were giving me all the wrong advice, fair enough they were trying to get more business for the bank but this was at my expense.

Praktica DC Slim 5 02/03/2007

OK For Kids

Praktica DC Slim 5 I worked in a well known camera shop for over six months, and these used to be our best selling camera's and I'll tell you what I have got no idea why. I bought myself one and as soon as I started using it on a regular basis, and not just demonstrating to customers. I was utterly disapointed, the camera is very slow and the batteries always run out very quickly, turning on the flash makes the camera more a less die on you. This camera is ideal for beginners at photography, but if youre over the age of 10 do not buy this camera, it is so frustratingly slow it gets on your nerves. The photos when they are developed aren't very good at all, because you have to sit at the pod for nearly half an hour reducing the red eye on the photos. However if you are looking for a camera that is cheap, and would only use it a few times a year, for holidays and birthday's then this camera might be ok for you. But if you take quite a few photos like I do when I go out into town, then this camera is definetly not the right one. One thing that is good about the camera, is that it is so easy to use and it's that light and small you can carry it very easily around with you. But for that extra bit of money you should get one better for an extra £20 you could get 2 million megapixels extra and automatic red eye reduction, when you take the photo.

Written from the Heart 02/03/2007

The Way I Feel

Written from the Heart Day in day out I go to work, and the moment I see her my heart jumps out, I know I shouldn't like her the way I do but I do, I know its wrong I know it could cause alot if my feelings got out. But at the end of the day all I can think about is her, I see in and out of work she's my best mate and thats why it is hard, because we are mates and I'm worried if I told her how I feel I would lose her as a friend. The reason it's hard is because it is one of my best friends ex's, and it would be wrong of me for something to happen. I doubt she even likes me in that way, but in recent weeks she has done and said things that have made me think that she may do. I don't want to feel this way, but I do and there's nothing I can do. I am in a dilemna because I don't know what to do, if we both feel the same are we denying something that could be so right, for the two of us. I mean dont I deserve to be happy once in my life, fair enough some might say I dont because of the things I have done and said in the past but shouldn't that stay in the past, I mean I have paid for the things I did. Every time I see her around another bloke, it kills me in my heart like a knife going into me. I try and not make it obvious but I think she knows, in fact now I hope she knows how I feel. I just wish I had the chance to be together, I know we would be good together like I said I work with her during the daytime and then most nights we go to the pub together, alot of people are saying we are an ...

Konvicted - Akon 02/03/2007

One Of My Favourite Albums Of This Year

Konvicted - Akon I dont normally like this type of music so called gangsta rap music, but I love Akon he is different in some weird way from all the usual other black rappers. I think what it is, is that quite alot of people can relate to some of his lyrics in some way or the other. This CD has got some absoulete classic tunes on it, from the well know "Smack That" and "I Wanna" but then there is some even better tracks that I personally like that aren't so mainstream like "Gangsta Bop", "Tired Of Runnin" which is got to be my favourite track on the album because that song sums me up all in one and so does "Never Took The Time". Akon has been very clever with this album because he sings about things, that most people can relate to for example losing a relationship, and ok I know that not everyone has been to jail but I know that when Akon sings about Tired Of Runnin, there are alot of people out there that can relate to it in some way. One thing that I like about this album is that it can get you in the party mood, before a nightout but then you can sit back and chill out to it aswell. If you don't normally like this type of music, I strongly recommend that you buy a copy, because I would be very surprised if you didn't like it, and if you do like this type of music and you havent got a copy, then you obviousely haven't got your priorties right.

Razorlight - Razorlight 02/03/2007

Very Surprised

Razorlight - Razorlight At first I was very reluctunt to buy this CD, because it isn't my usual taste of music but I am glad that I did buy it, because it is such a good album. I only bought it because I saw an advert on tv for it, and there was a couple of songs that I liked on it, but as soon as I put the CD into my player, I didn't stop listening and singing away it is so easy to listen to whatever mood you are in. Eithier it be relaxing reading a book or getting dressed in the morning, this CD is normally always playing at my house. One of my favourite songs has got to be America, but there isn't one track that I dont like on the album, it is so good I don't normally go for bands like this normally, I mainly like my dance and trance music because I very rarely buy CD's and when I do they are normally compilation albums by DJ's. But I am so glad that I bought the self titled album by Razorlight, even if you are like me you dont normally buy this type of music, just take a risk and get this because you will not be disapointed. ...

Human Traffic (DVD) 02/03/2007

My Favourite Film Of The Nineties

Human Traffic (DVD) Human Traffic is definetly my favourite film of the 1990's it is so good, words cannot express how good it is. The film is about a group of young friends who go out into Cardiff at the weekend clubbing and going out to spend time with their friends. This film portrays the majority of british youth today, working in dead end jobs during the week and living for the weekend, I do it my mates do it and I cant think of anyone who doesn't. The group of friends are made up of at the time not that well known actors, but a few of them have now been in some other films and made a name for themselves , for example one of the leading characters played by John Simm who is most recently made it big in Life On Mars on BBC1, plays a cracking performance in Human Traffic. This film I just love it so much that I nearly had a full on blown argument with one of my friends the other week, because I couldn't believe that he hadn't seen the film, I mean who on earth hasnt seen it, probably whoever is reading this hasn't. But I'll tell you something if you only intend to buy one film this year make sure that you buy this one, because you will not be dispointed at all, it is a great film. The group's weekend starts off with them all meeting up in the pub, and then they spread out to other clubs and start taking numerous drugs. The one thing that I love about this film, is that it portrays the drug and club scene absouletly perfect, it is spot on the way the characters act when they have taken ...

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (DVD) 02/03/2007

A Great Movie A Must

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (DVD) Lock Stock is got to be one of my favourite films off all time, it is so funny and such a good film I have seen it many times, and I will probably see it a few more times aswell. The film is about these group of mates in the criminal underworld, who need to make some cash quick to pay off a gambling debt. There are some great action scenes in this film, but the comedy of it is so funny it will have more a less every viewer in stitched unless they are boring and dont laugh. The group of friends decide to steal the cash off these rival dealers, that live on the same estate well should I say next door to them. It is absoulete brilliant the cast is great and the most memorable actor in the film for me has got to be Vinnie Jones, who plays the ruthless debt collector. Then there's this huge black actor who I dont know the name off but he plays a character called Tyrone and he is so funny, nearly every clip of film with this actor in makes you laugh. This has got to be a film that you watch with your mates having a few beers together because it is such a good film, you dont want to watch it alone, when you have watched this film once, you will keep going back to it again and again.

A Man Apart (DVD) 01/03/2007

very explosive

A Man Apart (DVD) This film is very good, it is an action drama packed film the plot is basically about a DEA agent who goes after one of the top drug lords in Columbia. The main character is played by Vin Diesel out of the xxx films, and to be honest leave vin's accent and he is the best actor for this film. The action scenes are brilliant and there are lots of them aswell, there is some great gun fights especially when Diesel meets up with some of his old mates who are gangbangers to hunt down the noterious drug lord, who is also responsible for the murder of Vin Diesel's wife. So you can imagine the ambition of diesel to catch the main drug guy and bring him to justice. If you enjoy action films then this is definelty one for you, you will not be disapointed at all it is a very good film. One thing that I didn't like about it was that it was abit too long for my liking. Vin Diesel is at his best in this film, he does alot of action films and he is normally good in them all, but this one sticks out in my mind out of the lot of them. It is definetly worth a visit down to your local video shop to eithier rent or buy this dvd, to be honest your better off buying a copy because you are gurantied to watch it more than once.

A Piece of Cake: A Memoir - Cupcake Brown 01/03/2007

A very gripping book

A Piece of Cake: A Memoir - Cupcake Brown This book is so heart-wrenching it is unbelievable, it is the story of a young girl, who's parents more a less dont care and she ends up in a world of living on the streets, as a prostitute and a very lonely drug addict. The one thing that got me about this book, it is such common place in England now it is horrible to think that this girl could be anyone you know a relative or a friend. I mean I know lots of people in their late teens who have had awful upbringings and things that have happened in their lives. A Piece Of Cake makes you appreciate the little things that most of us have, it is uplifting at times aswell for example when Cupcake turns her life around and sorts herself out with a job, and turning away from prostituition and drugs for good. I highly recommend that anyone should read this book, even though it might not be your normal read, you should definetly give it a go. Just think that story could be told by thousands of young adults in this country, and it might make potential parents not to make mistakes in their own childs life. I don't really want to say much about this book, because to wholly appreciate it you need to buy a copy.

Peter Kay - Live At The Bolton Albert Halls (DVD) 01/03/2007

An Absoulete Great DVD

Peter Kay - Live At The Bolton Albert Halls (DVD) This stand up show of Peter Kay's has got to be one of the funniest things that I have seen ever, it is absoulety brilliant I have never laughed so much in my life. Some of the jokes Peter tells are so funny, you will be in stitches on the sofa when you watch this. I have always liked Peter Kay as a comedian and always will, even after that awful book he brought out "a sound of laughter" please see my other review. But after watching this I liked him even more, I have seen this stand up show numerous times now, and I could quite easily sit down and watch it another ten times, and you cant say that often can you about a dvd without getting bored. But Live at The Bolton Albert Hall, is a great DVD and anyone who doesn't have a copy in their collection needs shooting. One of the funniest jokes in this show has got to be the one, where Peter is going on about an old video machine when he was young and he got a porn video stuck in the machine, I have never laughed so much. There is nothing that I can say bad about this film at all, it is definetly worth a watch.

Transporter 2 (DVD) 01/03/2007

great fun but not that great

Transporter 2 (DVD) I loved the first Transporter and I couldn't wait till I watched the sequel, but I was hugely disapointed even though I loved this film, it just wasnt as good as the first one. There are some great action scenes in the movie and the car chase scenes are good aswell, but I mean you get shot at and blown up and the bloody car that the main character played by Jason Statham, still comes out absoulety fine with no dirt or dents or scratches on it. This film was definetly sponsered by Audi, because the whole film was like an advert for the car company. The transporter takes an unusual job of looking out for a young child, transporting them to school and back the child is the offspring of a man who is involved in the goverment, and these terroist type of people infect the child with a deadly virus so they can take control of the drugs market. But it comes down to the Transporter to save the child and hundreds of goverment officials lives. If you want a good hearted bit of fun and then you will not be disapointed in this film it is great fun to watch.

Initial D - Drift Racer (DVD) 01/03/2007

Utterly disapointed

Initial D - Drift Racer (DVD) I was very disapointed when I put this film into my dvd player, as soon as it started I realised I shouldn't of bought the film because it was not even in English it was in Cantonaise or Japanise, and fair enough some people might like to watch a film with English subtitles, but I certainly do not like to watch a film in another language. I didn't even get half way through the film before I turned it off, and went back to the shop for a refund. The film is about a young student who works part time at a petrol station and takes part in drift racing down mountains. The film is basically trying to copy Fast And The Furious and utterly fails, the cars are not as good, the women are not as nice and the action is very dull and boring. If you are looking to watch a good car film, do not watch Initial D go out and spend your hard earned cash on something like Gone in 60 Seconds or one of the three Fast and The Furious they are much better.
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