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Goldfish Card 03/11/2002

Highly recommended

Goldfish Card When it comes to using credit cards you have to think, what's in it for me? Well, if you use goldfish you will be well aware of the advantages of the card. With all purchases, as with many other cards you accrue points. These points are more rewarding than most other credit cards, and you can exchange them for store vouchers, like Asda, Boots or John Lewis, etc. The best value is the exchanging of points for vouchers to spend in Asda and John Lewis, because you get more cash for the points. These vouchers are sent out to you in the post and are normally recieved within two days. I have tried many other credit card loyalty reward schemes and this one is by far the best. It works out to about one percent cash back,on the stores mentioned, and there are also other voucher/payment schemes for other companies.If you spend £ 1000 per month on your card you get £10. This soon mounts up. The theory is, if you always pay your balance off in full every month and do not pay interest, you should use the card for every single purchase you make, however small, and by doing that you are earning money from a credit card company with no payment to them as the card is free. I can save points to exchange to £500 of vouchers every year, and that has cost me nothing at all, it is all profit. Good eh!

Sainsburys Reward Card 19/10/2002

Save more points and benefit highly

Sainsburys Reward Card Sainsburys reward card was the name of their loyalty card that can be used in Sainsburys stores and petrol stations, and what a good card it was too. However, they now operate the NECTAR card. This new card has made the old Sainsburys reward card obselete, and the necatr card is used in its place. Like most other cards you present the card when you make your purchase and the points are added. Basically you get two points for each pound spent, and also extra points on certain items or goods in promotions. Each point is worth a half a pence, so when buying the offers which give extra points always remember that fact, they are not worth one pence as many people think they are. So, if an item gives 200 bonus reward points it equates to £1 off if the points are cashed and used in Sainsburys. When you have five hundred points on your card they can be exchanged for a £2.50 Sainsburys reward voucher. These vouchers can be used to spend and save against your shopping. The points can be left on the card to 'grow' until such time as you want to cash them. The £2.50 voucher can also be used at various restaurants and gives a £5 discount, so they double in value, but only one voucher can be used per visit. There are now many other ways to earn points and to spend them. You can also earn nectar points by using a Barclaycard,earning 1 nectar point for every £2 spent using barclaycard, by shopping in Debenhams, again earning 2 nectar points for every £2 spent, and also in ...

David Beckham 11/05/2002

Should Beckham be included

David Beckham This is a very pertinent question at present. Should David Beckham be going to Japan? Well my view is no. He has been a stalwart for England in the run up to the world cup and contributed extremely well in the qualifiers.But,is he fit? Has his foot healed? Has it healed properly? All those questions can very well be answered by an expert in the medical field, but even if the answer is yes, he is not match fit. To be match fit he will need a few games under his belt. We saw this when he was sidelined for a rest at Man Utd, it took about five full games before he regained his sharpness, skill and ability. The inclusion is a gamble by the manager, and this report is from a Beckham supporter.

Monarch Airlines 06/11/2001

Gold service

Monarch Airlines I recently flew to Spain with my family, and after much ringing around for the best price comparison we chose Monarch gold service, a scheduled flight from Luton to Alicante, Spain. On arrival at the airport and the check in went very smoothly, we had been able to pre-book our seats, so sitting together was already sorted out before our departure day. Without any delay we were boarded onto the aircraft in plenty of time, which was an airbus 600. On the plane we were offered a newspaper or hello or ok magazine, and kids got the usual comic and crayons. The leg room could have been better, I am 6 feet tall and I was a little cramped, but the flight was not to last much more than 2 hours so it wasn't too much of a problem. The take off was smooth and information from the pilot was detailed, and delivered in a good manner. The food during the flight was quite good, with wine, beer, spirits or indeed soft drinks on demand, and being a scheduled flight these were all free.(however you pay for them in the price of booking a scheduled flight!). The stewardesses were very user friendly, and helpful. The landing at both ends was smooth. The airline seems to have got customer satisfaction sorted when it comes to short haul flights, TV monitors dropped from the ceiling of the plane with free headphones to listen to the many channels available. Not much time to get bored on this particular route! The only person who was a bit off was a man at Alicante, who ...

Take a Break 19/10/2001

People do win

Take a Break Take a break is a weekly magazine that has been going for some time now. It is bright and colourful and contains a whole range of prizes to be won in their competitions. The price at present is around 66 pence, and is very good value. Why do I like it? especially as I am male! Well the answer is this. I regularly sit down in the evening and watch telly, and in those down times, or boring moments I just pick up the mag and do part or all of a comp. The comps are relatively easy so can be done by most people, and the chances of winning must be remote because thousands if not millions of people must enter the comps. They are easy to enter aswell, all the answers are put on one entry form within the mag and can be posted off saving several stamps, it is all on one form. The company also have sister mags which are very similar and do summer specials etc. But people that I know have won. Incredibly I do not know of anyone who has won a small prize, but I know of two people who have won a car! There is always a car as the main prize (albeit a Kia!). But it is still worth winning, and so are the smaller prizes such as a holiday or weekend break, etc. There are also articles to be read within the mag, although these are ussually aimed at the female readers. Obtained through the newsagent or supermarket etc, the mag is a good buy, easy reading and simple entertainment that could bring you that ever elusive unexpected prize. Great also for taking on holiday ... 17/10/2001

Amazing amazon is an internet shopping centre for books, CD's, videos and DVD's. My wife recently subscribed to this service and ordered some paperback books. Sceptical of ordering on-line and giving credit card details before we had the goods, I was questioning this fact. Were we going to recieve our goods? How long would it be before they arrived? Would our payment be secure? All of these questions have now been answered. Yes, we did recieve our books, and in very good time. Yes, I believe that our payment system with the company was secure. No problems at all have been encountered. Amazons prices are very competitive, and are in the main lower than the high street stores. There are offers and discounts, and there are Amazon gift vouchers available to be bought or even won on-line. This is, in my opinion, a great way to shop for books, and music. The site has also got a marking system that shows what other people think of the books etc, they can and do give them a rating, which can be very helpful to prospective purchasers, it gives you an idea of someone elses review. Postage of an item to your home is second class post, but you can pay a premium to recieve the goods faster by courier. Great site, great system, they have done their research on peoples needs and have applied it to very good effect. ...

Elf Petroleum UK 17/10/2001

Sky high prices

Elf Petroleum UK Why does a large reasonably well known company like ELF sell petrol at extortionate prices? More to the point, why do people buy petrol there when it can normally be obtained much cheaper? These are two questions I cannot answer. ELF have a range of petroleum garages in and around the UK. They sell all sorts of products including minor car spares, newspapers and provisions, oils and fuels. A car wash is often situated on their prmeises aswell. Ok so we have many convenient things all brought together. But when you look around, and you often do not have to go far, the fuel prices of many competitors are between one and three pence per litre dearer! Fair enough, that doesn't sound like a lot, but I must ask this....Why pay more for a product that gives a good performance, when you could pay less for a very similar product close by? And secondly, those extra pennies per litre soon add up to a substantial ammount over a twelve month period, especially if you are a high mileage driver. So, to sum ELF up........good products, clean and tidy environment, but fuel and oil prices too high. ...

Weymouth in General 16/10/2001

The end of the track

Weymouth in General The end of the track indeed! The train track that is. Weymouth is a train ride from London of around 3 hours on a good day, and you must change trains on arrival, or return to London!! Whats in store at this very well known seaside resort? Sand and sea, lots of it. The tide goes out a long way leaving a vast expanse of sand, golden sand at that, with, during the summer months, a sand artist and his work being exhibited near the southern end of the beach. The sea being a beautiful colour of blue on a lovely sunny day. It is a safe beach in which to swim, very safe for children aswell, because the sea depth is slow in gaining a deep water, you can walk out for some way before you go under, so to speak. Fishing is a popular pastime in and around Weymouth, with the docks and the pier, not to mention beach casting. There are a variety of fish to be caught, such as plaice, dover sole, lemon sole, bass and if you travel a little further to Chesil Beach in the deep water you can catch mackeril from the shore in summer and cod in the winter. The shopping centre will please most people, with Woolworths, M & S, Smiths etc all in walking distance of each other. Inside Weymouth itself is a small harbour housing a variety of boats, yachts and fishing boats. Out in the main sea area is a large dock where channel ferries and the like dock. Restaurants are in abundance, catering for all nationalities and tastes, and can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish. There is a ...

Johnson's Baby Shampoo 14/10/2001

For the wimps

Johnson's Baby Shampoo Johnsons baby shampoo, for wimps! Why you ask and is it any good? Well the answers are here, I hope. Most shampoos do a good or reasonable job in lathering, cleaning and shining our hair....and some will even condition it. This shampoo fits into that category, it does lather, but not as much as some. It does clean your hair and scalp with careful massage, and it also brings a shine to your hair. But why for wimps? Easy, because it does not make you cry! Most shampoos taht gets into your eyes accidentally can cause a horrible and painful sensation within your eyes. This can be easily and relatively cleared with the use of rinsing out with clear warm water. (not by rubbing with a dry towel as many people do, this just aggravates and spreads the soap suds causing more and longer irritation). With the use of Johnsons baby shampoo this pain cabn virtually be irradicated, because when you get it in your eyes it does not cause the severe irritation of many others, it is really quite mild and if rinsed quckly is virtually painless. The cost is on par with most branded shampoos and is in liquid form, and can be purchased at most supermarkets and chemists. As is the heading of this article, it is good for wimps, and those younger children and babies. ...

Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 Shampoo 12/10/2001

hair piece

Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 Shampoo Head and shoulders 2 in 1 shampoo comes in two sizes, and is a good quality buy. Why? Well it serves many purposes. They are this: The thick liquid that is squeezed gently from the plastic bottles has a nice texture and you can actually feel the quality (not like some of those watered down ones). The smell is sweet and soapy, and kind to the nose. The usage can be less than other shampoos, when massaged onto the scalp only a little shampoo is required, especially if you are using a water softener aswell, the shampoo goes a long way, and foams very well. It is kind to your skin both on your scalp and on your hands. The shampoo works very well indeed and thoroughly cleans your hair, which can be seen by the shine that is left when dried, and rinses out with ease, giving that all important protection from dry soap suds falling from your head causing itchiness and that dandruff effect. It protects from, and even 'heals' dandruff with regular use, also preventing any itchiness. And with the 2 in 1 ingredient, it conditions the hair which prevents knotting and leaves the hair with a nicer feel and better look. The shampoo can be purchased in most retail outlets such as tesco, sainsburys, boots, waitrose etc etc. and the cost is above the 'own' label shampoos, but is very good value. The cost is around £2.25 for the small bottle and £3.59 for the large one. Buy I reccommend that you stock up on the product when a store does an offer on it as the shelf life ...

Sky Sports 1 - Speedway 06/10/2001

Ride on

Sky Sports 1 - Speedway Speedway, a great motorcycle sport that came to its pinicle during the 1960's, but it is racing back into popularity. Many old tracks closed down and now have house built where they were, but a lot also survived. The sport is going through a good period at present and it looks like the revival of Speedway is back with us, and here to stay. Sky sports have assisted with this as they are televising one or two speedway meetings a week during the season (which is spring to autumn), and people who have never been to speedway can now watch the sport and see if it is for them, and if the bug gets to them, off they go and watch it live. There is no substitute for live speedway with the noise and smell adding to the thrill. Speedway is done in many countries and is ridden on a small oval track. There are four bikes in each race and they line up four abreast. They race from a standing start and most races consist of four laps. The winner gets three points, the second two points and the third gets one point, oh, and last place gets nil points! The bikes are japs, jawas etc, and are very light. They are single cylinder and do not have any gears. They do not have any brakes either! That can seriously add to the excitement. Ther riders wear different colour helmet covers to distinguish them, red, blue, white and yellow/black. They also wear full leathers and steeled boots so that they can put their foot down and slide the bike round the corners. They always ride and ...

Makro (Shop) 06/10/2001

Bargains but you have to queue for them

Makro (Shop) Makro is a wholesale outlet and they have many stores situated throughout the country, those that come to mind are Acton, Reading, Poole, Croydon etc. How does it work? You have to be in business to get a free makro card that gives you entry to shop in any of their stores. The card can be applied for with company or business letterheads, you do not have to be vat registered or anything like that. I have been told that many card holders have obtained cards by sending in computer generated letterheads, some people obtain membership without having a business! The stores stock a vast range of goods, from foodstuffs, clothes, music, whitegoods, Tv's, hi fi's, gardening equipment, alcohol, cleaning goods, DIY, sports goods, etc, etc, virtually anything can be bought there. The prices are displayed, but remember, VAT has to be added to these prices! The goods appear cheaper than they actually are! What are the prices like? Well, all in all they are not bad. But you should be armed with the knowledge of the prices in the High Street before you go. Many goods are that bit cheaper at Makro, but not all. The best buys are the ones advertised in the monthly sales magazine sent to members, they have special offers called Makromail. These selected and ussually specially brought in lines can be a real bargain. But, the offers are limited per store, so you have to get there on the first day of the offers to be in with a chance of getting one of the good ...

Weight Watchers 04/10/2001

worth her weight in gold

Weight Watchers The heading refers to my wife, but I will not tell you her real weight, I know better than that! But are Weight Watchers worth their weight in gold? The answer is that I do not know, but I can tell you a bit about them though. Classes or meetings of weight watchers are held regularly around the country, ussually once a week. You go to the meeting and pay your £5 or other local fee, and you get weighed! The idea is that this public weighing session will buck you up and keep you on your dietary toes. You shall not stuff your face each week or you may be publicly humiliated! It is to give you will power to eat only those foods that are not fattening, and there are not many of those around. You will probably also recieve a talk by the host (who is getting paid) and she or he will try to encourage you to buy some expensive weight watchers chocolate or snack bars, or anything else that they decide could make them more money that week. Sometimes the same or very similar product could be bought cheaper in a local supermarket. The meetings will last around an hour to an hour and a half. Having said all the above many people can be encouraged by this system and of course many do lose weight, and hats off to them. But the hardest thing of all, and the thing that gives weight watchers repeat business, is the very fact that it is sometimes easy to lose weight, but it is increadibly hard to keep the weight off forever! My advice is that this should actually be used as a ...

Elton John 01/10/2001

West coast songs

Elton John West Coast Songs is the latest album by Elton John and for all those who like Eltons music, this is gonna be a classic, just like many other albums of his. The album includes 'Ballad of the boy in the red shoes', a song that sure has to be a hit, top ten at least. Leaving his lateest album aside, he still manages to go on tour occassionally, and when he does, what a night it is. Terrific voice (for a man of his age!), and he is starting to become quite comical, with lyrics and odes said here and there. An actor is what I would really call him, his performance on stage is second to none, and more to the point, everything is actually live, yes, even his piano playing. There is no miming like there is on many other stages. Elton has tried most types of music, but with this latest album he seems to have returned to his roots, he has a string of ballads on it, all sung to perfection, and many are catching, you here it just once and the tune stays with you. Keep up the performance Elton, keep us entertained.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (PC) 01/10/2001

Great game great fun.....and addictive

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (PC) What a great game, and very good fun, being interactive and addictive. Eidos interactive have produced this game of Who wants to be a millionaire on a CD and it is extremely lifelike. Very much like the televised game the screen comes up blue with a logo on central screen. Then a question arrives, which has four alternative answers. You, being the player, has to choose the correct answer. If you choose correctly you win £100. As a player you can take the cash or continue. If you continue and answer the next question correctly you win £200. This continues for prizes of up to £1000000. If you cannot answer a question and need a little help, just like the TV game you can 'ask the audience', 'phone a friend', or go 'fifty fifty'.When these options are used the computer game itself provides the audience participation or gives you a friend! You can opt for their answer or use your own answer. At a cost of around £25 and simple and easy to load and use, this game gives hours of fun and satisfaction. Good for those long winter nights to come.
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