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Do you believe in life after death? 26/06/2002

Life after death...I dont think so

Do you believe in life after death? Just thought I'd share my view on this one. I have a real problem with the whole life after death thing for a few reasons. 1. We evolved, we were not created by some sort of Supreme Being, we are basically.. Monkeys who got lucky. So the whole GOD thing seems a bit of a strange theory for so many people in this day and age to be subscribing to. 2. Right now in Israel people are strapping explosives to their bodies, walking into shops and detonating them in the belief that they will be rewarded in the "afterlife". 3.If the whole idea of life after death was suddenly disproved I think people would actually try and do something positive with themselves as this would really be your 1 and only chance no redemption. 4.The near death and out of body experiences can be explained by good old biology and chemistry, the tunnel with a bright light at the end of it story is more likely to be caused by the blood supply to the eyes being cut off than by being on the great escalator in the sky. As for watching yourself from above... the human body releases mind-altering chemicals in times of great stress..I'm sure there are a few people from the sixties who were floating around up there for days. Basically I think that to deal with Mankind’s inability to comprehend the nothingness of death the afterlife was invented as a way of giving a meaning to life...which is a bit sad really because the meaning of life is to live The church has kept the masses down for centuries ...

Ambrosia Creamed Rice 28/05/2002

Straight from the Devonshire Creamery...apparantly

Ambrosia Creamed Rice This is a bit of a departure for me, as my other ops have all been entertainment related, but….Earlier this evening I went to the shop to buy some bread and a few other bits when I saw the tins of Ambrosia Cream Rice sat there on the shelf. I haven’t eaten any for years and suddenly got a huge craving for the stuff and bought a couple of tins. 99p for two 425g cans…Contain yourselves ! O.K now the boring bit. Ambrosia is a registered trademark of a company called Bestfoods UK Ltd and the Ambrosia Creamed Rice is produced for Bestfoods in Surrey, or as the can says ….’From their Devonshire Creamery’. Ambrosia Creamed Rice comes in a blue and yellow tin with a picture of a Devonshire cottage on the front. Probably better known to a lot of people simply as ‘Rice Pudding’, the product is made from Full Cream Milk, Skimmed Milk, Whey, Rice (9%) and sugar. I’m not a big fan of Rice in general but the Ambrosia Creamed Rice tastes sweet, fluffy and is really….er….. comforting, the comforting part probably comes from being given it as a child.(That or I’m mad) The manufacturer claims …‘since 1917, we’ve been capturing all the goodness of the West Country to make our Rice Pudding so creamy textured’. They also claim that milk is still delivered fresh to their Devon Creamery to make the Rice Pudding. Ambrosia Creamed Rice is essentially low in fat and it is suitable for vegetarians, it’s also rich in calcium and apparently there’s a glass and a half of milk in every 425g ...

State of Emergency (PS2) 27/03/2002

Call The Cops

State of Emergency (PS2) State of Emergency Playstation 2 Price Between £35 and £40 Depending where you go Rating 18 Let me start by saying that if graphic violence is not your thing then State of Emergency is not for you, it’s very graphic and very indiscriminate style of violence (for example throwing a hand grenade into a busy shopping mall) has upset quite a lot of people, with some states in America actually trying to ban the game, leading to it bearing at least 3 ‘Over 18s’ stickers when I bought my copy. The game is set, like so many others, in a dark corrupted future 2035, to be precise, run by the shadowy Corporation. You play one of 5 stereo typical characters, the bitter ex-cop, the token female in a short skirt, the muscle bound black man, the gold chain wearin’ gangsta’ and finally the skinny white guy who knows a bit about computers (all of which must have taken the developers at least 30 seconds to come up with). There are 5 different areas in which you can play within The Mall, Chinatown, The East Side and Corporation Central all of these are fairly large and well laid out and have nice touches throughout. There are two main types of game play, the loosely storyline driven Revolution mode and the Kill Fest that is Kaos (their spelling not mine) Mode. Revolution mode consists of you being given various tasks to do, invariably involving big guns explosions and lots and lots of fisticuffs, whilst Kaos mode is a timed ‘get to a certain score ...

Monty Python and The Holy Grail 2 Disc DVD 27/03/2002

Now Go Away Or I Shall Taunt You A Second Time

Monty Python and The Holy Grail 2 Disc DVD Monty Python and The Holy Grail 2 Disc Special Edition DVD Price £17.99 Now then, there’s a train of thought among some people that out of the two proper films the Python team made ‘The Life of Brian’ is better than ‘The Holy Grail’. I disagree. Having owned ‘The Holy Grail’ on a worn out old VHS copy for years I saw this DVD and just had to buy it. For those who don’t know (where have you been for the last 20 years) THG (as I will refer to it from now on to save time) is set in medieval time and follows the escapades of King Arthur as he searches for the aforementioned holy relic. Encountering along the way such classic characters as the Black Knight, The Knights who say ‘NI’, the Frenchman with the outrageous accent, Tim the Enchanter and of course the killer rabbit. Shot on a tiny budget the film still manages to look spectacular, which is something I hadn’t really noticed on my old grainy video copy (it has of course undergone the mandatory ‘Re-Mastering). One problem I have noticed with older films released onto DVD is that the extra features are usually a little thin on the ground, due to the fact that out takes and deleted scenes etc had been destroyed years ago. This release however is packed full of extras, the quality of which varies from excellent right through to the pointless. The full index is as follows: Disc 1 contains the film (obviously), subtitles for people who ...

U2 - Elevation 2001 - Live In Boston (DVD) 25/03/2002


U2 - Elevation 2001 - Live In Boston (DVD) U2 Elevation 2001 tour Live From Boston Limited edition double DVD Price 24.99 for a 2 Disc set I wouldn’t really say I was a massive U2 fan, I like the greatest hits C.D but I don’t own any of the regular Albums so I don’t know what attracted me to this DVD. The DVDs come in an expensive looking card box with the obligatory pull out / fold out inner bit and there is also a booklet to flick through. All in all a nicely put together package. This is all good and well I here you say but what about what’s actually on the discs then? Disc one is the main disc and has the concert itself on it and a “Making of” documentary. Disc 2 has all the bonus stuff on it…deep breath…The concert again but with a choice of viewing angles, Director cam (which shows the director going mental in his control room and calling all the shots etc), FanCam which is the view from some geezer with a dodgy hand held camera and finally the original disc 1 view. There is also a road movie that is basically a time lapsed filming of the stage being built. Disc 2 continues with 3 additional tracks ‘Beautiful day’ filmed on a roof in Dublin, ‘Elevation’ live taken from the first date in Miami and ‘Stuck in a moment’ Which is a montage from 3 different recordings. If that wasn’t enough you also get trailers for the Zoo TV and Pop Mart tours…Oh and the usual DVD And Web links and Screensavers. (I ...
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