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since 15/08/2000


Peugeot 106 1.1 23/05/2002

Excellent value-for-money motoring.

Birmingham Midshires 03/03/2002

This may be one to avoid.

Coventry Building Society 11/02/2002


Peugeot 406 1.8 10/09/2001

Superb family car

Motorpoint 10/09/2001

Absolutely fabulous place to buy a new car

Member Advice on Bereavement 11/07/2001

Bereavement is surely the deepest human emotion

MBO E-TRON 770 17'' 28/06/2001

Superb monitor fabulous value for money

Gateway EV700 17 in 28/06/2001

Nice monitor but poor reliability.

Gateway EV700 17 in I bought a Gateway EV-700 monitor just 14 months ago as part of a Gateway 650 Performance system. Whilst the PC system has been excellent, I have been very disappointed with ther monitor's reliability. The monitor itself gives an excellent picture. The visible screen size of 15.9 inches is great. The panel at the front of the screen to adjust the various screen parameters is quite flexible, and is hidden from view behild a nice spring loaded door. I thought it would be a good servant! HOWEVER - after just 14 months (2 months out of warranty!) - the screen started flickering, and the occasional "crack" somewhat like an electrical spark, gave cause for concern. A week later it gave one almighty "crack" and the screen went totally dead. The Gateway technical support people did not want to know when I contacted them. My local Gateway store from whom I bought the PC system basically said "hard luck - but we can supply you with a new monitor at £199.75 including VAT"!!! I rang several local Computer repair centres, who unanimously told me that regardless of what was wrong, monitors were not repairable!!! They all offered to sell me a new 17 inch monitor at prices ranging from £149 to £189. I visited several PC supermarkets, and decided that the best bet was a MBO e-Tron 770, available in Makro at £99.99 + VAT. Whilst the Gateway monitor had a 1-year warranty, the MBO has a 3-year warranty. I recommend that anyone buys this type of monitor at this type of price (see my views ...

Electrolux Premier Electric Kettle 25/06/2001

Striking design, superb safety features

Member Advice on Cut Flowers 21/06/2001

A little TLC will reap rewards

BT Anytime 12/06/2001

BT is simply the BEST ISP

AOL 04/05/2001


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