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Téo and Téa - Jean Michel Jarre 11/06/2009

if you like jean-michel jarre then you'll love this

Téo and Téa - Jean Michel Jarre the first time i heard this album i didn't know it was jean-michel jarre but just by listening i knew it was his work and as usual it was absolutly brilliant. go out and buy it, you wont regret it. a friend put this on to relax me and it surly did because this is the type of music that can be played either quietly or loud, it is such a clever piece of music, the album is totally cleverly put together. if you have never listened to jean-michel jarre then this is a good album to start of your love affair with him because in my opinion you will end up with a long enjoyed love of his work. jean-michel jarre has produced some beautiful mood enspireing works and if you have never listened to him he is definatly worth giving a try.
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