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Well, I am feeling alot better now. I have been to Tenerife with Shane and now need some inspiration to write again. Any suggestions?

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Aquafresh Fresh and Minty Toothpaste 30/11/2007

Cleean and Fresh!!!!

Aquafresh Fresh and Minty Toothpaste I love to have fresh breath and clean teeth so toothpaste is very important to me. I have always been a Colgate girl from the year dot, (well my dentist advised it when I was six years old), but when I became aware of the company's ethical policies, it was then that I choose Aquafresh toothpaste. I remember when Aquafresh was a toothpaste with only two stripes (blue and white) and the advert was set on a yacht (that was in the seventies), but now the advert has change dramatically as has the triple protection toothpaste. I love the advert of the perfect family in their pyjamas sing this corny song, whilst bruising their perfect white teeth. Believe it or nor, I am sad as I join in and sing along to the song too! The toothpaste in the Aquafresh, Fresh and Minty has two varieties. It provides complete care for all your oral hygiene needs. There is the Fresh & Minty with its blue and red gel stripes provides triple protection for clean strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. The red stripe helps to fights plaque, the white stripe helps to fights decay and the blue stripe freshens breath. The green Aqua fresh Mild & Minty with its green and red gel stripes has a mild mint taste and provides triple protection for clean strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. The three colours offer the use of three types of benefits to the user for their oral hygiene. I tend to use the green variety, as I like the taste. Fresh and Minty is a fluoride toothpaste and it also helps to ...

Dextro Energy 22/11/2007

A dancers dream

Dextro Energy Dextro Energy products (formerly Dextro Energen) were first introduced at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, Dextro now provides energy supplements for both athletes and busy people alike. In my younger days I was a dancer, dancing for many hours at a time in my youth, ballet, tap, modern stage, ballroom and Latin American, disco, jazz ballet and contemporary dance to name but a few styles and often I would need an energy fix and my ballet teacher, April advised that I tried Dextro Energy tablets. In those days you could get only orange or original flavours. I favoured the orange ones and a packet was usually found in my dance bag. (My friends tried mine and like them so much they went out and brought packets for themselves). The long established Dextro product comes in a convenient tablet form that I prefer, which makes them handy to carry in the pocket of a sports bag or handbag and also easy to consume. There is 80% dextrose in these tablets and this is the only substance that the brain can absorb directly, thus stimulating the recipient. These glucose tablets are devised and developed to provide an instant source of energy for both mental and physical activity. I found that they really worked for me and gave me that boost when I was flagging. The Dextro range is produced in a factory in Krefeld, Germany and has been producing the pressed tablets for many years. Dextro believes that they are the dextrose tablet leaders. In Germany they have 60% of the dextrose tablet ...

Top 10 Animals 16/11/2007

Did Noah Have these animals in the Ark?

Top 10 Animals *Cats (domestic)* I have two British Short-Haired cats. They are both rescued cats from Wood Green Animal Centre, Godmanchester. I have had Max for six years. He is a tabby with only five teeth. Max was very frightened when Shane and I got him, as he had been in the cattery for about a year. No one wanted Max as he was viscous and would scratch anyone who came near. The kennel maids even wore gauntlets to handle him! When we saw him he was in a kennel on his own as he bullied the other cats. We felt sorry for him and asked to have a look. Were told that he would not be suitable but we were insistent. When the door opened he jumped into my arms and then into Shane's. Yes, he chose us and now he is very cuddly, loves strokes and very rarely bites or scratches. JJ is a black and white cat, which we got eighteen months ago. He is now two and two months old. He loves going out and hunting in the wood, outside our house, but that was totally different from the cat that we brought home on that Maundy Thursday. He was then a kitten who had been brought up in flat. He had been allowed to do everything on the kitchen work surfaces, yes I mean everything; eating and dirt tray. JJ was a fast leaner and soon found where we keep our ionising dirt tray, (very few nasty smells) and to eat out of a bowl in our kitchen but this time on the floor. He was agoraphobic though and it took a few weeks for him to discover the outdoors. First he looked out of the French windows and later he ...

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes 10/11/2007

Pure and Simply wipes

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are soft, scent free and are white. They remove make up and even waterproof mascara, and they are easy to use on the most the delicate skin such as around the eyes. They are ideal for cleaning the skin in the region of the hairline when you have home dyed your hair. It removes the hair dye very easily. The difference that these wipes have made to my skin is amazing after using them. *The Brand* It is a well-established brand and well tried and trusted in the beauty industry. The first 'Simple' product produced in 1960, was a bar of soap. It was the first soap to be colour and perfume free, hence 'Simple', and Simple has maintained this philosophy with its products ever since. In the following 47 years, Simple has produced and maintains to produce a number of skin care products following the 'Simple' philosophy. In 1978 Simple introduce its first cleanser, toner and moisturisering products to the market. Over the following years, magazine and television advert appeared. Then in 1992, Simple began to move away from the medical aspects of this product and started to expand into the toiletries market, but being kind to the skin. The range grew over the next few years and the brand became more mainstream. The 'noughties' saw the launch of the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. Did you know that 6000 packets are sold every day of this product? *How they work* Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes have a 3 in 1 cleansing action and also ...

Bertolli Olive Oil 03/11/2007

A Virgin's Dream!

Bertolli Olive Oil As a person who worries about my health, I tend to choose olive oil when I cook for its taste and quality. It is great for cooking sauces, but remember not to burn olive oil, as it does taste bitter. Extra virgin olive oil is not suitable for cooking chips in the deep fat fryer! Bertolli Olive Oil is my choice of olive oil, but why? Well, I tend to enjoy the variety of oils in this range and the fact that it tastes better than other ranges. Olive oil is at the heart of most Mediterranean diet and is the key to genuine Italian eating and living. Olive oil is the basis to the simple pleasures of great food and good company, the crucial to the taste of an Italian life style. Bertolli Olive Oil is something special and helps to bring this lifestyle to you everyday as it does to me. According to the advertising 'every bottle of Bertolli oil is carefully selected from high quality olive oils to perfectly enhance the nature of food'. The oil range has a wide selection of flavour that can meet with any taste and cooking need. It seems to encapsulate the Italian enthusiasm for food. To get the best from the olive it needs to be an amalgamation of nature and mans learning or 'a perfect balance of cultivation and taste.' Bertolli olives are grown beneath the Mediterranean sun and then harvested at a moment before full ripeness, to give them that special 'Bertolli' flavour! November is when harvesting commences and continues until February, but this is of course ...

Slimming World 30/10/2007

Shane is a beached whale!

Slimming World Ever felt bloated and fat? Want to go on a diet, but every time you do after a couple of weeks you want to eat a chocolate bar and then another and soon find you have left your diet well in the past? Then I may have a solution for you. It is Slimming World. Yes, you may laugh, but it does work. I decided that I needed to loose weight when I found I was wearing size 18 clothes. Shane my hubby joined at the same time but he was very sceptical. We had just been to South American and the pictures of us showed us to be huge. So BANG we needed to do something about it and my friend was Food Optimising and loosing weight, so I thought I would give it a go. I dragged Shane along under protest! Firstly, Slimming World looks to food optimising, rather than a rigid diet. 'Food Optimising offers no false hopes or weird theories. Food Optimising is based on sound, healthy-eating principles.' We go to a local group on a Monday evening from 5.30pm till 7pm. There are many classes round the country at various times in the day, so there is a class for everyone. To find out where you nearest class is go to and you need to type in your post-code and the details of your local groups will be displayed. Then make your choice. The joining fee is currently £10 from the 3rd November 2007, but from time to time there are deals where the joining fee is halved or waived altogether. The class fees are currently £4.50 a week or if you are a senior citizen then the fee is ...

Do you believe in life after death? 12/08/2006

Need for agod Philosophical considerations of God

Do you believe in life after death? There are four arguments for the existence of |God: The Design Argument The Moral Argument The Ontological Argument The First Cause Argument These arguments need to be addressed if one wishes to consider life after death. The Design Argument The Design Argument states that the universe has order, purpose and regularity. It regards the universe as a complex design and also implies that the universe has designer, and infers this is the 'Cosmic Designer'. Traditionally this creator's name is God. "There is evidence of order and design - evidence that a master architect has been at work." - (Hosper 1997:216) Aquinas notes that things in nature act for the sake of an end even though they lack awareness and concludes that there must be an intelligent being, whom we call 'God', by whom all natural things are directed (Honderich 1995:44). There are two points to the design argument. Design qua regularity looks at design relating to order and the regularity of the Universe (St. Thomas Aquinas 1224/5:74) 'Aquinas believes that it is possible for us to reach these truths without the aid of revelation, by arguing in particular on the basis of the facts of common experience, such as the existence of motion in the world' (Honderich 1995:44) Design qua purpose looks at the evidence of design as relating to the ways the parts of the universe appears to fit together for some purpose (William Paley 1743-1805). Arguments against the design argument, humans do not have ...

One If By Land, New York 28/03/2005

An English Vegan in New York

One If By Land, New York I visited this restaurant on 29th April for my 11th wedding anniversary. I am a vegan vegetarian and my hotel had booked my husband and I into this restaurant for that special meal. Apparently it is hard to get reservations at One if by Land, Two if by Sea and I understand from time to time there is a waiting list. One if by Land, Two if by Sea restaurant seats up to one hundred and forty dinners. So you can see it is popular. We were also told that it was not cheap! It is situated in down town Greenwich Village, just off of Seventh Avenue and is open Monday to Friday: 5:30pm - 11:00pm Saturday and Sunday: 5:15pm - 11:00pm whilst the Bar opens at 4:00pm daily. We choose to eat at 8pm and our dinning experience was unhurried and lasted almost four hours. (The speed of the meal was our choice and not governed by the restaurant or the staff). I was getting really excited. The Executive Chef is Gary Volkov. I had heard of him! We were unsure what to expect and had only read the description from the concierge’s guidebook. At One if by Land, Two if by Sea the dinner experiences wonderful, enjoying seasonal American cuisine fused with French cuisine in an 18th century landmark carriage house formerly owned by Aaron Burr. Flickering candle lights and live piano music enhance the colonial atmosphere. The restaurant only offers a three-course, prix-fixed menu for $63, seven nights a week. The menu does change seasonally and it is always full of aphrodisiacs like raw ...

Top 5 Things I Do When Home Alone for the Night 15/03/2005

My special time!!!

Top 5 Things I Do When Home Alone for the Night I have a strange liking for doing the most mundane things in the evening. I have been known to clean the bathroom or tidy my jewellery, but I have list below my most typical and regular activities. I am usually not alone at night as Shane is nearly always in, as he is my carer and I need constant supervision due to my illnesses. I do like my own space though so I make time to be in another room away from Shane. Usually Mig (the dog) will follow me about, even into the bathroom so being totally alone is hard. Dinner: Shane usually cooks a meal for us both. I often have Bombay Potatoes and rice, but I love a veggie roast dinner too. Shane is a good cook and usually serves my meal with a glass of wine or fruit juice depending on the mood of the evening. He is a good cook and I am very lucky to have him. I will feed Shaggie and Mig (our dogs) as their dinnertime is six pm and they give you no rest until it is done. Max the cat will ask me to feed him around five pm and then he goes to sleep in the lounge whilst we eat our meal in peace. We rarely eat alone but sometimes I will eat at my beloved ‘puter or if ill have a snack in bed whilst Shane is downstairs eating at the table. Surf the Internet: I spend about half of my evening (and most of the day if allowed) surfing the Internet! I only break for Eastender and Fastscape. My study is small and very crowded so I have to be alone there. I regularly visit websites such at Ciao but that goes without saying. I love ...

Avon Cellu-Sculpt 02/02/2005

I DID the Test Myself!

Avon Cellu-Sculpt n the early summer of 2003 Avon introduced Cellu-Sculpt anti cellulite cream to the general public, created by expert bio-scientists and a team of fifty people over a three-year period. It is claimed by Avon that Avon Cellu-sculpt will help to minimize the spongy, dimpled look that cellulite gives to the mature woman. You, younger ladies do not have to worry about such things! (Lucky you). I have found that this cream has helped with my cellulite. Being the sceptic that I am, I thought I would put it to the test myself. My test involved using leg as a guinea pig and the other as a control. For four week I creamed the test thigh religiously whilst leaving the other leg alone, (poor thing). I started to see an improvement in the skin tone of the test leg after this period. I actually had leaner, firmer, slimmer thigh. I needed to do something about this inconsistency of the control leg; Avon Cellu-Sculpt was applied liberally whilst the test leg was left to its own devices as control leg caught up. If you want to show off a smoother firmer body it is worth giving this cream a try. Avon Cellu-Sculpt cream is found within the Avon Solutions range of skin care products. A tube usually last 3-4 months. It is also lanolin free. I am still using it and although I have put on weight I would like to report that legs are not too bad! ** How to Use** Apply the white thick cream and massage into the skin for five minutes twice daily. It is non-greasy and quick drying so ...

Thistle Hotel, London 12/09/2004

Is This Really Value For Money?

Thistle Hotel, London My one and only experience of a Thistle hotel was that of The Selfridges Hotel and if this is an example of this chain then I will not be using it again. I choose to stay at The Selfridge Hotel, mainly by name and reputation alone. The Selfridge Hotel is described as being ‘a deluxe hotel in the heart of London’. My expectations did not live up to what I actually received for my money. Yes, Shane and I were met by a doorman, and ushered into a sumptuous lobby where were greeted by a friendly female receptionist. It was noon and we were not to check in till 2pm. She explained this to us but did the check in paper work and told us to leave our luggage with the porters. This would leave us free to go shopping or exploring. There was no trouble checking in our luggage and we were given a ticket to allow us to collect our belongings later that day. So far everything had gone smoothly… It then changed. I was using my wheelchair, but need the toilet. I was told there were no disabled toilet avalible for public/residential use anywhere in the hotel. The female toilets were on the first floor and then up some steps. No good for anyone wheelchair bound, luckily I had my crutches so Shane helped me. We had booked a non-smoking executive room and went back for the key at 5pm allowing the housekeeping to make up our room satisfactorily, or so we thought. Granted it was on one of the business floors but it was the same as a standard room. It consisted of one ...

Top 10 Foods 26/07/2004

Do you think I like potatoes?

Top 10 Foods Here is a list of my Top Ten Foods. They are in no specific order as my choices vary from day today but the foods listed will come out on top at present. I think that you will guess potatoes are my favourite vegetable and you will therefore find a lot of potato dishes listed in my Top Ten. I hope it makes you a hungry as it made me writing this opinion! *Mexican Fajitas* I love roasted Mediterranean vegetables, chargrilled pepper and onion coated in a spicy garlic sauce rolled with lettuce and tomato salsa in a thin flour tortilla wrap. There is a wonderful restaurant in Looe bay, Cornwall called Pepe’s that makes wonderful Mexican Fajitas, served with rice and salad, yummy. *Roast Potatoes* I love freshly roasted potatoes seasoned with ample salt and pepper and cooked in oil. I tend to parboil my peeled potatoes first before plunging them into an oven pan of hot olive oil and roasting for up to one hour, basting regularly until golden brown. I love to eat them with Yorkshire puddings and a crispy salad. My mouth is watering. This is what I eat most Sunday’s when Shane and I go out for lunch. *Toast* A simple one to finish. Sliced of grilled thick cut, white bread spread with lashings of creamy real butter not margarine or low fat spread, (I cannot stand it). I prefer my toast cold though rather than hot, but either way you choose your toast it is a lovely snack any time of the day or night. It is almost 2am but I think I will have ...

Avon Glimmer Stick 05/07/2004

Now NO need for pencil sharpeners!

Avon Glimmer Stick ‘Anything for an easy life’, that is one of the philosophies that I use to live my life. I like a stress free life. Easier said than done. This is even applied when it comes to wearing make up. I wonder if you realise that Avon produces a series of pencils, which do not require sharpening. They are part of the Avon Colour range of make up and have been avalible for purchase for over five years now. This is known as automatic delivery. Yes, that is right, you do not need a pencil sharpener at all and therefore there is no mess at the bottom of your make-up bag! They are known as Retractable Glimmersticks. There is a wide selection of colours for all tastes and they are very durable product on the face. These sticks are very compact and ideal to have in the make-up bag. The pencils are packaged in a navy blue plastic surround with a plastic blue lid. Again, no mess in the bottom of the make-up bag. It also allows the pencil to remain hygienically clean too. These sticks are easy to apply and do not smudge too easily. They are also not hard or brittle when cold either unlike other conventional cosmetic pencils. I personally think they are great for women who are not overly confident about to using conventional cosmetic pencils as they are softer and you can also control the point of the pencil too. I found these Avon Glimmersticks were ideal to use on stage due to their bold colours. **Colours** The Avon Retractable Glimmersticks are designed not only ...

Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Elbow and Foot Cream 03/07/2004

Smell and Feel Wonderful!

Avon Planet Spa African Shea Butter Elbow and Foot Cream Planet Spa is an Avon range, which was first introduced to the skincare collection in late 2003 and features Mediterranean Olive Oil (‘Indulge yourself with Mediterranean magic’), South Pacific Sea (‘Treat yourself from the bounty of the sea’), White Tea (‘Nurture your skin with the wisdom of the Orient’) and African Shea (‘A traditional way to pamper and moisture the skin’). There is something there for everyone who wishes to try. I feel that the African Shea range, allows you to pamper your body, from head to toes in a beautiful manner. It is a way and means to feel a million dollars anytime of the day or night whilst pampering and protecting your body at the same time. Now what could be better? The African Shea range of products includes, Brown Sugar Body Scrub: a gentle exfoliant, Claming Moisture Mask: an intensive and soothing facial treatment, Hand and Body Cuticle cream: used to treat the hands, Lip Balm: a cream that protects and nourishes the lips, Whipped Body Balm: an ultra rich moisturising body cream, as well as the product I am going to talk about, Foot and Elbow Cream with AHA. Yes, you can have this type of sexy extravagance with this Avon range without having to rob a bank. Yummy! This is how I feel when I hear the name of this product or just smell the contents in the jar. Yes, you too can treat yourself to a little bit of luxury every day. Avon’s Plant Spa African Shea Foot and Elbow cream with ...

Everything that starts with E ... 01/07/2004

ElizaF's Ciao Challenge!

Everything that starts with E ... This is a challenge that was devised ElizaF, she says; ‘This is a simple 25 questions on people's ways and means of using Ciao. I hope it will be fun to do and interesting to read. Leave a note in my GB when you complete the survey. I know I will really enjoy reading people's answers.’ Why not have a go yourself? It is fun. 1. Full name: Louise is my real name but I am often known as Wulise. You do not want to know my surname, as it is a mouthful, double barred. Yes, I know, posh or what? 2. Ciao Username: I have been known as wulise for many years now. Wulise came about because my nieces could not say Louise. It always came out as Wulise from their young mouths. Also as a child I was known as Wheezy Lou. Wulise has just stuck. 3. Date when you joined the Ciao community: I joined Ciao ion the 11th July 2000. It was when you could earn 50p for writing an opinion. I did not actually start writing until the October. I was made to feel very welcome by Manx (if any of you remember him). 4. Why did you join Ciao? I joined because of the monitory incentive, I cannot tell a lie. Like I mentioned before, 50p per opinion was a great encouragement. 5. Are you a member of any other review sites? I have written for Dooyoo, Big Rag, U Rate It and Mouth Shut, but not recently. My user name is Wulise on all sites. For me though Ciao is the best site. I love going to meets, belonging to Yahoo groups, just generally love the community spirit. 6. ...
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