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My Very Own Potty!: A Potty Book for Girls - Gail Herman 09/02/2011

=More For The Stickers=

My Very Own Potty!: A Potty Book for Girls - Gail Herman I usually write reviews splitting them into sections, but I thought that I would write this review explaining how this book encouraged my Daughter to use the potty! As many parents know, potty training can be quite hard depending on your child. Just after my Daughter’s first birthday, I saw this book in a local shop. It was only £2, so I thought that I would buy it for her, as she loves books. The book also said that it includes a reward chart with stickers, and as she loves stickers, I thought that this would be great. Flicking through the book in the shop, I knew instantly that the book is aimed at your child and not you. Many parents nowadays resort to books or the Internet on how to handle certain childhood stages such as, weaning, tantrums and potty training itself. I have always been a parent who strongly believes that every child is different, and reading books on parenting in my eyes is ridiculous. Nobody can tell you how to deal with your own child. I taught my Daughter things in my own way in ways I know that she will listen and that she will enjoy. (I’m going completely off track now and I best sop before this develops into a full-blown moan fest!) Anyway… The book is aimed at your child, for them to look through themselves. It is for ages 1 year and up, and obviously children at his age cannot read, but the pictures in the book are very detailed and catchy to children, that they notice the pictures and pay attention to them. The book starts with a Mummy ...

Mega Bloks 8242: 200 Piece Maxi Bag 06/02/2011

~Mega Bloks are Mega Fun~

Mega Bloks 8242: 200 Piece Maxi Bag WHAT ARE MEGA BLOKS Mega Bloks are a building block designed for toddlers and children by American based company, Mega Brands Incorporated. Some people say that Mega Bloks are a ‘cheap version of Lego’. This is not exactly true. The smaller Mega Bloks aimed at older infants look exactly like Lego bricks, but are not exactly a cheaper version. They are basically a building block by a different company. Lego has filed a lot of lawsuits against Mega Brands for copying their product. This has been happening for years, Lego has never been successful due to the fact that the bricks are classed as a patent and not a trademark, and that Lego’s patents had expired when Mega Bloks were released. The one thing that sets Mega Bloks aside from Lego is that they don’t just have the tiny building blocks, like Lego, but they have much larger blocks aimed at toddlers, which is what I am reviewing. WHY DID I BUY THEM At Christmas, I really wanted some building blocks for my Daughter, and I knew that Mega Bloks would be the perfect thing, as they have specially designed pink blocks for girls and much larger blocks, which are easier to handle by toddlers. I didn’t want Lego as their products are too small for toddlers and therefore pose as a choking hazard. This bag is aimed at children ages 1 year and over. WHAT’S IN THE BAG I bought my Daughter the 200-piece pack, as this is a good amount for her to have. The blocks are 4 different colours of purple, pink, white and blue, which are ...

Orange Rio 01/02/2011

~Oh, Rio Rio is not so Grande~

Orange Rio When my old contract ran out I renewed it but switched over to Orange from T–Mobile. I got the Sony Ericson Xperia Mini, but it later messed up just a few weeks after getting it. The guarantee wouldn’t fix it and no shops had any parts available for the phone, as it was too new. So, as I cannot cope without a phone, I searched the Internet for a decent, affordable mobile on the orange network, until I could get my phone fixed. I came across the Orange Rio, which stated to be an ‘affordable phone based upon a blackberry’. The reviews seemed good, so I went ahead and bought it. The phone came in a small black box. Inside was the mobile phone itself, a charger, user manual, guarantee and the sim card with a free £10 top up. As the manufacturers state, this phone does look like a blackberry. It is the same shape and size as the typical blackberry mobile phone. The screen is a touch screen and also features a full QWERTY keypad, as does the blackberry, along with a main centre button above this, along with the typical green and red ‘phone’ buttons. My phone is pink, with a black frame around the screen. The sides of the mobile are silver, and again it is pink at the back. You can also get this phone in black if you want to. MAIN SCREEN On your main screen, there is a little side menu featuring widgets. These are things like a clock or radio which you can drag onto your screen, so you do not have to go through your menu to find hem, you can access them from your main screen. ...

Magical Fairy Wallpaper Border 27/01/2011

~Perfect For A Princess~

Magical Fairy Wallpaper Border WHAT IS MAGICAL FAIRY WALLPAPER BORDER Magical Fairy wallpaper border is a self-adhesive children’s border for decorating. It is made by H-A Interiors, who are a company who specialize in self-adhesive wallpaper borders and decorative products. They are said to be Europe’s leading providers in self-adhesive borders. They are based in Northumberland in England, and were established in 1947. H-A Interiors manufactures many well-known wallpaper brands, and also have their own labels, including Readyroll borders, which is their own brand of self-adhesive borders, which includes Magical Fairy border. WHY DID I BUY MAGICAL FAIRY BORDER One night I decided to browse the internet to see if I could find any nice children’s wallpapers, as there aren’t that many nice ones in shops near me. They stock TV Character wallpapers or 2 or 3 girly wallpapers which didn’t interest me, and all shops, including B&Q, Wilkinson’s, B and M Bargains and even a specialized wallpaper shop in my town centre seem to stock the same 3 girly wallpapers, which is why I resorted to the internet. I ended up on Ebay searching little girl’s wallpapers and I saw many offers for Magical Fairy border, and decorative stickers, which matched. I instantly fell in love with how cute and girly the border and stickers were, that I saved the item in my watch list on Ebay. At the time I was in a private house waiting for a council house. My luck finally came a week before Christmas and after New Year we moved into our ...

Family Game Night 3 (PS3) 14/01/2011

~21st Century Board Game~

Family Game Night 3 (PS3) Basic Information Family Game Night is a video game, which brings classic board games to life on your TV. This edition is the 3rd in the series. The first in the series, released in 2008, features Battleship, Yahtzee, Connect 4, Boggle and Sorry Sliders. The second in the series, released in 2009, features Operation, Jenga, Pictureka, Bop It and Connect 4. This latest edition features Game Of Life, Yahtzee, Cluedo, Mouse Trap and Twister. All 3 editions are available on the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. Published by EA. Released in October 2010. For Ages 3+ Hasbro Hasbro is an American born toy and board game company. It is one of the most popular toy/board game makers in the world. Hasbro was founded in the 1920’s selling school supplies and stationary. It then went on to release it’s first toy, which where nurse and doctor kits in the 1940’s. They then released Mr Potato Head in the 1950’s, which became a massive hit and put the company on the map. Hasbro then went on to produce many more hit toys including, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Transformers. In the 1980’s the company bought MB Games, which then brought many popular board games under the Hasbro name, including Game Of Life, Twister and Snakes and Ladders. They later went on to buy Playskool, popular for creating many educational toys for babies and children. In the 1990’s Hasbro went on to buy the British toy brand of Parker Brothers, the owners of Monopoly and Cluedo, now making Monopoly, the most successful board ...

Talking Tom Cat (iPhone Application) 29/12/2010

~Fun Ap For Children~

Talking Tom Cat (iPhone Application) WHAT IS IT AND WHAT DOES IT DO Talking Tom Cat is an application for your mobile. It features a grey animated cat, which does a few different things, to ‘entertain you’. Speak To Him You can speak to the cat and he will put his hand behind his ear as if he is listening to you, and then he will repeat what you have said in a high pitched voice. Pet And Stroke Him You can stroke the cat on his head and body by simply stroking your finger over your screen. He cat will close his eyes and purr whilst you stroke him. Poke Him If you tap the cat anywhere on his body, this acts as if you are hitting him, which make slapping noises, and the cat will make ‘ow’, ‘urgh’, ‘argh’ sounds and hold his body where he is hurt. If you hit him long enough, you will knock him do the floor. Pull His Tail If you tap his tail, he will say ‘ow’ and swipe his tail away from you with an angry look on his face and his arms folded, to show you that he is not happy. Leave Him Alone If you leave him alone for a minute or so, he will do a big yawn or sneeze. His tends to happen when you leave I on and forget to turn the application off. There are a couple of little buttons at the side of he screen when the application is open, which lets you do a few other things when pressed, these are : Give Him A Drink A small cup shaped button enables you o give he cat a glass of milk, which he really enjoys, as you can ell by he big ‘ummm’ sound he makes after drinking it all. Scratch A small paw shaped ...

I Love Animals - Roger Priddy 13/12/2010

~I Love Animals, And So Does My Daughter~

I Love Animals - Roger Priddy My Daughter loves books, especially ones with lots of pictures in. It was recently her 2nd birthday, so I decided to buy her a load of new books, as all her old ones are quite babyish for her age now. So out shopping, I spotted this book, I Love Animals by Priddy Books, and knew she would love it, as at the moment, she loves naming animals from pictures or on TV, or even in the street, and enjoys making their sounds! So I knew that this would be an ideal book her. PRIDDY BOOKS Roger Priddy founded Priddy Books, specially aimed at babies, toddlers and young children. Babies’ books are usually cloth books, with bold colours and usually include touch and feel in their books, to stimulate senses. Toddler’s books are usually board books. These aim to help develop vocabulary through first words and pictures of everyday objects and experiences. The young children books feature wipe-clean materials, so that children can do activities over and over again. These aim to improve motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination in learning to write and draw by copying pictures and letters. Roger Priddy makes all his books with simple, bold and eye-catching designs to capture children’s minds, and also likes to design his books to stimulate your child’s curiosity, encourage their imagination and help to develop their learning. Priddy Books has won many awards including: Practical Pre-School Award Baby Book Award Scholastic Best Book Betty Bookmark Baby Book Of The Year Booktrust Early Years ... 03/12/2010

~Saving Money By Shopping, What A Great Idea~ WHAT IS KIDSTART When my Daughter was born, like every other baby, she was given a government grant of £250. This is to put into a Trust Fund for her which she can only access when she turns 18. I chose Family Investments, mainly because my sister has my nephew’s trust fund with them and their features and interest were ideal. A few months after opening my Daughter’s trust fund, I received an email from Family Investments informing me about a new website called Kidstart. In an eggshell, Kidstart is a cash back website. It is aimed at parent’s who have a trust fund for their child. They can sign up, shop online through the website at many popular stores, and earn a percentage of what you spend back, to put into your child’s trust fund. THE WEBSITE The homepage for the website sports he Kidstart logo which is Kidstart, the smart way to save for children. There is a large banner welcoming you to the website and a link to register on the site. Before registering, you can have a look around the website at the different stores and what percentage of cash back you can receive. I did this, as if it was only low percentages for every site, I wouldn’t sign up, but a lot of their cash back percentages are decent, which I will go into later, so I agreed to sign up. The left hand side of he web page is a search box, where you can search for a particular retailer. Under this is a list of categories of different online stores. These are, High Street, Most Popular, Automotive, Banking & ...

Supernatural - Complete Season 1 (DVD) 26/11/2010

~Demons, Ghosts and Other Odd Beings ~

Supernatural - Complete Season 1 (DVD) I am a big horror/supernatural fan when it comes to movies, so when I saw the Supernatural TV show advertise back in 2005; I knew it was something that I was definitely going to be watching. I was excited that there was a new horror TV show starting, as at the time it was all comedies and dramas that were on the TV. On the day it was piloted, I sat down to watch it and was instantly hooked. He first episode starts with a bang, and from this you need to keep watching to find out what you need to know. I was instantly hooked, and looked forward to the next week’s episode. The show premiered in September 2005. The UK was about 6 weeks behind the US. Created By Eric Kripke. No very well known until he created Supernatural. Has since worked on the films Boogeyman and Boogeyman 2, but Supernatural is he show which has put him into limelight. Starring Jared Padalecki. He made his name in the Gilmore Girls TV series, in 2000. He went on to star in Supernatural, which helped him to get roles in a few films. Some include House Of Wax and Friday The 13th. Jensen Ackles. I recognised Jensen’s face as soon as I saw him. He played a heartthrob in the teen series Sweet Valley High in the early 90’s. I used to love this show, so instantly knew who Jensen was. He is a lot more well known than Jared, and has starred in a lot of well known TV shows, including, Days Of Our Lives, Dark Angel and Dawson’s Creek. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jeffrey plays the Dad. When I first saw him he looked just ...

Typhoo One Cup Teabags 24/11/2010

~Water Bags~

Typhoo One Cup Teabags WHAT IS TYPHOO TEA Typhoo Tea was established in Birmingham, England by John Sumner Jr. He had taken over a pharmacy/grocery store from his father and grandfather, and created a tea to sell in the store, after his sister commented on the calming effects of tea. In 2005, Surrendra Group bought it from Premier Foods for £80 million, who then created The Typhoo Tea Company. WHY DID I BUY TYPHOO TEA I love a good cup of tea. Very strong, with 2 sugars, I love sitting down in the morning with a hot cuppa. I have bought the 200 pack, which is in a red box. It sports the Typhoo logo which is Typhoo written in white, with a green circle and a tealeaf resting on top of the writing. The packaging doesn’t really catch your eye, and to be honest I only bought them due to the fact that they were £1 in B and M Bargains. On opening the box, the tea bags are in 4 separate foil packs of 50 tea bags. WHAT IS IT LIKE I boil the kettle and pop in my 2 sugars. He kettle boils so I pour my boiling water on to my tea bag. Usually, your water turns a dark brown colour, but with these, it turns a rather transparent brown. I don’ like this fact, as now I know the tea bags are not going to be strong. I stir it a around a little bit before adding my milk o try to get a bit more flavour into the water, but this doesn’t’ happen. I think, maybe it might not be as bad when I add my milk. Now I like a strong tea, where the colour is a healthy looking brown, what I would consider to be a proper colour ...

Avon Kids Super Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoo Fine Hair 17/11/2010

~Apples, Apples, Apples~

Avon Kids Super Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoo Fine Hair I became an Avon representative a few months ago, as I needed a bi of extra cash, and I really like their products. I had never previously used any of Avon’s children’s products, but my Daughter had run out of shampoo, so I decided I’d try their own. THE BOTTLE The design has changed since the picture used for the review. It is a 250ml sized yellow bottle. It has he Avon Kids logo, which is KIDS, spelt in squares of different colours. It has a monkey washing its hair and holding a bottle of he shampoo. It also states the flavour with a picture of apples. A cute design for a children’s product. WHY DID I BUY THE SHAMPOO The shampoo is a 2-in-1 for fine hair. To be honest, I didn’t buy it because my daughter has fine hair; I bought it for the flavour. I have always loved children’s fruity shampoos, as they smell great. I used to beg my mum to buy me the Garnier ones out at the time when I was about 8, they cost about £5 at the time, which is quite dear for children’s shampoo, although you don’t notice that when you are one! You could get Bubblegum, Watermelon, Kiwi, Strawberry, Banana and loads more. I loved them. Anyway, once I had my Daughter, who is now 2 in a few weeks, I was getting bored of 2 years of Johnson’s baby shampoo, which lost its scent on me. So out shopping I spotted a Strawberry and Raspberry shampoo in Home Bargains, which I bought to try. It was so lovely smelling, and it reminded me of being little, I decided I’d be buying her that one from now on. ...

Party Time - Emily Hawkins 24/02/2010

~Read The Songs~

Party Time - Emily Hawkins What Is Party Time Party Time! is a board book which features a selection of children's classic nursery rhymes. It is by Amazing Baby, who specialize in board books for babies aged 0 months to 24 months. They are well known for their chunky board books for little ones, with the little pink cartoon baby face logo. Their books can be recognized by having a black square on the front cover with 'Amazing Baby' and the book title written inside it in chunky white writing, and also, usually have a black and white picture of a baby, or the cartoon baby face. Why Did I Buy It Last Christmas, somebody bought my Daughter the Christmas version of this, but she was only 3 weeks old, so it was put in a drawer and re-wrapped for Christmas just gone. I was out Christmas shopping, when I spotted the Party Time! version, and thought it would be nice to get as she already had the Christmas one. The Party Time! book is the latest, and only the fourth sing-along book by Amazing Baby. The Book The front cover is very bright and attractive. It features the black square on the front, alng with the cartoon baby face, wearing a party hat. There is baloons and a picture of a birthday cake. You can see half of the CD through the front cover, so you automatically know that the book features a CD. Opening up the front cover, the inside cover features the cartoon baby face, and a flap, which is stuck down by a small green sticker. This is where you can get the CD out of the cover. Little babies ...

LeapFrog My Pal Violet 08/02/2010

~Me and My Pal, Violet~

LeapFrog My Pal Violet What Is My Pal Violet My Pal Violet is an interactive soft puppy by Leapfrog. Leapfrog are a very popular children's toy company, who specialize in 'technology' toys, such as children's laptops, portable computers and more. Violet can be personalized to say your child's name and favourite items, such as colour, food and animal. It also boasts a British accent! Why Did I Buy Her I bought this for my Daughter, who was 12 months old, for Christmas just gone. The thing that caught my eye was that it was interactive, and can be personalised to say your child's name. The box said that it can spell your child's name, so I thought that it would be a great item for my Daughter who is just learning to talk and saying her own name. What Does She Look Like Violet is a very cute looking teddy. She is mainly a violet colour (!), with darker purple ears and cream belly and paws. She has a dark purple circle around one of her eyes, and a big happy smile, with her tongue hanging out, which makes her look very cute and friendly. She has a pink collar on with the numbers 1 to 10 written all the way around it in white. There is also a bone shaped name tag with 'Violet' written in white. This flashes when Violet speaks. How Do You Personalise Her Internet connection is needed to personalise Violet. To personalise Violet, you just open up a pouch on her back, this is made of Velcro. A small pod, where the batteries are stored slips out very easily. This is where the USB slot is. ...

Fisher Price Stroll-Along Walker 25/01/2010

~Mummy's Little Mummy~

Fisher Price Stroll-Along Walker Hiya, this is Staz (ex red member!) on a new account, I haven’t been on Ciao for over a year now, because as some of you know, I had a baby! Last time I logged into Ciao, I had 3 weeks to go, and now she is nearly 14 months old lol! How time flies. Anyway, I am so used to writing entertainment reviews, and now I can finally write about different stuff, so here goes… What Is The Stroll-Along Walker The Fisherprice Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker is a baby walker (!) in the style of a pram. Very cute for little girls just learning to walk, this walker has a wide, sturdy base, and easy to grasp handle, which help to steady your baby whilst playing and learning to walk. It also encourages role play Why Did I Buy It My Daughter was at the stage of walking around the furniture, and I really wanted to buy my Daughter a doll’s pram, but they all start from around the age of 3 years. Whilst out shopping one day, I spotted this. It was a walker in the style of a doll’s pram, and was from the age of just 9 months, which is how old my Daughter was at the time. So, perfect! Getting It Home The walker comes flat packed and is light enough to carry. You have to build the pram yourself, which is pretty easy. Most of the large parts just need a good push to click them together securely. The wheels have small screw-like bits to help secure them. There is the odd fiddly bit with the small parts, and you may need to be quite strong to push the pieces together perfectly, but not the ...

Discipline - Janet Jackson 17/03/2008

~Decade Of Discipline~

Discipline - Janet Jackson Who Is Janet Jackson Just in case anybody out there doesn't know already! Janet Jackson , born May 16th 1966 in Gary, Indiana, is the youngest of 9, very famous children, the most famous being The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. Even though all of her 6 brothers were the very famous boy band, The Jacksons, Janet is the most famous, and successful woman in her family, and the 2nd most famous of her siblings, Michael obviously being the first. Janet first shot to fame as an actress at age 7 on The Jacksons Variety Show with 5 of her older brothers, the original Jackson 5, and her 2 older sisters, before appearing in several well known American sitcoms. She launched her singing career in 1982 with 'Young Love' in America, and in 1985 with 'The Power Of Love' with Cliff Richard in the UK. Her first successful hit worldwide was 1986, with 'What Have You Done For Me Lately', which was her first number 1, and is one of her most well known releases. Since then she has released a further 54 solo singles, 32 being number 1 hits, although she has never had a number 1 hit in the UK! Some of her most well known singles are, 'Control', 'Rhythm Nation', which first shown her dancing talent, after using Michaels moves in the video, 'The Best Things In Life Are Free' with Luther Vandross, 'Scream' with Michael Jackson, and 'Together Again'. She is the only female artist to have more than 5 top ten singles from just 3 consecutive albums. She was the first ever artist to have number ...
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