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General: Colorado 05/08/2000

The most unique experience of a lifetime

General: Colorado A couple of years ago I took my family to Colorado to experience what it would be like to spend a week on a 'dude' ranch. What a week, it was unbelievable and thats from someone who had never ridden a horse in his life. Back in my childhood I was brought up on cowboy films and it was always a dream to somehow relive it for real. We took out horses each day (under supervision), and had 'cookouts, roundups, treks into the Colorado mountains, hayrides and barn dances and lived in the most sumptous log cabin you have ever come across. I even took part at the end of the week, in a dudes rodeo. If anyone has ever dreamed of doing this but felt they would never be able to tackle the idea of riding horses, dont believe it, just do it. And thats from someone who didnt really like horses before.

BBC1: Parkinson 02/08/2000

Parkinson - The King

BBC1: Parkinson The standard of tv chat shows can only be measured against one - Parkinson. There is no doubt that chat shows in general have been 'dumbed down' like the rest of tv. Its only when you see and hear Parky perform that realise this. Why Oh Why does it take the bringing back of Parky to prove this. He listens, prompts, laughs and generally put anyone at ease resulting in views and opinions that no one else gets anywhere near with these guests. Where are the young ones in this profession ? Surely there must be someone else that can do this without lowering the tone !
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