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After almost a year off, I'm back!! Looking forward to reading all of your reviews - thank you for all the rates - very much appreciated!! :)

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Working it Out - Nicola May 22/11/2017

~ * An Interesting Little Read * ~

Working it Out - Nicola May Working It Out is a short novel by Author Nicola May. The book was released in the United Kingdom in 2015 and so is fairly recent. I bought my copy from a charity shop for 50p, although I can see it is available from Amazon from a price of £2.99 ~ * The Plot * ~ After recently being made redundant from her marketing job, Ruby has a plan. She decides to spend a year doing twelve different jobs (one per month), in order to find one that she enjoys. Her year of different jobs bring a wide variety from nannying for a family in France to working at a funeral parlour? How will she get on and what will happen along the way? Read Working It Out to find out. I liked the main character Ruby as I thought she was a really nice ‘normal’ and easy to relate to character. I liked how she turned a negative (losing her job) into a positive, by getting to know herself by trying out different jobs to see what she likes etc. So there was something quite ‘lifting’ and positive about this book which I liked. To be honest, I love the idea of ‘finding yourself’ and spending twelve months doing twelve different jobs – it sounds exiting! I also liked George as I thought he was a really nice guy and there was something ‘wicked’ (in a cheeky way) about him. I loved the way this book was written. It was based on real life (despite being fiction), yet there was something quite magical and fairytale about it which made it a great escape read. I liked that the chapters were short as it meant I could ...

A Place to Call Home - Carole Matthews 14/11/2017

~ * A Homely Read * ~

A Place to Call Home - Carole Matthews Carole Matthews is one of my favourite authors and so I am always keen to pick up one of her books. You can always rely on Carole to give you a good read – so when I spotted this book ‘A Placed To Call Home’ in The Works shop as part of a 3 for £5 offer, I just had to get it. In fact, I ended up buying three of Carole’s books for a fiver. A Place To Call Home is a chick-lit book which was released in the United Kingdom in 2014 and so is a fairly recent read. The story follows Ayesha and her young daughter Sabina who escape their home and violent husband and father. On the other hand, Hayden is a retired rock star who rarely leaves the house. And then there is Crystal, a wild girl. How will they all get on? Read A Place To Call Home to find out. I really enjoyed this book – it’s such a heartwarming read and I love how it covers both friendship and romance. I like how there is drama, comedy, fear, friendship and love all covered in this book. The book is fast paced too which provides plenty of drama. The story touches on a real life subject of domestic violence, which I thought was good, especially as it raises the awareness of such a horrible thing. I liked the characters in this book. I liked Ayesha and felt really sorry for her and Sabina. I also liked Hayden as he was a surprising little character – I didn’t expect him to be like that. I also liked Crystal – her character reminded me a bit of Hazel from Footballers Wives for some reason. I thought that they were a ...

5 Star Office Waste Bin 10/11/2017

~ * Brilliant Bin * ~

5 Star Office Waste Bin I work as an office manager and so it is my job to take care of the products that we buy for the office. We like the 5 Star brand as whilst it is one of the cheapest brands, the products are always of excellent quality. We needed a bin for our meeting room and so I had a look at what was on offer and came across this bin. The bin is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £4.13 which I think is great value for money. This bin is black in colour and so looks professional as it doesn’t stand out too much, yet is noticeable enough for people to use when they are in a meeting. Other colours are available – white, red or blue, however black was the best option for us – also it doesn’t show the dirt either as much a white bin would. We keep ours under the little tea and coffee table in the meeting room and so it gets used for coffee cups, paper or tea bags etc. We always line ours with plastic bin liners which means that it is easy to keep clean. We haven’t had to clean it yet as the bags protect the bin itself, however being plastic I would imagine that it would be very easy to clean with a damp cloth. The bin is strong and sturdy and so is ideal for both paper or liquid (empty coffee cups with little dribbles left in them etc). I know I’ve dropped it myself (e.g knocking it off the table when emptying it etc) – and yet it is still in one piece and hasn’t cracked or anything which is good. To be honest, our meeting room only gets used a few times a week and so ...

Summer with Love - Sarah Morgan 18/08/2017

~ * A Lovely Summer Read! * ~

Summer with Love - Sarah Morgan The book is based on the three characters who happen to be triplets born into an aristocratic British family. The book is split into three sections, with the first part starting off with ‘Katie’ who is a doctor and ends up working in a hospital with the guy who broke her heart years ago (who she doesn’t realise has changed career from being a banker to a doctor). The second part features Libby who is a children’s nurse who is off men after getting her heart broken. But what will happen when she unexpectedly meets a handsome doctor? Then we have Alex, the only boy who is also a doctor. What will happen when a young girl and a baby turn up on his doorstep claiming he’s the child’s father? Read Summer with Love to find out! I loved how the book is based on triplets. For a bit, I actually thought that it was based on three girls, so it was a nice surprise to discover that Alex was actually a boy. Being a romantic, I thought it was great to see romance from a man’s side, rather than just from a female’s side. I liked all of the characters in the book as I thought that they were all very down to earth – they were in fact very similar. I liked Libby as she seemed quite feisty. I did feel as though both Katie and Libby’s male interests in the story did seem very similar, and in fact, I felt that they seemed like the same person (but of course they weren’t). I felt as though I got to know the characters very well and was quite sad when I finished reading all about them. ~ * Was It ...

A Funny Kind of Love - Sian Lloyd 31/05/2017

~ * A Funny Kind of Read * ~

A Funny Kind of Love - Sian Lloyd I am big reader of mainly chick-lit novels and celebrity autobiographies and I am forever browsing charity shops for new reads. I recently found this book in a charity shop’s ‘bargain bin’. The book in question is Sian Lloyd, the weather girl’s autobiography. Whilst aware of Sian Lloyd (I once met her when I served her afternoon tea when she visited where I used to work, plus she was very kind and retweeted some of my tweets when I was promoting a Welsh CD I made a few years ago) – I was not aware that she had an autobiography. I have always liked Sian and as she is from my area (Montgomeryshire), I was very interested to see what her book was all about. Sian Lloyd: A Funny Kind of Love, My Story is the autobiography of ITV weather girl Sian Lloyd. The book was released in 2008 and so has been out a good few years now. Whilst Sian is famous for being a weather girl, she is also famous for at one point being part of a celebrity couple when she was with her ex, politician Lembit Opik. This book is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £2.80. I bought my copy in a charity shop for £1 which I thought was great value for money. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would like this book, however I have to say now that I have read it, it is one of my all-time favourite autobiographies. I think it’s mainly because of the way Sian comes across; she’s lovely, very friendly and makes you feel really welcome as you are reading the book, as though you are talking to a friend. ...

Palmolive Naturals Milk & Honey Shampoo 31/05/2017

~ * A Nice Shampoo * ~

Palmolive Naturals Milk & Honey Shampoo I like trying different shampoos and as some of the branded ones can be so expensive, I tend to go for whichever one is on offer. I recently came across this Palmolive Milk and Honey Shampoo in a pound shop and decided to give it a go. I straighten my hair too much so I have dry split ends, so whenever I buy a new shampoo, I always make sure that it is aimed at dry hair which is what this one is aimed at. The shampoo is creamy white colour and had a thickish yet runny cosistency. It’s easy to use – just like any other shampoo. I wet my hair first and then apply around a 10 pence piece and then begin to lather. The shampoo creates a rich lather. I like to leave it on for a couple of minutes to give my hair the full benefit. I then wash it out. The shampoo doesn't really have that much of a scent...just a clean sort of smell rather than a milk or honey one. The shampoo gives my hair plenty of volume, which is something I tend to avoid as my hair is quite frizzy naturally. However, this shampoo gives my hair the volume, but doesn’t make it frizzy or out of control which is good. My hair feels soft and bouncy after washing with it. My hair also smells lovely and clean and fresh which is good. It also gives my hair a nice shine. At £1, I think that this shampoo was excellent value. I have been using the 400ml bottle for almost two weeks now and there is still at least half of it left which I consider to be good, especially as I wash my hair pretty much every day. I would ...

With Or Without You - Carole Matthews 30/05/2017

~ * I'll Go With It... * ~

With Or Without You - Carole Matthews During my 10 month ‘holiday’ on Ciao, I have been busy ploughing my way through my ‘to read’ pile of books, which means that I have a lot of book reviews on their way. One of my favourite authors, along with Paige Toon is Carole Matthews and I have read quite a few of her books recently. This one is called ‘With or Without You’ and was released in the United Kingdom in 2014 so is fairly recent. The book is currently available to buy from as little as 1p from Amazon which I think is excellent value for money. ~ * The Plot * ~ Long term couple Lyssa and Jake has been trying for a baby for ages but sadly with no success. What will happen after a failed round of IVF? Will they try again or will they go their separate ways? Read With or Without You to find out! ~ * What’s It Like? * ~ I enjoyed the story and thought that it was different and fairly unsual, especially the parts where Lyssa takes off to Nepal. I have never been to Nepal and it is not a country that I know much about either, so I found it interesting learning about the country, people and their traditions as I was reading along. I have to say, I did find the story did be a tiny bit far fetched, however, perhaps these things do happen in real life. However, none the less, it is still a great ‘escape’ read. I thought that the story was very imaginative. It’s obvious that Carole has been on one of these adventures for research purposes, and as a reader, I like that as it means she gets everything right and her ...

A Cottage by the Sea - Carole Matthews 30/05/2017

~ * Cwtchy Read * ~

A Cottage by the Sea - Carole Matthews I am a big reader and one of my favourite authors is British Author Carole Mathews. I have read quite a few of her novels and my aim is to read every book ever published by her. My latest read is ‘A Cottage By The Sea’ which is a chick-lit novel and was released in the United Kingdom in 2013. A copy of this book is currently available from Amazon from as little as 1p which I think is excellent value for money. ~ * The Plot * ~ The story focuses on the story of three best friends (Ella, Grace and Flick) and their men. Two couples go to stay with Ella and her partner at their cottage in Pembrookshire. It all sounds like fun, three best friends and their partners. But will it be a relaxing holiday as planned? Read A Cottage By The Sea to find out! I liked that the main theme of this book was friendships. I found the female characters to be very likeable and easy to connect to. It was hard to pick a favourite character as I liked both Ella and Grace as they both seemed genuine and down to earth. I didn’t really like Flick at first, although I did begin to warm to her as the book went out; I felt for her by the end as I thought that she was just misunderstood. I very very sorry for Grace, however was very pleased by the ending. I really enjoyed the story and thought it was clever how there were lots of little stories and twists throughout the book; they really kept things moving. Being Welsh, I loved the name of the cottage; Cwtch Cottage (Cwtch means ‘hug’ in Welsh). The book ...

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil 29/05/2017

~ * Colour Me In! * ~

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil These last couple of years, I have really gotten into all things beauty. I wouldn’t really call myself a ‘beauty queen’, but I do like discovering new products, more than just the every day items like ‘foundation and mascara’ etc. When the ‘big eyebrow’ craze was all the range, I was a bit fed up with little over plucked eyebrows and I wanted them to be bigger and better. I did stop plucking them for a couple of months in hope that they would grow big and bush, but sadly this didn’t happen and so I decided to see what ‘help’ was out there. Whilst it wasn’t really something I had really looked into in detail before, the thought of an eyebrow pencil made me think that you would end up looking like a clown with drawn on eyebrows. It hadn’t really occurred to me that this type of product could actually be a way of making my eyebrows look good without the ‘clown effect’. So the next time I was in Superdrug, I decided to have a look at the eye brow pencils. My sister had been using one for some time and her eyebrows look really good. I myself wanted to improve my eyebrows (easily and without having to get ‘treatment etc. getting them tattooed on etc). I had a good browse and came across this Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil. To be honest, I did think that it wouldn’t work for me, but at just £2.99 I decided to give it a go. The pencil comes in a pencil shape (as expected) with a pull of lid. The lid has a little firm brush on the end of it, which can he used to blend ...

The Summer Book - Tove Jansson 28/05/2017

~ * I Can't Decide * ~

The Summer Book - Tove Jansson I recently joined a local book club and our current read is this book; The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. Despite, apparently being a well known book written and set in Finland, I myself had never heard of it. However, I have to say, I do think that the cover of the book is very appealing. The book is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £8.99. I bought my copy through our local book shop’s book club. The book is about a little girl named Sophia who goes to stay with her grandmother and father on a little island and for the whole summer, it is just the three of them. This is a little charm of a book and the story itself is very short and simple. There is something quite ‘homely’ about the book. I guess you could call it a nice little ‘escape’ kind of read as it takes you away from the usual everyday life into a different kind of lifestyle. I loved the relationship between the grandmother and her granddaughter and liked the fact that were looking out for each other. It is quite a nostalgic read and completely different to anything else I have every written, although that said, I am more of a chick-lit and autobiography kind of girl. However, it was lovely and refreshing to ready something so different. There doesn’t seem to be that much in terms of character development though I did like the mystery surrounding the characters. I have to say I did find the book to be a little confusing. For example the book isn’t set in just one summer, it is set in a number ...

Maybelline Maybeline Fit Me Foundation 28/05/2017

~ * The Perfect Fit * ~

Maybelline Maybeline Fit Me Foundation I had been using the same foundation for a few months and fancied a change. I am always on the lookout for new products and have recently started watching beauty YouTube videos for tips on how to apply make up etc. I recently watched a video where the beauty artist used this foundation and it looked really good. Plus the price tag of just £6.99 was ideal. At first, I did wonder if it would be any good at such a low price, but then trusting as it was Maybelline (a well known brand!), I decided to give it a go. The foundation comes in a tube with a lid that unscrews. You then have to squeeze the tube a little bit to get the foundationout. It’s a good little sized tube which easily fits into my make up bag. There is 30ml of liquid in the tube, which I was quite surprised at as I had thought there would be more. I have been using this foundation every day for around three weeks now and there is still plenty left in it. I usually go for Classic Beige, however this didn’t seem to be an option of a shade, so I went for Buff Beige (I was actually buying online from Superdrug as I was going to a wedding in a few days and realised I needed some new foundation but wouldn’t have time to pop to the shops, so I guessed the shade, luckily it was perfect). The foundation has a very runny consistency. When applying foundation, I always squeeze some out on to the back of my left hand, using it as a sort of pallete. Using a make up sponge in my right hand, I then begin to apply the ...

The Snowdon, Llandudno 24/07/2016

~ * A Nice Local * ~

The Snowdon, Llandudno The Snowdon is a pub in Llandudno. It is located near to the west shore.We came across ‘The Snowdon Pub’ one evening whilst we were staying in Llandudno last week. We had booked a table at a nearby restaurant for 9pm and so decided to go for a pre-dinner stroll, where we came across this lovely little pub. It looked very welcoming and inviting with all the the lovely flower baskets outside and so we decided to have a little look. The inside of the pub wasn’t what I expected. There’s lots of old fashioned sofas. There were plenty of seats available – in fact, the whole ‘sofa area’ was free so we had a good choice of somewhere to sit. There were a few people in the bar area (looked like workmen etc). This is definitely more of a ‘local’ than a ‘touristy pub. There was outside seating available, which a few people were taking advantage of – it was a lovely sunny evening! There was a good range of drinks – from beers to wines as well as soft drinks etc. We had 2 drinks each (beers, wines and soft drinks) which were nice and refreshing. It was around £10 for a beer, a soft drink and a glass of wine which wasn't too pricey. I don’t think they served food. I hadn’t realised that it was a hotel either, until I researched it for the purpose of this review. The staff were friendly and chatty. The toilets were clean with plenty of loo paper (always a good thing). To be honest, whilst it was a nice and pleasant pub for a nice quiet drink, there wasn’t that much life there.Perhaps ...

Home Cooking, Llandudno 21/07/2016

~ * What's Cooking? * ~

Home Cooking, Llandudno Last week, a group of us went to Llandudno for the week. One thing I find about Llandudno is that there are so many different restaurants that you can be spoilt for choice. Another thing I’ve learned, having being to Llandudno many times before, is that places fill up very fast, and if you haven’t pre-booked, then it’s very unlikely that you will have a table anywhere if you ‘just turn up’. Last time we visited, we came across a lovely little place called ‘Home Cookin’, however as we just ‘turned up’, we were turned away as they were fully booked. Home Cookin is located near to the west shore. Despite being a little bit 'out of the way' and at the top of a hill, it is very close to the town (around 5 minutes from the town centre). This time, we remembered about the place and so decided to be clever and booked earlier on in the day for that evening. I didn’t make the booking myself, another member of our group did. It was around 2pm when the booking was made, and the only available time was 9pm – which usually we would have considered to be quite late, but as we were on holiday and had fish and chips for lunch we were a bit stuffed, so 9pm suited us fine. They informed us that they would keep the table for us for 15 mins (so we had until 9:15pm to arrive there). There were 5 of us (all adults) When we arrived at the restaurant at 8:55pm, there were lots of people queuing, and all being turned away as they hadn’t booked. We were taken straight to our table. A nice little ...

Radox Revive Mandarin and Lemongrass Shower Gel 17/07/2016

~ * Nice & Smelly! * ~

Radox Revive Mandarin and Lemongrass Shower Gel I recently bought this Radox shower gel in Superdrug as it was on offer for a £1. To be honest, as we don’t have a shower in our house (only a bath), I never buy shower gel. However, as I was going on holiday (where there would be a shower!), I decided to treat myself. In the mornings, I actually prefer a shower to a bath as I find it ‘wakes me up’ better than a bath which just makes me want to go back to sleep. So I decided to go for the ‘Radox Revive’ range and chose a mandarin and lemon grass scented one. The gel comes in a see through bottle with a lift up lid. The bottle is clear which means that you can see the gel through the plastic – this is good as you can see how much of it is left. The bottle also has a handy little hook to hang the bottle up in the shower. The gel is a bright orange colour which is nice. It’s a bit like orange jelly, which I why I guess it’s called a ‘shower gel’. I wouldn’t say that it is thick and neither would I say that it’s too runny either; it’s just the right consistency. It creates a good lather too. The gel has a nice fruity scent – it’s not the nicest scent I’ve ever smelt, however it is nose friendly and nice and fresh. I enjoyed using this shower gel during my week away. I felt lovely and clean after using it and I liked the scent as I found it very refreshing. My skin felt nice and soft after using it. The gel didn’t irritate my skin at all which I was pleased about. My skin also felt well moisturised after using this and it ...

This is 40 (DVD) 08/07/2016

~ * This Is Funny!! * ~

This is 40 (DVD) I am a big fan of comedy movies and after enjoying the movies ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ and ‘Knocked Up’, I was excited to learn that there was a new movie in the series. The movie in question is called ‘This Is 40’. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2013. Directed by Judd Apatow, the movie stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. The DVD is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £6.99. I bought my copy in a charity shop for £2. The plot itself isn’t that ‘wow’ but I like the concept of it as it is easy to relate to. Basically the story focuses on a married couple; Pete and Debbie. They are both approaching their fortieth birthdays, which happen to be in the same week. Debbie is worried her husband doesn’t find her attractive any more and so seeks a personal trainer, whilst Pete’s career as a record label manager isn’t going too well. Will they be able to save their marriage and accept that being forty is absolutely ok? Watch This Is 40 to find out! I did enjoy this movie. It’s a nice, ‘easy to watch’ film as it doesn’t require too much thinking and so it’s the perfect film to chill out to after a stressful day. I like how real to life it is – we all get anxious when approaching a big birthday, so it’s easy to relate to. Whilst I did enjoy this movie, I did find that it was a bit long, for what it actually was. I like the characters in this movie especially Debbie and Pete. They have great on-screen chemistry and they are believable characters. Debbie and ...
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