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Gelert Rocky 3 Dome Tent 12/08/2013

~ * Camping Cool * ~

Gelert Rocky 3 Dome Tent My friends and I recently went to The Royal Welsh Show. We decided when we were discussing going that we would camp there. Now beforehand I had never ever EVER camped in my whole life and so was not looking forward to this camping experience at all. I mean to be honest, the whole point of us going to the show was for the ‘partying’ and so as I like to ‘doll myself up’ for nights out, I was thinking how the hell am I going to be able to do this whilst camping. Anyway, it was my job to purchase the tent (bearing in mind I knew absolutely nothing about tents) and I needed one with plenty of room to be able to get ready for our nights out….as well as enough room for us to sleep. There were three of us going - I had planned on getting a bigger tent I.e a six person tent as I had heard that tents were genuinely a tight squeeze for the amount of people they say they are for. I had heard that a three person tent was too small for three people and a four person tent was too small for four people. So I had originally planned on getting a bigger tent. However, when we read the ‘rules’ when purchasing our tenting plot, we saw that one plot was enough for a 3x3 metre tent and if the tent was over 3x3 metres then another plot would need to be purchased. At £135 per 3x3 metre plot, it was a bit expensive just to have a bigger plot. So in the end I went on the search for a 3 person tent - as this was within the 3x3 metre. To be honest, I was bit impatient about buying the blimmin tent. I ...

Primark Deep Cleansing 4 in 1 Facial Wipes 11/08/2013

~ * Wipes The Wow * ~

Primark Deep Cleansing 4 in 1 Facial Wipes I was in the queue in Primarks when I spotted these Primark Deep Cleansing 4 in 1 Make Up wipes. To be honest, I am quite lazy when it comes to taking my make up off, but as I was going camping in a couple of days I decided to grab a couple of packets of these wipes. I bought these on impulse, mainly because I liked the packaging (who couldn’t resist a bit of bright pink) and the price was pretty good too; a double pack for just £1. You get 25 wipes in a pack. I’m sure you all know what make up wipes are, but for those of you who don’t; they are basically little cloths, like baby wipes which are designed to take make up off. To get out a wipe simple peel open the lid and take one out. I usually find that I need two wipes to take off all my make up - I tend to put a lot on you see. I also put on a load of mascara - several coats. I was quite impressed with these make up wipes as usually I have sensitive skin and find that wipes like these irritate my skin and leave it feeling sore. I had expected these to be harsh on my skin due to the cost, although I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they didn’t bother my skin at all. They easily take off my make up without fuss. They even take off my several coats of mascara easily without me having to tug my eyelashes out. Being lazy with my skincare routine, these wipes also cleanse, tone, remove make up and moisturise - which means that I can do 4 jobs all at once which means that it is quick and easy. After use my skin feels ...

The Heat (DVD) 09/08/2013

~ * Can You Handle The Heat? * ~

The Heat (DVD) I had been waiting to see this movie for a few weeks now, since I saw the trailer advertised when I went to the cinema a couple of months ago. The Heat is an American Action Comedy movie starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. The movie was released in the United Kingdom in July 2013 and so it is very recent and still available to see in cinemas at the moment. I thought that the plot was a good one - I mean it focuses on ‘serious issues’ yet it doesn’t take itself too serious at all. The plot is fairly simple and straight forward and I found it to be very easy to follow. The movie starts off as being quite light hearted however it does get quite ‘dark’ as the movie goes on. I actually found the ‘crime parts’ of the movie to be quite scary - not in a ‘can’t sleep at night after watching it kind of way’ but in a ‘I’m on the edge of my seat’ kind of way. I would describe it as being a very exciting movie to watch. It will certainly have you on the edge of your seat in places. I do have to mention the fact that I did think that the plot was slightly predictable….HOWEVER this didn’t matter to me as it was the other ‘things’ which made it such an enjoyable watch; the great acting, the great one liners, facial expressions, body language, the great on-screen chemistry. The movie is more about the two main character’s relationship than the plot really. I do think that the plot is slightly predictable, but who cares it’s an enjoyable movie to watch. I don’t usually like action ...

Superdrug Beauty Card 08/08/2013

~ * Super Card * ~

Superdrug Beauty Card Lately I have gone a bit beauty-mad.I was never one that bothered too much about my appearance - obviously I have always wanted to look good, although it’s only lately than I have really got into beauty items such as fake tan, fake eyelashes and various potions and lotions. One of my favourite places to shop is Superdrug as it is fairly cheap and you can pick up some great bargains as well as being able to pick up pretty much everything beauty related under one roof. So imagine my delight when I discovered that like Boots (also one of my favourite shops), they had launched a loyalty card called the ‘Beauty Card’. I could not wait to get my hands on one and start earning some points which I could then exchange for treats! ~ * Registering * ~ Registering couldn’t be easier. Simply pick up a ‘booklet’ containing your new card from a Superdrug store. You can either fill in the form in the shop and handing it to one of the shop assistants or you can take it home, fill it in and post it yourself. The form generally asks for the usual information: name, address etc. as when as requesting some information regarding your shopping habits (this is so that they can send you specific offers for the brands etc you have said that you like etc - good, yet also a sneaky way of making sure that you shop there for the items you want/need) . Sending it back is freepost which is great . The form doesn’t take that long to fill in. You can register your card online too. Bear in mind that you can ...

Now You See Me (DVD) 07/08/2013

~ * Blink and You'll Miss Them * ~

Now You See Me (DVD) Now You See Me is a Crime Thriller movie which was released in the United Kingdom in July 2013 - it's currently viewing in cinemas in the UK now. The movie is a 12A which means that under twelves must be accompanied by an adult when watching this movie. We went to see this movie on one of those occasions where you just fancy going to the cinema and seeing whatever is on when you get there rather than going to see something specific. A group of us went and to be honest when this got the majority vote, I wasn't really sure what this film was about apart from it being about 'magic'. ~ * The Plot (taken from * ~ An FBI Agent and an Interpol Detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money. What will happen? Watch Now You See Me to find out! There are four main characters - Daniel uses magic to his advantage to meet women, Henley, the only female member of the group performs magic tricks on stage, Jack pick pockets people and McKinney is a hypnotist. To be honest, there wasn't one character which was my favourite - they were quite unusual characters - one minute I would think 'aww they're nice' and then next minute I'd think 'ah they're horrible'. I would have liked if the characters had been a bit more developed rather than 'here they are doing this' and 'there they are doing that'. I would have liked to have known more about them as people - this I think would have made them more ...

Classics Nail Polish Remover 06/08/2013

~ * Clever Classics * ~

Classics Nail Polish Remover I am never seen without nail varnish - I wear it every day and feel bare without it. So obviously one of my necessary beauty items is nail varnish remover. I had previously tried different priced nail varnishes - both expensive and cheaper ones. Whilst the expensive ones did a good job, I didn’t really like forking out £2+ on a small bottle of remover and the cheap ones were just bad. However, one day whilst shopping in Home Bargains I came across this nail varnish remover from Classics and remembered that I actually did need to get some. If I remember correctly it was only 59p and so I thought I would give it a try - although having tried cheaper brands before I wasn’t expecting miracles with this one. The nail varnish comes in a see through bottle - this is good as you can see how much remover is left in the bottle. When the bottle is opened the remover has a strong smell - it smells very chemically and artificial which isn’t very pleasant - however, once the lid is back on then you can’t smell the remover. To look at the remover is pink in colour - it looks very artificial. The bottle has a screw top lid which is easy to un-do. However, I find that on a few occasions I have almost knocked the bottle over as I tend to pour the remover onto a piece of cotton wool and then remove the polish rather than putting the lid back on first. So I would recommend being careful you don’t knock it over as I am sure it would make a mess and stain the carpet. Using the remover is easy. ...

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer 05/08/2013

~ * Primer Perfect * ~

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer I always find that my make up slides off after a while. So on nights out I like to try and make my make up stay on as long as possible. So when I read in a magazine that a good way to keep your make up on is to use a primer, I decided to go and look for one. I had previously bought an expensive one for around £15 and it wasn’t that great, so when I came across this Nivea one I couldn’t wait to try it. The primer comes in a glass jar with a blue lid. The jar is quite luxurious looking and expensive looking. Whilst it looks good, my only criticism with this kind of pot is that it isn’t as hygienic as a tube would be as you have to keep dipping your fingers in and out of it. The primer I have is for normal skin (I believe there is also a dry skin one available too - I didn’t realise this until afterwards otherwise I would have probably gone for the dry skin one as I do get quite dry skin on my face. Applying the primer is simple. Simply dip a clean finger into pot and start massaging into your face using circular movements. You don’t need that much primer as a tiny bit goes a long way. I probably only need around a 5p sized amount for my whole face. The primer feels quite light on my skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all. There is something quite cooling and soothing about this primer. I find that the primer absorbs fairly quickly into my face and so after a minute or so I am able to start applying my make up. I have found that the primer does help my make up to last longer. It ...

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider 04/08/2013

~ * Super Cider * ~

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider I’m not really a big drinker - mainly due to the fact that 1) it’s bad for you and 2) I’ve never really liked the taste of alcohol anyway - so I tend to stick to drinks which don’t taste too alcoholic. One drink which I do love is Koppaberg Mixed Fruit Cider. The drink comes in a dark brown glass bottle - you need a bottle opener to open it. The bottle is very attractive and quite expensive looking. The drink itself is a light pink colour - it looks like Fruit Squash. It’s quite fizzy and I would describe it as being like a ‘sparkling drink’. Even though it is quite fizzy I never find that it makes me feel bloated like other fizzy drinks do which is good. The cider has a lovely taste - nice and fruity. The strawberries really shine through and you only get a slight hint of lime. The drink is best served on the rocks, I.e with ice. I think that they have got the strawberries, lime and cider balance just right - it’s not too fruity and it’s not to alcoholic-y either which I think is great. I do find that it is very easy to forget that this is an alcoholic beverage as it just tastes like fruit squash and so I end up drinking loads of it. Having said that I have found that I can have a few of these and don’t end up drunk which is good. All in all, would I recommend this drink? Absolutely!! I find that it is a very popular drink on nights out. I always think of it as a girlie drink and yet it’s just as popular with men as it is with women. There are different flavours to choose ...

Nivea Visage Regenerating Night Cream 03/08/2013

~ * What Happens After Dark * ~

Nivea Visage Regenerating Night Cream I was in a rush and rushing around Boots trying to get all my ‘holiday essentials’ quickly. I needed some moisturiser and usually use ones from Nivea and so quickly grabbed this one - it wasn’t until I got home and read it properly that I realised it was night cream. To be honest, whilst I use it sometimes at night I also use it in the day; e.g to prepare my skin for a night out etc. I find that it works just as well in the day as it does night. I find that I only need a little bit of the cream - it’s quite heavy and very ‘luxurious’ feeling. I simply dab small amounts of this cream onto my skin and then begin to rub it in using circular movements. It leaves the skin looking quite greasy. I find that it doesn’t take long after applying this cream for my skin to look and feel good. My skin looks and feels soft and supple. My skin looks ‘refreshed’ and hydrated. I find that my skin is left in a ‘good condition’ ready to apply my make up. I find that it is around my nose and on my forehead that gets the most dry and so I apply this cream to those areas and it seems to melt away into the dry flakes of skin. I have sensitive skin and so I have to be quite careful with which products I use as my skin gets irritated easily. Usually I am ok with Nivea products, however, I have found that I do get a few spots after using this cream which is annoying. Although I still continue to use it as I like the way it leaves my skin feeling afterwards….apart from the spots obviously. You can ...

Confessions of a GP - Benjamin Daniels 01/08/2013

~ Hmm Interesting * ~

Confessions of a GP - Benjamin Daniels I first became interested in this book after reading a review about it. The whole ‘doctor’ thing has always fascinated me and so I was really curious to see what this book was about. I had thought that the book would be a collection of true stories only and so was surprised to see that it is actually about what life as a doctor is like as a whole. I thought that the doctor/writer of this book came across as being really arrogant. I also found that he came across as being quite bossy. He tries to make out that he is a nice guy when in reality he is just horrible- it’s as though he thinks his job is some kind of joke. He doesn’t come across as being likeable at all. He talks to the reader as though they are stupid and as though he is some super-hero (of course doctor’s are superheroes - but he seems to think he is a superhero and everyone else is just dumb). I have two views on this book. One side of me thinks it’s great to be able to have an insight into what life as a doctor is like; the other side of me feels a bit annoyed that a doctor would write a book like this. I mean it tries to be serious and funny at the same time which I find just doesn’t work. He talks about all the ‘serious stuff’ and then he has the silly stories - to me it either should have been a serious book about being a doctor or a book of silly stories rather than a mixture of both as it gave me the impression that his job is just one big ‘laugh’ at the patients’ expense. Parts of the book make me laugh ...

Wall's Mini Milk 31/07/2013

~ * Mmmm Mini Milks * ~

Wall's Mini Milk I love Wall’s Mini Milks. They were my favourite ice lolly as a child and even now as a twenty two year old, I love them just as much now as I did when I was a child. Basically Mini Milks are ice lollys which are a bit like frozen milk. They are a long cylinder shape and come in three different flavours; vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I have to say that even though I like all flavours, vanilla is definitely my favourite as it is just so creamy and delicious. They have a lovely creamy taste - it’s heavenly. I guess you could describe them as being a bit like a frozen milkshake. They are quite sweet - in fact I find that sometimes you can taste the sugar from where is has been unsettled, so I’m assuming that these little lollies are full of sugar. One good think about them is that one little lolly contains 30% of an adult’s recommended daily allowance - hooray. So I would say that they are great for people (both kids and adults alike) who do not like milk - they will definitely like these. Good news for those of you who are on a diet!! There are only 30 calories per ice lollies which is great as it won’t ruin your diet. However, having said that I find that one lolly is never enough. I usually have to buy a couple. Lookout if I buy a multi-pack box as I can easily eat around 3 or 4 of these in one go - they are that moreish. They do get a little bit sickly after a while though. More good news - these lollies do not contain any artificial flavours or colourings. Another ...

Impulse True Love Body Spray 29/07/2013

~ * Fallen In Love * ~

Impulse True Love Body Spray I love to smell good and I always like to make sure that I have put on a scent before I go out. However, we all know how expensive fragrances can be - I would wear my Ghost fragrance the whole time if I could, but because it costs around £30 a bottle, if I wore it every day, a bottle probably would not last me for more than a week. And so sometimes, we just have to go for the cheaper options. The perfume comes in a spray tan where you have to press the top to squirt out the spray. What I like about these cans is that they have a ‘twisty top’ so that you can twist the top round so that it won’t spray when you don’t want it to. The can is quite slim which is great as it means that it fits easily in your handbag without taking up too much room. When I first put the scent on, it smells quite strongly, however it fades after an hour or so, and so I tend to keep on reapplying it throughout the day. One thing that annoys me about the can, is that they don't last very long. I can easily get through a can in a few days even though I don't really use that much. The scent is very clean and fresh and makes me feel really girlie and feminine. I like wearing this scent and the amount of people that have complimented me on my 'lovely perfume'. Even though I like wearing this perfume, it doesn't give me that 'man I feel confident' feeling that I get when I wear my more expensive fragrances. However, it is perfect for day time and isn't overpowering. It is quite sweet and florally, ...

VO5 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo 28/07/2013

~ * Soft & Shiny * ~

VO5 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo Whilst I like luxury shampoos and conditioners, I have to say that I never stick to just one brand. I tend to change my shampoos depending on whatever is on offer or whatever catches my eye when I am out shopping. One of my most recent shampoos was this VO5 Nourish Me Truly. The shampoo comes in a bright pink, funny-shaped bottle. To open the bottle you have to push down the lid and squeeze the bottle which does get quite difficult as the shampoo goes down in the bottle. The shampoo has as flowery smell to it although I can’t put my finger exactly on what it smells of - it does have a ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’ scent to it. I have shoulder-length hair which likes to do its own thing. I find that a 50p sized is enough for my hair. The shampoo creates a rich and thick lather which feels really luxurious. I tend to leave the shampoo in for around 5 minutes as I feel it works best this way and I get all the benefits from the shampoo. My hair always smells nice and clean with a slight flowery scent to it which is nice. After use, I find that my hair is left bouncy, soft and shiny. My hair is much easier to style and more easily controlled. I find that my hair straightens more easily and does what I want it to do after using this shampoo rather than doing what it wants to do. There is also a conditioner which goes with this shampoo which I have used, however I do think that this shampoo works just as well and does a good job on it’s own without the conditioner. This has become one of ...

Fake Bake Flawless Lotion 27/07/2013

~ * Sunkissed * ~

Fake Bake Flawless Lotion Right, first of all lets get one thing straight. Usually me + fake tan = disaster. I love the idea of having a tan and yet no matter how easy the adverts always seem to make fake tan application look easy, for me it would always end up as a disaster. It wasn’t until my most recent fake tan disaster that I asked for tips on face book on how I could quickly get rid of the tan that loads of people commented saying ‘use fake bake next time - it’s the best one’. Still doubtful, I decided to give it a go and now I’m pleased to say that I am so glad I did. Off I went to Boots, heading straight for the fake tan section. I came across Fake Bake section and was amazed by all the different products available. In the end I decided on the Fake Bake Flawless one as I wanted my tan to look flawless. I was a bit miffed about parting £22 for something which I didn’t think would work - yet I was desperate for a safe tan, so decided to go for it. The tan comes in a luxurious looking purple box. The tan itself is in a plastic bottle with a ‘pump’ lid. The tan is a deep chocolately brown colour and looks shimmery. The tan comes with a pair of blue rubber gloves and a tanning mitt. The tan has a lovely tropical smell which I find to be comforting. Apparently the tan doesn’t smell like other fake tans with that ‘typical biscuity’ smell, although I find that it does smell a bit like fake tan. Luckily I love the smell of it. ~ * Are You Sure You Know What You Are Doing? * ~ I’ll be honest, even ...

Pot Of Dreams Money Pot 26/07/2013

~ * Perfect Pot Of Dreams * ~

Pot Of Dreams Money Pot I have always loved ‘Pot of Dreams’. Basically, for those of you who don’t know, they are ceramic pots for saving money - each one is ‘individually decorated’ depending on what you are saving for. For example you could have ‘shoe fund’ which is obviously for saving for new shoes or ‘holiday fund’. Whilst I always liked the look of them, I never liked the idea of spending £7.99 on one and then smashing it. However, I was over the moon when I received a ‘Treat Fund’ money pot for Christmas. Each design is different, however the one I have is very cute and girlie, consisting of a light pink with little tea pots and gems stuck on it. It’s very attractive to look at and sits very pretty on my window sill. Each different ‘event’ I love this pot because it is so pretty. Because it is so pretty it means that I really do not want to smash it open and so with my savings account at the bank I am forever dipping in and out of it and so at least with this pot and me not wanting to smash it means that I won’t go in my savings which is great. On the pot it states that you can save at least £1000 in £2, but because I don’t want to break it (just yet)…I also add notes because I know I won’t go in it. So I would say that these pots are brilliant at encouraging people to save money. I would definitely recommend these pot of dreams - they are great for saving money and make lovely gifts too. I love the fact that each time I drop a £2 coin (or a note in), I am getting closer to saving for my ...
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