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It's lovely to be back - will of course return all rates, however it may take me a little while. Please bear with me, and thank you all for being as sweet as ever!

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The Body Shop Face & Body Brush 08/01/2012

Worth The Investment

The Body Shop Face & Body Brush A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was raving about The Body Shop's collection of make-up brushes, and when I entered the store to have a look I fell in love with the super soft bristles and professional-looking handles. However, I was slightly concerned at the price tag - this particular brush will set you back £16.00. So instead, I decided to ask for it as a treat for Christmas 2009. The very same brush is still used to this date, however I also now own another of the same after buying a collection of the brushes in the sale this year. The Body Shop is a popular beauty store that can be found on many high streets. One of the remarkable qualities of The Body Shop is that they have very strong morals and ethics. They are against animal testing and any cruelty to animals, and were international cosmetics brand to be recognized under the Humane Cosmetics Standard for our Against Animal Testing policy. They are also often involved in campaigns for important causes and charities such as domestic abuse and AIDS. They are a strong believer in natural beauty, and have a popular make up range along with their bath and shower products. The store always has a very clean, fresh and natural atmosphere, with shiny surfaces and clean, polished floors. It is a million miles away from Lush, where everything is "organised chaos" and seems more chilled-out and relaxed, however I can see The Body Shop appealing to more people due to its' more conventional layout, sterling reputation ...

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation 04/10/2011

My Little Secret!

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation I dabble around so much with my make up that the contents of my make up bag vary almost monthly. One month I may be sticking to cheap and cheerful Natural Collection tinted moisturiser (which leaves me with a slightly shiny finish and doesn't do the best job of covering up imperfections, but hey - at £1.99 you can't complain) and the next I may venture into various other branded foundations, however I felt as though I was constantly on a search to find the elusive "perfect" foundation. Until now, it seems... My Skin I feel as though my skin is an absolute nightmare. I guess I'm lucky in the sense that I have never had loads of blemishes - although still a few too many for my liking - however my skin tends to be combination, mainly oily but with a few irritating dry patches, particularly around my nose around the time of the pesky winter cold that I already seem to have caught (perhaps permenantly, as it has stuck around for a while). I hate foundations that make my skin look greasy, cakey or orange, and so finding one suitable for me can be a challenge, and I consequently ended up spending too much money on half-finished products that I just didn't suit. About The Brand & The Promise Max Factor is a well known cosmetics brand with the strapline "The make up of make up artists" and whilst I believe that their products can be a little high in price and a little hit and miss, I trust this brand a lot more than some of the other stands that it can find itself ...

Red Hot World Buffet, Leeds 26/09/2011

A Red Hot Favourite?

Red Hot World Buffet, Leeds When Red Hot Buffet opened in Leeds, I was extremely excited. As someone who loves food and never fails to be spoilt for choice when sat at a restaurant staring at the menu, a place where you can go and not only eat as much as you like, but also taste almost every type of food there is, was always going to be good news for me (although perhaps not for my waistline!). Where is it? Red Hot is a small chain of restaurants situated up and down the country, with restaurants in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Nottingham. The fact that there isn’t one in every nook and cranny of every town, for example like Nando’s or Pizza Express, makes it all the more special, in my opinion, although it does mean that those of you who don’t live near one are missing out! Red Hot in Leeds The Red Hot World Buffet in Leeds is inside The Light – a small shopping and cinema centre in the heart of Leeds. The Light is a glass building with a modern, classy feel to it. It houses a Vue cinema, a gym, a hotel, a selection of shops including Joy, The Body Shop and independent clothing retailers, and some other restaurants and coffee shops, such as Nando’s, Starbucks, Brio’s and Bagel Nash. However, Red Hot is not amongst the other restaurants on the ground floor; it is placed by the main entrance which enables it to stand out even further. The Light is not in the directly in the hustle and bustle of the main shopping streets, such as Briggate, however it is ...

Science & Faith - Script (The) 01/01/2011

Favourite Album Of The Year, By Far!

Science & Faith - Script (The) Science & Faith, The Script Some of you Ciaoer’s may have had the misfortune of reading some of my much earlier reviews. If you have, you may remember a particularly shocking review I wrote of The Scripts’ debut album (if you haven’t, please don’t bother looking!). I feel that I’ve improved reviewing-wise a lot since then – god, I hope so! – and hope that I can review The Scripts’ second album to a much higher standard! I bought this album myself from iTunes almost as soon as it was released, as I am a massive fan of The Script (of course, it helps that their lead singer, Danny O’Donoghue, is more than a bit gorgeous!) and was intrigued to hear what their first album in two years would sound like. I’ll just tell you briefly; I was not disappointed! So yes, you can expect a lot of gushing about their beautiful lyrics, Danny’s amazing raw and naturally talented voice, the beautiful accompaniment and basically everything else! Having had this album on my iPod for quite a while now, I am still not sick of it and I feel that since I know all the words to almost every song (!) by now, I am quite justified to review this album! About The Script The Script are a Irish band made up of three members – Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power. The Script have been around since 2001, however only really achieved success in 2008, when they released their self-titled debut album. The album was very successful in both the UK and Ireland, reaching number one in both countries. ...

Olly Murs - Olly Murs 31/12/2010

An Outstanding Album From Olly!

Olly Murs - Olly Murs Olly Murs, Olly Murs This Christmas I received a lot of lovely presents as usual, including a bunch of lovely CD’s (so expect the majority of my upcoming reviews to be of these!). It gives me great pleasure to share with you my opinion of Olly Murs’ debut album, which I received as a gift... About Olly Don’t worry, I know that reviews are, as they should be, meant to be based on the product itself, so this isn’t going to be some Wikipedia copy-and-pasted tripe, it’s just going to be some quick background information about the artist that I know off the top of my head... Olly Murs’ is a solo artist who many of you will know from 2009’s X Factor, where he lost to Joe McElderry in the final. He was famed for his quirky dance moves (um, incorporating the Thriller dance into a jazz song, anyone?), his ridiculously tight trousers, his collection of trilby hats and for seeming like a genuinely lovely, down-to-earth kind of guy. As you can probably tell, I’m a bit of an Olly fan, and I backed him all the way through to the final, so understandably I was a bit gutted, but not overly surprised, to be honest, when I watched Joe win The X Factor. But coming second on the UK’s biggest singing competition definitely isn’t a bad thing. Olly was signed to Epic record label immediately (the same company that signed previous X Factor runners up JLS) and began working on his album, which came out in November 2010. Album Artwork The album artwork is simple and clear, nothing too ...

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Thickening Shampoo 27/08/2010

Definitely Does Give Me Beautiful Volume!

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Thickening Shampoo Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Shampoo In this review I will give my opinion on the miniature bottle of Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Thickening Shampoo. Why Did I Buy It? Well, a couple of days back I went to Filey for a few nights. It was a nice little mini break, and having not been abroad this summer, it was the best I was going to get! I was packing light, and so I went into Boots and decided to spoil myself with a few mini treats. I know, I know, I’ve been telling you all about how I’m trying to save on my beauty products (in regards to a comment plod591 left on one of my reviews, yes i really, really do need beauty products, or I look like Frankenstein’s monster!) but it was summer and I had a little bit in my pocket, so I thought, why not? I don’t know what it is about mini beauty products, but I love them! I don’t know if its the fact that they’re so cute (!) or what, but I think they’re great! In this case, it’s because there’s no way I could justify spending the amount of money salon brands charge for a regular sized shampoo, but I can afford 75ml of it! I also tend to use less product if it comes out of a smaller bottle, because I want to make it last, therefore I don’t squeeze ridiculous amounts of the stuff out. So, I went to the ‘Salon Brands Haircare’ section of Boots, and looked around. A number of brands caught my eye, such as Charles Worthington and John Frieda. I stayed away from Charles Worthington after reading and seeing a number of distinctly ...

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser 04/08/2010

Simply The Best!

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser Simple’s skincare brand is fast growing as a popular, natural brand who make products that are full of vitamin goodness and care for all skin types – even sensitive skin. With its affordable prices, simple goodness and wide availability, it’s great for normal women everywhere to know they can buy skincare products from a brand they can trust. No more wasting money on ridiculously priced moisturisers and cleansers, and no more nasty rashes from harsh chemicals and poor ingredients. Simple is a saviour for everyone, bringing a new meaning to good skincare. A Little More About The Brand... Simple was established in 1960 – a massive fifty years ago! Ten years ago, in July 2000, the brand came under new management and the brand slowly grew to include men’s products, toiletries, sun care, baby care, facial skincare and dry skincare. Simple are currently raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and are giving £2 from each £10 Simple pack to the charity. Simple has grown from a relatively unknown brand only really targeting people with sensitive skin to an extremely popular, well respected brand for all kinds of people. Now, I don’t usually rant on about brands all that much in my reviews, but I wanted to try get across the fact that Simple really has grown into a fantastic brand that truly believes in ‘simple’ skincare that is great for everyone, and one that cares. They sell many skincare products; cleansers, wipes, toners, moisturisers, ...

Cranium Hullabaloo 03/08/2010

The Most Exciting Children's Game Out There!

Cranium Hullabaloo Cranium Hullabaloo As we are moving house very shortly (my excuse for not being around on Ciao & Dooyoo as much recently), we've been uncovering many items we forgot we even owned! When sorting through all of our games, we came across ones that we'd totally forgotten about. Hullabaloo wasn't one of them; we could never forget this crazy game, but it was one that hadn't been played with for a number of months. Why We Have It My youngest sister is eight years old, and we have had this game for quite a few years now. My mum was, and still is, always on the lookout for fun, entertaining games. Consequently,. we have possibly the widest variety of children's games ever in our home, but Hullabaloo stands out to me. So, What's In The Box? In the box there are the small, thin plastic mats in a variety of colours, shapes and with a number of different pictures on them. There is also the round plastic Hullabaloo console, which is essential for the game. There is a sheet of rules, but the game catches on pretty quickly and is pretty self-explanatory, so I wouldn't say you really needed them. Playing The Game Any number of children can play the game, the ideal amount all depends on how much space you have, really. The great thing is, if you had a young child you could still join in with them, just the two of you, and still have a fun time. Just lay the sixteen coloured mats around the room, spread out and mixed around evenly, and then switch on the console. You can ...

Boots Natural Collection Red Lipstick 26/06/2010

Boots Natural Collection In Rose Bud - Bargain!

Boots Natural Collection Red Lipstick Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick Colour – Rose Bud Price - £1.99 Brand – Natural Collection Bought From – Boots Why I Bought It Right, just be warned, I think you may be seeing a fair few reviews from me on Natural Collection make up in the next few days/weeks (whenever I get round to writing and posting them all!). The reason being is simple: keeping the cost down! With money being so tight at the moment, I decided I had to prioritise. I definitely needed a new summer wardrobe, the holidays are just around the corner which means way more (expensive) days out, I want to start putting money aside for Christmas and I need to still buy my necessities. Something had to give! I chose to start hunting around for cheaper make up. I tell you, it was actually verging on scary wandering into Boots and instead of going to the usual brands walking to some of the lower-market, more basic stands. There were four I could choose from that seemed cheap and cheerful(ish). They were: Barry M, 17, Miss Sporty and Natural Collection. Each had its flaws... Barry M – Well, it’s great for nail polish, but everything seemed too bright and florescent for my taste! 17 – It just seemed too basic! I mean, the make up didn’t look like it’d last long and I had a bad feeling about it; in a nutshell, I just didn’t trust the brand! Miss Sporty – I sometimes buy a concealer stick from there, but I’ve always said that that was as far as I would go! Everything about it; the name, the image of ...

Glee (The Music, Journey to Regionals/Original Soundtrack) - Glee 22/06/2010

My Journey With Glee! x

Glee (The Music, Journey to Regionals/Original Soundtrack) - Glee Glee The Music: Journey To Regionals Total Running Time: 22.6 minutes Number of Tracks: 6 Album Producers: Adam Anders and Ryan Murphy Released: 2010 If you are a total Gleek like me, you won’t need explaining what this CD features. However, if you have only ever heard of the show, or watched a couple of episodes, some background information may be useful to you... General Information Glee is an American musical drama, set in Ohio. It centres around a Glee club at the fictional McKinley High School, and the dramas between the members and the teachers at the school. It also follows them on their journey through competitions against other schools. The first series has just finished in the UK, on channels E4 and 4. I would expect a DVD to come out soon with the full series, and part one of the series has already been released on DVD – Road To Sectionals. For more information, why not check out my Glee review (hint, hint!) Glee The Music Nobody could have predicted the massive impact Glee could have had in countries – the UK being no exception. Glee released many of the songs featured on the programme as singles available online, and as a result the music charts worldwide were filled with Glee! Glee also released CD Volumes – where the best tracks were compiled into albums. So far three volumes have been released, with two miniature CD’s – The Power Of Madonna and this album, Journey To Regionals. All the songs on Glee are covers of pre released; a mix of chart ...

All About Me 14/04/2010

50TH REVIEW - Questions, Questions, Questions!

All About Me For my 50th review I decided to do something a little different. As I've been on Ciao a fair while now, and feel comfortable in the community, I decided to tell you all a little more about me. However, I didn't want to bore you with a massive life story, if that's not what you want to know! So I thought, why don't I ask some of you guys what you want to know about me? Hopefully, as a number of you have helped contribute to this review (big thank yous to all who have!) Your Questions I asked a number of Ciao members what they would like to know about me, my personal life or my Ciao experience (although this review isn't really about that, I expect I will write one in that category later!) and so as they slowly came through into my Private Guestbook, I sat back, relaxing with a cup of milky coffee and leftover Cadbury's Easter Egg, and began to answer them... DixieChick10 What are the best things about Ciao? Well, I'd say the best things are definitely the other members! They welcomed me to Ciao so nicely and I have made some lovely friends through it - I love chatting to them through the Guestbook and sometimes even vent my worries out to them! They listen and help me through hard times, and I think that is one of the best things. You see, we are not all just money grabbing reviewers, we take the time to talk to each other and get to know each other, and that's what makes Ciao so special! I also of course love reading their reviews - it has led me to some unlikely ...

Lush Sugar Scrub 04/04/2010

Definitely The Most EFFECTIVE Scrub I've Tried...

Lush Sugar Scrub As many of you know, I am a bit of a Lush addict, however I just haven't really had the cash or the time to browse through the products as much as I used to this year. I first tried this around a year ago, and bought it again the other week as I remembered how much I'd liked it. How It Came About If I remember rightly, the Lush Sugar Scrub is about one year old right now. You know the hit BBC1 show The Apprentice, with Alan Sugar? You do - the one where candidates compete for a job to work for Alan Sugar and have to undergo a load of tasks to win, yep, that one. Well, in 2009 for one episode the two teams had to invent a new shower product using natural ingredients and then sell it. And where did they visit to do so? The Lush labs, of course! Anyway, because Lush had the honour of Sir Alan (or is it Lord Alan? I’m never sure) choosing to work with them, they got all excited and created two new products – Sugar Scrubs. This one in particular that I’m reviewing was even named after him – it was first called the A. Sugar Scrub. Get it? A. Sugar, as in Alan Sugar? Clever, huh! They even described him the same, they said that their new Sugar Scrub was “hard and takes no nonsense, but is a bit of a sweetie on the inside”. A year later, they are still flying off the shelves at a rate Alan himself would be proud of! Why I Bought It I first bought it when it was a new product, because it was a new concept at Lush and I’m always after a good body scrub! After that first one, I ...

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter 02/04/2010

The BEST Body Butter!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Soap And Glory’s The Righteous Butter This product has earned its place as one of my essential buys now, as it is one of the best body butters I have ever tried! In this review I will attempt to tell you why I love it so much! Why Did I Buy It? I actually have yet to purchase a tub of Righteous Butter, despite having four tubs (yes, some of them are empty now) on my shelf. No, I am not a sneaky shoplifter who crams half of Boots in her handbag, I am just fortunate enough to have a selection of friends who know me well... November 2009. It’s cold, it’s raining, and I am in a right state – huddled in my winter coat holding my umbrella which is turning inside out and doing it’s best to escape in the icy wind. I never thought I would think this, me being the shopaholic that I am, but I would actually rather be anywhere but here, in the middle of Leeds, today. However, I have no choice, I simply must get my friend her birthday present as I am meeting her later today to celebrate and it would look so rude me turning up without a present. So, I take a determined sip of my Cafe Latino hot chocolate, throw away the cardboard cup and rub my chapped hands together before heading into Boots. Teeth still chattering, I whirl round the store brandishing my Advantage Card and blue plastic shopping basket with a menacing look on my face. I’m ‘serious shopping’ for once, like a woman on a mission, determined to get in, buy my lovely friend a present and get the next bus back home so I ...

The Body Shop Bath & Shower Gel 01/04/2010

A Fantastic, Zingy Body Wash (Satsuma Fragrance)

The Body Shop Bath & Shower Gel The Body Shop’s Satsuma Shower And Bath Gel I am going to review part a product from the Body Shop; the store that I have now made friends with after falling out with it over its poor customer service! I have always loved the products from here but now the managers have spoken to their Leeds staff and they now are friendlier and much more approachable, I am more inclined to buy products from there. Why I Bought It Despite saying I am now more inclined to buy products from here, I actually didn’t buy this myself. I received it in a Satsuma Gift Set back in January for my birthday, however I have only just got round to opening it as I got a lot of smellies for Christmas and my birthday. However, this person bought the set for me because she knew how much I liked the Body Shop scents, but as it is quite pricey I do not normally treat myself to the bath products. She chose the Satsuma fragrance because she used to have a tub of Satsuma Body Butter and I kept stealing it out of her handbag and using it! I also happen to know that this particular set was a Christmas edition and was reduced in the sale from £18 to £10, so that may have also helped her decision to purchase it! The set also included an orange shower puff (or whatever those scrubby things are called!), a tube of Satsuma Body Polish, a tub of Satsuma Body Butter and a bar of Satsuma Soap, all of which I will probably review later (apart from the shower puff, maybe!) and I think it was great value! Look out ...

Glee 24/03/2010

Livin' For My Monday Nights! x - My Guide To All Things Glee!

Glee I absolutely love this show! I thought that I'd enlighten you all on why I am such a Gleek - and proud! I apologise in advance for this being such a long is more of a guide to Glee, but with lashings of opinion, than anything else, so I am very, very sorry...but you know how I like to ramble on!! The General Information Glee was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. The first episode aired in America on the 19th May, 2009. In September, 20th Century Fox decided to run the full series, which began in September 2009. Glee came to the UK in early 2010, and a new episode is shown every Monday on E4 at 9pm and is one hour long, including those darn ad breaks! It is sponsored by Nina Ricci's new fragrance, 'Nina.' If you miss the show, you can catch up on Sunday at 5.30pm on Channel Four. You can also catch the latest episodes on 4od at Overall, Glee has been well received by critics, as they seem to like the variety of characters, the toe-tapping tunes and the side-splitting comedy, although it is corny and cheesy, and has been dubbed by some critics “the gayest show on TV”. I would say Glee is for people in their mid-teens to adults, as it covers some sentimental and quite “grown-up” topics such as teen pregnancy, homosexuality, disabilities and other topics. Glee is great light-hearted fun, and I have found myself addicted to it. In this (slightly lengthy, I know, sorry!) I will attempt to give you a taster of ...
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