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Experience on NeoBux NeoBux is a site where you can earn money online or you can even advertise, depending on your work. They send you money through paypal or alertpay for clicking on their ads. This is because in one way, you are promoting their advertisements. The price is really low per click like around one cent to two maximum for the best advertisements. I personally didn't like this site because it is bit slow and it is complicated than others in operations. Also, the kind of passwords they give are also annoying. You cannot click for more than four to five advertisements per day most of the times. There is a column for forums and chat but I have never been there because I quit the site after few days. You can chat there in many languages. If you are a struggling guy and want to make some money though PTC, which is basically PAID PER CLICK programs, I should recommend you BuxP. It is also good and many people claim to earn a lot through neo bux, certainly, this is not the site for my type of people who like instant tasks and easy operation. But, I surely will recommend it because it may help someone to find their way in internet PTC. Hope you find your PTC plan which fits you. Good luck. ...

Nokia N93 10/01/2010

Experience on Nokia N 93

Nokia N93 I am not one of those rich guys so for me, affording an N 93 was a bit expensive. When it arrived at the Indian Market, it's price was about Rs.32000. Then it gradually faded out of the market, I don't know why. May be it didn't satisfy the customers or because they have launched better models. I came in contact with Nokia N93 quiet late when it was not that much in a craze. I got it second hand for Rs.4500. Now, inspite of being second hand, it's features were really very good and I found it really very handy. I don't know why they stopped that much production in India. Once I felt that I should buy a new spare body for it and then it will look brand new and no one could guess that it is second hand. Then I didn't buy after that for some reasons. It has got all the features which you can imagine in a cell phone like bluetooth, multimedia, camera. The only feature missing in it is, I think the Touchscreen. If you want to show off a good phone, it could be the thing for you. Once I dropped the phone from my hand but luckily it survived. So I think the durability should not be doubted. I also own a very cheap Nokia 1650 which comes only for about Rs.1700 but it has not got only FM besides communication and SMS facility and two or three games. The thing which disappoints me now is that it is kind of felt outdated in India. I think the main reason is not because it lacks features, not at all, but because they don't supply that much. Overall, you won't be complaining ...

Ponds Dry Skin Cream 09/01/2010

Experience on Ponds Dry Skin Cream

Ponds Dry Skin Cream In my family, we are using ponds dry skin cream from a long time and I think that it provides a good value for money. My father is a frequent buyer of this product because he has got dry skin. I found that it absorbs really well in the skin and it kind of moisturises it, at least for couple of hours. It is not that it is very cheap. It is of course cheap if you convert the price into foreign currency but for Indian market, it is expensive for the middle class. The reason why it is so famous is I believe, because of advertisements. One thing which I don't like in it is the kind of advertisements they produce. They should really modify it so that it produces more appeal. Overall, it is good and highly successful product in the market and it also lasts for a long time. Four out of Five ...

Taare Zameen Par (DVD) 09/01/2010

Experience on Taare Zameen Par Movie

Taare Zameen Par (DVD) My experience on Taare Zameen Par was really good. I found the movie very very good and the best part is that it has got a message behind it and it is not simply for entertainment. It has helped changed the thinking of many parents who have their children studying. Through this film, the producers and others have tried to share their opinion on parents and children relationships during school days by taking a story of a child suffering from dyslexia and his struggle to compete with the cunning world. It was a complete heart touching movie. Most of the people in the theatre were crying in front of me. The film makes you feel as a part of the life of the small boy. I should recommend it to each and every one. I have never seen such a good movie in my life on child and parent relationships and their needs. The best part is that all the characters have acted very well in the movie and the acting of small boy is highly applauded. The film went far in the race of oscar but could not get it in the end. May be it is because it has got some soundtracks. The pain, the joy and the emotions take you away in the movie and I am sure that everyone is going to like it. It should be dubbed in other languages as well like English and other foreign languages. ... 09/01/2010

Experience on Yahoo and other companion site. It has been a good experience on yahoo and it companion sites like yahoo mail, yahoo images, yahoo answers and other. The best thing which attracts me here is the amount of different types of things which they keep putting one after the other. Comparing it to other sites like google and msn, we find that it has lots of other features which make the viewer stick to it. For example, I can play games there, watch videos, see images and search at the same time. Sometimes it is bit annoying because the website is bit slow as compared to google. This is because of lots of ads and multimedia things which they keep putting in the website and which makes the website bit heavier. Overall, it is a one stop destination at internet. Yahoo has become very popular nowadays, specially in my country, India. It was not there some years ago and it has brought tremendously large viewers. The thing which I don't like is that the images come very slowly during the image search when compared to google. But it is faster than msn when it comes to image search. What I feel that they should continue to add games there because it is the only search engine (in famous ones) that provides so much high quality games. I like playing chess there and it is bit addictive. Yet again, I should say that they load bit slowly and they should improve on their speed. Finally, it leaves a good impression behind. ...

YouTube 09/01/2010

Experience on Youtube

YouTube I t has been a great experience at youtube. I found youtube really very good. The best thing is that we can get the loads of websites that too for free. We can not only take it as an entertainment but we can also learn a great deals from the videos posted at youtube. I find that there are so many tutorial videos present in youtube that one can get real skils in different fields. It helped me learn new languages, learn about what is going on in the world and also it helped me see my favourite videos which I missed on TVs and theatres. Though it is a very informative site, it can be really dangerous for small kids because of the amount of explicit videos on porn and voilence which continue to arrive everyday. Though there is a bit of protection there regarding age limits but it is not fool proof and almost anyone can view those and they can take people in wrong direction. Using youtube for betterment or entertainment can be rewarding. Also, it is bit addictive so I would advice not to stick to youtube for too long. It affects your brain in sub conciously, it sort of hypnotises you because of the fascinating videos available there. Overall, a good site and a good idea behind it. ...

Yahoo Answers 08/01/2010

Experience on Yahoo answers.

Yahoo Answers Yahoo answers had been a great friend for me for all this while. I have learnt a lot from Yahoo answers. It is one of the best sites to be found on internet and I really appreciate the great minds behing Yahoo answers. Through it we can get our answers from people from all over the world for free and also, we can help others in need by giving them answers. Once, I remember, I helped a person who was very much afraid of getting cancer and took his symptoms as cancerous. He did not have enough money to go to doctor so he asked. I assured him that there is high chances that he has not got cancer based on his symptoms. I felt so good that I helped a person. He thanked me like anything. Yahoo answers has helped me choose my college and my course which I'll be taking for next year. It helps everybody and the best thing is that it is for free. And how does it earn for itself? Simple- By giving advertisements. It is one of the best sites in the world to look for. Compliments to yahoo answers. I love Yahoo answers. Yahoo makers, you have done a really good job.

Ghajini (DVD) 08/01/2010

Experience on the film Ghajini

Ghajini (DVD) Ghajini in Hindi was a film released in Indian sometime ago. It is a movie based on a person who has short term memory loss and struggles to take revenge from those behind the cause of his illness. The story was taken from a tamil film named ghajini whihc was yet again a copy of the English film Memento. The overall impression was good and the audience enjoyed it. If you have not yet viewed it, you can go on and view it now. The picture quality is also good and it is for the first time that south indian actress Asin has come onscreen for hindi movie. The eye capturing moments were the anger from Aamir khan, the beautiful Asin and the suspense during the story. Aamir Khan is know to create something new in each movie he does and this one is yet another example. He keeps changing his image unlike other actors and he has given his full. I can give four out of five for the overall movie. You can watch it with full family. 08/01/2010

Experience on If there is to be one website which has become almost synonymous with the word internet, it has to be There is hardly any person who is operating on internet who does not know about google. Google has become a popular website over the years and even small children know what it is all about. It is basically a search engine where you can go and type your desired text about which you need information and there you are with everything which is available on net. The best features which impressed me were google adsense, google images and the speed at which it operates as compared to others. Sometimes there is a lot of frustration when we do not get the desired information on the first page and it is annoying to go to the second pages and others. It is basically because many websites have already set their tags in the beginning for a specific keywords and also the most popular ones are placed on the top. Google adsense provides an excellent tool for earning for both google as well as advertisers. The thing which attracts me towards this site is because it is not heavily loaded like yahoo and others let's say msn. It will be my request to the google guys so as to continue their light website in the very same way. In a brief explanation, all I say is Google Rocks. ...

Google Mail ( 08/01/2010

Experiece on Gmail

Google Mail ( I was not a very regular Gmail User couple of years back but I have been using Gmail now from a long time. The reason why I shifted to Gmail was because my previous email id on yahoo was overcrowded by subscription mails. I subscribed to many emails sending websites and then I forgot the password for the site where I registered, so I could not unsubscribe and I used to receive hundred of mails everyday and due to frustration, I ended up choosing another email address. The difference which I found in Gmail is that it is bit faster as compared to other emails. This is primarily because of low advertisements. It is not that Gmail does not receive advertisements, it is because almost all the ads are in text format which makes the website lighter. Also, I found the attachment speed faster. There is also another option called BASIC HTML VIEW which is used bu those who have slow connections. It is almost instant email view but it has certain limitations when compared to the normal View. More or less, it is very much recommendable and reliable. You can chat with the inbuilt chatting software in the mail without installing any other software from outside. There are options like spam, Trash, Drafts, Work, Travel etc. to save your messages in the suitable category. Also, Gmail comes with lots of space so we don't have to delete any mail. The storage capacity is almost infinite for an average email user because we never go on to use that much space. Hope you will enjoy emailing ... 08/01/2010

Experiences on One day I came across a wonderful website name It was suggested to me by my brother. He used to play games there earlier and asked me to join as well. I should tell here that it is a very wonderful site which I have found. Unlike other sites for playing games, where we have to play a new game or an old one right from the beginning, the website allows us to continue from the last point where we had left. The concept of the game is to construct our village, which is provided to us in the beginning when we join. We are supposed to manage and increase our resources like crop, iron, clay and wood. Once we contruct our base at one site, lets say wood, the wood will continue to get gathered in the stores at a certain rate even if we log out and come after two or three days. When we left, we could be at 0 wood but when we come back, we can find that it has reached a certain number like 200 or 300 or like that, depending on the rate of wood cutting. The same thing is applied for other resources. We have to make our progress till some time and when we are sufficiently enough, we can construct buildings there and can train the army and increase the population so as to make the village grow. Once we have army, we can attack the neighbor village, which is yet another real player on internet and can raid his/her resources. We can also make alliances and friendships. There is a huge map so as to know who is around us. We can construct a city wall to make our village ...
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