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1989 - Taylor Swift 23/02/2015

Not 1 bad song on this album!!

1989 - Taylor Swift In my opinion this album is amazing theres not 1 song i dislike on here and theyre all catchy tunes ive always got it playing dancing about my kitchen! taylors done amazing on this album you definately wont be disapointed and should definately go out and buy it! my personal favourites are 'blank space' 'style' but you will easily fall in love with all the songs you will end up sitting saying to yourself ' aw yeah thats happened to me' or that its something you can relate to! theres a song for everyone on here! i think people who arent even that keen on taylor would love it ! youll find yourself singing along to all the songs on here! would reccomend this album 100% ...

Nokia Lumia 735 23/02/2015

better than an iphone

Nokia Lumia 735 Just got my windows phone in january and i love it! i had an iphone 4 which i also loved but completely in love with the nokia lumia firstly the camera is amazing front and back alot more sharper detail than any other phone ive owned. It does take time to get to grips with all the different content in the phone as theres alot more than an iphone definately more apps only thing im pretty gutted about is you cant get snapchat which i loved having on the iphone hopefully they get it put in eventually im having withdrawels lol!! theres an app on the phone actually called 'lumia selfie' which is pretty cool, cant really think of anything really wrong with this phone to be honest as im loving it right now definately wouldnt go back to an iphone after the nokia lumia :-)

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 23/02/2015

love it!!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream i really love this product its very light not too heavy on your skin but still gives you that flawless look. Would highly reccomend this product :-) ive tried alot of products similar to this and none have looked or felt as good! its great not having to put foundation on top the bb cream gives you the right amount of coverage for a fresh look on a day to day basis! would also reccomend the maybeline baby skin pore eraser to give that smooth baby skin effect the two together do wonders for your skin with the pore eraser evening out your skin and then the bb cream giving you that glowing effect! couldnt praise this product enough definately worth going out to buy and worth the money xx
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