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The Sims 2: Pets Expansion Pack (PC) 25/10/2006

The glorious addition of pets into the sims world!

The Sims 2: Pets Expansion Pack (PC) It's what sims fans worldwide have been anticipateing for some while the only reason EA (maxis) made this was purely based on the demands from the general public. But is it that good? The game sells for an RRP of £19.99, bu i got my copy from for 17.99. Amazon are also selling this, for 16.99. If you pre ordered it from one of these sights you got a code for a special additon to the game for example; a purle pug, a star dalmation, a bandit cat. *************** ** THE FACTS *************** ***** The game's main feature as you can guess is getting pets. You can make your own pet, adopt one on the phone, or be given one from a neighbour. There are about 35 breeds or dogs, and 15 cat breeds. But you can cross breed so you can finally see what a bulldog would look like mixed with a chiuaua. That would be wierd. And cross breeing means virtually unlimited amount of breeds. Cats and dogs can't breed together, but large dogs can breed with small dogs. You can get really very creative when making your pet, it can have spots stripes, and patches where ever you want them, choose your own collar, etc, different skin colours. As you go along the game you earn rewards such as pink fur, or a better dog-house. There won't be any new neighbourhoods but there is pre made lots, like parks for your dogs, and shops. If you have the open for buisness expansion pack, you can open your own pet buisness, and sell pets. You can train your pets on how you want them to ...

Listerine Freshmint Mouthwash Teeth & Gum Defence 20/10/2006

Used daily will provide serious mouth burns!

Listerine Freshmint Mouthwash Teeth & Gum Defence Listerine: Antiseptic mouth wash, freshmint variety. This mouthwash is terrible compared to other ones i have used, and is quite costly. It has some good points, but there are more bad points. Good points: Kills plaque bacteria. Good breath. Bad points: The bottle cap is really comlicated, i find myself using my teeth alot. The taste is very strong, and is not flavoured but this horrible tangy mint. It makes my mouth burn a lot. Can be quite expensive. I could swear this is playing a role in my mouth ulcers. It's advised you use it twice a day, morning, and evening after brushing your teeth, but what's the point of using it after brushing your teeth, because after brushing you teeth, you already have fresh breath, and plaque has been removed. The bottles come in 250 ml and 500 ml, but the 500 ml one is more common. Directions for use: Pour 20ml, (4 x 5 teaspoonfulls), into a glass, rinse around teeth and gums, gargle and spit out after 30 seconds. Who on earth has the time to be measuring out teaspoonsfulls of this stuff all the time, and before work or school, or when you want to go to bed. When i was usinng this i just measured half of the lid. The first time you use this i guarantee you will immediately spit it out instantly, because its so sharp and strong. How is someone supposed to keep this acidy substance in their mouth for 30 seconds, i couldn't even do this when i was coming near the end of the bottle. But as suggested in my comments ...

Raising Helen (DVD) 07/10/2006

Raising helen: My verdict

Raising Helen (DVD) First of all, just to say i absolutley loved this film. It has so many elements of funniness to it, bits of sadness, and general drama. It stars Kate hudson, a great actor and is set in the Heart of New York city. Basically Helen (kate), is a very glamorous buisness woman, with no kids, and no intention of having kids as much as she loves them. She's about to get a big time promotion. Her sister dies, and instead or her other sister taking care of the kids, thay are left in Helens care. She is absolutley clueless of what to do. Her apartment wouldn't be big enough for the three of them, and how can she look after all those kids with her demanding job? Find out by watching this great, heart-warming film. You'll love it. It has quite a few out-takes, i love them all. They are so funny, and they would of been great in the film. The deleted scenes are tinka and the paparazzi, making breakfast ( ilove that one), Freinds stop by ( a classsic one), ~Bridal fashiions ( hilarious), and day care, (i so wish they kept that one!). Other features include Blooper reel, audio commentary, the msuic video Other stars include Joan Cusack, Helen Mirren, Spencer Breslin, and John Corbett. Felicity Huffman also makes a short appearance. It's directed by Gary Marshall who also directed Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman. ...

Apple iPod MA003FB/A 60 GB 07/10/2006

The 5G 60GB ipod: My summary

Apple iPod MA003FB/A 60 GB Don't get me wrong, this is without doubt one of the hottest ipods on the market. It's stylish and the click wheel is great, and it's battery life for music is good. But the battery life for videos is a measly 3 hours, and pics run it down pretty quickly too. They are really expensive, and now i wish i bought a different mp3 player. It comes in two clolours, white and black. White being the original more recognised colour for ipods, black not far behind. The display of the screen is vibrant. The screen is very large comapred to others, but is not for watching videoos more often, if you want to do that get an MP4 player. This mp3 player is quite large to other mp3 players on the market, as well as being heavy. If you want an ipod i would buy the nano. BUt this holds a hell of a lot. 15,000 song, 25,000 photos, or 150 hours of video, or a combination. And also you can't use songs that are not mp3 format or from the itunes store, so that says goodbye to subscription sites like napster. And any songs you buy from itunes can only be used on itunes! I would advise you to get a different one, because i think apple is just being lazy and relying on the designer factor to sell ipods. It's quite bulky, but has a vibrant display and tons of excellent features and get this, you can even play games on it! The sound quality is very good. I bought mine from It was 249.99 when i bought it, but now it is 269.99. They sell both colours. My conclusion is if you ...

Ikea Kitchen Systems 06/10/2006

My ikea kitchen disaster.

Ikea Kitchen Systems My whole experience with ikea was terrible. I had just had a new extension, for my nice new big kitchen. i decided to choose ikea, because of their great value for money, and i liked their design. Our kitchen was set out terribly in thier plan, and when fitting it they were useless. I had so many problems, and they made no attempt to fix it. Their customer service was rubbish, and didn't listen to what i had to say, or help me in any way possible. Im disgusted, and would never recomend their service to anyone. A few years later, those problems have been fixed, ( with no help from ikea), but my kitchen is already worn down! Don't use them! Our kitchen fell apart and parts weren't working. The appliances had not been properly connected and the tiles on the wall weren't done properly. I paid £1500 to have the kitchen fitted. I paid £ 7000 for the whole kitchen and a few appliances.

The Sims 2 (DVD-Rom) 06/10/2006

The sims 2 Pc game.

The Sims 2 (DVD-Rom) I am one of the very big fans of the sims games, and have been playing this game ever since it was released, (2004). I can not get enough of playing this game, there is so much to it. You can build houses, decorate them as you wish, make your own sims and play with them, and buy objects for your house. The game is £17.99 in play. You make your own sims in CAS, ( create a screen),. It can be male or female, a todler, child, teen, adult or elderly peson, and you will see your sims grow through all of the life forms. Your sims can get a job, look after their kids as well as have them, and do almost anything we can. They make friends in community centres, where they can shop, and make friends, as well as meet them. You can go to many types of shops, like clothes shops, food shops, and buy any item they can in the sims catalogue almost. The sims catalogue is an easy way for you to buy objects for your sims instantly. It has a humoungous selection of everything your sims will need to live, and for lesiure. You can buy a premade house for your family of sims, or make your own house for them. That's one of the really fun parts of the game! This game is for all ages, and now there are many expansion packs out, like university, nightlife, open for buisness and very soon pets, which bring a whole new idea to the game, and are very fun. University sees your young adults go to campus and graduate, in nightlife, your sims can buy and drive a car, as well as going to the best ... 06/10/2006 This is the best internet shopping site ever. It has tons of stuff you will love and want, like the newest dvd's and CD's games, books and electronics, with excellent competetive prices. But one of the best thing's about this site, is that delivery is fast and 100 % free. It's reliable and i have relied on this for a long time. I have used this site for as long as i can remember, it has all the stuff you could wish for. The subcatogories of products are: DVD, Music, Games, Electronics, Gadgets, andmobile., so something for everyone. You can also pre-order items, eg: If i wanted the newest Expansion pack and it wasn't out yet, i would preorder it. I will actually recieve it on the day of release, and it saves me having to wait until it's released to order it. The DVD range is very large, it has all the new blockbuster releases, the music range is just as good with all the up to date singles and albums. The Games they sell are for PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, DS, GBA, GC, and Wii. The book range is just as good, which not only offers all the books you can think of, but adioubooks and Calenders are sold in this section. The electronics range is very broad, offerering lots of T.V's, MP3 players, Ipods, DVD's, Computing, and digital cameras. The gadgets are novelty items, and generally gadgets you'll find useful everyday. In this range, they also sell activity days, eg: Health day spa for two, and Indoor skydiving experience. The mobile range has on ...

Central Park 06/10/2006

Central park

Central Park This is the most famous park of NY, New York city, known around the world globally. I think it's so great because it's a huge park just slapped right in the midddle of it all, it has great scenery, and so much to do there. You can go to cenral park zoo, which is great for the kids, but the adults love it too. It has penguins, monkeys, pigs as well as all you'd want from a zoo, with lots of great exotic animals. It would only take a few hours to to the whole zoo though, as it's quite smaller than you'd expect. Entrance rates are: $8 for adults, $3 for kids( aged 3-12) and $4 for seniors (65 +). Children under three are free, and the park is open from 10 till 5 on weekdays, and 10.30 till 5.30 on a weekend or holiday. The zoo is open 365 days a year. The park is safe in the busy areas, but i wouldn't go wondering around the very quiet areas, especially at night time, it's not very safe there. Whilst in the park, you get a surge of magical in you. You can do tons of sporty activities, like riding bikes, rollerblading, skateboarding, etc etc. You can hire these out. Ride on horses, carosuels the lot, or go for a quiet relaxing row on the stream. Central park really is great, it can totally get you away from all the business of new york into it's quiet surroundings. A great place to go to if you ever go to NY.

Sony Ericsson K750i 04/10/2006

The Sony Ericsson K750i

Sony Ericsson K750i An all round good phone, with a designer status. This is currently the 2nd newest in The K Range. The phone comes in two Colours, Black, and Silver, and you can purchase different colours. The phone is mainly found on contract, but now it is avaliable on many major U.K networks on pay as you go. The phone has a good battery life: 10 hours of talking, and a clear indicator of how much battery is in it, and has a reasonable charging time. The phone's main selling point is it's 2 mega-pixel camera. It's great, and to protect the lens it has a slide-cover. The phone is absolutley jam packed with tons of awesome features. It has email, video recorder, Mp3 player, FM radio, Calculator, Sound recorder, and GPRS, as well as organising things, like alarm clocks, timers, calenders etc etc. The only problem with this is that the joystick easily breaks and becomes extremely difficult to use, and the buttons are quite small, so it's easy to make a mistake.

The Bad Beginning - Lemony Snicket 04/10/2006

The bad beginning

The Bad Beginning - Lemony Snicket I am currently addicted to this series of books. I have read all of the books, but the last, it's out on the 10th of october, and i definately will buy it. This story is thrilling, and is very cleverly thought out. The books are of a good size, not humoungous size novels that weigh half of you, nor ridiculously tiny books. They are of a medium size. This book is where the story begins of the three orphaned baudeliare children. They loose their parents in an unfortunte accident, and are put into care with the evil villian of the book count olaf. The children are due to inheriet a large sum of money, and olaf wants, so much he put's on a play. In the play he marries her, and then says that the marridge is legal, and not really part of the play, and then he could take the entire fortune? Read this book to find out if she finds a way out. I can asssure you that once you pick up this book you will not be able to put it down untill you have finished. Truly a great read.
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