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Am currently popping loads of reviews on here from Dooyoo before that site crashes out completely! Happy to read and rate reviews as always....Christmas is a coming for all us all too soon eh! x Melanie x

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Bell's Scotch Whisky 30/12/2014

A great whisky for the price!

Bell's Scotch Whisky I'm not a spirit drinker. I may be a girly woman but I like a pint of lager more than anything else as I like a long drink and drinking spirits always makes me cross, narky and basically doesn't suit my personality at all and one thing I really don't like is whisky. So why did I end up with this whisky I hear you ask?! I'm full of a cold that is now approaching the fifth week. I'm sure like me you've heard allsorts about curing a cold and I have had loads of advice lately! Take Echinacea every day said one person, well I did that years ago and was no better for using it! Take Vitamin C....well I do every day and still got a cold. Drink Beechams and get in the hottest bath you can stand and go bed with the heating on full blast under two quilts offered someone else....tried it didn't work! The problem with alcohol and a cold is this, and I know cos it happened to me. Alcohol can dehydrate you and nothing is a lot worse than waking up hung-over when feeling poorly. There is not a jot of proof either that alcohol can help with colds or flu. For me though I felt this whisky was worth a go, to relax me and I have to admit it did soothe my chest and help to stop me coughing and whilst consuming this I didn't take any medication and neither did I polish off the bottle I had a couple of tots in warm lemonade, late at night to try to help me to sleep and....well it really did! The Packaging: This comes in several different sizes, of course all differently priced. My bottle holds ...

Halls Max Strength Honey & Lemon Sore Throat Lozenges 30/12/2014

I need more than Max Strength for this cold!

Halls Max Strength Honey & Lemon Sore Throat Lozenges For the past 4 weeks now I have been suffering with a really nasty cold that keeps mutating. One day I'm not so bad and then bang I'm back to square one and full of it, the most annoying part is how the cold keeps changing so trying to medicate it is really difficult and of course costly. I have had a dry cough, chesty one and at moment it is tickly as hell with mucus, my throat is killing me and I keep being sick. Course I have runny nose, can't stop sneezing, one minute I'm hot, next I'm cold and I am so fed up of sneezing and I think I can't seem to shift it but its not helped I don't think by everyone I seem to be coming into contact with lately are ill as well! So I got these to try to soothe my throat of course. I paid £1.00 for my box in Poundland and the box contained 20 lozenges and they came in plastic and foil backed 'trays'. On the box we are clearly told what they are and who they are by and that they contain Anaesthetic and are Antibacterial and Soothing and contain Hexylresorcinol, Benzalkonium and a Chloride Solution then other information on the back of the box includes being told a bit about the lozenges, warnings, dosage advice and contact details for the manufacturer are given. The Lozenges: From 7 years old you can consume one of these every 3 hours, they are not suitable for children under 7. They are quite large, round, yellow and look glassy and have a slight scent of lemon to them. Taste wise these are pleasant enough, mainly lemon in flavour and ...

Whiskas Dentabits 19/12/2014

Both me and my moggy are happy with these!

Whiskas Dentabits Coming up to Christmas has of course led me to having to buy lots of Christmas presents for those I love....which of course means lots of cats gifts for my 2 and a half year old furbaby Myrtle. She is spoilt all year round, she means the world to me and was my choice of companion after-all! I do have to watch what I give her though. Not only is she spayed she is also a housecat and rather greedy and prone to putting on weight besides her Mummy being a softie and buying her and giving her too many treats however she isn't and has never been overweight. When I buy treats of course I want her to enjoy them but I always try to buy ones that have extra vitamins and minerals in, I like to buy ones that promise to help with hairballs, to give a healthy coat, to help keep teeth nice and so on. These I bought the other day to go in her stocking however I couldn't get them wrapped because Myrtle decided they were for her and wouldn't leave me yes I opened them and she's been chomping on them ever since.....luckily she does have plenty of treats already in her stocking! Now The Confusing Part: Dentabits come in plastic, cat head shaped tubs and are very easy to hold of in pet shops, supermarkets and online however I'm not sure if they are now having a packaging revamp as our treats now come in a plastic pouch idea and are called DentabitEs. They are however the same treat in appearance and smell! Either way I am reviewing Dentabites and I'm pretty sure that they are the ...

Tesco Italiano Spaghetti Carbonara 17/12/2014

A carbonana that is heavy on the hips!

Tesco Italiano Spaghetti Carbonara Lets face it any sort of carbonara is simple enough to make. Some boiled up pasta mixed with cream and bacon and a few other bits is not hard to make however I do buy a fair few ready meals per week due to ill health and not wanting to mess about in the kitchen and this was in the reduced aisle of Tesco costing just £1.00 and I decided to get it for tea that night as I had, had a busy day and really didn't feel like cooking at all! The Packaging: The meal comes in a tray and is packed as full as it could be of the meal and covered with a see-through plastic cover and it has a sleeve that is simple to remove and on the front of it there is a photograph of the meal and we are clearly told that it is Tesco 'Classic Italian' Spaghetti Carbonara and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown, the use by date is given and we are told to keep it refrigerated or to immediately freeze it and then on the back of the sleeve other information listed includes heating instructions (you can oven cook or microwave this), the ingredients and a full nutritional chart is stated, the weight of the meal is given which is 450g (and the only size I have seen this available to purchase in by the way) and that this is meant to serve 1 person and contact details for Tesco are clearly given. Nice minimal packaging this is. The Meal: Well first off I must say that for one person this is a very large meal and I was really impressed with the portion size. What you get is lots of pale cream ...

WeightWatchers Beef Hotpot 13/12/2014

A healthy hot pot!

WeightWatchers Beef Hotpot Last week I got struck down by a really bad cold and couldn't get to the shops so simply used really what I had in which was soup and that anyway but as soon as I felt able to off I went to the shops to do a major stock up on food for me and my cat and to get essential cold relief items! In Farmfoods I spotted Weightwatchers meals on offer at any 5 of them for just £4.00. There wasn't an amazing selection on offer at that sort of price however my favourite chicken hotpot was in the mix and I got a couple of these and a lasagne and so on. Years ago I successfully followed the Weight Watchers diet and shed about 6 stone so I am very familiar with this and the Tesco Ligher Living range and always appreciated the quality of 'Heinz' products, which of course this is one of those. The Packaging: The Outer box is purple in colour with a photograph of the meal on front of it along with of course being told what the meal is and who it is by, we are told that this meal counts as 1 of our 5 a day, that it contains 7 Weightwatchers points per meal and there is an at a glance nutritional chart then other information listed on the box includes being told how to can cook it (you can heat this in the oven or in the microwave from frozen) the ingredients and a full nutritional chart are shown, the weight of the meal is given which is 320g and contact details for Heinz are listed. The meal comes in a squarish plastic tray with peel off see through plastic covering it. The Meal: It takes ...

Sainsbury's Basics Cheese & Tomato Pizza 13/12/2014

Its basically a basic pizza!

Sainsbury's Basics Cheese & Tomato Pizza Not very often do I find myself in Sainsbury's however often I go out with my parents and can end up in all sorts of places and with not having transport usually I will browse and pick up bits and pieces when I can. I don't usually buy pizzas preferring to if ever I want one to buy one made and ready to eat, so that isn't often! However I spotted this in the freezer section costing just 65p for a large box and although the box appeared very cheap looking I decided to try one! The Packaging: As I have just mentioned the box does look cheap and that's due to the orange and white colourscheme that it has however we are clearly told what it is and who it is by on the front of it and there is a photograph shown of the pizza on there too and then on the back of the box other information listed includes being told how to heat it up, the ingredients and nutritional information is given and contact details for Sainsbury's are clearly stated. Inside the box the pizza is sealed within see-through plastic. To heat this up in the oven takes less than 20 minutes and frozen it looks rather pale and uninteresting to be honest. The base is a thickish bread one, the tomato puree doesn't quite go the edges of the pizza and the mozzarella cheese is grated though looked really scarce. This is simply a cheese and tomato pizza and very basic to look and to taste however.... You can always get creative as I did. I added more grated cheese, some sliced tomato, mushrooms, onion and bacon and ...

Lucozade Lemon Energy Drink 13/12/2014

Cloudy, sweet lemon energy drink!

Lucozade Lemon Energy Drink One of the loves of my life is Lucozade, especially the original flavour and its something that I often purchase and enjoy whether it be in can or in bottle form. Just recently I have noticed other flavours within the range popping up including this one which is 'Cloudy Lemonade' and Strawberry so of course when I spotted this in a handy sized bottle with a retail price of 95p but in a discount store 29p I was unable to resist buying one! The Packaging: Well my bottle holds 380ml of the drink and it is plastic with a screw on/off cap to the top of it and the bottle itself is coloured yellow and black and on it we are of course told what it is and the flavour and that it is 'Great taste, half the sugar' and other information listed includes being told a bit about the drink, there is an at a glance nutritional chart as well as a full one given, the ingredients and size is stated and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly laid out. The Drink Itself: Best served cold this is in appearance indeed a cloudy looking lemonade with a sweet lemon aroma to it. Taste wise this is slightly sparkling rather than mega fizzy, slightly sour, very, very sweet and artificially tasting of lemons. It does pop flavour on the tongue and does feel very reviving. Of course this contains glucose that is meant to help give a bit of energy, I can't say it does that for me however the day I drank this when I was out and about shopping I was hungover and was shattered and this did wake me up ...

Naked Ooh La La Naked Coco de Mer Body Wash 12/12/2014

Coconuts missing in action!

Naked Ooh La La Naked Coco de Mer Body Wash The other day I found myself in my local independent chemist and remembered I needed to stock up a bit on some shower products as I was running low and this was on offer for a pound. I quite simply liked the packaging of it and knew I was making a saving so with a couple of scents to choose from opted after a quick scent to purchase this one! The Packaging This comes in a see through plastic bottle that has a flip top lid to the top of it and on the front of it we are clearly told what is it and who it is by and that it is 250ml in size and that it is 97% natural and on the back of the bottle we are told a bit about the product and how to use it, the ingredients are given, we are told that from once using it to use it up within 12 months and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly given. Nice bottle, easy to use and its informative enough too and I do appreciate being able to see the light pink, creamy looking product through it so I know when to replace! In Use: Well this is said to be scented with coconut however it doesn't smell of coconut to my nostrils at all and to me smells a bit of roses with a plenty of a musky aroma and no matter what it smells of I do like it and define it as a feminine scent. It lathers up nicely though not overly so and feels really moisturising in use though not greasy. I was able to shave using this alone and it rinsed off simply and I was left feeling clean and fresh and scented with this gently for a few hours afterwards ...

Sudafed Blocked Nose & Sinus Capsules 11/12/2014

Didnt unstuff my nose much!

Sudafed Blocked Nose & Sinus Capsules Last week I was struck down by the worst cold ever. I knew I didn't have flu because I wasn't full of aches and pains, well no more than usual anyway but I was very poorly indeed feeling hot one minute, cold the next, blocked nose then runny, couldn't stop sneezing, a bad cough, mucus in my throat and I had a general headache. I managed to wade through most of that by sleeping and staying in bed watching dvds but then my nose situation changed and no longer was it at all runny just really stuffed and when I blowed I kept getting nosebleeds! So yesterday I took action and went to the shops and ended up in Poundland as I know they stock a lot of branded cold/flu products and when I spotted this brand, 24 capsules and exactly for a blocked nose I quickly picked them up and made the purchase! The Packaging: The capsules come in plastic packs backed with foil and are easy to pop out and the outer box is white with blue accents and on the front of that box we are clearly told what they are and who they are by, what they are for and how many are in the box and then other information listed on the back of the box includes being told a bit more about what the capsules are to be used for and directions for using them are given, the ingredients are listed and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly stated. There is pamphlet within the box giving yet more information too should you need it. The Capsules: Small and yellow plastic capsules and within them is the good stuff ...

Pot Noodle Original Curry 11/12/2014

Potty for noodles!

Pot Noodle Original Curry The one thing that I am not going to try to convince you is to go out and buy a pot noodle! Personally I love them as I am a noodle fiend, always in a hurry to eat and find them tasty and filling although I wouldn't live on them because just one pot of this flavour contains 442 Calories and gives a whopping 7.9g Of Saturated Fat. All ingredients are dried and so there is nothing fresh about this at all or nutritionally good! This comes in a gold and white plastic pot and with a foil peel off lid to the top of it and on it we are clearly told what it is and who it is by and information such as how to make it up, ingredients, nutritional information, weight(90g) and contact details for the manufacturer are given and inside of the pot there is small plastic sachet of mango sauce is (optional to use of course!). The Pot Noodle: When you rip off the lid you are met with a creamy coloured, hard block of noodles and you simply fill up to the shown fill line with hot water, bash the hard block up a bit and leave it for about 4 minutes so that the noodles go soft and you can see a few green peas and grated carrot and it has a thickish light brown sauce which is plentiful. The aroma is that of a mild curry and rather nice. If you add the mango sauce then it gives the noodles quite a sweet flavour which I like and you do get plenty of the sauce too. Taste wise I like these. The curry sauce has a very slight hint of hotness, like I say using the sauce gives a sweet flavour and ...

Avon Advance Techniques Straight & Sleek Smoothing Serum 10/12/2014

Smooths and hydrates hair beautifully!

Avon Advance Techniques Straight & Sleek Smoothing Serum First off I feel that I must point out that this product is no longer called 'Straight And Sleek Serum', no it is now called 'Super Straight', I am guessing that it is the same product just a new name! I bought this serum for one reason. My shoulder length hair is really, really dried out and feels like straw. I am thinking that it is due to ill health cos it doesn't just look dry but it feels it too and really lacks the shine that I naturally had and its so bad I feel like it really needs a massive chop cos it looks awful. I purchased this product for £2.50 on offer though more often than not it is on some sort of offer, in fact I have never seen it rrp so keep your eyes peeled if interested in this. The Packaging: Well this simple comes in a see-through plastic bottle that has a flip top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole and on the front of it we are simply told that it is indeed Avon Naturals Super Straight Serum and that it contains Honey & Jojoba Oil and that it has a Low pH balance and the size is stated which is 50ml and the then there is peel back label on the back of it to which to which gives loads of information in Foreign languages but nothing in English! Nice enough packaging this is and most of us know how to use a serum anyway! Using It: Well this product is a clear gel. It dispenses not too thick but not like water and I use this in a couple of ways. I either use two pumpfuls on damp hair and allow it to dry naturally which means I get less ...

It's Complicated (DVD) 10/12/2014

Life sure can be complicated!

It's Complicated (DVD) Film Only Review: Jane (Meryl Streep) is a bakery owner with three grown up children. When the last of her children leaves home Jane is left feeling the 'Empty Nest syndrome'. Her group of friends convinces her she needs a bit of fun with a guy to which she dismisses however meets Adam (Steve Martin) who is renovating her home and gets on quite well with him. In the meantime it comes to pass that ten years previously after about 20 years of marriage her then husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin) dumped Jane and married a much younger model in the form of Agness (Lake Bell) which is something that of course deeply hurt Jane for a long time after the event. So when Jane and Jakes son graduates Jane and Jake and the kids all end up staying in the same hotel though Agness can't make it through her son being ill. With the kids all off having a party Jane and Jake find themselves in the hotel bar, they end up eating, drinking and getting on very well and one things leads to another and they end up in bed together drunk. Jane immediately regrets it though Jake doesn't and it becomes obvious that although Jake cheated he hasn't go over his ex. Once back home Jake can't leave Jane alone and wants an affair and in the end Jane decides that its worth a go, why shouldn't she cheat with him after-all he's the Father of her children and she feels that Agness did the dirty on her after all and pinched her man however Adam and her are getting closer and Jane is in a muddle, not wanting her ...

The Flock DVD 10/12/2014

Hard hitting flock!

The Flock DVD Film Only Review: Department of Public Safety Erroll (Richard Gere) is in charge of checking on sex offenders 'The Flock'. He is there to check that everybody is in line and not doing anything they shouldn't be doing within the community he works. It soon comes to pass though that Erroll has something from the past to do with his job that makes him absolutely hyper vigilant and driven however that he isn't always within acceptable boundaries and is pretty obsessed with it all which is why he is soon being replaced by Allison (Claire Danes) who is young, been in and out of jobs and he needs to (in his mind) get her as good as he is....cos he happens to care. Allison finds herself in a murky world which is eye opening and they find themselves checking with 'The Flock' of sex offenders on the hunt for someone Erroll believes could be holding hostage a young woman that has gone missing and one in particular person is under suspicion from Erroll, a woman called Viola (KaDee Strickland), who confides in Allison that Erroll seems obsessed with her and that she's been a victim of sex crimes and so on and has nothing to do with doing it. Is someone that Erroll is meant to be keeping an eye on possibly involved in this crime and can they get to the girl in time before she is abused and maybe even killed and will innocent Allison begin to understand why Erroll is so committed to his job and become the same and maybe even slightly tainted by the job? My Opinion: First I want to say ...

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon 09/12/2014

An interesting Bubbleroon for sure!

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon As much as I love the store that is Lush I have to admit I do have better things to spend my money on lately like bills so I often have a mooch about but come out empty handed...until I met my now fella who doesn't have better things to spend his money on and often treats me to a couple of bits from Lush when we go to town. We both love looking around the store but me I can never decide on anything so I always say you choose and this one he recently purchased for me! In appearance this is dusky pink coloured and like two blobs shoved together by what looks a bit like squishy jam! It is a moist and easy to crumble up product or you can do as I did and snap the two pieces apart and have two baths from it. The initial scent of this is like musky rose and its very rich in scent and took me a bit of getting used to however thankfully when mixed with water it does give way to a slight sweet scent too and I did end up really liking this one. This gave me plenty of white lasting white froth, scent and pink water. Infused with lemon, rose and geranium oil as well as coconut oil and shea butter this made the water soft but not greasy and as I lay in it, it felt kind and nourishing to my skin but kind to my senses too and soothing to those and well it should.....rose oil and rose absoloute are meant to be mood lifting scents and lemon uplifting of course! This contains only 20 ingredients and is natural as it can be and of course not tested on animals and at £3.65 it isn't the ...

Lemsip Blackcurrant Cold & Flu Sachets 09/12/2014

Helping with your cold/ least!

Lemsip Blackcurrant Cold & Flu Sachets The other day I woke up feeling awful and knew I had a cold! Now even though I knew it was a nasty cold I won't call it flu. I've had flu only twice in my life and anyone who's had flu won't disrespect it. When I had flu it lasted ages and I honestly was completely bed ridden and thought I was dying! This time I'm still ill with a cold and I'm struggling but it is what it is! I woke up a few days ago with a banging head, runny and then blocked nose, sore throat and catarrh and sneezing and coughing everywhere. My nose is still like a baby beetroot, my eyes are still bulging like a guppy fish and I cough so hard its making me sick and this has been going on now for about week so the other day my Mum came to mine emergency style as I live alone and was moaning I couldn't get out and was stuck in bed and she bought me a few of what she thinks are cold/flu emergency medical supplies and I was happy to see these kinds of drinks as these were what she gave to me when growing up. What Are They?: Basically they are powdered drinks that come in boxes of 5 or 10, my Mum bought me a few boxes of different brands and flavours from her local pound shop. Each sachet tells us clearly what they are and who they are by, the ingredients and dosage advice along with being told what they are good for are listed on each along with contact details for the manufacturer and all of that information is given on the box too. The sachets are easy to tear open and use and each one contains a purply ...
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