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Criminal Law Clarkson & Keating 26/01/2001

The Law

Criminal Law Clarkson & Keating This is a pretty heavy-duty textbook that carries a lot of clout with the law schools. Clarkson and Keating seem to include a lot of opinions from the Lords and include some of the facts and summaries of the cases concerned as well. This is good in the sense that you may not need to refer to the law reports as much in the library. However, I found myself confused at several junctures due to the many varied opinions given and would have preferred somthing more concise and less elaborated. It really depends on the type of person you are. This textbook may be very helpful if you want more than just a brief overview and a technical approach to the mechanics of the law. It gives you all you need to know about crime and punishment, the general principles of criminal liability, general defences, homicide and offences against property. Although I did'nt find this textbook particularly helpful for prepping 3hrs before hand and needing something that would give me an extremely clear picture of the topic, it did however, help in allowing me to appreciate the criminal law in its various aspects, its historical derivation, the philosophy behind some of the defences and the broader aspects when I had more time to absorb and classify all that it had to say. However, the textbook I own is a fourth edition by Sweet and Maxwell of 1998 and may not include some of the more previous cases in 1999 and 2000, which may be pertinent to the new laws as the UK heavily reliant on ...

Meet The Parents (DVD) 26/01/2001

Chemistry Chemistry

Meet The Parents (DVD) I wouldn't want to be Ben Stiller's character in this film. I found this to be all a little too testy. Comedy wise. Too many wisecracks in the wrong areas and I really didn't think the characters had much chemistry between them. I mean all the situations he was thrown in were pretty comic and funny and typical of any comic situation of how things could go wrong... but other than that I pity Ben Stiller's character and I pity the cast. There were too many people in the entire cast to have it build up properly into a romantic comedy of any sort. It wasn't entertaining to the point where there was much anticipation on my part and it wasn't comic to the point where I had my hands to my stomach trying to breathe from laughing too hard. If I was harsh I would say that this would be a flop in my opinion. I cannot say much for the soundtrack but I'll give it a proper rating it deserves for special effects afterall they did have to burn a tree down...

RoC Melibiose Effect Activateur 26/01/2001

Great Works

RoC Melibiose Effect Activateur Great! This eyegel actually works! I've been on this gel for about three weeks now and I am seeing a slight improvement on the area around my eyes. They no longer look as puffy to me although my friends can't seem to spot the difference. But I do know that the puffiness has been reduced along with the under eye bags and the dark rings. I've left my tube of eyegel in the refridgerator as well so I feel revived, at least my eyes do, upon application. If you ask me, any eyegel that actually works to reduce puffiness is soemthing worth spending money on so I would definitely recommen this product now. True, if you read my earlier comments, you would notic that I was skeptical as to how effective this eye treatment would be but I think the AHA components are an effective ingredient for any face treatment product. It works marvelously. However! Don't expect miracles to happen. Previous Opinion: There are just so many good products from this brand name. However it is slightly costlier than the rest of the products you have at Boots pharmacy. This nifty little eye cream boasts of AHA and several latest skin improving formulas that help to smooth out your puffy eyes and reduce dark circles... it says here that it helps to reduce bags as well but I shall not comment on that till I have tried it out for a longer period. It does help to soothe the eye area though and you do feel some of the AHA working around the eye area. I wonder though if it is better that Clinique's ...

RoC Chrono Block Daily Moisturising Care 26/01/2001

Non-Lather Wipes

RoC Chrono Block Daily Moisturising Care Dear me. I think I've gotten the wrong kind of cleasing wipes. I wanted the ones from Oil of olay that produce a bit of lather when wet. Thinking that these cleansing wipes from ROC were the same thing. I bought 2 packs at Boots. There are 25 wipes in the entire packet and these do not lather up at all. However, they are supposed to be specially designed to reduce allergic reaction to it and is suitable for use around the sensitive eye contour area too. Which I suppose is a good thing as most facial washes tend to dry out that area the most leaving you to care more specially and tenderly for your eye area... Still, this is a most convenient combination if you ask me as it is a cleansing product that effetively cleanses away the makeup and doesn't just clean away surface dirt. It also gives you a bit of moisture but I would not purchase this product again. I guess it really depends on what kind of a product you are looking for. However, I wanted a cleansing wipe that had a three in one action. Cleanser, Facial and Toner and this one from ROC isn't working too well for me.

Ministry of Sound, London 26/01/2001

No Party Groove to it

Ministry of Sound, London The Ministry of Sound is popular all around the world and internationally acclaimed but I was rather disappointed and rudely shocked at how un-exciting everything was when I finally arrived. I had expected to be greeted by the lights and glitz of a luxury night club but its exterior made the Ministry of Sound look somewhat unfortunately like the Ministry of Garbage. Located near Elephant and Castle I would not have even looked twice at it if I had been a casual visitor to that area. Come to think of it, I probably would not even venture there. The interior looked better than its exterior although I would not say that it was actually luxurious. The music playing on both my visits to the Ministry was too R & B for me nd really did not manage to get a crowd going at all. There were loads of people just standing around. By my standards, goo music, especially in a disco should want to make people dance , should inspire body movement, but there was nothing of the sort. There are 4 different rooms in total and the most exciting one happens to be that little room where MOS hires dancers as well, honestly, I think most of its patrons dance better and look better than their dancers and they should just save their money on regenerating its crappy exterior. It usually gets too packed and too hot in that room as well and you feel as though you're being gassed slowly with the smells of someone else's pespiration. The floor that you see when you first enter is usually ...

All Bar One, London 26/01/2001

Fantastic Nosh

All Bar One, London I simply love the food at All Bar One. I've been to the branch at London Bridge twice already and I've had a fantastic time on both occassions. The first time I was at All Bar One, I had some sort of bangers and mash without the bangers that came with a really tasty whipped potato that has oyster mushrooms in it. The gravvy served with the dish made it less dry and bland than it would have been and it had my favourite vegetables - asparagus - on top of it. On my second visit there, I had goat's cheese on top of a ciabata with rosemary and other herbs along with a dash of garlic. Even, my friends were quite impressed with the place as they had no idea it served good food and thought that it was just a bar. The menus are on the chalkboards in the bar or can be taken from a magazine rack. Although the food is somewhat close to fantastic, All Bar One tends to get a little nosier and rowdier in the evenings and that has only its popularity and pervasive brit culture of clubs and bars to blame. I'm not too keen on crowds at times and I do find it annoying to have to yell at the person in front of you when you are trying to have a decent conversation. However, if you are someone who likes a comfortable atmosphere with loads of decor in wood and you do like socialising in a bar this would be a good place to check out. Drinks are not too pricey as I've checked the drinks list. You can get a glass of wine for as little as 2 pounds 95. Still, my favourite part would ...

Stringfellows, London 26/01/2001

They Strip and Tease

Stringfellows, London I think most guys would find this place a great place to relax. You walk into Stringfellows and you are greeted by the sight of two stages with three poles on them. You walk further into the club and you see men with ladies sitting on their laps and you wonder just how rich you have to be before the strict no touching rules exclude you. I'm female so I did actually command some attention going into a place like that. In fact, some guy thought I was a dancer. I don't want to come across as a defensive pervert but the main reason why I went into a strip joint was because I saw Robbie William's silver blue Bentley parked outside Stringfellows. I didn't get to see Robbie Williams himself but I did exchange greetings with Peter Stringfellow himself, which was altogether quite cool. This is the strip club that boasts of celebrity patrons. In the poster outside the blub, you see photogrpahs of Jack Nicholson and other celebrities like Antonio Banderras. Even some female celebrities have their faces on Peter Stringfellow's posters. There is a dress code so mind you no T-shirts and no sneakers and no jeans although I did sport a couple of dudes in jeans wear. If you really do want to go have 25 quid on hand as that's what you pay up front to go into the club. There are girls dancing and stripping on stage and Stingfellows boasts of over a hundred girls but there is a strict no touching policy that you had better adhere to lest you want your butt kicked by some ...

Knights, London 23/01/2001

Kinghts 54

Knights, London This place was formerly known as Le Scandale and has accrodingly changed their name to Knights 54 as they are loaced on 53-54 Berwick street. I went to a private party at the club so I wouldn't know what it would be like on a regular night. Anyhow, the dee-jaying was professional. There was a good mix although the atmosphere was somewhat inadequate and the numbers in the club somewhat dismal, it was not the club's fault and it did have a nice structure to go with it. However, they did not accept switch unless it was for purchases of over 20 pounds. It cost about 400 pounds to book the place for that Thursday night.

The Cross, London 23/01/2001


The Cross, London This is a great club that's pretty undiscovered as most of my friends have not heard about it. I was there the night Sonique was dee-jaying and it was great! It is pretty hard to find the place on your own as it is some obscure hole in the wall. Or rather it looks like that. Also, you wouldn't want to be walking to The Cross alone. Its located near King's Cross and the night I was there I had the most unbelievable people come up to me and tell me to smile. I think this lady was about 40 or so and she came and touched my face and pushed the ends of my mouth up and told me to smile. Other than this one exceptionally bizarre incident, the place was absolutely fabulous!

Home, London 23/01/2001

Home as it is

Home, London Is this or is this not the most exciting club of all? Home is practically one of the most touted names in the club scene. But is it all that the tourist can expect it to be? Honestly, with claims of having seven floors of dance and drink available I was quite upset to find 2 of those floors closed and 1 reserved for VIPs only leaving my group and I with only 3 different floors to explore and work up the dance groove. Still, the music was well mixed and we had a good time and there were'nt any people who harassed us or made the evening a lousy one. All in all, Home is good by objective standards but it just doesn't live up to your expectations especially after all that hype about it.

The Gardening Club, London 23/01/2001

Rude Bouncers

The Gardening Club, London This is apparently a real hit with the students especially on wednesdays and tuesdays, I simply cannot remember when, but drinks then are 1 pound the whole night through and it really is a great place to party for a reasonable amount of money. Also, if you go before 8:30 entrance charges are waive and you get to go in free. It is centrally located right next to the covent garden markets and you cannot miss it. It makes for a nice cup of coffee in the afternoon and you wouldn't even think that there would be three rooms of party potential beneath your feet under Covent Garden but there is! Still, the management should pack the whole lot of their bouncers and send them for a course in public manners and social graces. It is simply appalling at how racist and rude and insenstive some of them are towards minority groups and females who ask politely for them to stop shouting.

Car Wash, London 23/01/2001


Car Wash, London this place is the place you would want to dump your parents in. i loved it because it was simply retro and everyone dressed up but some people looked as though they were genuinely from the 60s and the 70s. i was just glad that they were enjoying themselves too. you pay 12 pounds for admission and you pay more for all the exhorbitant drinks. they've upped the prices of the most simple drinks like lemonade and archers etc etc. i suggest u get pissed before you go... with drinks from your local unlicensed...its more economical that way. they layout is cool as well with several rooms you can check out if you feel bored with the rest so i guess this gives you a good alternative in case you really hate a particular room or want to get away form someone undesirable who finds you particularly attractive. Also, loads of nooks and crannys to hide in just beware the CCTV.

Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky 23/01/2001

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky This is a fascinating book... it revolves around the murder committed by the key character Raskolnikov. Through this murder, Raskolnikov tries to assert himself as beyond the authority of popular society, to create a league of his own. The novel describes and sets the ambience for a great expression of the battles between the physical environment and the mental states that Dostoevsky has in plan. The uthor himself writes from personal experience and it is through this novel that we understand the great impact trials and interrogations have had on his life and on his beliefs. The suffering that he witnessed as a first hand participant of the prison has contributed to his firm belief in the Christian doctrine of suffering to gain salvation

Boots Exfoliating Body Scrub 22/01/2001

Masochistically Effective

Boots Exfoliating Body Scrub If you happen to be a firm believer in that frequently berated phrase "no pain no gain", this might just be the product for you. I have relatively sensitive and dry skin and was therefore a little stunned at how painful the exfoliating scrub was. To a certain extent, you might actually enjoy it if you have masochistic tendencies. Unfortunately for me i preferences run contrary to masochism. You really do get to feel those exfoliating granules working and rubbing against your skin to produce enough friction to rid you of those dead epidermal cells. It did such an excellent job in removing those dead skin cells that tend to make your skin look dull. I fyou do decide to get that product, check how you look in your bathroom mirror before you scrub away and you'll notice that your skin actually does look healthier after you're done. It does leave your skin feeling a little sore after you're done with the shower so I would most definitey recommend that people with skin conditions smililar to mine not scrub as hard as ordinary folks would and also to have a good moisturising product on stand-by for after exfoliating use. Perhaps this would be a good product for once-in-a-while use instead of for frequent use on a daily basis. Other than how this product works it does come in a transparent unique shaped bottle and you won't have to worry about squeezing every last drop out of the bottle because it has been designed such that the nozzle is at its base, which means that you get ...

Oil of Olay Moisturising Body Wash 22/01/2001

All At The Same Time

Oil of Olay Moisturising Body Wash This has got to be the most luxurious body wash of the year!!!! After you've tried this you won't be wondering about why I've decided to rave and rant about it. If you have dry skin and you hate the way normal body wash makes your skin feel tight and dry after you've taken a shower, try this product. Sure! Maybe it is a little pricier than the rest of the attractive looking bottles of body wash on the display counter but you will most definitely not regret making this purchase. What this moisturising body wash does for you is to really moisturise your skin even while you get it cleaned in the shower, which is terrific because that means you won't have to waste extra time slapping on any extra moisturising products after you're done. By the way, that also saves you money on any extra moisturisers you would have had to buy! It's really gentle on sensitive skin and smells really feminine as well. As it is currently on some sort of a promotion it comes with a special body puff at BOOTS (where I bought mine!). People with normal to oily skin won't have to worry about having oilier skin if they use the product either. It moisturises effectively but it does not leave any sticky after trace. All you're left with at the end of the shower is great silky skin. I've tried Dove cream moisturising body wash as well and I personally feel that Oil of Olay is slightly better than Dove (which also comes with a body puff). It really is an excellent product. If you need more incentive, ...
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