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Polar F1 06/07/2005

The simple way to monitor your exercise

Polar F1 Intro: --------------- ----- Working within the fitness industry I decided to purchase several of these heart rate monitors for simple research purposes. Polar are the most well known manufacturer of heart rate monitors. Even though more and more companies are realising the commercial and health benefits of heart rate monitors, in my eyes polar still remain top. The F1 is one of the simplest heart rate monitors on the market. Costing around £25-30 it won't break the bank. Features: --------------- ----- The F1 has one button. This is slap bang on the front so it means it is easy as anything to use! The watch comes with a T31 chest strap, this goes around the chest, against the skin, as close to the line if your heart as possible. This part relays heart beat information wirelessly to the watch. It is important that the chest strap is moist, this allows for the electric signals from your heart to be transmitted clearly, all you need to do this is run the plastic bit under the tap for a few seconds or wipe it with a damp cloth (a hint don't use cold water, it can bit a bit of a shock when you put it on). Ensure the strap is nice an tight and doesn't have room to slip or move about whilst you exercise. Press the button once to start the timer and the heart monitoring. Now all you need to do is exercise. During your exercise you are able to monitor your current heart rate which flashes up on the watch. The watch also indicates 10min blocks of time up to 60mins, this is ...

Sanyo VPC-Z380 14/06/2005

Digital camera wich is extreemly easy to use

Sanyo VPC-Z380 This camera is great. It is the easiest digital camera I've used. It has a large viewing screen, and a joystick style button for moving between options and pictures. Removable smart media cards means that memory can easily be expanded and loads of images can be stored. I only have an 8mb card and it allows me to take over 120 pictures on a high resolution. It has a digital zoom viewing so that pictures can be seen close up. A built in clock and date allow you to record exactly when you took the pictures. The resolution is excellent; you are able to choose between 3 different levels, the lowest of which is still excellent quality. The camera also has a 10 frame quick succession facility allowing you to get amazing shots of moving objects. Self timer/ flash and close up options which are included on most cameras. This camera takes 4 AA batteries which mean they are easy to replace, however they do add considerable weight. They also seem to last for ages, and this is the best power lasting digital camera I have used, even with the screen always on. Though having so many batteries does mean the camera is big and bulky and not really pocket size. However the quality of pictures easily out weighs this. I bought it for around £200 in 2003. At this time mega-pixel cameras were few and far between. However nowadays mega-pixel cameras are everywhere,and 5-8 mega pixels are not uncommon. Even my mobile phone now has the same resolution, including video camera, ...

Honda NSR125 14/12/2004

And you can ride one of these at 17yrs old!!

Honda NSR125 -----Introduction------ Aged 22, I decided to get a 125cc bike and ride it for a few years on 'L' plates, in order to gain some confidence and experience of riding, before I would eventually go for my full bike test on a larger bike. I spent allot of time looking at what bike to get and reading reviews. Whilst researching into what bike to choose I came across the Honda NSR125 and knew instantly I wanted one! After looking around for a few weeks I eventually bought a 2001 model in Red white and Blue, from a local motorbike dealer for £2200. -----Style----- Wow! was my initial thought...the bike looks like a 600cc! Stylish curves and fat wheels. The only give away is the smaller exhaust (and the fact I’ve got 'L' plates). The bike is a definite head turner. The fairings also do their job well, keeping rain and wind to a minimum, though you do have to duck your head down a bit to optimise the effect of the screen. The fat wheels are very reassuring and allow you lean round any corner with confidence. One thing which looks out of place on this bike is the rear indicators, they stick out for much so you could hang you washing on them and dry it whilst you ride! But this is only cosmetic, and let’s face it the longer indicators make you more visible and therefore safer. Universal rear indicators are available from most motorbike shops (as well as Halfords) for about £10 if you do decide to change them. Any way enough about how it looks, you can see that for ...

Sony MiniDisc recorder 03/11/2004

Cool minidisc, which is easy to use.

Sony MiniDisc recorder I was luck to receive this mini disc through my local education authority. Had I had not received it free, I would have purchased a mini disc myself and this would most likely have been the model I would have got. The MZN 710 has many plus points, for a start it looks great! it has a full aluminium case, it comes with a nifty desktop charging cradle which allows for very easy charging (you just plonk the minidisk on it and it charges). The net MD allows you to down load music from the net or from a CD and put it onto your minidisc, so that you can listen to it in seconds. However if recordings are made onto the minidisc its self i.e. by using it as a microphone recorder, you are unable to transfer this onto the computer which is a pain if you want to use it as a Dictaphone. It’s small enough to take with you running and won’t skip a beat no matter what you do to it, plus its robust shell means it doesn’t get damaged. You can store loads of music on a single disk, over 5 albums worth of excellent quality sound. Editing music couldn’t be easier. The software will find the album and track titles online within seconds, so that you don’t have to fiddle about typing in the disc info on your keyboard or minidisc. Sound quality is excellent and the equalizer can be adjusted manually to how ever you like it. My only drawback is that it is not as loud as some of my other personal music devices, but I suppose this means it is not damaging my ears as much. The MZN 710 ...

Palm Zire 03/11/2004

Zire is a great little organiser

Palm Zire The Palm Zire is one on the handiest pieces of technology I have purchased. Though I have heard bad comments about the Zire compared to its fellow palm bigger brothers, the Zire is an excellent piece of equipment at a low price. To sum it up, it is Microsoft outlook in your hand! But there is more! . . . As well as having an address book, diary alarm clock, note pad, to do list and calculator, it also boasts expenses chart, an infra red port to speak with your mobile phone etc., Games when you get bored, and the opportunity to down load loads of games and programs, lots of which are free. I have managed to get Microsoft excel and word on my Zire as well as some games for very cheap, and still have room on the 2mb memory. Admittedly 2mb of memory is small, and it would be excellent if the Zire was to have a removable media card. And having no back light does affect the Zire’s versatility after dark. But for such a cheap price I think this is an excellent PDA. The battery on the Zire lasts for ever I have had mine for over a month and use it all the time but have not needed to charge it once and it still has more than 3/4 on the battery indicator!! I strongly recommend getting a leather case for it to ensure it doesn’t get scratched. The styluses you use for writing on the screen are also replicable for a small price as I found out after loosing mine…Ooops! I am a student a have found the Zire an excellent piece of equipment which as well as managing my ...
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