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Soul Survivors (DVD) 15/08/2004

Soul Survivor - Not up to hype but a decent film

Soul Survivors (DVD) Just watched this film for the first time, Luckily I had no expectations – the IMDB rating for this film is less then 4, and almost everyone who has written a review for this film has slated it. I think the main problem is, it is advertised as a horror/thriller film – which is a huge mis-leader. There is absolutely no horror and very little gore. So why did I hire it, because I’m a huge Eliza Drusku fan and hire everything she is in. So what did I get? Well the film is more in the vain of six-sense then a horror, which suits me down to the ground (I’m a huge fan of films like memento). The tangline states “the world of the dead and the world of the living are about to collide” which is quite an accurate description of what actually happens. The basic premise – A teenage girl Cassy (Melissa Sagemiller) is leaving home & her boyfriend. Her and 3 friends (well 2 friends & 1 boyfriend) head off to a wild night club first for some fun, however when arguing with her boyfriend the car is involved in an accident and goes off the road. Her and the two friends survive, but her boyfriend Sean (Casey Affleck) dies. Cassy tried to slowly rebuild her life however keeps getting chased by the people who were hassling her in the nightclub, and she keeps seeing her dead boyfriend. Is she going mad or is he really appearing to her? If you are intending to see the film, don’t read on yet as here is the big spoiler. However if you don’t care or have seen it feel free, and you will ...

Big Brother 5 (2004) 20/06/2004

Big Brother, were watching you!

Big Brother 5 (2004) Ok, I admit it, like hundereds, maybe thousands of others, I am a big brother addict. However last year got quite off putting. Boring people doing nothing, boring winner who did nothing, without the wonderful John Tickle I'd have turned my T.V. over! SO endemol and channel 4 were determined that this year was not going to be another yawn fest in 3 ways 1) people 2) house 3) being evil OK to start, in case someone out there has managed to avoid it, I group of people are in a house for 11 weeks. They get tasks to do at least once a week, camera watch everything and braodcast lots of it for us all to see. Housemates nominate each other in privacy for eviction, then we the public make phone votes to decide who we want to leave, putting loads of cash in Channel 4's or endimols pockets as a result. This year however, as everyone knows the human fishbowl idea inside out, they have heated things up. OK your on track now so read on.. Now plan 1 - the people. This year there were 12 contestants. 6 male and 6 female. Marco - camp homosexual, quite young. incredibly sweet and funny but drives others nuts by making noises like a seal a lot. In his audition he admitted he disliked assylum seekers. Has his close group of girls in there and love to have food fights. He's been described as looking like Golumn. Ahmed - Asian past assylum seaker who moved to the UK years ago and is now a british citizen. He doesn't do much (this years camron). He dislikes homosexuality (see the ...

Wilkinson Sword Intuition 20/06/2004

Intuition? Hardly!

Wilkinson Sword Intuition I was attracted to this on a recent trip to boots. The razor was half price £3.20 give or take a few pence. It came with two blades which made it cheaper then buying a pack of £3 blades on it's own (£6 - £7 for 3) so seemed good value for trying it out. Instructions - keep skin and razor wet when in use. Sounds simple enough ... Firstly I was impressed on how easy it was to put the blade on. I also liked the stand it came with - it had a little hook with suckers to put on the wall, with a place to hold one spare head. I did find I kept knocking it off the stand when I showered to had to move it further up the wall, which has done the trick. Handling - Wasn't very impressed with this. The grips for holding it arn't as good as many of the other main razors out there, and it seemes to get more slippery then the others to handle with the soap over it - I dropped it a few times when I've been using it and I've never had this problem with a razor before The Hype - This is justified. It is easy and convenient to not need any extra soap/foam etc. It works really well too, it releases just enough to do it's task perfectly, and as there isn't too much you can see clearly what your doing, so there isn't a danger or missing a few stray hairs which has happened in the past. All in all - this element of the product is perfect. They also claim that the product lasts as long as a normal razor. Well the soap stuff has yet to go down as far as I can tell despite quite a few uses, so ...

Road Kill (DVD) 17/04/2004

Not bad for killing time

Road Kill (DVD) rented this film as the trailer looked good, despite the fact that it hasn’t done that well on reviews. all in all, both my partner and i enjoyed this film even though we both have different tastes in films. the plot covers two brothers, fuller (steve zahn) and lewis (paul walker – the fast and the furious) who whilst on a long distance car trip buy a cb radio and decide to play a prank on a trucker. however when the prank goes wrong they discover the trucker has found out who they are and is stalking them on their journey. their journey takes a turn for the worse when they pick up lewis’s love interest venna (leelee sobiesky – deep impact) when the trucker steps up a gear and starts terrorising all three of them more aggressively. after a slightly slow start where the “prank” is played this film builds up to a good level of tension and maintains it throughout the film, and unlike many films you can’t always predict what will happen next, keeping you on the edge of the seat and really engrossed in the film. there is some gore in this film, but the films main emphasis is psychological and the unexpected twists that it has. the only real down side is that after all the effort that has been made to keep you engrossed in the film, the ending was too predictable so the writers let themselves down here. however i’m not going to say too much about the film, as this really is a film everyone should watch, and i’ve no interest in spoiling a minute of it for any of you. so ...

Rosemary Conley Food Nutrition Scales 15/04/2004

Nutrition Scales - A dieters life saver

Rosemary Conley Food Nutrition Scales Ok firstly I cannot recommend this product highly enough. This has been the single most useful item I've bought all year. On it's basic level, it is just a kitchen digital weighing scales. It looks smart in any kitchen with the flat round glass top and an almost triangular silver base. Also you can choose the type of weight you want - grams, pounds & Kg's. It also has a zero button, which means you can just keep adding to the same bowl and easily checking how much each item weighs etc - you really don't appreciate how convenient that is until you start using it. Also it has a memory for 9 items, which is invaluable when you get onto the next section. NOW THE GREAT STUFF!!! Ok this is why I love this item so much. As well as the usual weight measurements, all you need to type in is a 4 short code for representing the food item and you can find it's: calories fat protein carbohydrate (great if your on the atkins diet) cholesterol and fibre It's really easy to use and the scale comes with a card listing the food codes for over 500 different items, and I have yet to weight something that was not included on the list. Also the nutritional data comes from the Royal Society of Chemistry so is accurate. Best of all, you can use the memory facility to add these all together, giving you the nutritional content of the whole meal!! The reason I bought it is that I am on the atkins diet. This item is responsible for keeping me on the straight and narrow, as I'd ...

Kentucky Fried Movie (DVD) 15/04/2004

Good Pointless Humour

Kentucky Fried Movie (DVD) We got this recently from screen select DVD rental company. This is an old film (made in 1977) and could be described as a cross between Monty python, the day today and aeroplane (which i have heard was created by the same person). The humour is pointlessly funny and the sketches are unrelated and do not generally flow into each other and are of different styles. I understand that a lot of the sketches are spoofs of other films, but as it's an old film this element was pretty much lost on me. There is also some scenes of a sexual nature so it's probably best to wait until younger children are out of the room/house before watching this. To give you a better idea of the film here are some of the sketches you can expect to see (includes spoilers) 1) A "day today" style news program with a gorilla smashing up the newsroom 2) Catholic School Girls in Trouble - which involves scenes of a sexual nature and a midget in a clown type costume 3) A Bruce Lee style mini-film called fist-full of yen, which is a cross between Enter the Dragon and the Wizard of Oz There are many more, but that gives you a good idea of how different the scenes are. As such it will contain scenes that will make you laugh at loud, and others, which will seem boring or maybe offensive. But which is which will depend on each person as a wide range of humour styles is catered for. For me personally the funniest line in the whole film was the courtroom scene where the lawyer asks the defendant "what is ...

Mothman Prophecies, The 10/04/2004

The Mothman Proficies - a gripping Film

Mothman Prophecies, The Looking at the reviews on IMDB for this film, it seems you either love it or hate it, and I fall in the loved it category. In fact this has now taken pride of place in my top 5 films on my personal home page. Mothman prophecies is a hard film to classify. It’s not really a horror film in the usual chop and hack stalking terror kind of a way. It’s not really terrifying but is creepy. The closest thing to this out there is the x-files but even that doesn’t cover it. I think the closest words I can use to classify it is “psychological” and “mystery”. The story revolves around the main character John Klein (Richard Gere) who was a happily married reporter whose wife (Debra Messing) dies, but before she dies she sees a creature of some kind. After she dies John finds the drawings of the eerie creature she saw and is apparently disturbed by this. Two years later he heads off on a short journey and his car breaks down so he goes for help. He however discovers he has somehow travelled over 400 miles in 90 minutes to a place he had no intention of visiting called Point Pleasant in West Virginia. Here he quickly discovers that everyday normal people have reported seeing and hearing strange things, and a sketch of the creature seen was almost identical to the one his wife had drawn before she died. ------------ Slight Spoiler John sets about a detailed investigation of these experiences to try and uncover the reason for his wife’s death. He discovers that this creature, ...

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector 09/04/2004

Hands suffering from cleaning? Hemp is here!

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Ahhh hemp hand conditioner. Why did I first buy it? Well I thought it was funny being made of hemp plus the tube looked "cool" (well was in my early 20's at the time) What were my hands like before? well I had been a barmaid for many years and the constant cleaning tables etc played havock with my hand making them look rough and, well old!! What did i expect? Nothing, just another moisturised What did I get? Well this was the shock. It sunk right into the skin which was a nice change from some other hand creams I'd used before.I could feel the difference in my hands right away, they were softer and in much better condition. The cream also forms a barrier cream which protected my hands from more damage. For the rest of my career as a bar-maid/waitress (another 1-2 years) I used it several times a day and there is no sign in my hands from this. Anything else? Yip, when I had a really bad cold my nose was red and peeling, I'd tried loads of other creams etc on my nose and nothing helped, I then turned to the hemp hand cream and found it excellent for that too. I have also heard that other people use it on their feet and find it great there too. What does it look like? It's in a silver tube which looks a little retro and not "girly" at all. It also doesn't have a girly smell to it which I prefer. Skin Types - well as you may have guessed I have dry skin which was even worse for being a bar-maid and waitressing. I also have sensitive skin and have to watch as I ...

digiguide - digiguide 03/04/2004

Who needs the radio times?

digiguide - digiguide Hmm, Tuesday night. What's on TV? Time to pop on my PC & find out!! Digiguide is a downloadable program that costs £5 or £6 pounds a year (however check as they may still have the free trial at the time you read this). Much cheaper then buying the radio times. However is it worth it. - YES!! What do you get? An application that allows you to pick the TV channels you want to display for a start. You can go to your TV provider list and select the packages, or just pick the channels you want. It's also handy as it gives your TV providers channel number, so if I find out that a film is just about to start there is no "aghh quick, what number is movies 2 on?" anymore. It also means you don't have to have listings for channels you have no interest in. It is easy to use and easy to amend the channels You can view these channels as a grid, allowing a quick glance of what is on, or you can click on the individual channel and get a list of what’s just on that channels for the day. It is also easy to scroll forwards hours, days or select a particular date to jump to. If you wish to find out more about a show, you can click it for a summary, or go to the online library where it will provide you with any useful links they have (I found a few Angel web sites this way). Customising: You can select digiguide to set the colours of your favourite types of programs as you see fit, which makes it easier on the grid to tell at a glance if there is anything on. I also have the ...

Doctor Atkins 02/04/2004

Atkins - Loosing weight without hunger

Doctor Atkins Most people have heard of the Atkins diet, but often not that much about it. I used to be the same, here’s how that’s changed after buying the “diet revolution” book cheap on ebay. I recommend if anyone is thinking of it, to buy the book, as it has so much information to guide you and make sure you follow the diet healthily. The diet has 4 phases … INDUCTION There was a 2-week "induction" period that should be thought of more as a detox then the actual Atkins diet itself. This period allows you to eat 20 grams of carbs a day. There is a few days into the diet that you go through a difficult phase, created by the alleged "withdrawal" from carbs, I felt tired for a day or two, but since then I have had massively increased energy and lost the niggling aches & pains that used to annoy me. ONGOING WEIGHT LOSS This is the longest stage of weight loss and the stage that I am in now. You increase your carb levels 5 carbs per day each week, until you get to the point where your weight loss stops, you then drop 5 carbs and continue at this level until you near your target weight PRE-MAINTINANCE This is a fairly short stage at your last few pounds, slowing your weight loss down and preparing your body for maintinance. MAINTINANCE Here you increase carbs until you find the amount you can eat without gaining, this is the level of carbs you will then always be able to eat to maintain your new weight WHAT CAN I EAT? You can eat as much fish, poultry, meat & eggs as your ...

Dansai DVD 852 28/03/2004

bought from tesco - better then expected

Dansai DVD 852 Bought this DVD player a few years ago from tesco, as we were setting up a house and had a budget to stick to. It was under £100 which was fantastic at the time. We are happy as it playes everything we need, SVCD's, VCD's & burnt DVD-r's (not that I'd ever advocate copying dvd's of course). It has 2 speeds picture forwards which are fantastic for getting through the adverts quicker The play back quality is good and the zoom function is really handy as we don't have a wide screen tv. There is also an angle function but we havn't got any DVD's to make use of this facility yet. We have had problems, in that a year and then 6 months later it sarted playing up and sticking in the middle of fims. We phoned tesco and they were great, no request for forms, questions or hasstle, they just sent a courier around both times to replace it. Now if only all the other companies out there were as helpful we'd all be happier consumers :-) ...

Lloyds TSB 28/03/2004

Happy Customer Here

Lloyds TSB Hi everyone. I have banked with LLoyds since I was a child and have always been happy with them. Here is a bit of information to give you an idea of the service I generally receive Internet Banking: This is the main reason I like lloyds so much, the web site is really well structured, laid out very clearly and is easy to use. I have a few bank accounts that I use for budgeting and it's so easy to transfer the money between these. It's also really easy to make payments to others on the site. The site is stable and have had no problems getting access to it every time I use it. The security I feel is adequate with a password and memorable information - with which they only ask for individual letters not words. Telephone Banking: I used this for a while when I lost my username. They have security questions and again ask for individual letters from a password instead of the whole word. I have got through quickly every time I have called. The service has generally been excellent a few small mistakes have been made in the past but human error happens with every callcentre out there and they were such minor things I didn't mind. One example was when I was trying to get a new user name te guy couldn't grasp that it was the username not the password I needed. I had to tell him 3 times but when it finally clicked he was great and I got the new one in the post within 48 hours. However I have to say these things are quite rare and almost every time I have called them I have found ...

Tenerife (Spain) 19/03/2004

Tenerife - plenty for everyone

Tenerife (Spain) I went to Tenerfie for a week in November and had the time of my life, this was however thanks to the research we did first. Tenerife is amazing as it has something for everyone. Those looking for serious night clubing are advised to head to playdas americas, where there is plenty of action. Those looking for cultire are advised to visit the North of the Island, where the weather is less constant but there is more of a local culture with buildings and apparently fantastic shopping oppertunities. However I suspect many of you are like me - sun worshipers who want to relax and take it easy. So we headed off to Costa Adeje which was the ideal choice. We bought the holiday of teletext so really did get a cheap deal, and having a rep was not a problem. We stayed at el hotel isla bonita which was only about 15 minutes from the airprot. November was a great time to go as the hotel was quite quiet so no queing up for food or the bar. There was plenty of activites for young and old in the hotel, there was plenty happening down at the nearby beach and lots of tourist shopping oppertunities. Costa Adeje was very clean and well maintained, with lots of palm type trees giving it a wonderful exotic feel. Southern Tenerife was original a rocky desart like place, however so much hard work has gone into it that it looks great. Don't give a second thought to food either, the y are all competing so much that the prices to eat out there are amazing, and you could have a fully ...

American History X (DVD) 19/03/2004

A surprisingly really good film

American History X (DVD) When my boyfriend wanted me to watch this film with him I was really disapointed. I do not like violent films and could not see how I would like this one, however I was in for a HUGE SURPRISE. As it came down to it, this film was great. The basic plot revolves around a nazi type follower killing black guy's when the attempted to steal his vehicle. As a result he is sent to jail where he learns from the friends and enemiees that he makes that his view on life isn't quite accurate and start re-evaluating his whole life, when he comes out he finds that his new feelings do not fit in with his old way of life where the people who meant so much to him have not moved on from where they were, and he starts to realise the damadge he has done to those he cares about. With this film you get completely drawn into the lives and life changing events that the main characters experience, and how the experiences they have change and shape how they become. This essentially is the main focus of the film and the reason that the film becomes so appealing so fast. I don't want to say too much about the actual plot as it would spoil your enjoyment of the film. The acting is fantastic and the main character Derek (Edward Norton from Fight Club) continues to show his acting talents more and more as the film progresses. The film is very violent in parts, some of it stomach turning, however the voilence fits in with the context of the film journey, and the moral message portaied in this ...

OPI Nail Envy 19/03/2004

This really does make a difference

OPI Nail Envy OPI Nail envy is a Nail Strengthener that is used in Many Salons. It can be bought in the salons or slightly cheaper on QVC, expecially when bought with the avoplex (you can caurrently get both from there for just over £30) I used to consider myself with problem nails, in that they tended to break as soon as they started to look good. I had tried many nail strengheners but still found my nails broke. However I had this produce from a family member once and must say I was converted on the spot. When on it looks like a normal shiny clear nail varnish and I now use it once a day. I do not wear nail varnish with it but it is fine to do so. Within days my nails were stronger and looked better. Wearing this product has made my nails strong without making them brittle, and for the first time in my life I have now started regualry using nail files. I have heared it said before that OPI means quality and I am now convinced they are right. I will honestly say that this is now the OPI makes are the only nail product treatments I buy. ...
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