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Zanussi-Electrolux ZX99/5 17/07/2006


Zanussi-Electrolux ZX99/5 We purchased this in August last year as we were moving into our new house as the chest freezer we had was to big for the layout of our kitchen. Our criteria for the new fridge was simple, 1)Size, we needed tall but narrow. 2)It must be frost free and keep the food cold. A local department store was having a "bank holiday sale" so we purchased this along with a Zannusi Dishwasher (that has also failed) and an AEG washing machine that so far is doing ok. So, we got the products home took the wrapping off and , moved the fridge into position and waited the allocated time before switching it on. For the first few days all was well, then we had a couple of warm days and then suddenly this beeping started coming from the fridge, we checked the manual and it said that the beeping could be for two reasons, the first being that the door could of been left wasn't, and the second reason being that the temperature had dropped inside the fridge.......oh'dear!! The manual said to press the button that had turned red and keep the door shut (well' like we were going to keep it open!) and the fridge should re-cool. This didn't happen, we then phoned Zanussi and they advised us to take everything out and switch the fridge off and defrost it (this is supposed to be a frost free fridge remember) for 24hrs and then switch it on again. We done this and we were ok for the period of time from when the weather cooled down up until the weather getting warmer again. A few weeks ...

Whitehorse Insurance 12/07/2006


Whitehorse Insurance I went on holiday with my wife to Mexico in the middle of october for two weeks last year, we had planned this holiday since we got married three years ago and paid the holiday off over an 18month period which also allowed us time to save for spending money to do all the activities we wanted to do i.e mayan temples, swimming with dolphins and other tourist favourites. The reason we booked for this time of year was a)it was out of the school season, and b) work allocation of holiday meant that i was restricted in what i could have. As you may know (or if you don't know), last year was not the best for weather across the caribbean or florida etc and there was a large amount of tropical storms across this region of the world, however this did not deter us from going away. Moving on, we arrived at the hotel in the early hours of the morning and the sun was already beginning to show its full fury, there was no clouds in the sky, just a cooling light breeze to take the edge off the ferocity of the heat. We unpacked our bags and went for breakfast and had a nice relaxing day just lounging by the pool, sipping margarita's, and admiring the beauty of the coastline, totally unaware of the events to come. On the evening when we were in our room getting ready for our evening meal we had the tv on in the background to find out the weather for the following few days as we were wanting to go to the mayan temples but were advised to go on a cooler day due to the location and ...

Quick and Easy Recipes 11/07/2006


Quick and Easy Recipes This is a great quick recipe that can be grilled or barbequed, very tasty and low in fat. Ingredients for the coating: 1 small handfull of peanuts (unsalted and de-shelled) honey 1 red chilli olive oil rock salt 1 garlic clove Ingredients for the kebabs: 3 chicken breasts, 1 red pepper cut into chunks 1 yellow pepper cut into chunks 1 green pepper cut into chunks 1 large white onion cut into chunks sweet cherry tomatoes or sweet baby plum tomatoes Add: Kebab skewers What to do, chop the peanuts finely and put in a bowl, chop the chilli pepper finely and add to the bowl, chop the garlic clove finely and add to the bowl add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to the bowl, add 1 good pinch of rock salt to the bowl, add 3 tablespoons of honey to the bowl, Mix all the ingredients until the honey has mixed in with the olive oil and leave the flavours to blend. Meanwhile thread the peppers etc onto the skewers alternating the colours and vegetables and chicken until all are used up, then with a basting or pastry brush coat the kebabs with the marinade. Wrap the kebabs in cling film and place in the fridge for 30mins or until ready. Cook under the grill or on the barbeque for 10-15 mins until the chicken is cooked through. Then serve to your salivating guests!!! Enjoy :o)

No Rest for the Wicked [Remastered] - Ozzy Osbourne 10/07/2006

"DANCE FOR ME BITCH!!!.................

No Rest for the Wicked [Remastered] - Ozzy Osbourne Before you ask why the title is as so, its just a line from Tattoed Dancer, one of the tracks from the Ozzy album NO REST FOR THE WICKED. Released in 1988 this album featured ozzys line up of Randy Castillo on Drums, Bob daisley on Bass and an unknown guitarist at the time called Zakk Wylde. For anyone who likes their guitaring and hasn't heard this man play "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?" Zakk Wylde has almost single handedly re-wrote the rule book on how to play hard rock guitar, his individual style with trademark "pinch-harmonic squeals" make his sound unique and instantly recognisable and it is no wonder Ozzy has kept him as his right hand axeman, when youv'e got the best in the business where else can you go? Anyway, on to the album, coming in at just over 40mins its certainly not an album of epic proportions, it features 8 tracks (labelled) and 1 bonus track (unlabelled) that features on the 2002 re-mastered version. Track listing as follows: 1)Miracle Man 2)Devils Daughter 3)Crazy Babies 4)Breakin' all the rules 5)Bloodbath in paradise 6)Fire in the sky 7)Tattoed dancer 8)Demon alcohol 9)Hero Miracle Man is a good opening track and a good introduction to the riffing capabilities of Zakk Wylde, apparently the track is supposed to be about Jimmy "caught with his pants down" Swaggart. The song showcases Zakks fluid soloing abilities along with a pounding bass line from Bob Daisley (who later tried to take legal action against the Ozzman) and heavy ...

Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade 28/06/2006


Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade "I am not vain! I am not vain! I am not vain", well, thats what i keep telling my wife anyway. She moans that i spend to much time in making sure that my face is shaved and moisturised and that my hair is styled properly.... and why shouldn't I. Theres nothing wrong with men wanting to take care of how they look and they should take care of how they look (how many women want a man with flaky dry skin and premature aging wrinkles?) and mens mags such as Maxim,GQ, FHM etc are here to help support this fact. On my quest over the years to find a hair product that i felt comfortable using i made my way through a large number of the well known brands such as Dax, Wella, Silvikrin, L'oreal before encountering a product that i had not heard of before, a product called Black & White Genuine Pluko. I initialy picked the product up as i had not heard the word "pluko" before and was intrigued as to what it was so i opened the lid (i know its wrong to do so but i wanted to see what the product was like,besides,who buys aftershave or perfume without smelling it?) PRODUCT The pluke is an off-white colour and has a distinctive smell similar to coconut, the scent is not overpowering and is rather pleasurable unlike a lot of hair products that have an overpowering chemical smell that can be off putting to the user aswell as anyone close i.e wife,girlfriend, pull-of-the-night etc Upon touching the product there is initially a firm almost hard waxy feel but when warmed up in the hands ...

Rude Awakening (+DVD) - Megadeth 24/06/2006

"Hello me...Meet the real me"

Rude Awakening (+DVD) - Megadeth "Hello You........Its me again" Well what more could you ask for, guitar riffs that are smashing into your skull like bullets from a jammed AK47, searing (yet melodic and exotic) guitar solos from one of the finest guitar players (Al Pitrelli) to have ever set foot on this humble land, water tight drumming and a perpetual bass line that never misses a break, welcome to Megadeth. I have been a fan of Megadeth since the release of "So far,So good, So what" and apart from a few dodgy tracks and 1 dodgy album along the way, its all been good news, Having seen Megadeth a number of times i was pleased when they finally released an up to date DVD..... Well, with the DVD in place the surround sound on and the volume at a detached house creating gauge i settled back and pressed play. A good intro to the live concert with the fans pouring into the arena, it gives a reminder of those sweaty moshpit style evenings that i used to visit before i met my wife (she's not into this type of music, however, i managed to take her to see the "deth" at nottingham rock city on their last tour as a friend of mine dropped out at the last minute and she admitted they were good.....a new fan perhaps?) fans sreaming at the camera, shouting, and the obligatory "fans doing the 666 sign", we then follow the band through the tunnel and then the music kicks in to DREAD AND THE FUGITIVE MIND & KILL THE KING,hardcore riffage ahead as we enter the world of Megadeth, After two blistering guitar ...

Recipes for Desserts 23/06/2006


Recipes for Desserts Before i start, this is more of a pancake filling recipe as opposed to a recipe for the pancakes, so..... make your pancakes as you would normally do (flour,salt egg etc) and leave to stand for a couple of hours (the longer the me!) during this time you can prepare your fillings, this is what you will need: 1 block of Dark choc (good quality only) Dark cherries(as many as you desire) Strawberries (as above) 2 tangerines segmented (soft and juicy only) Extra thick double cream Tia maria (1 measure) Sherry (bristol cream etc) 1 measure Mint sprigs (optional) now, what you need to do is........... in one serving bowl,chop the cherries in half and soak in the Tia maria for 2 hrs in one serving bowl,chop the tangerine segments in half and soak in the sherry for 2hrs, in one serving bowl grate the dark chocolate and place in the fridge to stay cool, rough tear the mint sprigs Make the pancakes as usual, then spoon one filling into one pancake at a time, or half/half if you wish,add a sprinkling of dark chocolate then roll the pancake and add a dollop of double cream, a good sprinkling of dark chocolate and finally mint leaves (if desired)..............then serve to your loved one ; )

Top 10 Foods 21/06/2006


Top 10 Foods Back in the days when i used to go out partying in clubs and pubs i always arrived home with an insatiable appetite for a tasty & filling alcohol absorbing munch. All of us used to go back to my place (most of us had girlfriends before you ask!!) and switch on the Playstation (gran turismo or Tekken), whilst the controller was passed around the room from inebriated player to a p**sed as a fart player, i used to set about the task of supplying a good quality after-drink munch, obviously washed down with another couple of cans! heres what we came up with after long slurred debates about what is the best topping for hot wedges (in no particular order) along with other subjects that are to sick/sad/jawdropping/ and jus' to damn WRONG to be published. 1) Nacho cheese 2) Hoummus 3) Crispy fried Bacon 4) Chopped Herta Frankfurter 5) Spicy Mexican Cheese grated 6) Garlic Mayo 7) A trio of sauces i.e red,brown,barbeque 8) Beans, barbeque or normal 9) "Blackened" shredded chicken 10) Curry sauce A personal favourite of mine is frankfurter with mexican cheese, but they all go well together, reading this back i have noticed one thing............... ............... ............... ...... "i really should of focused more time at something more productive" As always "bon appetite" ...

Summer Salsa 21/06/2006

Official Summer Salsa

Summer Salsa Heres a good 'un for your barbeque or for a saturday night slob in front of the tv with a pack of tortilla's, my missus has said that i never make it often enough and her family who live over in Central Europe have also asked for the recipe (before long it will be international !!) what you'll need: 3 red peppers 1 yellow pepper 1 green 1 large white onion 2 cloves of fresh garlic (thinly sliced) 1 medium heat green chilli (deseeded) and finely chopped rock salt black pepper extra virgin olive oil 1 half of a small red onion thinly sliced (optional) 1tin chopped tomatoes drained of the watery stuff and juice. 1 squirt of tomato puree 1pinch of sugar (optional) 1 sprig of fresh parsley, (decoration) what you do: Preheat oven to 220 In a oven dish place the peppers and onion(cut in two) apart and coat with a little olive oil and salt, place in top shelve of the oven. remove green yellow peppers as skin begins to blacken.Leave red peppers until the skin is blackened and the onion until its going golden. Meanwhile, in a saucepan lightly fry the garlic then add the tomato's, tomato puree, chilli pepper and thicken slowly when ready allow to cool. When ready, place peppers in a large bowl and cover with cling film for 20 mins. Then VERY CAREFULLY remove the skin *when cutting into pepper be careful as there is hot liquid inside that may spit out*. it doesn't matter about bits of skin left on as it adds a nice chargrilled taste. Cut red peppers ...

Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses 20/06/2006


Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses Anybody remember "Brittania Music" that company where you got a few free albums and then got sent one per month the company thought "you may be interested in",but you weren't because they sent you Sinatra and you listened to Slayer!, then you spent the next 10 months trying to cancel the orders with the company but the tapes kept on getting sent and getting sent and getting sent. Well, the only upside to Brittania was that i managed to purchase an album that i knew little about at the time other than than the band were gaining a reputation for theirselves stateside as being the badboys of rock. When the cassette came through the post i rushed to the stereo and put the album on and cranked it to 10, the opening track with its repetitive guitar soundscape riffage intro, poured through the speakers, and then into the main song with Axl's caustic lyrics screeching out at full tilt...."WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, WE'VE GOT............." this was great!!!! at last a band that looked the part but ROCKED! The simplistic cover was a lot different to other 80's poodle haired rock bands that featured "leather clad rockers on bikes or in cars with scantily clad girls draping theirselves over the members",a black background with the imagery depicting the group as 5 skulls with a cross in the background, each with their paraphernalia such as bandanas, tophats, cigarettes etc, the cover has a certain rawness that flowed over into the album its self, however this was the second choice ...

Recipes for Barbeques 20/06/2006


Recipes for Barbeques Here,s a quicky for your bar-b, What you need: 1 red pepper 1 green pepper 1 yellow pepper 1 onion 1 garlic clove 4 sticks of celery 1 dried chilli (deseeded) 1squirt of tomato ketchup 1squirt of tomato puree 1pinch of sugar 1crack of black pepper 1pinch of rock salt how to do it: In a food processer add each ingredient seperately and empty before the next one goes in, add the red pepper, chop roughly and empty into a dish, add the yellow pepper, chop roughly and empty into the dish etc. Then add the rest of the ingredients(tom ketchup,sugar etc) to the dish and mix gently. cover with clingfilm and place in the fridge to chill and let the flavours mix, when your burger or steak is ready take a large dollop and smother it on top, lovely! I found this went particularly well with honey glazed pork, thats also a recipe i've yet to add. Bon appetite : ) ...

Recipes for Snacks 19/06/2006

Pasta with a twist?

Recipes for Snacks here's a recipe that i constructed whilst at uni, it was created through the need for a satisfying tasty meal and not having all the ingredients to make a "whole meal" anyway, bare with me on this one and you will enjoy it, it might sound a little weird but it works! prep and cooking time approx 25-30mins what you will need: for the pasta, Pasta (enough to fill a large oven dish) Cheese (any strong cheese, i prefer danish blue but any will do) for the anchovy sauce, Tomatoes chopped (plum,cherry,chopped etc) 1 tin of anchovies cut up into small pieces Basil ,torn (dried, fresh, puree etc) 2 garlic cloves finely chopped (or dried,pureed etc) salt/black pepper tomato puree (not really needed but if you have...) 1 good squirt for the topping 1 chicken breast (or two if your hungry) diced 4 slices of bacon (any type) trimmed of fat and sliced half green pepper sliced half yellow pepper sliced honey (or sugar) oil or butter to lightly fry preheat oven to 220C METHOD (.........why does this remind me of school?) place diced chicken in a dish and pour over honey and season with salt and black pepper. cook the pasta with a pinch of salt and a dash of oil in a large pan until ready, drain and tip into oven dish, when cool grate cheese and sprinkle over the top, season with black pepper and salt. In a small saucepan lightly fry chopped garlic until slighlty brown, add anchovies, tomato's, basil, tomato puree, (salt pepper to taste) remember the ...

Recipes for Main Courses 16/06/2006

"give your chick'n a good filling"

Recipes for Main Courses heres recipe that is easy to make,has loads of flavour and looks good has always gone down very well at dinner parties, its basically stuffed chicken in a slightly spicy sauce what you'll need for 2 people (adjust the amounts for more) For the chicken: 2 Large chicken breasts good quality large chorizo x 6 thick slices 1 pack of streaky bacon english mustard honey For the sauce: 3 large red peppers 1 dried small green birdseye chilli deseeded 2 cloves of garlic 6 small shallots 2 plum tomatoes tomato puree salt / pepper For the garnish: 6 sweet cherry tomatoes balsamic vinegar rock salt olive oil Preheat oven to 200C What to do with it: the chicken, cut the chorizo slices in half cut a "pocket" in the chicken and stuff with 2 pieces each salt the outside of the chicken and place 1 piece of chorizo on the top, wrap with 2 pieces of bacon width ways and 1length ways, spread some english mustard all over and pour over some honey. the sauce, ina food processor place the peppers,shallots,tomatoes,puree,garlic,chilli,salt,pepper and then blitz quickly but leaving some chunks in the sauce. place chicken breasts in a large oven dish and pour over the sauce ensuring the breasts are covered and place in the oven for 25 - 30mins until cooked through. after chicken has been in the oven for 15 mins get a small oven dish and place the cherry tomatoes in it, cut small crosses in the top of them and pour over a small amount of balsamic ...

Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day Tour 2006 14/06/2006


Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day Tour 2006 Saturday 10th March 2006, Venue: Milton Keynes Bowl There was a huge sigh of relief in my house on the 31/5/06, the tickets that i had booked for the Bon Jovi gig finally arrived, I booked the tickets back when it was announced that wembley was cancelled (no surprise there!) and extra tickts were being added for the new venue...the "bowl". When i booked the tickets for the venue i also needed to get accommodation sorted aswell, so i started ploughing through the yellow pages to find somewhere, i started at A and it wasn't until i got to W that i got any joy, however the B&B seemed a homely place, even though it wasn't central i was just glad i had got somewhere to rest my weary head after the gig. We arrived in Milton Keynes in enough time so that i could watch the England game at the local in Woburn, well, we had to go out for a while because there was a woman in the room we had booked, she had been placed in the B&B by social services and was refusing to vacate the room, she was still there when we got back and i had to go and speak with her and explain that we had a gig to go to and needed the room urgently, any way enough about that. We got to the "bowl" about 5:30'ish after the taxi driver decided to turn up and he took us to the Furzton lake hotel where he convincingly said after i asked him where to get a taxi from "ohhh, you will have NOooooo problem here, just phone the office and they will get you one straight away" he smiled politely so i tipped him, ...

Chiquitos, Avonmeads Bristol 11/06/2006


Chiquitos, Avonmeads Bristol I recently visited this branch of chiquto's with a group of friends to celebrate my wifes birthday, we had some discount vouchers that we had aquired from a local publication that was selling these books for charity, the vouchers entitled the bearer to a 50% discount off the total bill so we thought we would order whatever we wanted as it wouldn,t be a very expensive bill at the end. We got to the restaurant around 8'ish and bought a drink at the bar whilst we waited for our table, the restaurant was not even quarter full so we requested a good table with a lot of room for ourselves, our waitress then informed us we could be seated and took us to our table, when we sat down we enquired about the vouchers we had and the waitress informed us that they could only be used for up to 4 people per voucher, there was 6 of us, however she said that she could split the bill into two, therefore we could use two vouchers...excellent! This was the last we heard about the vouchers until later............... ........ We ordered our starters, a mix of garlic breads, spicey chicken wings, potato skins, nacho's etc, all very good size portions, hot and looking presentable....good start and very tasty (if you have a smaller appetite be careful about ordering a starter as you may not be able to manage the main course). We then ordered our main courses, a mixture of sizzling fajitas, tortillas, burrito,smokey bacon burger, and a paella, along with side orders of chips, mexican rice and ...
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