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Off the Wall - Michael Jackson 14/08/2000

A True Classic

Off the Wall - Michael Jackson Everybody should have this album. Containing classics such as Rock With You and the title track, along with eight other brilliantly crafted, perfect pop songs, Off The Wall deserves a place in any record collection. Michael Jackson’s irresistable falsetto floats over happy, upbeat tunes - well, apart from in She’s Out Of My Life, where poor little Michael is practically sobbing by the end. It is still refreshing today, and it is uplifting to hear Michael Jackson sounding happy – something which, understandably was not present on his most recent album. ...

Dangerous - Michael Jackson 14/08/2000

An Amazing Album

Dangerous - Michael Jackson If you haven’t bought this album already then a) where have you been for the past eight years? and b) go to your nearest record store and buy it NOW. For not only has Michael Jackson deigned to give us a whole FOURTEEN tracks (as opposed to the usual ten), every single song is a triumph. Unless you’ve been on another planet all this time, you’ve probably heard the likes of Remember The Time, Jam, Gone Too Soon, Give In To Me, Heal The World… Jackson is on top form, especially with outstanding tracks such as In The Closet and Who Is It. ...

Baduizm - Erykah Badu 14/08/2000

Strange but Innovative

Baduizm - Erykah Badu There has to be something strange about a woman who could silence the entire crowd at the V98 festival, which is exactly what Erykah Badu did. And the woman is, indeed, strange. As mad as a hatter, in fact, which makes for a glorious album. From her debut single, On And On (containing the immortal line ‘My cipher keeps moving like a rolling stone’) to other tracks such as Next Lifetime, Erykah Badu fuses soul, R’n’B and jazz to great effect. The vocal delivery may be a touch didactic (Badu has been known to literally wag her finger at the crowd during live performances) but Baduizm is one of the more innovative and refreshing albums I’ve heard, and it deserves a wide audience. ...

Best of Sade - Sade 14/08/2000

A great CD

Best of Sade - Sade With songs like Smooth Operator and Your Love Is King still being played on the radio, it’s not hard to see why Sade’s music has endured when you listen to this greatest hits album. All the songs get into your head and just will not be dislodged – and given the quality of the songs, it’s not a bad experience. From The Sweetest Taboo to No Ordinary Love, Sade’s velvety vocals are complimented perfectly by the divine music and production. This is one of those CDs which you can just put on and leave playing – there isn’t a single track which you’ll want to skip. ...

Older - George Michael 14/08/2000

Pure Class

Older - George Michael It would be a hard task to find an album more chilled than this offering from George Michael. From the opening bars of Jesus To A Child to the closing moments of Free, Older floats dreamily in what may well be music heaven. Although the tempo ups slightly for the songs Fastlove and Star People, the pulse never rises above seventy beats per minute. And this is no bad thing; with songs such as the delightfully bitchy Spinning The Wheel and the incredibly touching You Have Been Loved, not to mention the gorgeous title track, Older positively oozes class. And you’d expect nothing less than that from George Michael, really. ...

Ladies & Gentlemen (The Best of George Michael) - George Michael 14/08/2000

Truly Brilliant

Ladies & Gentlemen (The Best of George Michael) - George Michael Take an artist such as George Michael, put his biggest hits on two CDs and you’ve got an album which doesn’t have a single track that you don’t know and love. Wisely, the faster songs have been put on one CD, while the slower songs are on the other (although I do find the fact that Waiting For That Day is on the fast CD weird), and every single song reminds you of just how good George Michael is. From the earliest hits, such as the classic Careless Whisper, to more recent hits such as As, the duet with Mary J. Blige, Ladies and Gentlemen has absolutely everything. Apparently, the title of the album has nothing to do with Mr Michael’s arrest in LA… Well worth investing in even if you’re not a huge George Michael fan. ...

Very Best of Robert Palmer - Robert Palmer 14/08/2000

Simply Fantastic

Very Best of Robert Palmer - Robert Palmer There are only two words to describe this album: bloody fantastic. The very first track, Addicted To Love, immediately reminds you of just how good Robert Palmer is. Addicted To Love may have been Palmer’s biggest song to date, but there are so many other songs on this album which are just amazing. There’s Bad Case Of Loving You (the song which Capital FM’s Dr Fox mangled into a jingle), Johnny and Mary (the music to which Nicole and Papa did their thing with the Renault Clio), the beautiful Know By Now, and so many others… just buy the CD. You don’t know what you’re missing. ...

Butterfly - Mariah Carey 14/08/2000

A Complete Mess

Butterfly - Mariah Carey When you look through Mariah’s albums in chronological order you can point to Butterfly and say with confidence that this is where she Lost It Big Time. I thought her previous album Daydream was a slight mess, trying to cater for a few too many tastes, but Butterfly takes the proverbial biscuit. The first track, Honey (you MUST watch the video – it is unintentionally hilarious) sees Mariah trying to do hip-hop by employing a rapper who repeats words to the effect of “Mariah, On Fire” (because there aren’t many words that rhyme with Mariah, are there now?). On the title track Mariah is back to her schmaltzy self, screaming her guts out (and in the video she’s in bed with a horse. I kid you not), and in between is just a huge mess. She was definitely a far better artist when she was “controlled” by her husband/boss, Tommy Mottola. ...

Daydream - Mariah Carey 14/08/2000

Keep Dreaming...

Daydream - Mariah Carey There are some nice songs on this album – nice in that easy-on-the-ear, instantly forgettable kind of way. One song, Underneath The Stars, stands out as a light, touching ballad about young love, but the rest of the album is pretty standard, at times even slightly painful as you can hear Mariah try to cross over into hip-hop and R’n’B territory. The songs are catchy enough, the production is first-class, but Daydream is severely lacking in the soul department. This album plays as if it was made for mass consumption – a little bit of everything to keep everybody happy. The end result sacrifices integrity for shallow mass appeal. ...

Music Box - Mariah Carey 14/08/2000

Her Best Album

Music Box - Mariah Carey If big, soppy ballads are your kind of thing, look no further than this album. “Schmaltzy garbage” is how Mariah herself describes the slow songs on this, and frankly, who can disagree with her? But back when she was married to Sony boss Tommy Mottola, nobody could do schmaltzy garbage like Mariah Carey. Her hyperactive tonsils positively soar, and if you’re in the mood for love songs, this is right up your street. Mariah made a huge mistake with the (two) faster-ish songs on the album, though – they sound like bad dance tracks rejected by the Eighties. ...

Falling into You - Celine Dion 02/08/2000

Falling into you

Falling into You - Celine Dion Celine Dion has a fantastic voice which she puts to good use on the mega-ballads like the first song, ‘It’s all coming back to me now,’ which was produced by Meatloaf’s producer. For me, the highlights of the album were the title track, the song ‘Make you happy’ and the cover of ‘River Deep, Mountain High’. I was quite surprised by this cover as it wasn’t really something that I expected to find on a Celine Dion album. I was even more surprised by how good it was. I really enjoyed this album – it had all the excellent ballads that you’d associate with Celine Dion, as well as some more interesting song choices. ...

Best of Wham! (If You Were There...) - Wham! 02/08/2000

If You Were There: The Best of Wham!

Best of Wham! (If You Were There...) - Wham! This is such a great CD – it has so many hits on it, from the sunshiny ‘Club Tropicana’ through to the classic ‘Last Christmas’. The sleeve notes have a few dodgy pictures of George, Andrew, Pepsi and Shirley but best of all, they have all the lyrics. This album has some of the best 80s songs on it and it’s really strange to think that back then Wham! was basically just another ‘boy band’. George Michael’s voice sounds fantastic and it is nice hearing all these upbeat songs, especially as his later solo work has been made up of mostly ballads. ...

Ocean Drive - Lighthouse Family 02/08/2000

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive - Lighthouse Family This album is simply wonderful. The music is very uplifting and very summery. The lyrics are interesting and the singer’s voice is really lovely. Although several singles were taken from this album, the rest of the album is just as good and the remaining tracks definitely aren’t just filler. In fact, one of my favourite songs from this album is ‘Beautiful Night’, which was never a single. I really liked this album, in fact, my only ‘complaint’ is that the lyrics weren’t in the sleeve notes – not that this is much of a problem as the songs are quite easy to understand. ...

Recurring Dream (The Very Best of Crowded House) - Crowded House 02/08/2000

Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream (The Very Best of Crowded House) - Crowded House I actually bought this album specifically because I really wanted the song ‘Fall at Your Feet’ and, as I recognised two other titles on the album, I thought I might as well buy it. When I actually listened to the whole album, I found that I recognised nearly all the songs – and they were all very good! The lyrics are interesting and the music is fantastic. ‘Fall at Your Feet’ is still my favourite Crowded House song, but listening to this album made me realise what a great band they were and it is such a shame that they split up. After listening to this, you’ll probably want to hear the rest of their albums too. ...

Schizophonic - Geri Halliwell 02/08/2000


Schizophonic - Geri Halliwell This album is basically a pop album. There are some pleasant ballads including the great track, ‘Lift me up’. Then there are the more up-tempo songs like ‘Bag it up’ and the very summery ‘Mi chico latino’. The lyrics aren’t particularly thought-provoking and while Geri clearly isn’t the world’s greatest singer, she does have a very style that sounds good on these tracks. Overall, this album is a good pop album and luckily the lyrics are included as I did find myself wondering what she was saying, especially on some of the faster tracks! ...
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