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Member advice on Passing your Practical Driving Test

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Yikes, turning 17 was more daunting than I thought it would be, what with all my friends already learning to drive (or having passed) I almost felt pressured to get through the whole process, although not overly - I mean I know I had many happy months still ahead of me being a passenger and ... Read review

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Community Level 5Nathan_Innit


For The Very First Time Diamond review

AdvantagesOne of the best skills you can ever learn

DisadvantagesAn emotional rollercoaster

"...I wanted to be the member of my family to pass before everyone else and when/if I get my 18th birthday money obviously I will give my mum something nice with the money. She's brilliant, but at least she doesn't have to pay out every week anymore. Christmas came and went bringing a few weeks off but then I was back with vengeance, if perhaps a bit of rust. What's the best way to shake the rust off? Spend the first 2 minutes of the lesson doing ..." Read review

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Thank God, now I can have babies! Diamond review

Advantages I got there in the end! And it was er....intersting!

Disadvantages Time money, and lots of tears.

"---Before the Introduction!--- This is in the category "Member advice on Passing your Practical Driving Test". I think my review would be better suited in "Member advice on how not to pass your Practical Driving Test". However, I did get there in the end - so the advice I can offer is: · You will get there if you persevere · You will pass only when you are ready to pass · If you are a friend or relative of someone who is struggling to pass, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ice_pink


Passing your driving test! Diamond review

AdvantagesFreedom! The end of all those lessons, where to go now..!?

DisadvantagesVery expensive, nerve wracking, and frustrating!

"Passing your test! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ When I first started taking my driving lessons I actually thought very little about the actual test itself and just carried on as normal. I sort of knew I was good enough to pass and had a feeling I’d pass first time… Yep, this feeling was wrong, but there you go. First things first, to start learning to drive you first need to get a provisional license, which now comes in the form of a little green card with ..." Read review

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Community Level 6LR_17


At the junction, turn left.....no the other left.


DisadvantagesFailing and getting a rubbish examiner!

"It's such a wonderful feeling, passing your driving test, the freedom to go whever you want, whenever you want, provided you've got petrol, insurance, MOT, tax and oh yeah......a car! Most of us will choose to learn to drive and there are a few who would rather park their bums on a set on the bus rather than in the driving seat of a car. Me? I've always wanted to learn to drive and was certainly up for the challenge. I was pretty scared at first, ..." Read review

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My A-Z of passing your Practical Driving Test Diamond review

AdvantagesFreedom and independence

DisadvantagesCost, nerves

"As many of you know, I passed my driving test recently so I would like to share my experience to help others to pass theirs. I have decided to give the advice as an A-Z; I hope it helps you or someone you know :-) ~ The Driving test - what to expect on the day ~ So you've been learning to drive for a while now and your instructor says you are ready for your test. But what does this involve? You will need to book a double lesson with your ..." Read review

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