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Member advice on having a girlie night out

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Having a girlie night out involves a lot of forward planning. First you need 1 group of females, 1 venue and 1 telephone. ORGANISING THE EVENT The first step usually involves texting/phoning everyone you want to become one of your crew about a week before the night itself. This automatically ... Read review

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Community Level 4ali_clautour


Friday Nights!

AdvantagesPlenty of fun! can be a bonding experience!

DisadvantagesMen automatically drawn towards you all, can be very annoying!

"...have to stick together. No member of your crew should be going home alone, no matter how far apart you live. Thats what sleepovers are for! If you are in a larger group split of into 4s or 3s to make it easier to get a taxi. THE NEXT DAY It is essential to ring all your friends all over again and gossip about the events of the girlie night out last night. Maybe now arrange your next girlie night out or a girlie night in with chocolate, wine and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kaz1987


Have fun

Advantagesgives afew ideas what you can do

Disadvantagesbit plain

"well what can i say, hvaing a girlie night out is a great laugh & a great hobby! First thing you have to do though is think who you are going to invite,what you are going to do & where. A pub ( if u r old enough) can be a right laugh as u meet other people aswell & it's just fun,you get a few drinks down you & it lightnes the mood! Karaoke is also fun weather you can sing or not. Most people prefer to have a few drinks before they can sing but i enjoy ..." Read review

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