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Aldi supermarket an unregulated 'Rogue Trader'.

10.02.2016 (23.12.2016) Review of Member feedback on Write a Review

"Dear consumer / potential ("valued") Aldi Supermarket customer, please refer to earlier (re-edited) review; at top of entries. This is to warn you about things you need to know, about Aldi Supermarket. Whose halo has slipped, it has become disturbingly a ..."

Read full review by caveatemptor1955

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04.12.2015 Review of Ciao Competitions

"==RICHADA AND THE CIAO COMPETITION== Those who know me well, or even have only spent a few months here on Ciao will be aware that I do not take part in Competitions, Products of The Week or the Raffles either. There is one glaring exception on my part t ..."

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Christmas Competition?? Just Say 'Non'!

03.12.2015 Review of Ciao Competitions

"...Well, at least we now know where the remains of the slimmed down Premium Fund and the 'bonus budget' have gone. I can only imagine that they were invested in the Ciao team pre-Christmas night out and it must have been a pretty good night by anybody's stan ..."

Read full review by jo-1976

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Another bit of Lunacy from Ciao

02.12.2015 Review of Ciao Competitions

"...The very good and efficient businessmen that are currently trying to run Ciao into the ground have just come up with their latest bit of absolute madness, expecting us to all just jump to their tune as usual. Apparently we are all to choose five items f ..."

Read full review by bettyboo47

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