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... *Who to go to?* Mesh had been recommended to me by a couple of friends and in my opinion they were up there with the likes of Dell when it came to online retailers of computers. Like Dell you won't find Mesh on the high-street, they're the retailer that people that know go to. In fact ... Read review

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Community Level 2morgandr


Buying a new computer has never been so easy

AdvantagesFast affordable service. Hugely customisable choice.

DisadvantagesNo alternative delivery address options.

"...Like Dell you won't find Mesh on the high-street, they're the retailer that people that know go to. In fact the high street had already let me down so it was down to the professionals. Let me explain, Mesh give you such a wealth of choice when it comes to choosing a new machine. You start with one of their basic machines, of which there are many to choose from all arranged into categories based on price, £399-£649, £650-£999, £1K-£1200 and the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2wholefruit


Mesh Computer Nightmare


DisadvantagesAppalling Customer Service

"...account of my experience of Mesh Computers Ltd. On the 2nd December 2008 I placed an order on-line for an Xtreme Pro I7-920. The desktop computer arrived on the 30/12/2008 by DHL courier service. The box was in good condition and I signed for the goods. When the box was opened and the desktop computer inspected I soon discovered that it was not of a satisfactory quality. The system box was bent and not assembled correctly. The media reader was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1HazelDormo...


Please read if your thinking of buying a Mesh


DisadvantagesNone - Unbelievably bad customer service.

"I bought a mesh computer, looking back I have to say, it was the worst decision I ever made. The computer simply didn't work! As soon as I turned it on, it would last about 5 seconds, then just crash! There customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. You call them, they take your details, then they ask you to wait around all the following day so they can call you back. So you take the day off work waiting for them to get back to you, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RobBarron


MESH.... What a MESS of a Company!

AdvantagesNone whatsoever.

DisadvantagesThey lie about delivery times, refuse to make any contact leaving desperate customers in the lurch

"...had absolutely no communication from Mesh in any way shape or form since the day they took my money. I have now been waiting over a month and still I can't get anyone at Mesh to speak to me, to tell me when delivery will be or even to ask for my money back. Will I ever get my new PC? If not my business is going to literally go bust. I cannot afford to write off the money and pay for another one. I have been using a borrowed one from a friend but ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mesh_Victim


Would have been faster and less hassle to build the PC myself

AdvantagesNone, unless you are looking for examples of bad customer service

DisadvantagesLate delivery, computer not usable in the state I receievd it in, bad customer service

"Having had a Mesh computer before, in the late 90s, and after the end of competitor Evesham, I ordered a customised Matrix PC from Mesh. I tried to downgrade the graphics card to a cheaper model during the online order process on their website, which wasn't possible, so I contacted one of their sales agents via the chat tool, and got offered the initial configuration with the better graphics card for a £50 discount, after which I placed my order. ..." Read review

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