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... One such NSAID is meloxicam and this is the active ingredient in Metacam. The drug is available on veterinary prescription and only for dogs. When giving pain relief vets seem to turn first to Rimadyl possibly because it comes in the form of a palatable biscuit and is easy to administer. ... Read review

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For dogs in pain

AdvantagesEffective, non-steroidal pain relief.

DisadvantagesThere can be side effects and you have to be able to use a dosing syringe.

"...first problem you encounter with Metacam is that you need to be able to use a dosing syringe. That's where you attach the syringe to the bottle of medication, turn the bottle upside down and draw off the amount you need. [Tip: let go of the bottle once you've got it upside down and don't touch it again until you've drawn off the amount you need.] The second point is that you'll need to know and remember your dog's weight as the markings on the side ..." Read review

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Pain relief for your best friend.

AdvantagesFast acting pain relief without steroids

DisadvantagesSome side effects and not 100% effective

" suggested that we try Metacam instead. Metacam comes as a pack containing the medicine bottle itself and the dosing syringe. The bottle has a child-proof cap but my six year old niece was able to open it without difficulty, so definitely one to store out of the reach of children, especially as the manufacturer claims that the liquid is 'honey-flavoured'. It doesn't smell much like honey to me but Charlie seems to like it and that's what's important. A ..." Read review

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Pain Releif For Your Pet Review with images

AdvantagesEffective pain releif, easy to use, can be mixed in with food

DisadvantagesSome side effects, a little expensive

"...leg) This is where Metacam has come in very useful. About Metacam Metacam can only be prescribed to you by your vet and can only be used on dogs. Metacam is classed as an anti-inflammatory drug which helps to reduce and inflammation which causes pain to your Dog. Packaging Matacam comes in a cardboard box which is purple with Matacam written across the front. Also included in the packet is a dosage syringe. Administrating Matacam To Your ..." Read review

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Pain relief for our precious pets

AdvantagesWorks for both of our pets, easy to administer

DisadvantagesOnly available on prescription

"Our family first came across Metacam a couple of years ago when our rabbit, Ethan (my niece named him after her first boyfriend!) was ill. Since then, Ethan has been prescribed it regularly and now our cat, Tom who is very sadly suffering from cancer has been prescribed it as a pain reliever. Although I no longer live with Ethan and Tom I do visit very regularly to see my boys (and Mum and Dad too....I suppose!) and have used this with them on numerous ..." Read review

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AdvantagesEffective painkiller for your dog

Disadvantages Expensive

"Metacam has been on the market for a good few years now. Some people are a bit reluctant to start their elderly dogs on it as they feel it's the beginning of the end. (That's what I have had said to me on several occasions!!!) All I know that I never want my best friend to be in pain unnecessarily. Why Used? For alleviation of inflammation and pain in both acute and chronic musculo skeletal disorders. E.g.: pain after operations and arthritis. ..." Read review

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