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published 21/07/2012 | lj1989
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Pro Works for both of our pets, easy to administer
Cons Only available on prescription
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"Pain relief for our precious pets"

Our family first came across Metacam a couple of years ago when our rabbit, Ethan (my niece named him after her first boyfriend!) was ill. Since then, Ethan has been prescribed it regularly and now our cat, Tom who is very sadly suffering from cancer has been prescribed it as a pain reliever. Although I no longer live with Ethan and Tom I do visit very regularly to see my boys (and Mum and Dad too....I suppose!) and have used this with them on numerous occasions both when I still lived at home and since then too.

What is Metacam?

Metacam is a prescription only medication for pets. It is recommended for dogs and cats (and at the vets discretion smaller animals too such as rabbits). Metacam is an anti-inflammatory medication which is predominantly used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. It works by relieving pain and inflamation therefore making your pet more comfortable.

Metacam can either be given as an oral medication as this version is or it can be administered by the vet as an injection around the time of surgery. The oral medication apparently tastes of honey (I wouldnt know because I haven't tried it!) and it can either by syringed directly in the mouth or put on food.

Why do our pets have it and has it worked for them?

Ethan had a lot of problems as a baby bunny and every few months or so he will wake up in the morning, be very lethargic and will not eat. This is very unlike him as he is constantly chasing his friend Ezzy around and the first time it happened my Mum was very concerned. However, after a visit to the vets (and him having to stay in all day for tests!) we learned that he experienced stomach problems which once in a while would flare up making his stomach inflamed and causing him pain. He was prescribed Metacam and within about 24 hours he was very nearly back to normal. The following few times it happened we had to take him to the vets but now our vet allows us to keep a small amount at home because often, after one doseage Ethan is absolutely fine again.

Tom as I said has cancer and he is very nearly 15 which is an excellent age for a persian so as well as aches and pains from his cancer, he has all the general old man elements that cats do get. Our vet suggested we gave this a try because it would relieve a lot of this pain. Tom has been taking this once a day before breakfast for about a month now and it seems as though he is feeling a little more comfortable. He doesnt groan so much when you stroke an area that is painful and he's happy as anything leaping up and down onto the dining room table!

But how easy is it to administer?

I dont know if its the flavour, I'm assuming it must be but both Ethan and Tom take this no problem. Tom is notorious for refusing to take any medication but he has this syringed into his mouth every morning and takes it all no problem and then when put down he waits for his breakfast. Ethan is exactly the same, you hold him, syringe some into his mouth and then he's off again.

As I said, this can also be left on food for your pet but as we have another rabbit and another cat (who incidentally isnt actually ours but moved in last October and hasnt left since! He is Tom's biological brother though so we dont mind...!) we prefer to syringe it because then we know the right pet has had the right doseage at the right time etc.

In 2007 the Feline Advisory Bureau awarded Metacam the Easy To Give award so I'm assuming other pet owners feel the same way.


I don't know if recommended is the correct word to use here as such because it is a prescription medication so therefore your vet will need to think its a good option for your pet but yes I absolutely would recommend it.

It has worked for both our pets - relieving Ethans symptoms in just a few hours, perking him up to his usual self and just making Tom more comfortable. It is easy to administer and they seem to not hate the taste too much either.

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