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Method Touch Wood Floor Cleaner

The next time you touch wood for good luck, why not give some thought to the actual wood that makes it happen. Frankly, your wood does quite a lot for...

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Review of "Method Touch Wood Floor Cleaner"

published 26/04/2012 | Amazingwoo
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"Mmmmmm, cakey."

After my Aggie floor disaster, I’ve been looking for a good quality floor cleaner for my living room floor (tiles, which have been painted with floor paint then a top coat of clear varnish). I did consider using those ‘multi-task’ household cleaner sprays and solutions, but I thought that whilst they’d be great on kitchen floors which can get food splashes and paw prints, it may be a little too harsh for my living room floor.

Y'know how sometimes you are in those moods when you think it's un-acceptable to pay £1 for a pair of flip-flops which you deem to be over-priced, yet other times its perfectly acceptable and A-OK to pay about £4 for a floor cleaner? Well, I was in one of those moods when I thought the £4 floor cleaner was acceptable....

So, after vacuuming the floor to get rid of grit, loose cat fur a and odd little spit outs of kibble (now the mogs are cracking on in years, they have this irritating habit of spitting out the odd piece of kibble, which they then use to bat around as a fun toy. Being owned by cats is a charming experience of daily house cleaning, locating soggy kibble, being dribbled on and constantly sticky-rollering yourself), I got the bottle out of the cupboard.

How to use

This is a squirt-directly-to-floor liquid (pull up the plastic lid to open it). To wipe the liquid around, you need to use a damp mop or I suppose you could use a damp cloth. The lid is quite snug so once its re-closed, it won't leak and the bottle is soft enough to squeeze the liquid out.

My results

The liquid smells delicious - think almond sponge cakes. Its slightly sweet but not sickly - I can't use cocoa-butter lotions as I find them too sickly, this is way below that level of sweetness. The smell lingers whilst you are mopping away, but it soon dissipates. The liquid doesn't foam up unless you go mad speeds with the mop, it can turn a slightly creamy-white but it dries totally streak and dried-bubble free. It leave s anice sheen to my floor but doesn't leave it like an ice rink.

Other tiled areas in my house

Kitchen - white/grey swirled ceramic tiles = does work, however, the pattern of these tiles always makes me think they are eternally grubby so although this cleaner does work, I prefer to banish the moggies and get down and scrub the floor by hand with a mild bleach solution. Yes, the tiles still look grubby due to their pattern, but the bleach makes me *think* they are cleaner.

Porch - glazed terracotta tiles = Does a good job, the tiles have a soft sheen to them. Still hate the terracotta monstrosities though. I blame Linda Barker of Changing Rooms for the influx of terracotta in peoples homes. No Linda, it does not work really well.

Bathroom - high gloos textured pale grey tiles. Very clean but slightly slippy. This does wear off after a day, but not great if you are a sock wearer (or have small children) who dashes into the bathroom shortly after the floor has dried - you may find yourself doing the splits or headbutting the basin. However, saying that, in my opinion the previous owners who actually picked these floor tiles were fools, they are quite impractical for a bathroom as on more than one occassion when stepping out of the bath, I've missed the mat and lurched bathwards. SO, if you use in the bathroom, test one or two tiles before going the whole hog, unless you want to accidentally discover how to travel through space and time.

Laminated floor (in wardrobes) - lovely and clean with a soft sheen.


Considering I only use this on the living room and porch floors, some may say this is a false economy – however, my floor stays clean for much longer than with other products I’d tried. Whereas before I’d vac then mop each week as the floor was looking dull, now I can vac then mop one week and skip the mopping the week and a half after. Considering the initial price being quite steep, it’s worth it to me to have found a floor cleaner that does a great job so yes. I’ve bought and used Method products in the past (laundry detergents and a few of their bathroom cleaners) so it didn’t surprise me too much that this cleaner did a good job.

The product I used was actually specifically for wooden floors, however, it worked very well on my tiled living room floor. After checking the Method website, they do a second floor cleaner (same style bottle), with a lemon and ginger fragrance which sounds lovely. It does not specify which type of flooring it is to be used on.

You can click on the products and then view the ingredients listings. Safe for humans and pets.

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Comments on this review

  • RICHADA published 01/05/2012
    I hate that almond smell - we've got some leather wipes that have that distict aroma - fortunately it doesn't linger after use. So pleased to read that you achieved success second time around. R. xxx
  • dee7778 published 27/04/2012
    I use this and like the smell - successfully covers up lingering moggie smells. I had never thought of it as cakey though... but always will now!
  • Nar2 published 27/04/2012
    The price isn't bad when you consider a lot of cleaning products contain chemicals. I like the Method range - their toilet cleaner and bath cleaner are superb, so I don't doubt this one!
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The next time you touch wood for good luck, why not give some thought to the actual wood that makes it happen. Frankly, your wood does quite a lot for you, all while looking naturally great. So maybe you could give something back.

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