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... Look: ME= Nice sexy look, 7/10 IE = Ok but not laid out well, grey toolbar but can give colour by hot bar, 5/10 Website screen size: ME= Smaller, 6/10 IE= Bigger for better viewing, 8/10 Functions: ME= Wicked, built in msn, email, better functions, 8/10 IE= Ok, Less function ... Read review

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Community Level 5fromthedar...



AdvantagesEasy access to Hotmail, Better colours, easier chat, built in media player, built in messenger, greets you, cool , free, The best Browser...

DisadvantagesNone really except errors might occur very rare...

"Well I’m back after writing the wacky opinion on fonetastic.com. I’ll be resuming my normal style of writing as people thought I went MAD!!! What can I say MSN have done it again, yes it’s not MSN Messenger but they have developed a brand new browser called MSN EXPLORER!! Yes a new browser that has it all. Are you a regular hotmail user or messenger users then gets rid of Internet Explorer or Netscape browser and download the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3mcgoo2002


good afternoon to you too rrrrrhhhhh

Advantageseasy acess to e-mails chat music etc


"This is another one of microsofts great inventions but this one doesnt cost! Its free easy and stylish. now for the features; browser; as well as being a gateway to loads of msn products msn explorer is also an online browser. You can surf the net using a stylish window instaead of the grey of internet explorer. ALthough perhaps the window is more stylish you do lose space. about 2.5 inches from the sides and a whopping 2.5 inches from the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Robbo86


MSN, You have done it again

AdvantagesGood Interface

DisadvantagesPersumes you use Hotmail

"I downloaded MSN explorer a while back now, and I was amazed at how good the browser actually is. MSN explorer is packed with some great features, Okay, these can also be accessed via the MSN.co.uk website, but MSN Explorer makes them all easily accessable, and you don't need to keep signing in to the passport. MSN Photos. This, in my opinion, is one of the best online photo albums around. Its accessable from the navigation bar, and allows ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Broksababie



AdvantagesEnhances Hotmail or MSN, stable, reliable, lots of features

Disadvantagesnone as yet.

"If like me you are fed up with Internet Explorer crashing, errors, pages not found and the rest, then I have the perfect alternative for you. MSN explorer is the Hotmail/Msn users best friend, it has now been re-modelled into the perfect partner for your surfing needs. I must stress here though that it is really only for people who have hotmail or chat on MSN, as you do need to sign up to hotmail to use it, but you could still do that just for ..." Read review

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Community Level 4goodematthew


Nice looking but not very useful

AdvantagesVery pleasant interface and tie-in with MSN Messenger

DisadvantagesSlow, cumbersome, poorly laid out, too simplified

"...Internet. The friendly people at the Microsoft Network have come up with a solution – MSN Explorer. This is the “one man band” of web browsers, which incorporates an e-mail client, media player (internet media only), search (on MSN naturally!) and links to various MSN sites. It also contains the usual Favourites and settings for the browser. To start with, unlike Internet Explorer (IE), the program is heavily image-based, looking very sleek, ..." Read review

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