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My windows experience really began in the mid-nineties when Bill Gates revolutionised home computing by perfecting his windows browser, Windows95, which meant his old Windows 3.1, a boring dos office package of basic columns, tables and blue and yellow text ect, suddenly became extremely old fashioned. Windows 95 was completely different, complimented brilliantly by something called the 'World Wide Web', although many would contest that the 'W stands for something else now. Those same people would certainly describe Windows Vista as that 'W' word.

In the 80s the geeks of the world - mostly in California- had been sending electronic mail to each other through computers whilst working on various science and university experiments, the internet portal really just a third dimension to telephony. But once visual images could be fired down phone lines through modems and so come out in your living room or office computer the web went mainstream. Things called search engines sprung up and whatever you tapped in to them magically appeared. We now had a reason to buy home computers and it was called internet porn! Ok, it's not universally accepted that porn got the internet up and going to what it is today but sex stuff is still the majority of traffic, to the point that the elephant tin the room now has its own xxx domain name. If you could only read classic books and recipes online then I wouldn't be writing this and dooyoo certainly wouldn't exist. The PCs quickly moved upstairs and were no longer just games consuls to spotty young boys in the 90s, our lives starting to shrink back into the furtive world of cyberspace, were fantasy could be explored, and where we are still stuck now as the latest Microsoft browser, Windows 7, increasingly controls our lives and so buying habits.

After Win95 came Win98, just updated drivers and media packages if the truth be told. But the internet was changing super fast and the chips couldn't handle all that porn and something called spam, increasingly complex and so power hogging websites demanding faster and faster microprocessors. Windows 2000 followed and was quickly re-badged as Windows Millennium, little difference between Win98, some say a step backwards. Then came Windows XP, what I'm running on my Samsung Netbook, the weather warm enough to tap this out in the garden, Office 2000 providing the word processor. XP could deal with complex web pages and so computers stopped crashing and pages stopped freezing, a far more powerful

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2 Complete package traci-lords-73 - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Windows put the X in XXXXXXXXXXX!
beast. Only last year I was running Win98 on a Pentium 2 chip and in just one year the internet had slowed it down to a crawl on my home PC. You can no longer get away with 'winging it' online. You need top kit. My Samsung NC10 is heaven.

Incredibly, XP is nearly ten years old, and soon to lose Microsoft support, Win98 and 2000 losing theirs back in 2008. That means you can't get patches and fixes from the Microsoft websites anymore and so it will be harder to beat viruses and mend problems. A constant upgrade of operating system means you have to upgrade everything else in the office, how Gates really makes his money, which means he wants you to buy Windows 7, which replaced Windows Vista quite recently, which no one liked, all manner of bugs on that baby! XP was also the first to introduce serious anti-copying measures, which meant if you bought one from the carboot sale you needed a key code to get it running. But you could always search the internet and find one eventually for free. I think there were only about 15 codes in total. I did on my old PC. Oops! But XP's biggest criticism was for being open to virus attacks through surprisingly insecure features of the operating system. I'm not very technical but basically going back to the porn most men (and some women) only really used the net to look at naughty stuff and so that's how 90% of computer viruses get on home computers and laptops, meaning most targeted Microsoft as most of us have it, why Apple Mac systems are far safer. If you hubbies PC or laptop has a virus I afraid he has been looking at busty wenches...or maybe, even, naked men! That doesn't make women very happy and certainly makes them even more insecure about themselves. Tip, never suggest to your girlfriend or misses that you should look at porn together in the Wait until she suggests it so you know how she feels about your failing efforts in the sack to turn her on!

I like XP and it marries well with various anti virus packages when you are online and I have had no issues with running soft or hardware. In fact I have no problems at all with it on my Samsung NC10. I have not had to reload it once and it has never crashed, as yet no blue screens, which is really rather wonderful. On Win98 it would crash twice a day, although I did have just 256mb of feeble memory. It feels odd not to have to suffer frozen screens and locked software.

XP and Microsoft are still dominating home and office computing because they give away free expensive to develop software in the packages, like Windows media players, which caused a stink, resulting in a 500 billion Euro fine. Because Microsoft had the market share they make it hard for other operating systems and browsers and software to talk to their kit, denying them various codecs and links to run on Microsoft software, why few people buy and run real player still, the superior player to Windows Media players. Even though Microsoft software is fairly priced for what it is and eventually free through the very nature of the internet and so Gates losing billions that way the Monopolies Commission are always on his back so to trouser those huge fines, which never seem to end up with the consumer, or in this case, real player. I reckon Microsoft fines keep the European Union going.

It's easy to set up and there's no need to load dos anymore first on floppy discs like you did with Win95 and some versions of Win98. Those were not the days. Just slot it in the disc drive and its all done in a fifth of the time it took to load Windows 2000. If you crash during usage there are plenty of recovery options with XP although I have yet to try them as it's that reliable. Most modern laptops and PC's are preloaded with operating systems.


Scan, organise and share your digital photos

Download, store, and playback of the highest quality digital music

Digital video editing and sharing

DVD playback with full-screen controls (requires a decoder)

DirectX for best gaming experience

Communicate with instant messaging, voice and video conversations

Easily connect and share the computers and devices in your home

Remote Connection for help and support...

------------------------------------------------- ---

System requirements-

PC with 300 megahertz (Pentium 2 chip minimum) or higher processor clock speed recommended; 233 MHz minimum required (single or dual processor system);* Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMD K6/Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor recommended

* 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended (64 MB minimum supported; may limit performance and some features). Cram as much ram in as you can.

* 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of available hard disk space although you will need more for other software so aim for 5 GB minimum. The more ram and GB space you have the slicker operating systems run.

* Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor.

* CD-ROM or DVD drives (to load operating system, of course!)

* Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

- - - -Additional Items or Services Required to Use Certain Windows XP Features

* Some Internet functionality may require Internet access, a Microsoft .NET Passport account, and payment of a separate fee to a service provider. Broadband is the only internet access worthwhile now. Some poor sods in the sticks have to use dial up so you need 128 bit or higher-speed modem to get any data down the line. It's better to move house than use dial up. Network adapters are appropriate for the type of local-area, wide-area, wireless, or home network you wish to connect to, and access to an appropriate network infrastructure. Clever people can link up friends computers through a 'lan network' and only pay one broadband package. I'm not that person. Wifi areas in bars and cafes offer free internet. Just let the laptop search for a signal and then accept the download.

* For instant messaging, voice and videoconferencing, and application sharing, both parties need: Microsoft .NET Passport account and Internet access or Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server instant messaging account and network access (some configurations may require download of additional components) to use msn messenger. Messenger is the best way to talk free on the internet to other people who have msn (or other) messengers.

* Microphone and sound card with speakers or headset. Older computers require cards to produce sound and vision, on and off line. Basic video and sound cards seriously affect screen resolution. Those ladies boobies will be blurred boys.

For sound you need that Sound card and speakers or headphones. Some lap tops have microphones and mini speakers so you can talk online but not all. New netbooks and laptops do tend to have tiny webcams and speakers. Portable microphones cost a tenner.

* For DVD video playback (playing movies online from DVD's) you need a DVD drive and DVD decoder card or DVD decoder software and at least 8 MB of video RAM. Anyone who has a netbook probably won't have a DVD player built in so an external DVD/CD/Burner player is required.

* For Windows Movie Maker (making home movies) you need the video capture feature, which requires appropriate digital or analogue video capture device, be it a digital camera or webcam recorder. You need a more powerful chip processor of at least 400 MHz to stop flicking or jarring on digital video camera capture.

-Links efault.aspx
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supercityfan 01.09.2010 22:56

Ah the days of windows 3.1 - how things have moved on from those dark days

JasonJRogers 01.09.2010 20:08

Fab read!

yampy-uk 01.09.2010 14:12

Tis good

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