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published 09/08/2004 | kelr101
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"King of Online Gaming!"

Since the introduction of the arcades on Ciao Chatting, I have created quite an addiction to mini-games on the internet. I’ve played on several gaming websites such as Mini Clip Tournaments, Ladbrokes Casino, and of course the lovely arcade on Ciao Chatting, but I am also really keen on playing word games so imagine my delight when I stumbled across Midasplayer.com.


Midasplayer is an independent company based in London, UK. They are a company offering competitive safe gaming for internet users, mainly throughout Europe. Midasplayer was launched in August 03, and since then the site has grown very quickly, due to the resolve to introduce a safe gaming zone, where people could participate in friendly tournaments against people of the own skill level, either for free of for a small amount of cash.

The contact details are:

Midasplayer.com Ltd
PO Box 44757
London SW1W 0WQ


Midasplayer offer several reassurances to their users to ensure the site is safe, and users enjoy fair play.

1. Fair Play – Due to the number of players of Midasplayer, they have devised a series of skill levels to ensure that when tournaments are entered, players are matched against someone of the same skill level to ensure a fair chance of winning. (Further information on skill levels below)

2.Safety – All transactions on Midasplayer are over a guaranteed secure connection and player funds are held securely in a stakeholder account. Midasplayer advise that players can withdraw or deposit funds at any time, and all payments are made by the secure payment program PayPal.

3. 100% Skill – According to Midasplayer, winning on this site is all about skill, so they have asked Germany’s state certification body (TUV) to audit the site at a programming code level to ensure this is true. Their finding, according to the website is “the outcome of the tournaments at Midasplayer.com is not influenced by random elements but only depends on the skill of the players” – TUV Rheinland Report No. 63000605-02 Cologne, Dec 03.

*User Account*

To be able to play the games at Midasplayer.com you will need to create a user account. This process is very simple and allows you access to all the provisional level tournaments and free games. If you are unsure as to whether you would like to join, there is the option to play a few trial games, in order to get a feel for the game.

When signing up, you are asked for the following details:

Username – Minimum of 3 Characters
Email address
Password – between 6-16 Characters
Country Location.

You are also asked in small print below, if you wish to receive information on new game releases, special jackpots and notifications when you win a tournament. I’d advise you not to tick this box, as you can amend these settings in your account details afterwards. I ticked the box, and was bombarded with countless numbers of e-mails every time I won one of the tournaments.

When you register with Midasplayer, you receive a £5 Bonus to play games with. This bonus isn't real cash, nor is it available to withdraw from the site. It is merely an incentive to encourage people to register, and provides them with the funds to start playing the mini cash tournaments.

If you would like to play in the many competitions offered, you will need to upgrade your account to a Gold Player. Again the process is very simple, and you will be asked for your credit card details, and billing address, in order to allow you to deposit a sum of money into your account. You are allowed to deposit either £10, £20, £30 or £40 pounds. I upgraded my account within 2 days of creating an account at Midasplayer, as I wanted to participate in the cash tournaments. I found the process very simple and straightforward and took just under 2 minutes to be upgraded.


As Midasplayer only started in August 03, they do not currently have an excessive amount of games, but they are introducing new games as the company continues to attract new members.

Word Games – Word Link and Quiz

Card Games – Midas Solitaire, GoGo 21 and Pyramid

Puzzle Games – Midas Mah-jong, Chain Reaction, Jungle Bubble, Midas Miner, Flower Power, Bomp Bomp, Candy Rail

Sports Games - Couronne King, Midas Links, Pool King

My current two favourite games are Pyramid and Word Link, so I’ll offer a brief description on each of these two games:

Pyramid – This is a fast paced card game based on Pyramid Solitaire. You need to remove all the cards in the pyramid by linking them, with the starting point being the card chosen from the base pack. If time allows (5 minutes is allocated to this game), you need to remove as many pyramids as possible to score the highest. Points are also allocated if you have cards remaining in the base pack, or if you manage not to use the Joker Card. Based on the games I have player, you can score roughly 10,000 points per pyramid, and my current high score is around 90,000…pretty fast I think!

Word link – This is a fast paced word link game, that challenges you to make as many words as possible (5 minutes is allocated to this game), using scrabble letters that have been arranged in a grid, by linking the letters. Points are scored via the points allocated to standard scrabble pieces, with the options to double points or double letters when applicable. Again, based on the games I have played, I can score roughly 20,000 points per game with my highest score being 33,000.

With respect to each of the games, there is a fully comprehensive instructions list, which includes tips and strategies.

*Game Tournaments*

Each game has a certain number of cash tournaments allocated to it. These vary from 35pence per game, with a price of 52pence, to £2.10 per game with a prize of £4.90. Each game requires a minimum of 2 players, with some of the more expensive games requiring 4 players. Basically the tournament is player by the individual and the score is recorded on the system, and is held until the second player of the same skill level plays the game. The two scores are then matched, with the highest score being allocated the prize money.

For those who have been upgraded to Gold Player, there are also open competitions that you can participate in. These vary in price, with the lowest currently having an entry fee of 18 pence. The prize money also varies, and grows with the addition of every new entry. For example, I recently participated in a Word Link competition and came second, winning £13.58, not bad for an entry fee of 35 pence. Prizes are also not just allocated for 1st, 2nd and 3rd…in the majority of games up to 100 winners will be allocate a share of the prize fund.

To ensure tournaments are fair, you will be unable to see the scores or participants before you enter a tournament; however on Cash competitions you will be able to see the number of participants, and the current winning prize values.

In total my winnings have been quite surprising. My starting balance on my account was £15.00 (Bonus £5 entry plus the £10 deposit I made), and I currently have a balance of £34.73, so I have almost doubled my initial deposit.

*Skill Levels*

With reference to my earlier comment, when you have upgraded to a Gold Player you need to participate in 5 small cash tournaments in order to play the cash competitions. In order for the cash tournaments to be fair, you are allocated a skill level from Midasplayer.

The skill levels are:

King 4000-5000 points
Prince 3400-3999
Duke 2800-3399
Earl 2400-2799
Viscount 2200-2399
Nobleman 2000-2199
Knight 1800-1999
Merchant 1400-1799
Apprentice 600-1399
Peasant 0-599

Each player is allocated Nobleman as their starting point in each of the games, and based on how well you play in the initial first 5 small cash tournaments, Midasplayer will allocate a skill level to you, to ensure that the games you play are fair and that you have an equal chance of winning. As you improve at the games, your skill level will also increase…at present I am a Duke on Word Link and an Earl on Pyramid.

*Personal Opinion*

Well, I have been playing on Midasplayer for approximately 3 weeks now, and as you can see above, I have almost doubled my initial deposit in that period. My partner hasn’t been as lucky, and although he has been playing the games he enjoys i.e. Golf…he hasn’t had as much luck with winnings and currently has a balance just short of £7.00.

The games are fun, and I have really enjoyed playing them…especially such games as pyramid and word link, where it is skill involved and their not games of chance or luck.

Due to the fact the each game you play is allocated to someone of the same skill level, is much appreciate by me, as it does ensure you have as much chance of winning as someone else. I’ve proved from the numbers above that you can win on these games, and as long as addiction doesn’t overcome the fun of playing you should continue to maintain a relatively healthy balance.

I haven’t yet withdrawn any funds from my account, but based on my experiences so far of this website, I sure it will prove to be very simple.

Many thanks for reading, and I hope some of you venture onto this site.

Thanks, Kels x

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Comments on this review

  • luseantom published 13/07/2005
    I love this site, have wasted a firtune so far, i also have a review on it, great job. lynz xx
  • Mayhall published 08/12/2004
    I have joined this site, I liked it because there are so many different ways to pay.
  • jsrennie published 17/11/2004
    excellent review im a member of this site and have loads of fun especially with pool king and the new muliplayer games. however am not a gold member any more as i cant fford to keep losing all my money..... again great review j
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