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published 24/05/2005 | luseantom
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Cons using your own money can be a bit daunting!!
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"Come and play with the Quiz Queen!!"

Klicker Klackr 2

Klicker Klackr 2

I was recently introduced to a website called midasplayer.com. I like playing games on the computer but most games you either have to pay for or download onto the computer, which takes up loads of the hardrives memory. So if you like playing games then read on. (I apologise now for the length of this review but a lot of detail is needed for you to get to know what the site is like)

♥♥ WHAT IT IS ♥♥

Midasplayer.com is a gaming site offering safe gaming for cash prizes. You choose the games that you are best at and compete against other people of the same skill level as you to win tournaments for money. Midasplayer.com has been operating since August 2003. It is a private owned company based in the United Kingdom, with development facilities in Stockholm, Sweden and an office in Hamburg, Germany. The site is available to players in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and America (except for 8 states). It is available in 4 different currencies including GBP, Euro, USD, and SEK. Midasplayer is a part of MSN games.

Contact details
Midasplayer.com Ltd
PO Box 44757
London SW1W 0WQ


Midasplayer.com is a totally safe site Midasplayer uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption connections for all passwords and financial information. Anytime you enter sensitive information it will always be sent to the Midasplayer servers using encryption. All credit card payments are sent through encrypted servers to offer total security and the funds are held in stakeholder accounts.


When you first clcik on the website you are looking at a blue background with loads of different things on the page. There are adverts of all the games. There is a tool bar at the top that says, Play games, Account, Community, Deposit and support. The play games link takes you to the list of all th games and what they all are. The account bar takes you to your account when you have registered it will tell you your balance, and your statistics(what games you have played and won or lost) The Community link takes you to the community pages where you can create your own aviator or write in your guestbook (only if your a gold player) The deposit link is where you go if you wish to deposit funds from your bank accounts etc. And the support part gives you the link to were you can find out almost anything you need to know. There is also a news section were you can find out all the latest updates on the site. At the bottom of the page you can pick a language that you want the page to be in. And at the top of the page there is your username and account balance when your logged in. The pages update them selves through flash and shockwave so there is no need to keep refreshing your page. depending on what level of speed your internet connection is you can load the games pretty quickly. I have broadband and the games load with 5 seconds. The support section gives you catagories in which you can find easily what help you need.


When you first register on Midasplayer.com you are given £5 in free credits to play in practice tournaments. You are allowed to play each game up to a maximum of ten times with the practice money. When registering you are asked to provide a username, email address and password. You are not asked to verify the email address as with other websites. When you have played all your practice tournaments Midasplayer will ask you if you would like to become a gold member. A gold member is a member who ahs paid to play the games with their own money. A practice player cannot make money as it is only play money but a gold player can win real money to transfer into a bank account as the amount increases.


To become a gold player you must add funds to you account. You can add from £10 up to £30 at any time and you also can get a bonus amount of £5 free when you add your first funds. You can do this through credit card payment over encrypted channels, Credit cards accepted include, American Express, Diners club, JCB, Laser, Master card, Solo, Switch, Visa, Visa Delta and Visa Electron. You can also pay via paypal if you have an account. To open a paypal account you need to go to www.papal.com and enter your bank details into there. You can also pay via regular bank transfer (direct debit) or through your BT phone bill. Once you have become a gold player you need to play 5 provisional tournaments before you can play in the major tournaments this is so that Midasplayer can determine your skill level. Once you have completed these tournaments you can play for the big cash prizes.


Each game is different, there are minor tournaments, Major tournaments and live tournaments.

**Minor tournaments - These are small tournaments, which cost either 35p or 70p to enter. These ones you play against just one person who is put against you according to your skill level. You can win double the amount of you winnings if you win (either 70p or £1.40)

**Major tournaments - These are the big prize tournaments. Instead of competing against just one person you are competing against a numerous amount of people (this amount could be over 100) You get 10 chances to get the highest score on the leader board to win the tournament. However you do not need to come first to win the tournament. Midasplayer decides who has scored the highest points out of each ranking. And there is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for each ranking. These tournaments can cost anything from 35p up to £2.60 and a jackpot can be any number depending on how many people have entered. So you could win 70p or maybe £70.

**Live Tournaments - These tournaments are the ones that are played against an opponent at the same time like a game of pool of a quiz one. You are trying to beat the opponent to win.

The games are set up based on your skill level so you are not matched against the best player on the site, as that would be unfair. You are given a skill based ranking and you are placed against others of that ranking range to make it more fair and give you more chance of winning. Everyone starts off with a ranking of 2000 and then your ranking goes up or down depending on whether you win or lose your tournament
The rankings starting from the highest levelled player are:

Tyrant - 20,000+
Despot - 15,000 - 19,999
Conqueror/conqurette - 10,000 - 14,999
Emperor/empress- 8,000 - 9,999
Warrior king/queen - 6,000 - 7,999
King/queen - 4,000 - 5,999
Prince/princess - 3,400 - 4,999
Duke/duchess - 2,800 - 3,399
Earl/countess - 2,400 - 2,799
Vicount/vicountess - 2,200 - 2,399
Nobleman/lady - 2,000 - 2,199
Night/Damsel - 1,800 - 1,999
Merchant/seamstress - 1,400 - 1,799
Apprentice/maid - 600 - 1,399
Peasant/wench - 0 - 5,99

As you become more skilled at the games the games become harder as so to keep the levels fair. For fairness when you play a game with another player that player gets exactly the same game. For example if it is a card game then your opponent will get the same hand dealt as you and so on. Midasplayer does not let you see your opponent before a tournament to make it fair they will only tell you your opponents score and ranking after a tournament has finished.


When you become a gold member you can set up your own community page. In this you get to create your own aviator. You can choose different parts of the face to make your aviator look unique. You can also pick an aviator mood with can show your expressions when your playing games. For example sad if you lose or happy if you win. You can choose from the following things to make your aviator look like you.

· Heads -- Pick one of the male and female head types. They have different noses, chins and characteristics. You can also change the skin tone.
· Hairstyle- - Select a hairstyle you like, and colour it in a colour of your liking.
· Hats and caps- - Pick one from our extensive range of head attire.
· Facial hair- - Lots of beard and moustaches for you to pick from.
· Glasses- - Add glasses if you like
· Add-ons- - Select from fun add-ons as freckles, scars and earrings to finalize your avatar

You get your own friends list so that you can add people who you have played against and enjoy playing against. You can also add your enemies. You also get your own guestbook like ciao that people can write you messages. You can add up to 10 different photos of yourself to your profile and provide yourself some winning quotes for when you win!


The minimum requirements to play games on Midasplayer are:
A Windows PC using Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
56K Modem Connection or better
Macromedia Flash 7.0
Macromedia Shockwave

The first time you play you will be asked to install an Active-X control called "The Midasplayer Secure Game Control". This is necessary to play games and is to ensure security.

For proper game play, Midasplayer suggests a machine with at least 64MB RAM and a 300MHz processor. If you install Shockwave you automatically get the latest version of Flash as well.


All the games are in different sections, there are puzzle games, Sports games, Action Games, Word games, and Card Games.

Puzzle games

***Klicker Klacker 2*** - In this game you have a block full of differently coloured blocks. The object of the game is to clear away as many cubes as possible before you run out of moves or time. Any group of 2 cubes or more of the same colour that touch horizontally or vertically can be removed, and as you clear them the cubes above fall down to fill the space. The game is played over 3 increasingly difficult levels and you have to clear 70% of cubes on the first level and 80% on the second to advance to the 3rd and final level.

***Bomp Bomp*** - in this game there are different bombs in rows to win the game you must switch the places of the bombs to get a column of 3 or more of the same bomb in a row. But you have to beware of the ticking bombs, which with blow up your whole game if you don't clear them away.

***Silver Screen*** - In Silver Screen the object of the game is create rows and columns of 3 or more of the same coloured cubes to clear them. As you play and manage to clear away cubes, new ones will fall from above to fill out the field.
In Silver screen all cubes start out with two different colours; the outer shell has one colour and a second colour is shown inside the cube. Only the outer colour is active and can create row or column combinations, which means that each cube has to participate in two combinations to be cleared away completely. First you have to clear away the outer colour layer and then the second inner layer. You create rows or columns of 3 or more of the same coloured cubes by either switching place on 2 touching cubes or shifting the inner and outer layers of a 2-coloured cube.

***Jungle Rumble*** - This is a tournament game you are playing in real time against a number of players. The goal of Jungle Rumble is to survive longer than all opponents by clearing all the bubbles coming down from above by bursting them before they reach the bottom. You burst a bubble by shooting up a bubble of matching colour to create a touching group of 3 or more bubbles. You can fire black balls at your opponents and also fill up their box with other bubbles in order to make them lose. But they can also do this back at you. The winner is declared when one player is left standing after all the bubbles have filled up their opponents box.

***Midas Miner*** - This game is more or less the same as Silver screen but you are using gems instead of blocks and there is only one colour of each jewel. The idea behind Midas Miner is to switch the places of two jewels to create rows and columns of 3 or more of the same jewel to mine them. As the jewels you mine disappear, new jewels fall down from above to fill their place. Match as many jewels as you can within the time limit.

***Jungle Bubble*** - This game is the same as the Jungle Rumble game except instead of playing in real time you are playing the normal tournaments.

***Midas Mah-jong*** - Midas Mah-jong is a classic puzzle using the Chinese Mah-jong tiles that are laid out in a pyramid form of 5 levels. There are 144 tiles in total in the pyramid, and 4 of each type. The tiles of a specific type look exactly the same; they have the same picture and symbol on them. The only exception is the 4 Flower tiles, which each have a picture of a different flower and are numbered 1 to 4. Your task is to clear away all the tiles by removing them a pair at a time, i.e. to find 2 tiles that are of the same type and are free to be moved. You have 15 minutes in which to complete this mind-boggling game.

***Chain Reaction*** - This game is a bit like tetrus except they are circles joined up instead of cubes and the dots come from the bottom and not the top. The goal of Chain Reaction is to clear groups of coloured dots to stop them from rising to the top of the game area until time runs out. Collect coins in the process to advance to the next level and to increase your score.

***Flower Power*** - This game is tetrus but with the use of flowers instead of blocks. In Flower Power you start with an empty playing field and pairs of flowers fall down from the top. You can decide where the flowers should fall by moving them sideways and rotating the pair as it falls. The aim of Flower Power is to combine the coloured flowers into groups of four or more flowers of the same colour to clear them away. When you have cleared away enough flowers you progress to the next level. There are 3 different levels to complete the game.

Sport Games

***8 Ball Pool*** - this is self-explanatory really. It is a game of pool. You are playing in real time against an opponent of your choice (you can choose who you wish to play against) The objective of the game is to pot your balls, either solids or stripes depending on who potted which colour fist. Once you have potted all your colours you then have to pot the black in the pocket you choose to become the winner of the match.

***9 Ball pool*** - This is nearly the same as the 8 ball pool but you have to pot your balls in order of the number they have on them there are 9 balls on the table you each take your turns to pot the lowest numbered ball on the table until there is only the 9th ball left to pot. The winner is the person who legally pots the 9th ball. There is also a pool king version of this were you play on your own to pot the balls in order in the fastest time.

***Midas Links*** - This is a golfing game, The goal of Midas Links is to hit the ball as close to the flag on the green as possible to achieve a minimal distance with your 9-11 shots as you try to compensate for the wind. Hit a Hole in one to get the real top score. You get 10 shots altogether in which to get the lowest combined distance to the flag. You do not get to put the ball you get one shot at the hole in each turn. The winner is the one with the lowest score or a hole in one.

***Couronne King*** - Couronne King is based on the classic tabletop game of Couronne. You have a table with 4 holes in it and a varying number of green and red rings the object of the game is to sink all the green rings within the shortest time, and fewest shots possible.

Action Games

***Magic spinball*** - Magic Spinball is an action game in the classic Breakout where you have to break all the bricks with a bouncing ball to progress. You control the sideways moving paddle at the bottom of the screen and can use it to bounce the moving ball at the bricks above, at the same time avoiding that it go's past you in which case you lose a life.

***Candy Rail*** - In this game a series of different coloured candy balls go along a rail the object of the game is to fire different coloured candy balls out of the gun in order to line up 3 or more of the same colour. Once you have 3 or more of that colour they are knocked off the rail and so on until you have got rid of all the candy. You must get rid of them all before they reach the end of the rail and blow up. You have several different levels, which you have to complete before you reach your time limit.

Word Games

***Word Battle*** - Word battle is similar to the game Boggle. You are competing in a live tournament against 1 or more players (up to 4 at any 1 time)
In each round you get a game board of 25 letter tiles placed as a square of 5 by 5 letter tiles. A game is played over four rounds, each with a new letter tile lay up. In each round your challenge is to spell the best 3 words you can find. But the score of the words will be lowered if several players find them. In each round there is a 1-minute time limit. There is a minor tournament round of this game called Keyword, were you play on your own but against the clock.

***Quiz Queen*** - This is a basic quiz game played as a lie tournament. The game is played with 2-5 players that try to answer 10 multiple choice questions as fast as possible. The aim is to pick the right answer for each question and do it faster than your opponents to set the best score and win. You have one lifeline that you can use to reduce the alternatives to two instead of four.

***Word Link*** - This game is played as a minor tournament or major tournament depending on how confident you are at it. Word Link is a word puzzle game where you have to compose as many words as you can by combining the letters on the game board. When you link the letters to form words new letters fall down to fill their place. You have to create as many words as you can within the time limit.

Card games

***Pyramid*** - This game is based on the solitaire game but instead of the cards being in columns they are in a pyramid shape. The object of the game is to clear as many card lay-ups as possible in the allotted time. The cards are placed in a Pyramid form and you have to remove them one by one before you run through your deck of cards. Succeed and you move to the next round. You can play as many rounds as you can until you run out of time or you are unable to solve the lay-up. There is also a live tournament game called pyramid battle that is the same as this but you compete against another player to be the first to clear all there cards.

***Ace Solitaire*** - Ace Solitaire is a solitaire card game based on creating groups of cards that sum up to 11. The main difference in Ace Solitaire is that Aces have replaced all the larger cards, Jacks, Queens and Kings. So there are 16 Aces in the deck. Your task is to create combinations of 2 or more cards that sum up to 11 to remove all the cards from the pack. You complete different levels before the times up to gain the maximum points needed to win the game.

***Go-Go 21*** - GoGo21 is a card game based partly on the Black Jack rules and way of counting, and the game objective is to place a deck of cards in such a way as to create as many 21s as possible. The key is to place the cards fast and to avoid having to throw away any of the cards.

***Midas Solitaire*** - This is the classic solitaire game you need to get all your cards out of the pack and into the slots at the top in order. You win the game by being the fastest player and to use the least amount of pack turns.

***Royale 55*** - Royale 55 is a Poker based solitaire game where the aim is to create 11 poker hands out of the 55 cards. The deck consists of the 52 standard cards plus 3 Wild cards that can count as any card. At the start 25 cards are placed in five rows with five cards each. You can now move each row sideways to line up the Poker hand you want to create in the centre vertical column. When you have made the hand Submit it to get five new cards laid out from the deck. Continue to make hands until you have used the whole deck, in the shortest time.


If you have a substantial amount of winnings you may wish to transfer the winnings into your normal bank account. You can transfer your winnings at any time, except when playing with the practice money. Transferring your money is simple you just go to your account and request to withdraw your winnings. You can transfer the money into a paypal account but if you do not have one then on screen instructions will tell you how to transfer them into an account. You may get a small charge for this. Transfer can take up to 14 days to go into your account Midasplayer also charge £1 for any withdrawals. I think that you are best waiting until you have a large amount of winnings in your account before you withdraw it to save on charges.


I really like this website, it is loads of fun. It can be a bit off putting when you have to pay your own money. I spent a few weeks playing different games and registering different usernames to get more practise before I actually paid to become a gold member. I paid £10 through my phone bill and received £5 of free credits. Since then I have won several games and lots a few. I still have £11.40 in my account after 2 weeks of playing and I am getting much better at it. As the tournament fees are so low (starting at 35p) you cant really lose too much of your money aswell.

My skill level at the moment is on a seamstress so the games are becoming increasingly difficult as you go along. Also when you are a goldplayer you get the opportunity to play the games for free. You don't win anything but you get the practice needed to win the big prizes. Which is a really good is idea. I like the fact that the whole site is really safe and cheat free. They give you a lot of security and give you a lot of facts before you actually give out you payment details. And it is really good that they give you the practice money to start off with, a lot of sites expect you to cough up the money with you even sampling the site first, so at least you can try it out for free and see if you like it before you pay. The skill level idea is great, as you don't have to play against the best player, which makes it fairer and easier to win. You will be surprised how easy it is to actually win the games. Once you get used to what you are doing its simple.

My favourite games are Klicker Klacker 2, which is quite a simple game and Quiz Queen, which boosts your general knowledge whilst having a bit of fun too. The Questions can be quite hard at times but they repeat them every now and again so you get to learn the answers. I also like the card games and as a big fan of solitaire before this I enjoy playing that on here.

I haven't as yet transferred any of my winnings because I haven't really made enough so I cant tell you whether it is an easy step or not. I just know what I have read about that. I assume it is a bit like ciao where you request a payment and they do the rest.

Overall this site is loads of fun. If you like games and a bit of excitement then this site is perfect. Even if you just want to play as a practice player and use the free credits then it can be a lot of fun. I really would recommend it to you, and if you do join and loose all your money don't blame me unless your competing against me..lol

Thanks for reading. Any feedback would be appreciated and if you feel that I could improve my review feel free to let me know.

Lynz xx

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  • kelr101 published 13/07/2005
    As you know I'm a huge fan of this too - if your looking for an alternative though, you should try gameaccount.co.uk...a very similar based website to Midas. kels x
  • pefidler published 07/07/2005
    Fantastic review. Very thorough!!!!
  • SRowlands published 06/07/2005
    Excellent review, and well deserving of an "E" rating ! I have yet to try this site, but constantly get emails inviting me to join. I think I'd be scared playing against you though, and you'd probably win all my hard earnt money !!
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