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published 07/11/2016 | gothic_moon
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Pro Light-hearted & easy viewing, comical in parts, the boys are engaging & watchable
Cons Overly annoying girls, predictable
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"Efron Needs A Wedding Date? I'm Available!"

Everyone knows a Dave!

Everyone knows a Dave!

Ok, so I never thought I'd hear myself say I'd be Zac Efron's wedding date but there we have it. I've never watched the kid's film / High School Musical he starred in that took him to fame, and never will. Blame the lack of sleep or being unwell, but he's definitely grown on me!

I added this to the Ciao catalogue recently but have only just got around to reviewing it. I noticed it’s now on the competition, however I can’t include a photograph of the DVD as this hasn’t been released yet (due for UK DVD release December 12th), so I apologise.

This falls within the comedy / romance genres and was directed by Jake Szymanski, who has worked on various pieces but mostly shorts that I don’t recognise and some TV episodes.

… Premise …

“They needed hot dates. They got hot messes.”

We are introduced to Mike and Dave, brothers who like to party hard but who are, nonetheless, quite different to one another. They’ve been known to get in to a lot of trouble and cause mayhem simply by being present, so their parents have given them strict orders for their sisters wedding. No antics, and to get themselves dates who can keep them in line.

There’s not long to go before jetting of to Hawaii for the wedding so Mike and Dave get to work. They take the country by storm advertising up and down for respectable ladies who could accompany them. They get a lot of responses, but a lot of crazies are responding to the ads unsurprisingly. Then it seems like fate. Along come two women, both seemingly very intelligent, soft, kind and caring.

What the guys don’t know is that they have a plan of their own. They could outdo these boys with their party antics, but by the time Mike and Dave realise this its too late. What will happen when the fun-loving foursome take to Hawaii? Will the brother finally be able to attend one family celebration without causing any scenes or injuries?

… // …

The premise is straightforward on the surface, and more than a little predictable. I wouldn’t say it’s overly original nor does it offer the viewer anything new that hasn’t been done before. What makes it novel is in terms of the cast and humour employed. The plot is memorable thanks to its shallowness, as are the characters and a couple of scenes, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything to write home about by any means.

The cast includes Adam Devine (Mike Stangle), Zac Efron (Dave Stangle), Aubrey Plaza (Tatiana), Anna Kendrick (Alice), Sugar Lyn Beard (Jeanie Stangle), Alice Wetterlund (the brash cousin, Terry), and Jake Johnson (Ronnie) among others.

I must admit, I found Efron to be quite watchable. Aside from providing something nice to look at, I found him to be easygoing, effortlessly confident in a more down to earth manner, engaging and genuine. Devine was less easy to watch in parts, where his character would continue a gag a tad too long, but he was nonetheless quite amusing. Together the pair worked really well; not the most believable of brothers perhaps, but engaging and enigmatic nonetheless.

Kendrick was unfortunately rather annoying. She kept going on and the whiney voice became gratingly repetitive. I’m not always a huge fan of Plaza either and find, in a similar way, she becomes rather rote and grating. Thankfully, if you can get past the initial annoyance with these girls, things do pick up as their characters are balanced and diluted by the boys.

Other cast members blended in to the background a bit for me, with none standing out particularly for better or for worse.

One bit in particular I laughed out loud. You know, “LOL”! I can’t say this happens often, if at all, with films. That’s not to say the entirety of the film was good, far from it, but it certainly had its moments here and there. Humour was a blend of sarcasm and silliness with a bit of clever wit thrown in for good measure, though it probably relied predominantly on silliness. I’m not usually a bag fan of silly humour but Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates was able to not overdo this too much, so it could have been far worse. It was reasonably balanced with an edge of seriousness and sarcasm to make it a light-hearted and reasonably amusing watch that didn’t require many brain cells.

The predominant focus was on the brothers, followed by the two girls. The four of them therefore held the focus of the flick and were the most developed. Each had a bit of depth, but this could have been greater; none were overly original or inspiring as they were all quite predictable and stereotypical. The silly, stupid girls pretending to be more intelligent than they were or interested in things that they weren’t, simply to get a free holiday. The boys who were excitable and outrageous on the outside just to hide hidden insecurities. It’s obvious early on where this is going as one can only pretend to be someone else for so long. And it’s easy to guess how things will eventually end up, and the romance element here is therefore rather sickly sweet and therefore pretty unrealistic.

Whilst they are obvious, the moral undertones here are quite straightforward and logical because they are relatable; I know I can appreciate how you may try hard to appear another way to hide insecurities, how you feel as though you’re not living up to expectations or achieving the wonderful things you’re made to feel you should be by a certain point in your life.

It has a good quality feel to it as anticipated given the line-up and the fact it’s a 20th Century Fox production. There are scenes of action and stunts as a result of the boys’ silly antics, and these were done well. They also inject some energy in to the film, keeping the pace ticking along nicely throughout. Hawaii also offered a pretty and serene backdrop to the majority of the film, giving a splash of colour and vibrancy. The soundtrack compliments the scenes by bringing it up to date, making it energetic and light, emphasising the contemporary nature of the film and its mix of shenanigans and romance.

The film has so far grossed more than its $33,000,000 budget, but has met some mixed reviews. Scoring a 6.1 on IMDB, it gets a more lacklustre 37% tomato meter critic score and 58% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

“If you need a blast of mad-raunchy summer fun then this baby comes damn close to filling the bill” - Rolling Stone
“The female twist to this comedy merely reduces the women to the crass level of the male characters.” - The Guardian

All in all, much to my surprise, this was actually reasonably funny in parts. I enjoyed Efron and Devine, who I felt made this film watchable. The flick is not without its faults; it’s quite stereotypical, predictable and shallow, but it is nonetheless quite easy to watch and engaging for light viewing when you don’t have many brain cells to spare.

DVD to be released December 2016, running time 98 minutes.
DVD can be pre-ordered for £9.99 (Amazon).

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