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published 06/05/2015 | alliewallie
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Pro Easy to use and install, cheaper than a lot of showers, gives a good shower
Cons The head is very awkward to clean
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"Mira, Mira on the wall"

Mira Go 8.5KW Electric Shower

Mira Go 8.5KW Electric Shower

Our Mira shower is two years old and we installed it as a replacement to our previous one that broke one day and couldn't be repaired. I can't remember exactly where we bought it from but B&Q have the shower available costing £72, that is a reduced price from £98 and for that you get the electric shower box, shower hose and head and an upright wall bracket. All of the screws and fittings you need are included with the shower but most shops will not offer fitting so before you buy it you have to make sure it fits in with the plumbing system that is already in your house.


We asked a friend to install the shower for us because even though my boyfriend said he would probably be able to do it himself he wasn't very confident about the plumbing behind our tiled walls in the bathroom. This shower couldn't be put in exactly the same place and position as our old one and even though the difference in position would have been very minor it could have made the installation awkward for someone like my boyfriend who isn't an expert.

It didn't take our friend long but it's hard for me to say exactly how long the job took him because he used his time in our bathroom to complete some other small jobs my boyfriend had started and not finished. He is a complainer though (our friend not my boyfriend, well my boyfriend too sometimes!!) and I don't remember him saying anything bad about installing the shower so I'm sure that it was a straightforward job for him or else he would have moaned about it!!

The shower is 8.5kW and has a minimum pressure of 0.7bar, I have taken that detail from the B&Q website and don't know anything about bars or pressure but it's written down in the key information panel so I think it must be important for people who know more about choosing and buying showers than I do.


This has been a good shower, it's not as powerful as some you can buy but for a cheap shower it's very good and reliable. There are two dials on it, one controls the way the spray comes out of the shower head and the other one is for the temperature of the water. To switch it on there is a small button underneath the dials and it's best to set the dials before turning the shower on because like all showers it takes a few seconds for the water to come out at the temperature and power you want, I turn the shower on before getting undressed and by the time I am ready to get in the water is perfect for me.

The shower head is very standard (you can replace it with a more sophisticated one if you want to at extra expense) so the different sprays are not very different to each other, the eco setting is a good idea to save money on your water and electricity bill but the spray when that is selected is not very good so I don't use that setting at all. I don't know if eco in this case stands for economy or ecologically friendly but if less water is being used then I guess it could stand for either or both of these things.

The temperature setting is very responsive so each setting makes it so you can notice the change in water temperature, most people have a favourite setting and do not change from that very often but my illness changes my tolerance to water heat sometimes so I do use quite a lot of the different settings. Each of the dials are easy to work and both rotate very freely so you can be sure that even if you are already in the shower with soapy hands (or soapy eyes!!) and need to make an adjustment you will be able to do it easily.

The length of the hose is perfect and the wall bracket is good too. The instructions provided with the shower were not very good for information about fitting the wall bracket and even though it was easy it was also a little bit complicated trying to work out the best height for it. The bracket has a sliding clip on it for you to adjust the height of the shower head, this is very easy to use but when the shower was new I was scared it was going to break because it's made of plastic and has to be adjusted every time me or my boyfriend have a shower because he is a lot taller than me so it's obvious we need the shower head to be at different heights. The clip is a lot stronger than it looks though and it's very efficient so the head never slides down the bracket (and that is something that used to annoy me with our old shower because I would notice the shower head sliding downwards slightly as I was showering and then would have to stop to push it back up again!!).


We have not had to make any repairs to our Mira Go shower and cleaning it is very easy. The electrical shower box I wipe over using a bathroom cleaning wipe every few days or if I notice dirty fingerprints on it, the plastic does show up grubby marks quite badly but they're easy to remove by just rubbing my hand across the box while I'm in the shower so this doesn't make any extra work at all.

The metal hose gets a little bit gunky sometimes from the residue off shower gel and shampoo but to clean that all you have to do is lift the shower head down and run a hot wet cloth down the hose to remove it all. The shower head is a little bit awkward to clean because of the way the small holes where the water comes out are designed to poke out a little bit, it's ok if you keep on top of the cleaning but if you leave the residue to build up then it will take you an hour or longer with a toothbrush and some strong cleaning fluid to have it looking clean and new again.


I recommend this shower as a good choice if you don't want to spend too much money on a shower but still want one that works well and effectively. We have not had any problems with ours and I would buy the same one again if I needed to because it gives me a good shower and is easy to use and clean.

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