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Mirror Universe: Glass Empires (Star Trek) - Dayton Ward

Mirror Universe: Glass Empires (Star Trek) - Dayton Ward

Pages: 320, Edition: Pocket Books Trade Pbk. Ed, Paperback, Pocket Books

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Title Mirror Universe
Author Dayton Ward
Publisher Simon & Schuster
EAN 9781416524595
Release Date 05.03.2007
Type Fiction
Genre Science Fiction
ISBN 1416524592


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It's the second Red Dwarf Book, Funny, Absorbing, Imaginative.....and er, funny!
It Ends... again, closer in plot to the show. (but this time you choose where the story goes!) (*)
Story trots along nicely, not too long
none really (*)
Gripping read, very descriptive, intense.
Film does not do it justice. (*)
It's Wyndham...
... many of the t stories end just when they're getting interesting... (*)
Incredible concept. Well written, Good characters
Too short (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (M)
A very entertaining and thought provoking read.
Classed as Military sci-fi so some will be put off. (*)
Good indepth/thinking novels
Perhaps too much detail for some (*)
Probably the most revealing book so far
Jumps around a bit too much (*)
A very entertaining read.
Not a book that will have a wide readership. (*)
vintage M. Banks
none really (*)
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Intelligently written, very good storyline, interesting vision of the future
Heavy-going read, very complex, brief ending (*)
A quite entertaining read.
Will not appeal to a wide readership as its science fiction. (*)
fast pace, funny
not long enough (*)
Good characters and set up for better things to come
Very slow paced, over load of information (*)
An entertaining, undemanding read
Possibly formulaic. Some will be put off by the science fiction nature of the material. (*)
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