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Title Mission Flats
Author William Landay
Publisher Transworld Publishers
EAN 9780552153508
Release Date 01.09.2005
Type Fiction
Genre Crime
ISBN 0552153508


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similar by Price (less than 5 GBP)
Good plot, plenty twists and turns.
The main character a little irritating and unbelievable at times. (*)
Geat plot and very flowing
None (*)
Riviting. Thought provoking. Captivating. Well researched and well written.
May make you opinionated in your views on the Italian Judicial and police system (*)
Interesting and intriguing!
controversial, and different to anything I've ever read! (*)
It is brilliantly written and really does draw you in.
I don't think I've ever read a darker book - it's actively disturbing. (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (M)
odd and funny
The humour doesn't appeal to everyone. (*)
Entertaining period read
The plot is a little thin (*)
Strong characterisation, plenty of twists
none (*)
Great modern humorous fiction, starring one man & his bloodhound.
A lot better at comedy than "who-done-it" plot. (*)
Completely original
A little violent (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (L)
The price of the book is bound to become very cheap very soon!
completely ruins the premise of the series! (*)
Excellent humour and generally a good read
quite gory in places!! (*)
A thriller set against a background of the last days of Colonial Hong Kong
Poor characterisation, slow start to the novel (*)
Interesting look at Italy during the Second World War
Not much to the plot (*)
Brilliant read, could not put it down
Nothing (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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