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Mission: Impossible 1 And 2 (DVD)

Two features. Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt, leader of a crack squad of intelligence operatives, in this labyrinthine action-thriller based on the hi...

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published 22/03/2006 | workangel
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"Mission: Impossible (Box Set)"

As a devotee of the original Mission: Impossible television series I was looking forward to seeing these films. In their time the television series was very cutting edge in its story lines and effects.
Mission: Impossible 1 opens with the hero Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) leading his team of operatives on a mission which goes horribly wrong. His team is wiped out ( with the exception of 1) and he is blamed by his spy bosses. As a result he is put out in the cold - and he decides to find out what went wrong and who was responsible.

He contacts other agents who are beyond sanction and starts work. Vaneesa Redgrave has a cameo role in this film - not entirely believable in her part but it does not detract from the storyline.

The special effects in this film are magic - hi tech and brilliant to watch. The various computer elements look great - whether actually possible or not I wouldn't know, but looks great.

The resolution of the mystery is very clever and definitely up to the wow standard of the original series. Crise is a very convincing Hunt as well. Great film.

The sequel, when I read the jacket, I thought sounded it bit lame, but it was excellent - and a totally different type of story which was good.

The film also does have a strong storyline - very well acted and this time with a strong love interest for Hunt that was believable without undue sentimentality.

The plot revolves around a very nasty airbourne virus called chimera. Ethan has to destroy it and almost succeeds but.....

The plot has fewer twists but is still exciting, and the special effects, particularly the bike chase, are wonderful. It is an engaging film which moves at a very good pace, which adds to the sense of urgency that is present virtually thoughout.

Two of the best films of this type I have seen - no unneccessary violence, special effects to die for, very good acting and direction and strong storylines.

These films worked for me because of the way they made the impossible mission actually achieveable - and this is down to a basically strong story . There is little or no subplot in either film, which is unusual and yet having one plot was never boring. I never wanted to pause the film and get a drink for example and I really didn't want the first one to end.

Outstanding value for money and I would recommend them highly.

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  • Soho_Black published 02/03/2009
    Re-rated based on Ciao's insistence that such reviews are no longer considered "Off Topic"
  • Soho_Black published 30/03/2006
    I see you've posted this as a DVD review, but you've not mentioned the DVD. Are there any extras? If so, what are they and are they any good? If you add to this, or if you change it to be posted as a "Film Only" review, which can be done by accessing "edit review" in the top right of the review and changing the drop down menu under the "Which format are you reviewing?" question at the bottom, please let me know and I'll re-rate.
  • jesi published 24/03/2006
    I'd like a clearer note on running time and classification (I know in this case DVD details DO indicate a classification of 15 and that both are on one disc) but it is easier to have a quick summary at the end ~ that way the prospective buyer has all info at fingertips ~ .................................................................................................... ~ Another point you seem to have not noticed is that when you are reviewing a film you have a choice at the bottom of "Film only" or "DVD" ~~~~ when you are reviewing a DVD you need to discuss the extras ~ how interesting were they ~ did they add to the enjoyment ~~~~~ if your version had NO extras (see DVD info for what extras MIGHT have been included) ~~~~ or if you are unable to watch extras (my portable player is very limiting in that respect ~ I'm not sure yet if it would even play two films on one disc as it is slightly funny ~ and I have not yet tried) ~~~~ you should review as "FILM ONLY" as well ~ .................................................................................................... ~ ♥ ~ jes ~ ♥♥
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Two features. Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt, leader of a crack squad of intelligence operatives, in this labyrinthine action-thriller based on the hit 1960s-'70s television series Mission Impossible. When a dangerous mission in Prague goes inexplicably wrong, Hunt finds himself out in the cold. A mole has infiltrated the CIA, and suspicions are that it's Hunt. His only chance: Find out who the real mole is and turn the tables. The plan takes him on an incredibly suspenseful infiltration of CIA security, leading to a spectacular chunnel climax that would make Hitchcock proud. Thanks to crisp, inventive direction from Brian De Palma and Danny Elfman's dynamite electronica score (including a catchy update of the original Lalo Schifrin theme), this mission is great fun. The talented roster of stars backing Cruise includes Ving Rhames, Vanessa Redgrave, John Voight, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Jean Reno. A witty script by Robert Towne (CHINATOWN, SHAMPOO) and David Koepp keeps the ball rolling in unexpected directions, with the paranoia always set to high. A box-office record-setter during its original release, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE led to a well-deserved sequel, also with Cruise and Rhames. Also includes 'Mission: Impossible 2'.


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