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Review of "Moa Burger, Krakow"

published 15/03/2013 | gingelou
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Pro Great food. Nice variety.
Cons Lack of seating areas
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"Woa! Look at the size of the Moa Burgers!"

Moa Burger, Krakow

Moa Burger, Krakow

Moa Burger, Krakow

Back in December my partner and I were back on our little mission to eat in as many different restaurants and pubs as possible in the centre of Krakow, Poland. This seems to be a yearly mission now as we did the same last winter too. One of the restaurants we decided to visit was Moa Burger.

Moa Burger is, as it sounds, a burger restaurant. The restaurant is named Moa after a large bird native to New Zealand. The reason for this is that the owners of the restaurant are from New Zealand. Moa Burger prides itself in being a little piece of New Zealand in the heart of Krakow. So, how did they measure up to my expectations?


Moa Burger is located in the centre of Krakow on a side street just off the main market square. It is about a 10 minute walk from the central train station and shopping galleries. It is located on ul. Mikolajska 3 and is about a 5 minute walk from the nearest tram stop. We found the restaurant quite easily as it is clearly signed with a Moa Burger sign above the entrance.

Seating Areas

As soon as we entered Moa Burger I was really surprised by how small the restaurant is. I could stand in the doorway and read the menu on the far back wall with ease. Because of the small size of the restaurant it was clear that finding somewhere to sit would be a bit of a problem as there were only about 5 large tables each with a long bench on either side of them and then a few stools around the edge of the room to sit at a kind of breakfast bar style table.

At the time we visited Moa Burger it was around 9pm and it was reasonably busy. When we first arrived we sat at the breakfast bar style tables while we took it in turns to get up and look at the menu to chose what we wanted to eat. The only menu is the one hung on the wall above your head. This is ok as it was really clear to read and the prices were clearly displayed but at the same time I didn't really enjoy the experience of standing with everyone else who was trying to decide in the centre of the room. Once we had both chosen what we wanted my partner queued to place our order at the service area at the back of the restaurant. In the mean time I moved from the breakfast bar table to an ordinary table with a bench as some people had left.

Each table was covered with a plasticy red and white checked tablecloth and a little tealight candle in the centre along with the usual salt, pepper and paper napkin holders. Not long after my partner had placed our order a waitress brought our drinks over, we had both chosen a milkshake each, I had a mint choc chip one and I think my partner had banana, when they arrived I thought there had been a mistake as my mint choc chip looked very pale and just like a vanilla shake, however when I tasted it, it was clear that it was indeed the mint choc chip flavour I had wanted.

While waiting for our food I took a moment to have a look around (proof I am addicted to writing reviews, I always check out the whole restaurant in preparation for reviewing!) From looking around I could see that all of the walls were painted in a simple creamy colour and each wall had a picture and some text about the Moa bird and its New Zealand roots. All of the text was written in English only which is a little unusual for Krakow. The lighting in the restaurant was very bright and consisted of many ball shaped lights hung from a long piece of red rope in a very messy but also creative way all around the ceiling and walls of the restaurant. I spotted the toilets in the corner behind where we were sitting but I will get to those in a moment.

Woa! Look at the size of the Moa Burgers!

While I was busy looking around the waitress returned with our food. We had ordered a cheese and bacon burger each along with a serving of potato wedges to share. The food was served to us on a tray and our burgers were wrapped in a paper wrapper, it felt kind of like a posh Mc Donalds! My first reaction was WOW! They’re huge! I then unwrapped the burger expecting more of the size to be due to the wrapping, but no, the burgers were indeed huge! The potato wedges were served in a kind of little bucket with a small plastic tub of garlic dip which looked a little daunting because of its unusual greenish colour but again, like the milkshakes, it tasted as it should.

So how did the burgers taste? Well, how to eat them would be a better question actually! As I have already mentioned, the burgers were huge and as a result of this my partner picked up a knife and fork to eat it. Personally I went for the traditional option and picked the whole thing up and attempted to bite into it. I removed a few bits of salad first as in my opinion there was too much! I don’t like salad in general so to have a burger overloaded with it was not even an option. Even after removing certain salad items my burger was still huge and every time I took a bite I had that annoying situation where everything begins to fall out of the opposite side, this was one very messy meal but nevertheless it was one I certainly enjoyed! The burger was cooked lovely, the burger patty itself was nice and thick and when I bit into it I could see that it was cooked all the way through and without the outside of the burger getting burnt. The bacon on the burger was nice and not too fatty and the cheese had melted nicely over the top of everything. The bread used for the bun tasted nice and fresh and it had been toasted a little too so it had a slight crispiness to it. All in all I really enjoyed the burger.

The potato wedges were a slightly different story as I found them to be a little too spicy so I only had a few and my partner demolished the rest. The few that I did have were nice but like I said they were a little too spicy for my liking.

Overall I enjoyed our food here and I will be going back again as I need to try some of the other burgers on the menu. Talking of the menu, it offered burgers of all varieties, everything from your standard burger or cheese burger all the way through to lamb or turkey burgers and even ostrich burgers! They have a variety of cheese options too including regular cheddars and edams through to the less common goat cheese. There area vegan and vegetarian options available too if you prefer. All of the prices on the menu are around the 20zl mark give or take a few zl. Our bill came to 27zl each which I don’t think is too bad for a burger, wedges and milkshake.

The current exchange rate is hovering around the 4.7zl for every £1 mark.

Shared Tables?!

While we were eating our food we had the interruption of a young woman coming and asking us something in Polish, I apologised and said that I didn’t speak Polish and she then asked in English if it was ok for her to sit at our table. Not knowing what to say I agreed as the table was large and she wasn’t harming anyone and I also knew the seating situation in Moa Burger isn’t exactly the best, but at the same time, call me selfish but I didn’t really like having to share our table and I think Moa Burger should maybe change their tables a bit to have a mix of both large and small ones as I’m sure it would be possible and it would make it easier to have a slightly more private meal here.


The toilets in Moa Burger were clean, but they were tiny! I went to use the toilet before we left and as I opened the door there was somebody washing their hands, due to how small the space was I had to wait until she had finished washing her hands and had come out of the room before I could go past the sink to the toilet as the space was so tiny. There was only one toilet which appeared to be unisex, the tiny room with the toilet was nice and clean though and stocked with toilet paper. The sink area was also clean and there was soap and a hand dryer to dry your hands.

Wheelchair & Pushchair Friendly?

If you have someone to help you up the initial first step to get through the door then I would say Moa Burger is wheelchair and pushchair friendly. The toilets are on the same level as the restaurant area, however due to their tiny size you will definitely have difficulty manoeuvring around in them and I didn't see any separate toilets for wheelchair users so this might be an issue.


Overall, I would recommend Moa Burger, the burgers we had were huge and tasted really good. There was a little too much salad for me but I think I‘m probably alone in that thought as I don‘t like salad. The drinks were nice and apart from the seating arrangements the atmosphere and decor was also really nice. There is a large variety when it comes to burger options and I will definitely be going here again!

4 out of 5 stars from me.

Thanks for reading :)

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  • melinda3536 published 19/03/2013
    Excellent, and happy burger-sampling on your next visits!
  • RICHADA published 19/03/2013
    Fascinating - just a pity it isn't our eating style. R.
  • prettypolly40 published 16/03/2013
    Brilliant review
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