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published 30/11/2013 | sandemp
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Pro Able to hold baby handsfree, snuggly, Baby loves it
Cons Cannot breastfeed without taking baby out
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"Handsfree Cuddles"

All snuggled in the Moby

All snuggled in the Moby

Long before he was born, I knew that I wanted to use a very natural, attachment based style of parenting with Baby JJ, which included carrying him as much as he wanted, which is otherwise known as Baby Wearing. Having an older special needs child, who also demands a lot of my time and attention, means that simply carrying Baby JJ in my arms was not an option and so I looked into slings and wraps that allow me to carry him hands-free. There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to slings/wraps, but after some research I decided that a Moby Wrap would be perfect for our needs.

The Moby Wrap comes in a vast range of colours, from super bright pinks and blues to more neutral creams and even embroidery. The particular colour Moby that I bought is Pacific, which rather than being blue as the name suggests is a very deep green and cost me £39.95 including free Prime delivery from Amazon. The Moby is supplied neatly rolled up in a “handy” storage bag along with instructions for using it. The bag is a great idea, except I've never been able to roll the Moby up small enough to fit back in it and it seems a lot of hassle when I use the wrap for long periods every day. The Moby Wrap itself is simply a hemmed 5 metre length of Jersey-like fabric that is folded in half lengthwise and then wrapped and tied around your body in such a way that it holds your baby securely against you. While I found the supplied instructions perfectly adequate, I would recommend taking a look at some of the videos available on You Tube, as tying the wrap correctly does take some practise.

The leaflet gives two different methods for tying the wrap and four different holds, with you choosing the combination most suitable for you and your baby. The one hold that I've not tried as Baby JJ is just too young is the hip hold, which is only suitable from about 6 months. As I first started using the Moby when Baby JJ was just a day or so old, I started with the newborn hug hold, which involves tying the wrap around yourself before slipping baby into a pocket formed between the shoulder and waist and then pulling a strip that is across your tummy over baby in what Moby calls a seatbelt. To be perfectly honest we only used this hold a couple of times, Baby JJ is not what you'd call a small baby, he is very long and was unable to fit into newborn clothes even at birth. He simply looked too squished in the newborn hug hold and although he did sleep, he didn't look particularly comfortable.

The next hold that we tried out was the Kangaroo Hold, and this is probably the easiest and quickest way of tying the wrap. With this hold you partially wrap the Moby around yourself and then finish off the tying around both yourself and baby. While (in my experience) this is the easiest hold to master and the quickest to tie, it's not the snuggest of holds and I found I couldn't quite manage to consistently tie it tight enough.

My favourite hold by far is the standard hug hold, where I tie the wrap into place before slipping Baby JJ in so his little legs hang loose and he is snuggled up to my chest. Baby JJ has had really good head control from about two weeks and so I started using this hold then, but having five other children I know that this is quite unusual so you may have to wait until your baby is a little older to use this hold. Although the instructions talk about wrapping the ends of the Moby all the way round your waist to tie at the front, I'm a larger than average girl with a pronounced baby belly so I can only tie it at the back, which has proved perfectly secure. While it took me a good ten minutes to tie the wrap and place Baby JJ in on my first attempt, it now only takes me couple of minutes and the great thing about this hold is that I can take Baby JJ out, change or feed him and then put him back in without having to undo the wrap.

Both Baby JJ and myself find the Moby incredibly comfortable even over several hours. The way the wrap is tied means that Baby JJ's weight is evenly distributed over my shoulders and back, and it certainly feels more comfortable than the old fashioned front slings I used with my older children. Baby JJ loves being in the Moby and even when he is at his most unsettled will quickly calm as he is held next to my chest. I'm sure it's almost like being back in the womb for him as he lays his head next to my heart and drifts off to sleep and to make him even more snugly I pull one of the shoulder pieces across his head to block the light.

When I first started putting Baby JJ in the sling I was very wary about moving around and doing things with him in place, making sure I kept a hand behind his head and being very conscious that I needed extra space. As time has gone on, I've greatly gained in confidence and can now perform most day to day tasks while wearing Baby JJ, up to and including changing his older brother's nappy. As well as wearing Baby JJ in the house, I also use the Moby when out and about as his older brother has physical difficulties and can't walk for far. While the Moby is obviously not wind or water proof it is very snug and I find that as long as I put a hat and warm trousers, socks and booties on him JJ is quite warm enough. In fact the Moby is so snug and warm that I have to remember that he needs fewer clothes than he would out of it. While in the house I tend to have him in a long sleeved bodysuit, his cloth nappy and a pair of baby leggings and he is more than warm enough. If he's in a sleepsuit then he gets far too hot in the Moby, so bare that in mind. When we go out I add a hat, jumper, socks and booties, pull the shoulder pieces over his head and then wrap my coat round him and he is as snug as a bug in a rug.

As Baby JJ is still so young, he does tend to spit up after milk time and the white milk curds really do show up on the dark fabric of the Moby Wrap. Because of this I have had to wash it on more than one occasion and it takes a long time to dry (especially as it has to be dried indoors in this weather), although the instructions do state that it can be tumble dried on low, I haven't actually done this. I have found that after washing the Moby does feel as if it has shrunk slightly, but after wearing Baby JJ for a couple of hours it seems to have stretched. In fact I feel like the Moby stretches slightly during use whether or not it has just been washed and because of this I tend to tie it so that Baby JJ is ever so slightly high to start with and then find it settles after about an hour.

Baby JJ and I officially love our Moby Wrap and have had far more use out of it in a month than I had with a basic (much cheaper) sling over five children. We use it every day and it allows me to satisfy Baby JJ's need to be close to me without being tied to the settee. I find carrying him in the Moby also helps Baby JJ get his wind up as he is in an upright position and is great for settling him when he is colicky. The only slight niggle I have is that I hoped to be able to feed him without removing him from the sling, but neither of us can get the hang of that so he has to come out at boobie time. But other than for feeding and changing, Baby JJ will happily spend all day in the Moby and I don't have any difficulty carrying him all day. I certainly don't get back ache even after a day out at the zoo, where I carried Baby JJ for seven or eight hours. Of course this may change as he gets heavier but even at a month he's no lightweight, I don't know what he weighs now, but he's just about to move into 3-6 month clothes and was much heavier than average born.

Even with the breastfeeding niggle, I would still recommend the Moby Wrap to anyone who is looking for a way to carry their young baby, whether that is because they plan to babywear, need to be able to get on with housework while holding their baby, have a colicky baby who won't otherwise settle or have another pushchair using child and don't want to resort to a double buggy. I feel the Moby is more than worth what I paid for it and only wish that I had bought one when my three year old was a baby rather than the cheap sling that barely got used.

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