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... Moments of Truth falls into the last category. One good thing about our leaders – they do know that if they want to ensure we read something, they have to make it simple and short. MoT ticks both those boxes. 135 pages, 12 chapters, about 11 pages a chapter, arranged by theme, highly ... Read review
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Age Old Truth

AdvantagesInteresting from a historical point of view, some good ideas

DisadvantagesThe world's moved on, much of it has long since caught up

"===Why am I reading it?=== Regular readers of my bookish opinions will know that I am that rare combination of self-help-junkie and management-guru-cynic. Why should such a combination be so rare? Well, mainly because the two types of books differ only in their applicability. Often not even that. What can be applied to self-management can to greater or lesser extent be applied to business management and vice versa. So, it should follow that if I ..." Read review

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Publisher HarperCollins
Author Jan Carlzon
Genre Management
Title Moments of Truth
Type Non-Fiction
EAN 9780060915803
ISBN 0060915803


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